February 28, 2013

12/12/12 on Mt. Sinai

On Monday morning December 10th, we were up before the crack of dawn to catch our flight to Sharm El Sheikh which is on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. We were to spend the next 4 days at a resort there, preparing for and integrating afterwards from our climb up Mt. Sinai for 12/12/12.

As we traveled from Cairo to Sinai, it became pretty clear to most of us that something different was going on energetically.  It felt much like being hit with pulses or waves of energy. I was feeling pretty goofy at that point.   That evening, I tuned in for some information.  We, and of course planet Earth, were being hit with the leading edge of a transformational wave.  These pulses or ripples would affect each person differently according to their contracts and existing patterns.  Some would shatter, some break up, and others would just get nudged.  Our guide Julie said that it felt to her like riding a wave up and down, and that our energetic “eggs” would start to crack.  I am assuming that what was happening was a prelude to the 12/12/12 event.  It was so nice to be at a fairly quiet resort with plenty of down time to prepare for the next evening’s activities.

During the day on the 11th, I relaxed and tuned in for information on our climb up Mt. Sinai. We would set out that evening so that we could be on the top by sunrise on the 12th.  This is what I got.  On the top of Mt. Sinai is a huge vortex or huaca.  It is a beam of energy that starts at the earth’s core, extends through the peak and up into the cosmos.  Energy flows up and down this corridor in both directions.  By standing there, one can feed their own energy system with both the energy coming from the 5th dimensional heart of our Earth Mother, and energy coming from our Sun, Milky Way, and points beyond that.  In addition, the veils are very thin at the top which can make communication with one’s higher aspects much easier. 

At the moment of sunrise on the 12th, a beam of energy would come from the sun and hit the vertical beam at Mt. Sinai at a 90° angle.  This would be the moment of highest potential, when everyone’s intent would manifest in the strongest way.  This beam of energy from the sun, our divine masculine, would merge with and ignite the energy coming up from our Earth Mother, our divine feminine, thus creating a divine union at that moment.  This would also feed, accentuate and accelerate the energy fields of all on that mountain, and actually most mountain tops in the world at that time.  A huge opening was possible!  Intent would mean everything at that moment.

On the evening of the 11th, our group left our hotel at around 9:30 PM for the 3 hour bus ride to St. Catherine’s Monastery, where the trail up the mountain starts.  We started the climb around 1:30 AM accompanied by Bedouins, camels, and guides.  The camel trail that we took is about 5 miles long, and our starting elevation at St. Catherine’s was about 5200’.  The top of Mt. Sinai is about 7500’ elevation, and it is the second highest peak in all of Egypt.  Nearby Mt. Saint Catherine is the highest. Even in the dark, we could see the undulating shapes of the red granite that makes up the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula.  Very eerie.  Above the crest of the nearby ridge could be seen Sirius, Orion, Jupiter, and the Pleiades going in that order from east to west.  Needless to say, the skies were crystal clear.  All along the way were tea houses selling drinks and snacks.  They lit up the route like a series of floating glowing oases! 

The air temperature got colder as we went up, and that feeling was accentuated by the fact that we were all pretty wet and sweaty by the time we got to the top.  At the top there is an abandoned church with many terraces.  Our group found a secluded terrace overlooking the mountains to the east while we waited for the sun to come up. It was then about 40°, and my toes and fingers were pretty cold.  I could feel the huaca’s energy very strongly, and took that opportunity to state my intent for the merging with my Higher Self, living my truth from the heart, and the ability to know my Eternal Essence intimately.  We were also blessed with another amazing planetary alignment that was visible just before sunrise.  Very low on the horizon was the thin crescent of the almost new Moon, then Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all lined up from bottom to top. 

As the sun was starting to show itself, Julie did a ceremony for the group.  Then as the sun seemed to pop up out of a layer of low clouds, I stood absorbing the powerful rays full force into my heart area.  What an explosion and expansion of warmth and energy!  My heart core opened like a giant chrysanthemum, multifaceted and multidimensional in nature, expanding past my body in all directions. 

We hung out up at the top for a bit before coming back down.  It was amazing to see where we had walked just hours before in the dark.  It was such a surreal landscape with the undulating and jagged shapes of the eroded red granite that had been pushed up eons ago, and very little vegetation.  After touring the monastery, walking through the main chapel with its Greek Orthodox icons and gold covered artifacts, and even taking a look at the burning bush of Moses, we drove the 3 hours back to our hotel.  To seal in our energetic changes, we took a dip in the Red Sea. What a night, and what a way to have an all-nighter.  We were all pretty tired, but in the moment, it didn’t seem to me like I had been awake for about 36 hours straight.  The trip was winding down, but the energetic impact of the 12/12/12 was just beginning. 

February 25, 2013

Luxor Temple

After visiting many of the other sites around the Luxor area, our group finished our time there with a nighttime visit to Luxor Temple.  The whole temple is lit up at night, which enhances the magic and mystery that can be felt at every turn.  What a perfect way to complete our travels along the Nile.

We made our way through the temple from the entryway, through the expansive public areas of huge columns, and into smaller and closer spaces back to the sacred sanctuary.  There, we gathered in a circle for a short meditation.  Once again, our tour director Julie worked her magic to make sure that we had the space all to ourselves.  The temple was full of people, yet none of them interrupted us.  A guard approached.  I was facing his direction and could tell that he was angry with our appropriation of the room, but he couldn’t bring himself to enter our sacred space.  I found out later that Julie had put up an energetic barrier to insulate our group from intrusions.  On top of that, the lights of the whole temple went totally out for about a minute while we were meditating. Coincidence? 

When we were finished and we exited the sanctuary, he blew his top at Julie.  Apparently, once again, we were doing something that groups normally pay for and book well ahead of time.  Oh well, c’est la vie! 

We had some free time before getting back to our hotel, and I spent mine wandering a bit before sitting on a stone ledge in the central hall, or the heart center of the temple. I could feel my own heart expand as I watched the people wander in and out.  So mellow and so nice.  It was the frosting on the cake of our visit to Luxor. 


February 24, 2013

The Osirion

One of the most fascinating and enigmatic sites in Egypt is the Osirion, which is located behind the Abydos Temple.  Abydos is about a 3 hour drive from Luxor, and is an amazing place all by itself.  It was built by Seti I in front of the already existing Osirion, thought to be the burial place of the god Osiris.  Our group visited there on December 9, 2012. 

To get to the Osirion, one must go through the Abydos Temple and exit out the back. It was a subterranean structure whose ceiling was below ground level and was presumed to be covered by a hill of dirt.  It has been totally excavated, and so now one stands on a ledge above it and looks down into the central chamber. The inside perimeter is made of large finely fitted sandstone blocks with 6 built in niches on each of the north and south walls.  There are 10 red granite pillars in the center that once held up massive red granite roof beams, parts of which are still evident.  The pillars in the center of the structure weigh about 100 tons each, and are expertly carved and polished, perhaps by the levitation and softening process that I have already written about.  Also in the center of the structure is a raised area that has 2 stairways going down to a chamber that is below the floor level.

There are areas of wall art at the east and west ends, and a number of Flower of Life figures on 2 of the pillars, but the rest is devoid of decoration.  For me, this fits my idea of the very ancient structures that were built 12,000 years ago.  It looks a lot like the Valley Temple at Giza.  The decoration could have been added by Seti I when he excavated and appropriated the Osirion. 

I have been there 5 times now, and the floor has always been flooded.  This is an ongoing problem with many of the below ground sites in Egypt.  There is a wooden stairway that leads down to the floor, but it is blocked off at the top.  Of course, with a bit of bribery, our group took turns going to the bottom of the stairway, but going further into the water was not allowed.  One is allowed however to sit up above in several places to tune in and meditate. 

Over the length of time that I have visited the Osirion, I have done some tracking of the purpose for this enigmatic structure. Here are some possibilities.  In ancient times, it may have been a time travel or bilocation device, back and forth to Peru and Bolivia or other ancient sites around the world where there are structures of the same construction.  What about an ascension chamber?  I could sense a process where highly evolved people would sit in the 12 niches around the perimeter in deep meditation while the person who was ascending or time traveling rested in the chamber beneath the floor in the center until the time was right.  Our tour director Julie thinks it was a stargate that became inactive, possibly after the last cataclysm, but is now in the process of becoming active again.  I entirely agree. 

When my turn came to walk down the wooden stairway, I took the opportunity to reach out and put my hand on one of the red granite pillars.  Instantly, I felt my surroundings dissolve and go to pure light.  That had never happened before, so clearly there has been a huge shift in the energy of the place.  Was the portal or stargate being reactivated?  I took my hand off and tried again.  Same result.  It also felt like a space ship that was being fired up for lift off.  Since our time on the stairway was limited, I then went up to the top and sat in meditation. 

When our group first got there, we went immediately back to the Osirion to be able to have it all to ourselves.  After our visit, we then proceeded to walk around Abydos to absorb the refined energy of that temple.  Before our final departure, I came back to the Osirion for a last bit of meditation and tuning in.  This time, I didn’t even have to put my hand on the granite pillar.  Just sitting there was enough to get me into that space of dissolving light. 


February 21, 2013

Escape Velocity

Last month I had an opportunity to watch a YouTube video of part of an evening lecture given by Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute, on the topic of escape velocity.  He gave this lecture to a class at the Monroe Institute in 1990, five years before his death. 

Escape velocity is a term coined by Monroe to mean the amount of energy needed to propel oneself beyond the earth’s 4th dimensional field at the time of the final transition, or death.  Now, where one goes from there is another question altogether.  Some may go on to other 4th dimensional experiences, and some may start their ascension process by propelling all the way to the 5th dimension to merge with their Higher Self. 

During the short segment of Robert Monroe’s lecture, he described the process of how we get stuck here in the first place.  Our soul is initially attracted to enter the earth arena for a variety of reasons.  It may be to join loved ones who are already here, to hide out, have a long overdue rest, or “clean the place up” because it is so messy here.  When working with the Quantum Sphere Healing process on clients, I have encountered these themes many times, too.

Once one enters the earth arena for the first time in a body, and then drops that body at the end of that lifetime, one’s escape velocity takes them back almost to their previous energetic level.   I say almost because with every lifetime here, one loses velocity and picks up more and more heavy energy because of the many attractions of earthly life.  We are addicted to the drama of the emotions, the attachments to people, places and things, and the desire to have just one more go around here. Everyone becomes trapped, even those whose intent was to try out life here just once.   As I described in the previous post on the Valley of the Kings, we leave a part of ourselves behind each time we reincarnate, which also contributes to the slow down of vibration.

At some point, this pattern changes, and one starts to build up their vibrational capacity and increase their escape velocity.  Our Higher Selves are in charge of this re-membering process, and quite often a specific trigger is provided to get the return process rolling along.  We could have a life threatening illness, make a major life change, or come upon a certain spiritual path that helps us raise our vibration. Robert Monroe showed that additional lifetimes might be necessary to build up that escape velocity once one starts on the upward path again, so this is not achieved overnight.  Attention must be paid to resisting the temptations of attachment and addiction to all aspects of earthly life. 

Those who have reincarnated here on earth at this time are doing so because of the vibrational support that is coming our way from our Sun, the Milky Way, and the cosmos.  Many are here to make this their last lifetime on planet earth because they are ready to move on to bigger and better things.  I say, end on a high note.  By the time you are ready to make your final transition, your life should be the best it can be in every way.  You should be clean and clear, and ready to launch out into the cosmos.  I suspect that at that moment, your real adventure will just be beginning. 

February 20, 2013

Valley of the Kings

On Saturday morning December 8th, our group visited the Valley of the Kings.  This is located on the West Bank of the Nile across from the city of Luxor where the New Kingdom pharaohs were buried.  Most of the burial chambers were at the end of tunnels that were dug out of the limestone bedrock.  From the central valley that runs through the area, these tunnels spread out in all directions.  There is also an interesting electromagnetic phenomenon happening there that can cause phone and camera batteries to be drained. 

As we walked to the first tomb that we were visiting, that of Ramesses IV, I went into my stream of consciousness  and just let my thoughts flow.  I had been there before, and was quite aware of the themes of the art on the burial chamber walls.  Depicted there are the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, funeral processions, ceremonial scenes honoring the deceased, and food crops and animals to feed the pharaoh while he is in the afterlife.  The tombs had also been filled with precious goods that had been looted ages ago. 

The “aha” hit me that all of these practices, in fact the practices of all religions, were designed to keep the soul of the deceased bound to the wheel of reincarnation.  This triggered the first process that I went through.  As we walked along the dry and dusty valley to Ramesses IV’s tomb, I could feel the skin of my Luminous Energy Field light up and then break up into hundreds of pieces.  It made a sound like shattering glass.  These many pieces expanded outwards as if an explosion had occurred. At a certain point they stopped their outward motion and then rushed back into my core essence to be absorbed into my 5th dimensional energy field.  Wow.  That was a surprise. 

A little explanation is needed here before I go on.  Everyone is born with a Luminous Energy Field or LEF for short.  It is an egg shaped container of energy that envelops the body and extends out about 1 to 2 feet from it.  The LEF has a skin that is the border between a person’s 4th dimensional field and their 5th dimensional field. This also correlates to George Kavassilas’ Great Void.   Inside this skin, we all have an etheric body, which is the blueprint for the physical form, an emotional body, and a mental body.  These are all 4th dimensional constructs.  After the shattering and dissolving of my LEF happened, I realized that our LEF fits into the matrix patterning because it is also designed to trap us and keep us recycling back to the 4th dimension after death if we cannot generate enough escape velocity to pierce its skin.  So mine is now gone, as confirmed during testing by the launchers.  I do still have the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, but now, instead of those bodies being trapped within a skin, they gently diffuse outwards and dissolve into the 5th dimension.  They are free. 

As a tie-in to the cycle of reincarnation, I also became aware of the fact that I had left a piece of myself behind every time I experienced a past life here.  What does this mean?  It means that a person looses a piece of themselves and their vital energy each time they come back into a physical body.  The trap continues to get more restricting and their original level of escape velocity continues to drop.  This is contrary to what many traditions have taught, that we come here with a low vibration and through purifying and clarifying ourselves, we build up enough positive energy to escape the wheel of reincarnation.  In other words, we finally graduate from the earth system.  Here’s the catch 22.  If we are under the dominion of the matrix of the synthetic realities, why would a system be in place for us to evolve and move on?  Clearly it is not.  The only recourse we have is to clear the matrix patterning so that we can then move into the 5th dimension and beyond after death. 

As we went through the Ramesses IV tomb and out again, I demanded that all of the pieces of me that I left in previous life times be returned.  They came streaming into my core like fireflies.  The dark and the light both came back.  The shadow pieces transmuted as they entered my deep heart area.  Integration and balance followed in the Seti II tomb.  What sweet energy we found there. 

As we left the Valley of the Kings, I thought about what had just happened.  As we are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm of our own beingness, I suspected that the retrieval process will very likely be repeated again on higher and higher levels as we rise in vibration and integrate those levels. 

You do not have to wait to be in a sacred site to work the clearing and transmutation that I have just described.  Create your own sacred space and go into an altered state.  Expand your core essence and contact a higher aspect of yourself.  Then ask that the skin of your LEF be dissolved, and ask for all of the aspects of yourself that you have left in past lives be returned to you.  You can also intend daily that these processes happen to you when the time is right.  Pay attention to the signs as you go about your day and allow the changes to happen. 

February 18, 2013

February Launch

Our local group got together on Sunday for our monthly launching.  At this point, all of us except for one have removed their chakra systems.  What a difference that has made in the journeys.  People are now doing more targeting of issues and intents, and coming up with some great energetic changes and realizations.  We are actively re-membering who we are as greater consciousnesses, and sharing that information with others in the group at the end of the journeys.  Even though only one is launched at a time, there is a strong sense that we all are going on each other’s trips as a group consciousness. 

My intent for my launching was to retrieve all aspects of myself that I either gave away, or that got stuck in other realities.  The launch propels one out into the higher dimensions, and I started traveling pretty fast right away.  This whole journey took 6 minutes.  The first reality where I retrieved parts was the Sirius Star System.  I had gone through initiations or ceremonies and left aspects of myself there.  Then on to the Orion Nebula, where several more aspects were retrieved.  The nebula is a star nursery, and a very active part of the Orion Constellation.  A brief retrieval from the nearby Draconians followed. 

Next, I visited the star Vega in the constellation of Lyra.  There is a book called “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest that talks about the creation of many races including the human race.  I found myself in a laboratory where a part of me had been used in some sort of experiment to create the human form, so I  pulled my aspect back from that.

Back to planet Earth, and in a flash I was retrieving lost parts from people that I had given those parts to, all kinds of groups that I had been involved with, schools I had attended, and even donations I had given.  Apparently my energy had been donated along with money or possessions.  Certainly over the years, I had donated many no longer needed personal items to charity garage sales and resale shops.  It is probably a good idea from now on to pull my energy out of those items before giving them away! 

Once again, I soared up into the cosmos to my oversoul level.  This is composed of many higher selves merged into one energy body.  I became that body and felt and saw myself as a hovering gold metallic ball.  This was a co creator level, and I was just waiting for the urge to start the creative process.  What was interesting was that the creative impulse did not originate with me.  As this golden ball, I felt the urge to create come into me from a higher level of self.  Small particles of the golden energy then began floating down from the golden ball.  At this point, the group started calling me back into my body.

Another facet of this journey was the fact that as I pulled in and absorbed the scattered pieces of myself, I could feel my energy body getting heavier and stronger.  At the same time, I was going faster and faster.  An analogy that fits is the process of squeezing toothpaste out of a tube.  If you take a brand new tube with the cap off and you squeeze it very hard, you can literally shoot toothpaste across the room.  On the other hand, if you take a tube that is almost empty and squeeze it, you are lucky to get just a little bit out.  In the words of Robert Monroe, I was creating “escape velocity” by retrieving my lost parts.  I am sure that this is not the end to the retrieval process as I can only guess that the more expanded our consciousness gets, the easier it will be to reach the far off aspects of ourselves that need to come back.  

February 17, 2013

Abu Simbel

What I experienced on our visit to Abu Simbel is a classic example of how patterns and issues can be triggered and worked with while one is visiting a vortex or sacred site.  On the morning of December 5th, we left our hotel in Aswan around 3:00 AM to make the 3 hour drive down to Abu Simbel, which is very close to the border with Sudan.  I felt so comfortable with the desert landscape that we were driving through that I am sure that I have had past lives living in that kind of environment.  I had also been to Abu Simbel once before, and was really looking forward to being there again. 

As many of you will remember, the temples of Ramesses II and his wife Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel were relocated by a multinational effort when the Aswan High Dam was built in the 1960’s.  Both of these temples have a huge exterior facade and entrance, with the rest of the temple structure carved deep into a hillside.  All of this was cut up and moved upslope as the Nile Valley was flooding.  Abu Simbel is now located on the shore of the then newly created Lake Nasser. 

Ramesses II ruled for approximately 67 years, and likenesses of him in temple art and huge mega-ton statues are found all over Egypt including places like Thebes, Luxor, Karnak Temple, and Luxor Temple.  A lot of the temple art depicts battles, the conquering and enslaving of people from other nations and tribes, and killing and sacrifice of all kinds.  So, we are looking at the energy of patriarchy and domination here. 

We live within a model of “as above, so below”, or the macrocosm and the microcosm.  This patriarchal model has come down to us from the all controlling and all possessing “godhead” of the synthetic universe. In other words, it is part of the matrix.

As I wandered around outside and inside the Ramesses II Temple, I could feel the vibrational effects of being in the presence of a powerful vortex.  This, combined with the altered state that I was drifting into, is the best energetic state to be in for working your stuff.  The patriarchal energy came up, stimulated by the scenes of battle and violence I was looking at.  I felt the subservience and controlling energy in my body as a sort of crushing and belittling sensation.  Now don’t get me wrong, as there are also many delightful depictions of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses on the walls there which can be tuned in to for a positive energy experience, but the patriarchal matrix patterning was what came up for me.

Now for the next step of what to do with the energy I was feeling.  I detected many tiny threads of energy that were hooked into my body everywhere.  There was also a good sized blob of heavy energy hovering in front of my solar plexus area.  I then went outside in the fresh air and stood overlooking Lake Nasser.  With my hands, I pulled all of the threads out of my body and merged them into the ball of heavy energy in front of my solar plexus.  Then, I compacted and combusted this ball with my hands until nothing was left of it. 

For the positive integration, I went into Queen Nefertari’s Temple to soak up the pure nurturing feminine vibrations that were further enhanced by the Pachamama energy underground.  The beautiful art and symbology included some very nice depictions of goddesses Isis, Seshat, and Sekhmet, three of my favorites.   In spite of the feminine theme of this temple, all was not totally that way.  On the inside walls on either side of the entrance, there was Ramesses II again, displayed as the patriarchal conquering warrior. 

It is my sense that as one gets more and more clear and after the chakra/kundalini/pineal programming is removed, one then has access to the larger scope and broader themes of the matrix programming that we are all subject to.  As each addresses issues like the one I have just described, we can contribute to the liberation and freedom of the whole of humanity.  We start doing more and more work for the collective, and not just for ourselves.   

February 15, 2013

Working Your Stuff

Before I continue with the energetic changes that happened in Egypt, I’d like to write a bit about how I track and clear issues for myself so that you can do this, too.  I always say that recognizing an issue is 85% of the process, and then doing something with it is the other 15%. 

When you have an idea about what is going on and you would like to get more clarity around it, I recommend using your stream of consciousness.  First, get prepared by settling down and grounding yourself.  I always like to use a sound track that puts me in an altered state.  Any theta track will do this, whether it has only the binaural beats of the Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD by the Monroe Institute, or a music track with theta in the background that you can relax to.  Expand your core essence and invite your Higher Self to guide you through the investigation.  Then, let the thoughts and events that are related to what you are working on start to drift through your consciousness.  These thoughts and scenarios will connect one to the next like a stream.  Briefly examine each one before letting it go. Do not let your rational mind engage this process, as this will derail the whole thing.  Just keep drifting. 

You will find that soon thoughts and scenes that you are not aware of will start appearing.  These may be of current events, childhood experiences, or even past life traumas.  Demand that any veils be lifted, and to see clearly if you are having difficulties.  When you get to the final destination of your investigation, you will experience a big aha in the form of some sort of emotional or body sensation response.  This could be a hot flash, chills, anger, a funny feeling in your solar plexus area or even an “oh s__t”.   I’ve had a few of those!  At this point, if you need to, you can engage your inner guidance to decipher the information that you are getting.  Ask questions and take the first answers that you get. 

Own what you find, no matter how disturbing or absurd.  If you don’t own it, you can’t change it.  Then, the next step is to do something with it.  If you can gather up any patterns of heavy energy related to the final issue, you can dissolve that energy the same way that you combusted your chakras.  In my book "Traversing the Infinite Now", I give several other methods for working with an issue once you have clarified it. 

Another way of bringing issues to clarity is to pay attention to any sudden emotions or unusual body sensations that you experience.  Then go on to the stream of consciousness exercise to bring awareness to the physical body feelings and sensations.  This is where it is important to know yourself as well as you can and connect to your body’s innate knowingness of what is yours and what is not.   If it is not yours, you have my permission to fling it back to wherever it came from.  You are under no obligation to process heavy energy that you attracted from another person. 

Last Friday, at the end of the Chakra Extras post where I was writing about the matrix patterning around the pineal gland, I got a buzzing in my right ear. This is a signal that doesn’t happen to me often.  At the same time, I felt the energy in my house shift dramatically.  I ended the post at that time, and then got up and walked through the house to check on things.  The energy of a group of reptilians was palpable, and I even caught sight of some of them.  It was highly unusual for this to happen, as I do not resonate with their energy, even though I can recognize them easily.  I immediately told all of them to leave, as they had no business here.  They went.  The next day, I read many reports from members on a Yahoo Group that I belong to of unusual happenings all over the place.  What it was specifically, I cannot tell you, but I do believe something cosmic happened to thin the veils between 3D and 4D on that day. 

February 14, 2013

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau is bar none the most energetically significant site on the face of the earth.  There are many other sacred sites around the world that are important, but this one combines accessibility, mystery, extreme antiquity and the opportunity to experience a personal shift with intent via the gamma vibrations.  If you are interested in the facts and figures on the pyramid, there are many sources that you can research.  I would like to write about the more esoteric aspects. 

I do believe that the Great Pyramid is much older than traditional Egyptologists say it is.  It may very well date back to around the time of the last cataclysm of about 11,000 years ago.  Barbara Hand Clow’s book “Awakening the Planetary Mind” discusses many theories on this, and is a great read. 

It is located on a spot that is at the exact center of the earth’s land mass.  Now, someone had to be aware of that fact when the location was being chosen.  I do not believe that it was a tomb, either, and I won’t go into the various theories as to what the alternatives may be. Now, suppose that we earth humans at the time of the Great Pyramid's construction  had a much higher vibration than we have now, were intimately connected to our Earth Mother and all of the nature kingdoms of the planet and could communicate with those kingdoms, were telepathic so that we did not need a written language, and had advanced knowledge of the earthly and cosmic sciences. 

The method that I have tracked at many of the ancient sites I have visited is a combination of softening the stone vibrationally so that it could be easily carved, and levitation so that the stones could be easily transported, lifted into place and carved to fit.  I know that there are theories that we had help from ET’s, and that may also be true, but I would like to entertain the idea that we were at one time in the past very energetically advanced and could do these sorts of things without technology.  All of the red granite that is used in the most ancient sites in Egypt comes from up the Nile in Aswan.  How did it get to the Giza Plateau?  I tuned into an image of the multi-ton blocks of stone floating above the boats that were transporting the people who were applying the levitating and softening vibrations.  How wild is that?  After the last cataclysm, however, we fell in vibration and lost our knowledge, ending up where we are now.  That is why we are currently relying so heavily on technology for communications and manufacturing for example.

In the here and now, not knowing the original purpose and use for the Great Pyramid, it serves as a magnificent spiritual tool for those who can work the energy with intent.  The pyramid shape alone can focus and concentrate cosmic energy.  On my third trip to Egypt for the 10/10/10, there was a man in our group who had equipment that could measure the vibrational levels in the Great Pyramid.  We had our own personal values recorded before, during and after our visit to the King’s Chamber, with about half of the group including myself, realizing a higher vibrational level afterwards than what we had had before going into the chamber and sarcophagus.  In addition, he measured the values in several spots in that chamber, with by far the highest value being inside the red granite sarcophagus.  It remains one of my very favorite places in the whole world!

In the afternoon of December 2nd, our group made our first visit to the Giza Plateau for a small ceremony on the side of the Great Pyramid and a drive by visit to the Sphinx.  The place was crazy, with locals having a good time all over the place, much like a day at the zoo or a popular park. Many were riding horses, camels and horse drawn carriages.  After our ceremony, I walked around the circumference of the pyramid, stating my intent for the visit inside the next morning.  It was a bit difficult to stay calm and centered with all of the commotion going on.  As our hotel was very close by, we all were able to marinade in the dynamic energy that was radiating from the Giza Plateau all night long.  During the night while tuning in, I detected beings of light flying around above the pyramid.  Were they holding space for the portal that was there, or feeding off of the radiating energy instead?  In retrospect, I wish I had tuned in to find out. 

The next morning, we had arranged to be at the entrance gate to the plateau early so that we could get into the Great Pyramid by 8 AM.  I was already buzzing!  I was the first in line from our group, and as soon as we got the OK to go in, I started up the long upwards slope of the Grand Gallery to the King’s Chamber.  Of course, the first thing I did was to jump into the sarcophagus!  After a few minutes soaking up the vibrations, I got out and the others took their turns.  A short while later, someone in charge came into the chamber and was a bit disturbed that we were doing that.  Turns out that we had to pay extra for that privilege, which we did.  It was totally worth it!  I do not know how, but our group had the King’s Chamber all to ourselves for about 15 minutes.  Normally, groups pay a lot of money for private time there.  I think it was our guide Julie working her magic!

As the others were spending time in the sarcophagus, I leaned against the red granite wall and had some time to contemplate some aspects of my life and gain some insights.  We were all pretty shaky by the time we came out of the Great Pyramid, which is a sign that a DNA shift had happened.  The beings of light were still flying around above, too.  As luck would have it, our group elected to go into the second pyramid of Khafre immediately afterwards.  Instead of a steeply sloping ramp upwards, we found a steeply sloping ramp that went downwards into the bedrock.  The great chamber was actually carved out of the limestone bedrock with the pyramid built right on top of it.  We were in the belly of the sweet energy of the Divine Feminine, our Pachamama.  What a serene and gentle way to integrate from the dynamic experience of the masculine energy of the King’s Chamber.  Once again, we had the place all to ourselves except for 2 or 3 others who wandered in.  We did some wonderful toning, which would not have been allowed in the King’s Chamber.  Very sweet. 

On our way back up the ramp to the entrance, we passed a padlocked iron gate to a chamber that was deeper still.  All remaining heavy energy that any of us had was sent into that chamber to be dissolved by the Pachamama.  To bad that we didn’t get to actually go down there. 

So our journey had jump started with a DNA adjustment in the Great Pyramid, integration at Khafre’s Pyramid, and a visit to the Sphinx.  What a great set-up for the rest of the trip!

February 12, 2013

The Sphinx

My trip to Egypt last December started with a visit to the Giza plateau and the Sphinx.  I have been to the Sphinx several times before, and my first impression is always a surprise, since it looks much smaller in person. It’s like the experience that one has upon seeing Mount Rushmore for the first time.  Those presidents all look so small!  Originally, the limestone that the head was carved from existed as an outcropping from the sloping plane of the surrounding bedrock.   The rest of it was created by removing the bedrock around it so that the finished sculpture actually rests in a large pit.  The whole thing is only totally visible when one is up close or on the edge of the enclosure looking in.  The limestone blocks that were removed were used to construct the Sphinx Temple which is right in front of it.

The temple, the sides of the enclosure and the Sphinx show signs of massive erosion.  The Sphinx Temple has been left in its eroded state, but the Sphinx itself has undergone many phases of restoration throughout the years, in addition to being buried and dug out of the sand that filled in the enclosure repeatedly.  Undoubtedly, the head had been recarved into a human head at some point in ancient Egypt, and may have originally been a lion or Anubis, the jackal-headed god. 

Much study has been done on the erosion patterns on the sides of the pit and the Sphinx itself, and several researchers have concluded that the patterns are from water erosion.  Modern Egypt is a desert country, and gets maybe a few inches of rain a year, if that much.  So when did it rain enough to erode the limestone?  Between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago.  After that time, northern Africa started to dry up, the Sahara Desert formed, and ancient Egyptian culture gradually moved from the emerging desert into the Nile valley.  So how old does that make the Sphinx?  I would say at least 10,000 years old or more.  The Valley Temple, which is right next to the Sphinx Temple, is probably from that era, too.  Its walls and pillars are made of finely fitted multi ton pieces of red granite, which for me indicates a very ancient age. 

Energetically, I have had several interactions with the Sphinx on previous trips when the groups I was with actually got to go into the Sphinx enclosure.  I always like to put my hands on the ancient stone to read the energy, which is tricky with the Sphinx since most of the lower part has been restored and the stone is not original.  I had managed to find a spot where I could touch the original limestone, and got the energy of a very wise and old being.  What an honor to be in its presence!

Over the years, there have been many stories of records or information hidden under the Sphinx, with the corresponding denials from Egyptologists that any chambers or tunnels exit.  They may or may not exist, but I do feel that records are there in the energetic.  Each time I have been able to touch the Sphinx, I have asked to be downloaded with any available records.  Even though I have not received any concrete information, I do feel that the wisdom of the ages exists there and can be absorbed by anyone who asks for it. In addition, the area under the left paw feels like a honeycomb when I journey there, not physically, but in the etheric realms.

On the 20th of December 2012, the day before Solstice, I received a forwarded e-mail that said that the Hall of Records in the Sphinx would be open overnight from late on the 20th until the early morning hours of the 21st.  What an opportunity.  I stayed up late to connect, and saw a parade of ancient Egyptians from all eras entering the Sphinx.  It felt like a grand initiation for those who had been stuck between worlds for ages.  Perhaps this was the chance that they had been waiting for, to finally be free to move on to their next assignment. 

I also connected with the records that the Sphinx holds and once again asked for another download while those records were open and available.  Before I fell asleep with those golden codes of energy streaming into my heart, I received one last message.  The Sphinx told me that when he had been carved and the records installed, it was known that he would eventually erode down to nothing and be covered once again with sand.  What would happen to those records?  My sense is that they would be disbursed back into the planet when she was ready to receive them. 

February 10, 2013


Now it is time to dive into my recent experiences on the December 2012 Egypt trip, as the energetic happenings on that trip tie right into the chakra/kundalini/pineal information.  These posts will not be a synopsis of the whole trip, only the major energetic highlights.   This was my 4th trip to Egypt, and I had no intention of going again after that last trip, which was during the 10/10/10 event.  I’d had my fill of traffic jams, temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, heavy air pollution, and grabby Egyptian men trying to sell me something, in addition to our tour leader’s emotional breakdown. 

When Julie Gullick-Wiley announced her plans to lead a trip there for 12/12/12, I changed my mind, as she had done such a great job with our UK trip last June.  This was to be another small group, and we would be going to a few places that I had never been to before and repeating some of my favorites.  Perfect! 

We Americans do not realize how depressed the tourist industry has become since the Arab Spring revolution.  Our Egyptian tour director Essam told us that tourism is down between 60 and 75%, depending on the time of year.  Americans are not traveling there for the most part, even though it is still perfectly safe.  We ran into very few, but we were also ahead of several large spiritual groups by 4-5 days.  We encountered mostly Germans, Japanese, French and Chinese tourists.  The whole economy is hurting because of the drop in tourism. 

On the positive side, most sites were easily accessible and not crowded.  Julie worked her magic and created uninterrupted time and sacred space for us under some pretty unusual circumstances.  We managed to have private time for our whole group in the Great Pyramid, even though groups normally pay lots of money and reserve a time slot far ahead for that privilege. 

There is no other place on the planet that offers the quantity and scope of sacred sites as there is in Egypt.  It is also said that only 15% of what is there has been discovered and excavated and more is being uncovered every day.  My intent for traveling there again was to make full use of the gamma vibrations of the sites to clear away any patterns that no longer served, and to accelerate my energy field and spiritual evolution in any way that I could.  I was not disappointed!  I was not interested in learning more about the cosmology and archetypes of the ancient Egyptians, as I feel that we are transcending that kind of spiritual structure with the  ongoing personal and planetary transformation and acceleration. 

The sites that were of particular interest to me were the very ancient sites like the Sphinx, Valley and Sphinx Temples, the Great Pyramid and the Osirion.  These may have been built 10-12,000 years ago before the need for a written language, as there are no inscriptions of any kind to be found there.  These are also very much like the ancient sites in Peru such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollyantaytambo, and Machu Picchu to name a few.  They are all very powerful vortexes, and everyone who visits these sites realizes a change of some sort.  By putting your hands on the stones in these ancient places, the energy can be read for information on how they were built and what they were used for. 

So, with great anticipation, I drove to Durango on the morning of November 30th, 2012, and flew from there to Denver, Frankfurt and on to Cairo.  A very long trip indeed!  While flying over the ocean between Canada and Greenland, the Northern Lights could be seen dancing over the North Pole.  What a great omen for the start of the trip.

February 8, 2013

Chakra Extras

I have received some great feedback and questions about the chakra information, and would like to share a bit more.  Just a reminder for all of you to treat yourselves humanely and in a heart centered manner throughout all of the changes that we are undergoing now.  Keep coming back to your core essence.  I am so touched because I can feel that energy radiating out from all of you, and I honor you for being willing to step up and go for it!   From what I understand and feel, we are still compressing and will pop out the other side of whatever is happening at some point in the future, so things may get a bit rougher before we are through.  The changes you are each are making will enable you to remain grounded and centered, and in your authentic self more and more.  One of my friends e-mailed me that she has felt like she has been on a not-so-merry-go-round for years, and going nowhere.  Finally she is feeling like she is moving forward.  Don’t you love it!!!  (Thanks, Lori!) 

Another friend asked about moving beyond the automatically triggered reactions of our emotions.  He is convinced that our “feeling” nature has been robbed to create the controlling of emotional responses that people experience.  I agree entirely. So many aspects of our organic energetic nature have been hijacked. This is what matrix programming does and removing the chakras is our first step to freedom.  On the other hand, we agreed to this before we came here for our learning and experience, so we are not victims of the system.  From what I understand, those who graduate from the Earth school will be revered for the wisdom and broad scope of experience they carry.  We are the ones who will be in that position sooner or later. 

I am sure that many of you know this, but before we were born, our souls and higher selves chose the genetic combinations from mom and dad that would give us our inherited attributes and challenges.  We also created a plan with others we would share this lifetime with, and decided on the past life traumas that would be carried over this time around.  Removing the chakras and kundalini does not erase all of this.  It will make it easier for you to know what is truly yours to work through, and what is being artificially implanted or triggered in you by an impulse coming from the matrix.  I have found that it is easier to work through my stuff now, as the subtleties of the issues are more evident without the accompanying drama and trauma.  It is vitally important to recognize on a day to day basis what is ours and what is not.  

A while back, I wrote about entanglements and attachments between people.  We tend to attach to another from our chakras to theirs.  A thread of energy is sent out from the first person’s chakra of need, to connect to the other person’s chakra that is perceived to satisfy that need.  This is done according to both people’s availabilities and patterns.  The areas of life where this happens routinely are related to security, finances, sex, relationships, power and love to name a few.  For example, and I am getting personal here, I met a man this fall who found me very sexually attractive.  The feelings were not reciprocated by me at all. The thread of attachment coming from his 2nd chakra had no place to anchor because of that.  I still had my chakras at that time, too, but I was not available.  Another example would be if someone you had a codependent relationship with was bullying you into lending some money, and he sent an attachment from his 3rd chakra of power into your second chakra of relationships to try to get his way.  That very well might be successful.  When one no longer has chakras, these types of attachments will no longer happen.  We will transition to a way of connecting heart to heart to each other with mutual honor and respect. 

I have also not mentioned the pineal gland matrix patterning that is part of the chakra and kundalini system.  George Kavassilas talks about this as being part of the synthetic DNA matrix.  That made sense to me big time.  When one is being overshadowed by a false reality, wouldn’t our 3rd Eye chakra/inner vision be a good place to target? Also, when I check a client for ET implants that need to be removed, they routinely show up in the center of the head near the pineal gland.  No coincidence here.  So we are looking at the distinct possibility that our DNA is being manipulated, too, in more than one way.  

I do recommend checking yourself after removing your chakra/kundalini/pineal programming.  Have someone else check your chakras with their hand or pendulum.  It is hard to check this on yourself.  Either you or the other person can check your kundalini, which is actually easier to do on yourself.  Visualize your spine and see what may be left.  The 2 undulating side channels, the ida and pingala, will most likely be completely gone, but there may be a bit left of the central channel, the sushumna.  Simply reach in and pull it out, thank it, and combust it into your core essence.  To check the pineal gland, visualize it out in front of you and look for any remaining patterning or grid work that may still be surrounding it.  Use the same process to remove and combust it.  (Interesting that while I am writing this, I am getting a persistent buzzing in my ear.  Someone is not happy with me giving out this information.  Time to go take care of those pesky reptilians!) 
Good luck and blessings to all! 

February 5, 2013

Chakra Removal

Yes, that’s right.  Chakra removal.  I removed my whole chakra system and kundalini patterning on November 14, 2012.  And yes, I am still alive and well and better than ever.  Part of my mission here on earth is to examine and let go of any structures or programming that would keep me stuck in the 4th dimension upon my final transition.  As I have come to realize after doing this that it is just the first step to uncovering the massive amount of matrix programming that we humans are subject to. 

For those of you who have been listening to George Kavassilas’ radio interviews or have read his book Our Universal Journey, you are familiar with his description of the programming that comes from the synthetic realities that we are dealing with day to day on an energetic level.  You also might want to listen to the last hour of episode 5 on his other radio program www.superwooradio.com.au for a great discussion on various ways to remove the chakras.

I had been mulling this whole issue over for a while before I decided to go for it.  This is the process that I used.  First, I visually assessed my chakra system.  Ten days before this I had taught the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in Cortez, part of which involves expanding one’s core essence at the start of every exercise.  I could see that all of my chakras were popped out away from my body by at least a foot, and that they were connected to their origin on my spine by a very thin thread.  I have no doubt that this was a result of the repeated expanding of my core essence during the class. 

For the actual removal, I sat quietly and tuned in before expanding my core essence until it was larger than my body by about 2 feet all the way around.  Then, with my hands, I gathered up all of the chakra patterning, including the attached threads, and merged it into a ball of energy that was held right in front of me.  After thanking my chakras for their service, I used the QSH technique of squeezing the ball of energy smaller and smaller until there was nothing left.  The patterning completely dissolved.  This was done with my physical hands within my personal expanded 5th dimensional space.  When I rechecked visually, the chakras were indeed gone, as was the patterning for the kundalini. 

This method can also be used to remove one chakra at a time.  Another method is to simply pull the chakra energy out with your hands, thank it, and then press it into the chest, sending it into your core essence to be dissolved without needing to expand that core first.  It is always good to have someone who knows how to detect chakras check you after you are finished.  This is what our launching group did for each other at our last get together.  Remember that this is a process that you must do for yourself.  No one else can do it for you. 

The immediate and very palpable result for me was a feeling of being calm, peaceful and centered within with more inner stillness on a day to day basis.  I am much less reactive to even big things now, and have been realizing that so much we react to, take in and embrace as a belief system is really matrix programming designed to keep us addicted to the drama of life on planet earth.  The removal of the chakra system is the first step to accessing the rest of the programming from the synthetic realities that is designed to keep us entrapped in the 4th dimension.  It is also vitally essential that we know what is truly ours to work on and what is not so that we can process our own issues with more conscious awareness.

Many of my clients and students have already removed their chakras successfully, and I am hearing about more and more people who have done this in a variety of different ways.  This tells me that this is indeed a false patterning imposed on us. If this was organic patterning, it would not be so easy to remove.  Also, keep in mind that if you are receiving healing work from someone whose modality works with the chakras, they will no longer be able to use that modality on you.  If your healing modality works with a client’s chakras, you will no longer be able to use that modality on those who have removed their chakras  That is one benefit of learning the QSH modality, as no chakras are involved. 

After describing my chakra removal process to one of my friends, she asked me if my inner vision had gone away since I no longer had a 3rd Eye.  What a great question, as I hadn’t even thought of that.  I can assure everyone that my inner vision has not changed a bit, and now seems to be expanded to be able to see more of the structure of the matrix programming that surrounds and connects to us.  More on that later.

February 3, 2013

The Chakra System

This is a post that I have been chomping at the bit to write ever since starting the blog.  This topic is a real button pusher for some, so I wanted to set a good foundation first before writing about the chakras. 

If you are reading this, most likely you are familiar with what the human chakra system is.  We all have 7 energy vortexes more or less evenly spaced from the tail bone to the top of the head.  Each chakra has a specific vibration, color, developmental age bracket, associated set of organs and endocrine glands, and associated issues.  What is important to realize here is that when we dropped down in vibration into the 4th dimension for the first time, our unified field of light energy fractured into the tones/colors of the rainbow.  Many traditions talk about the rainbow body, which is a 4th dimensional paradigm. How easy it would be if all we had to do upon ascension was to gather up and reunite all of those vibrations back into our 5th dimensional globe of light! 

Tied into the chakra system is the kundalini patterning.  This is made up of a straight energy channel called the sushumna that starts at the tail bone and goes up to the pineal gland in the center of the head.  The ida and pingala are opposing streams of energy that spiral their way up the sushumna.  Where these streams cross the central channel is where a chakra emerges from the spine on the front and back of the body.  Remembering that our energy field is the microcosm to the Earth Mother’s macrocosm, doesn’t our chakra system seem a bit orchestrated and unnatural to you as compared to the earth’s ley line system?   

Well, it turns out that the chakras and kundalini are part of a matrix program that was imposed on humanity eons ago through the synthetic reality system.  The chakras are designed to keep our body’s energy field segmented so that we are easier to manipulate from an external source.  Divide and conquer, so to speak.  Chakras are gravity wells that hold on to heavy energy related to the issues that are triggered within a person.  What if that heavy energy is continuously being injected into the chakras and one can never clear them to ascend completely.  What if the positive energy that is generated in the area of a chakra is siphoned off, much like what happens to the Earth Mother’s vortexes? 

After becoming aware of this information, I began looking at the chakra system in a whole new way.  Many traditions teach that we draw life force into our bodies through the chakras, and that this for our own benefit and for the health of our bodies and energy fields.  I no longer believe that this is true, as our life force comes from our higher aspects through that continuous connection to our eternal essence, and connects to us through our core essence.  Yes, something is flowing into our chakras, but is it for our benefit?

Through my shamanic training with the Four Winds Society, I was taught that when an issue gets triggered internally, it activates an imprint that exists as a genetic distortion, a past life trauma or an early childhood difficulty for example, and is reflected in a distortion of the related chakras.  The first step in the healing process is to release the heavy energy from the lowest affected chakra so that all of the chakras can return to normal motion.  Well, as most healers can attest to, that positive state only lasts a short time before that chakra or others are distorted again.  Why do people clear their own chakras every day, day after day, and they never stay clear? 

What if instead, an impulse or programming comes to us from an external source, flows into the related chakras, skews the chakra motion and then we have a physical, psychological or emotional reaction as dictated by our inborn patterning.  In other words, it is the opposite of what we have always assumed.  No wonder we can never get ahead of the game! 

In the next post I will write about what I and many of my students and clients have done with their chakra systems.  Stay tuned!