November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It is not commercialized like most of the others and there are very few expectations as far as gift giving is concerned.  Of course, there may be lots of food expectations, but if there is plenty to go around most people are satisfied with that.

The best part of this holiday is being able to express gratitude and appreciation for all of the gifts that one has in their life.  There is always something that one can be grateful for, whether it is in the material realms, relationships with loved ones, or even that deep internal connection with spirit. 

So this Thanksgiving, I would  like to express great gratitude and appreciation for all of the people in my life, whether they are friends or adversaries, close relatives, or beloved spiritual companions.  This includes all of the students and clients that I have mentored this year, and all of the people who have had the opportunity to read my words.  Many blessing to all of you, and may your Thanksgiving holiday be full to the brim with everything that brings you joy. 

November 25, 2013


Just a while ago, I experienced a phenomenon that shows up every once in a while in the area where I live in SW Colorado.  I had just stepped out of my house to take a walk after being stuck inside for 5 cloudy days of rain and snow when I heard it.  The loud drone of a helicopter.  It wasn’t just one of any kind of helicopter. There were 2 black ops choppers flying low over my house.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with these, they are, I assume, military, all black and without any markings on them whatsoever.  Very creepy.

The closest military bases to Cortez are in northern New Mexico.  We also have here many thousands of acres of BLM, National Forest, and National Park land in addition to the Ute Mountain Ute and Navajo Indian Reservations, so a secret base could be anywhere.  I find it hard to believe that these helicopters would fly here from far away just to cruise the neighborhood!

Over a year ago, I was hiking on a trail west of town in the canyon lands when I heard that same ominous sound heading towards me.  The black helicopter appeared, flying very loud and low, hovered for a bit, and then turned to go back up the trail and out of sight.  Whew!!!

A few minutes later, it returned.  EEEEK!!!  I went to stand under one of the few trees on this particular trail as I wasn’t feeling too comfortable at this point.  The helicopter came back around, stopped and hovered over the deeper part of the canyon.  It was parallel to my line of sight and very close, close enough for me to see the pilot.  As you can imagine, I was working out an escape plan in my mind just in case it landed and nabbed me. 

Apparently, that was not the plan, and after a few minutes it flew down trail towards the parking lot, perhaps to photograph all of the license plates on the cars of the hikers on the trail that day.  At least in my mind that was what came up. I continued up the trail only to run into two guys who had also been examined by the helicopter before it came back around to me.  What this was all about, I haven’t a clue. 

 A week after this incident, I saw 3 of these black ops helicopters flying slowly in formation right over Cortez, coming from the southwest and Ute Mountain and going to the northeast and the BLM and National Forest lands.  What they are doing here, we may never know.  Is this going on in other areas of the country?  Probably so.  Does this creep you out, too? 

November 21, 2013


Can you imagine a world where all of our needs were provided for just by manifesting those needed foods or items directly out of the surrounding ethers?  What if we could purify the air and water simply by reinstating the patterning of perfection?  And, how would one go about doing this?  During one of the exercises in class at TMI last week I received some insights on this.

It is all pretty simple, but I was trying to make this process more complicated and left brained than it had to be.  So, to make something, you need a plan or a pattern, or in this case, an energetic template of the item that you are trying to manifest.  Where I always got hung up was at the very start of personally creating that pattern.  My mind just couldn’t wrap itself around that task without getting pretty frustrated. 

If you go back to my post on the Great Emitter, you will find the clue there.  As I had discovered, everyone has an aspect of themselves that is the Creator of our Universe.  This being holds the patterns for everything that has been manifested on all levels of reality in this creation, including the original templates for everything that we need for our lives here.   All that we need to do is call in the desired template.  We never need to create it from scratch. 

What would this process look like?  First, one would energetically connect to the part of themselves that is the Universal Creator and call in or invoke the desired template.  Then, one would call in or magnetize to that template whatever was needed to make it a physical reality. During class I had an interesting image of holding out my hand and then watching subatomic particles stream into the space above my palm to eventually take the shape of an apple.  All the while, I was feeling the strong energy of gratitude and appreciation.  These emotions seemed to provide fuel for the manifestation process.

One also has to be of a high enough vibrational level to attune to the vibration of the Universal Creator, perhaps even just for the time of the manifesting process.  Certainly there have been saints and sages throughout history who have been able to do this on occasion.  

There have been many movements and organizations focused on cleaning up the environment and providing clean water and enough food for people to eat.  Many billions have been raised for these causes and there has been much progress in these areas here and there.  I don’t know about you, but I always prefer the easiest and shortest means to the end.  There has to be an easier and quicker way to bring back our paradise on earth.  Maybe this is it.

November 19, 2013

More Core Essence

This is the second post I am writing about some of my experiences at the Conscious Presence workshop that I attended at the Monroe Institute last week.  As I had previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to deepen and broaden my understanding of several areas of interest while I journeyed through the Quantum Field via the SAM™ technology that was used in this particular class.  There were 2 fellow students who had never taken a course at TMI before in addition to the rest of the class who had experienced at least one program featuring the Hemi-Sync® Technology that was developed by Robert Monroe.  Because of the nature of the SAM™, each and every one, novice and expert alike, got their “wow” moments, as one participant described it! 

During an exercise a few days into the program, we were guided to 6 different viewpoints of a topic we wished to explore.  I decided to get a better understanding of the energetics of my core essence.  As you will recall from the post on this 5th dimensional energy field that we all have, I had previously described it as a glowing globe of light with its core in our chest right behind the heart area.  As I traveled into my own body to find this core, I realized that it truly is in the center of the body between the spine and the sternum, not anchored to the spine as a chakra would be. 

The second insight came when I saw that it is actually a rotating tube torus and not the more static golden globe that I had always seen.  The center of this rotating higher dimensional body of energy is a multidimensional portal.  Well then, I thought, of course!  If we are the microcosm of the macrocosm of our planet, sun, and Milky Way Galaxy, then it stands to reason that we would have that portal inside of our core as they all do.  I have known for years that one can travel very quickly from star to star or planet or galaxy via this multidimensional highway, but only surmised that a human could do this by traveling to the earth core and accessing her portal first.  Now I know that that is an unnecessary step.  But how to use our own built in portal?  That’s the question.

The next viewpoint involved backing up from my body and getting a look at what the expanded core essence looks like.  Its golden/white energy is the strongest at the center, and fades gradually as the core essence expands.  The “skin” of this bubble can always be seen, no matter how expanded it gets.  With Christmas coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a clear glass ornament with some sort of light bulb inside that looks like this. 

As I backed up even further, my intent was to see only the energy structure of the expanded core essence, and not the physical structure of the body.  Backing up even further revealed a universe of millions of floating orbs just like this one.  Almost like spherical jellyfish floating in a slightly iridescent sea.  These were the higher dimensional energy fields of the planets, stars and galaxies.  It was very hypnotic. 

Lastly, as I focused back into my body, I could see and feel all of the subatomic particles that were swiftly rotating through my own core essence energy field before it started to retract back to a smaller size, as our fields all do eventually.  Was it just my imagination, or did it feel like my body was dissolving?

It is my sense that this dissolving is what ascension will look and feel like.  Many are now calling this process “incension” instead, because it is strictly an “inside job”.  Ha!  Can you get a feel for what would happen if your physical body and all of your 4D energy bodies were to rotate into the portal in the center of your core essence and just disappear?  Almost like your chest caving in on itself.  Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  I guess we won’t really know until it happens, but if we incend, we won’t be coming back to talk about it.  Maybe your neighbor will just disappear in front of you one day.  And maybe you will follow him on the spot! 

November 17, 2013

Conscious Presence

I have just returned from my latest workshop at the Monroe Institute entitled Conscious Presence.  What a wonderful week it was.  The weather for the most part was sunny and dry, and the group that gathered for the class was very harmonious and easy to be around.  And unusually quiet, too.  The preliminary steps for creating the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop for TMI have been taken and I will announce progress as it occurs. 

It is interesting that I have taken 2 workshops at TMI that have showcased the SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation™) technology, and they have been very different from each other.  The Explorer Imperative workshop was taught by Skip Atwater of remote viewing fame, and was packed full of information, science, and heavily guided meditations in addition to the version of SAM that he developed.  The Conscious Presence workshop was much more laid back with minimal teachings and mostly free flow exercises with the newest version of SAM called SAM 2.0.  Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine approaches.  My hope is that a balance between the two is found that will provide the best of both classes.

The SAM technology entrains one’s brain waves to the gamma state, which connects one to the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  All can be seen and experienced, and intent has great power.  I used the exercises to deepen and broaden issues and experiences that I had already set in motion.  There was much self examination of personality issues, letting go of what no longer served, healing of relationships, and embracing who I am becoming.  Gratitude and appreciation for all I have and all I am played an important role in the week's exercises, too.  Of course, anyone can do this at any time, but with the support of the SAM vibrations, a retreat setting and a harmonious group of fellow seekers, it is so much easier.  Check out the TMI store for some great ambient nature sounds, guided meditations and music with SAM in the background.

We also had a nice presentation from Skip one evening.  He retired from TMI about a year ago and was able to spend an evening with us talking about remote viewing.  He touched on a topic that I have written about before, about how our future informs our present.  We are all entangled with our future selves.   What I gleaned from his presentation is that we all need to have a clear and definite image of what our future self is like, and then make decisions in the now that are in alignment with that image.  The energy from that future self then informs our present.  Do not create things now that need many steps to happen with the hope that it will all evolve into what we may vaguely want in the future.  Be definite.  I have already started to put that into practice.  Cool!!!

In the next post I will write more about some of my experiences from the past week and use another photo of one of the magical crystals from the TMI campus.  Until then.

November 7, 2013

Time Warping

So sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a number of days.  My computer was on the fritz and it was being “disinfected” from whatever ailed it.  The local computer guys did a great job and I am back in business. 

Now, I am packing to go back to the Monroe Institute tomorrow for a 6 day workshop entitled Conscious Presence.  This class uses the newest version of the SAM technology (Spatial Angle Modulation™), which is what I will be using for the Quantum Sphere Healing.  I hadn’t intended on going back so soon since I had just been there 2 months ago, but this is a necessary step towards starting the creation of the QSH for Monroe.  There will probably be no posts now for a week or so. 

Without a working computer for the last few days, I was able to get everything ready for my trip with time to spare.  Since we have a gorgeous sunny day here, I went for a hike on one of my favorite trails this morning.  This is when the time warping began.  I found myself loosing track of time and where I was on the trail repeatedly.  It was a dreamy experience and quite pleasant.  As I write this, the memory of this morning is rapidly fading away.   It’s as if I was never there. 

Either there is something energetic going on with the planet or that part of me that is beyond time and space is already tuning into the upcoming week when I will spend a good deal of time in an altered state of consciousness.  Or it could be both.  Perhaps some of you are experiencing the same thing. 

As if that wasn’t strange enough, I had a bizarre encounter with my neighbor’s cat Bubba when I got home.  Bubba is a very lanky and good looking tuxedo cat, although he looked more brown than black today since he had been rolling in the dirt.  The whole 4 years since my neighbor moved in with Bubba (and an assortment of dogs, horses, goats, and other cats), he always ran like you know what whenever he saw me.  Today, when I went outside to throw out some garbage, I heard loud meowing coming from behind the dumpster.  There was Bubba, looking straight at me and trying to have a conversion, so I meowed back. 

The cat conversation continued for a bit along with more dirt bathing on his part when Bubba decided to come closer.  He jumped on my wood pile, and then on top of the dumpster where I was leaning my arm.  All very uncharacteristic of him.  Considering his prior behavior, I thought that he was moving in for the kill.  Instead, Bubba started rubbing on my arm, then my head, and eventually climbed onto my shoulders.  My cat doesn’t even do that!  All the while, I was rubbing him in return and the cat conversation continued.  I would have rubbed him more, but he was covered in dust and I was getting dusty, too.    I got a dirty look from my cat Josie after she smelled me when I went back into the house.  Is it possible for a human to cheat on their cat with another cat?   Bubba is her boyfriend only through the glass of the sliding door. 

How does this event fit into the time warping?  It must somehow, as when one is in a time warping mode, may unusual and bizarre events can happen.   Co-existing time lines can merge, scramble and then separate.  The best rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected.  As the energies continue to shift and accelerate on planet Earth, time warping may become the norm and we will have to just go with it.  Maybe that was what Bubba was doing today.  Maybe I shape shifted into a large attractive cat in his eyes.  Or he flipped into a reality where he has always been my friend.  Maybe he is dumping Josie for me.  Time will tell.