October 27, 2013

Linkup to the Future

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a prospective client asking for a session.  Her main concern was wanting to know where she was going into the future with her life and I told her that that question was more appropriate for a psychic reading than a shamanic healing session.  We did not end up booking the session as she was also having a hard time honing in on and communicating to me what she really needed.

That got me to thinking about where I was going with my life in the future.  We all have many future potentials in front of us and that is why the future is so hard to predict.  Especially now, with so much chaos and change in our world, it is harder than ever to look into the future and say for certain where any of us will be next year or even next week! 

So this morning I decided to sit in meditation and tap into one of my future potentials.  In many of my shamanic workshops, I teach the concept of the momentum tunnel.  We all stand at a point in the now after having emerged from a time “tunnel” that connects us to our past.  The now moment is always refreshing itself, taking reference from the past.  As we come out of this tunnel, we are on a straight line course to our most probable future outcome.  There are other future outcomes for sure, but they are not as likely as the one that we are heading straight towards. 

The future informs our present just as the past does since all 3 time frames are on the same straight timeline.  The past memories and energy can be changed literally by changing our present.  This can be done by doing some healing work that helps us reframe past events in a more positive light.  In the same way, our present can be changed by connecting to a future that is not in our direct line of sight.  If one can grab onto an alternate future possibility, then the present starts to shift to align with that future.  In addition, you will find that the new future will literally pull you towards it. 

I sat down and did a Quantum Sphere Healing session on myself with the theme of my future in mind.  The last few times I have worked on myself in this manner, it did not involve the usual QSH protocol, but instead involved going on a journey with my Higher Self into the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field.

Meeting with my Higher Self is always such an emotional experience.  Today was no exception.  My heart bursts open each time I meet with the all knowing, all loving and ever present aspect of myself.  I expressed my desire to see some aspect of my future.  I do know that each and every one of us has a joyous and light filled future out there somewhere and that future can change our lives right now.  This is where my Higher Self took me.

The surroundings were glowing brightly and there were shapes and forms drifting past us.  Nothing was very well defined.  I could feel myself merging with some of the forms as they came up to me, and that merging was of a heart to heart nature.  When we separated, each remained whole and intact, as no energy had been given or taken, just shared.  I suspect that they were all aspects of myself on a higher dimensional level. What a wonderful experience that was, a high like no other!  Bliss, joy, ecstasy and presence. 

As I came back into the Quantum Field with my Higher Self, I could see and feel a stream of energy from that future potential connecting right into my core essence.  A link up had been created that would be informing all of my present now moments. The magic is that when something like this happens, the past shifts, too.  Traumatic memories fade, and one looks upon their past as being more harmonious and supportive than it actually may have been.  As always, I thanked my Higher Self before coming back fully into the room. 

You can do this exercise with any future in mind, even one that is more 3D such as health or finances.  I do recommend that you use an aspect of yourself to guide you.  I used my Higher Self and headphones listening to a gamma sound track to keep my brain waves in the right mode.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, I describe a method of meeting your PG (Personal Guide) and recommend using the Hemi-Sync© Meditation CD for that.

 I am convinced that each and every one of you have this kind of potential future somewhere up ahead of you.  It’s just a matter of finding it, linking up with it and then allowing that future to start informing all of your present now moments.  Our planet is still heading into a very dicey time and world events will affect each person differently.  How you are affected is up to you.  Connecting to your positive future will make a big difference for you and those near and dear to you, too.

October 23, 2013

Post #100

Back in January when I started this blog, reaching Post #100 was a potential so far into the future that it wasn’t even a blip on my radar screen.  Time has gone by so fast and yet there is still so much to write about! 

With total sincerity, gratitude and appreciation, and from the core of my being, I would like to thank everyone who has read my words and allowed them to touch the core of your being in return.  Your support has allowed me to fulfill my life path’s mission of touching hearts, minds, souls and spirits far and wide.  Blessings to all, and may the magic continue on far into the future! 

October 20, 2013


Ever since our launch on October 6th, I have been headachy off and on.  That is very unusual for me as I very rarely get headaches.  A few days ago I finally decided to track what was going on.  I really should have done it sooner, but you know how that goes! 

It was a beautiful sunny day here, so I decided to track the issue during a walk near my house.  It is so easy to get into an altered state of consciousness with a steady pace while walking.  With the specific theme of the cause of the headaches in mind, I just let my mind flow with whatever came up.  I did feel as if my head was being compressed from the top downwards, and I also detected a structure like an overturned colander floating a few inches above my head. 

This is the information that flowed in with my stream of consciousness.  The structure around my head was connected to the synthetic matrix belief systems located in the mass consciousness of humanity on this planet.  These artificially implanted beliefs were designed to keep us stuck in the old and preprogrammed ways of dealing with all of the systems that are currently in place here, such as financial, governmental, medical, religious and societal to name a few.  In other words, they are designed to control us and prevent us from going beyond those rote beliefs to find creative solutions to the current problems that are facing humanity. 

If the solutions that we are programmed into using remain in place, then the outcomes can be controlled by those who installed that programming in the first place.  It’s the old problem/reaction/solution ploy.  Those who wish to have a desired outcome will cause a problem that gets a predicted reaction.  Then the preplanned solution will be delivered that will solve the problem and steer the outcome to a desired result. 

The problem is that the old system will no longer work for us if we wish to evolve and thrive.  Creative solutions for us will not be found within the synthetic matrix programming that has been installed into the mass consciousness.  It is time for us to move beyond that programming to the higher spiritual realms for answers. 

After I got home, I sat down and did a Quantum Sphere Healing session on myself.  The colander above my head was removed, and many of the plug-ins into the synthetic mass consciousness structure were disconnected, much like pulling the cords out of an old fashioned switch board.  Each cord had a plug on my brain’s end and another one in the structure of the mass consciousness.  Deep inside my head was a red ball about the size of a ping pong ball.  Its energy read as “you want to be controlled, you need to be controlled, and you don’t know what to do or where to go”.  That got dissolved during the healing process, too!  Yeah!!!  I definitely didn’t agree with what its energy was telling me. 

My Higher Self then entered the scene and starting absorbing all of my aspects that were stuck in artificial belief systems in the consciousness matrix.  There were quite a lot of these aspects and I would imagine that this is the case for everyone.  Aspects of ourselves are stuck in many weird alternate realities that we have no knowledge of, and all of them appear to be synthetic. 

From my viewpoint, the mass consciousness structure looks like a thick layer that surrounds the earth completely and also floats high above the earth’s surface.   There are connectors going from our brains into this structure.  These connectors were what was being released from my own brain.  At a certain point in this whole process, a hole in the structure started to open up right above my head.  An escape hatch!!!  I was shown the way to reach beyond the mass consciousness structure to access the higher knowledge that I and everyone else has a right to connect with instead.  I was told that we all have the tools, the raw materials, and the skills to create an organic future for ourselves free from interference from those who wish to control us. 

By no means was this process completed in its totality for me that day.  My sense is that it will be an ongoing and gradual process.  I am sure, though, that if enough people start to unhook themselves from this level of matrix programming it will cease to have power over us and we will continue on our path to true freedom.  I have been waiting for a while for the next level of detaching from the matrix to show up, and I think this is it.  It follows the removal of the chakra system, kundalini, pineal programming (the pineal clearing seems to take a while to complete), and the dissolving of the skin of the Luminous Energy Field.  Since we are the microcosm of Mother Earth’s macrocosm, she either is or will be doing this, too.  We will all be freeing ourselves together.

October 17, 2013


So here is the solution to physical health and emotional well being for all of you un-bonded adults out there.  It is a simple solution, but for many, very hard to achieve.  One must start from day one as if you were a newborn and recreate the bonding process.  This is a very intense inner process that takes persistence, and I think that many people give up on it because they may not see the benefit, or they just get tired of doing it.

This re-bonding process can be done in several ways.  In a meditative state, one can journey deep inside the body into the womb or root area and visualize an encounter with their inner baby.  We all have many shadow aspects  of ourselves that take on different persona and the traumas of those persona.  The inner baby is one of these.  Your job is to imagine and feel yourself holding the baby, embracing the baby and telling the baby that you love him or her and will do whatever it takes to nurture and protect him or her.  This should be done every day at least a few times.  You should feel the emotions welling up inside of you as you do this.  By doing this, you are going back in time to your own birth and recreating the bonding that you never had with your own mother. 

If the inner journey does not work for you, I recommend that you go out and buy a cheap baby doll and do this exercise as if you were holding a real baby (your inner baby).  For some people, using a physical representation of the baby instead of visualizing an inner one might be more effective.  Either way, you are playing “mother” to your baby self and creating from scratch something that you and your mother never had. 

With both methods, the key to gradually and steadily building up the bonding is the amount of emotion that you put into it.  If you do this just as a visualization or mental exercise, it won’t work.  You must vow to love and care for yourself in the form of that inner baby more than anyone in the world could ever do.  Feel your emotions as you do this, and also feel your response as you receive these emotions from yourself.  This is the power of a mother’s love.  From this place as an adult you will be creating and embodying self love, self esteem, self respect and inner self support.  These qualities and more are vital for your physical, psychological and spiritual health and longevity.  No one can give them to you. 

You will know that you are making progress when you find yourself gradually ceasing the search for external support and acknowledgement.  Your connection to the heart of the Earth Mother will become more real and supportive.  You will feel more comfortable in your body.  Life will improve in every way.  As I have already said, this is not an easy process, but the rewards are huge. 

October 15, 2013

Oh Mama!

Well, it looks like the glitch with the blog e-mail deliveries has been ironed out, and everyone in the US should be getting the latest posts the evening of the day that they are published.  Whew!!!  Nipped by the Technosphere once again!  It took some doing, but I figured out what had gone amiss.

The post today is part one of a two parter, as the subject is pretty broad.  In my healing practice and also occasionally amongst my friends, the issue of the behaviors that are a result of non-bonding with one’s mother comes up fairly frequently.  In psychological terms, the primary parent is always the mother, even if a person never knew their birth mother, as in cases of adoption.   Bonding starts with mother in the womb and continues through shortly after the moment of birth.  As one gets older, mom’s behaviors, attitudes, appearance and beliefs are modeled to a certain extent for the positive or the negative.  With dad, I always say that there can be a lot of modeling, but the same bonding as it happens with mom is not possible.   Mom as the primary parent is always the dominant influence in one's life. 

The key phrase here is “in the womb and continues through shortly after the moment of birth”.  The most important time frame regarding bonding is immediately after birth.  There is a delicate window of opportunity right after the baby is born, and if too much time goes by, bonding does not occur. 

A whole host of events can create a lack of bonding between mother and baby.  There are medical situations that come up such as premature, violent or caesarian births that literally prevent the mother from physically holding and uniting with the baby right after birth.  This is because mom is either unconscious via drugs or injury, or the baby may need immediate medical care and is whisked away before mom can hold her, as is the case for premature babies put into an incubator.  I have worked with one preemie adult who must have imprinted strongly on that clear glass incubator because that imagery and symbology came up many times during her sessions.  Imagine being an adult still stuck energetically in that sterile atmosphere deprived for the most part of human contact.  No one’s fault here, as I have said many times, there are no victims and what happens to each is a part of their soul’s plan for this lifetime.   

Many clients I have worked with were rejected in the womb.  Not that the mother doesn’t accept and love the baby once she is born, but it is always mom’s very first reaction to finding out that she is pregnant that gets energetically imbedded in the fetus. The reaction could be denial, anger, distress of any kind, or even thoughts of not carrying through with the pregnancy.  What about programming the fetus with thoughts of being unwanted and that they will be adopted out immediately after birth.  No wonder there is a higher rate of alcohol and drug abuse and incarceration amongst adopted people. 

Mom does not even need to be a single woman for this to happen, as a pregnancy within a marriage can be unwanted, too.  I see plenty of this.  There may already be too many children in the family, too small of an age gap between the new baby and the next youngest child, or mom is just not ready to have a child at that time for a variety of reasons.   These children, even as adults, suspect that they were an “oops”, and I am always amazed by the number of clients in this situation that were told so by their mothers!  And not in a nice way, either. 

I could go on and on with a variety of circumstances, but you get the idea.  You may even be one of the “un-bonded”.  The events that I have been describing have all happened at the pre-verbal stage of development and are hidden in one's shadow.  They cannot be known directly, only indirectly by the ways that one deals with the world.

Because the Earth Mother is an archetype, or larger representation for our human mothers, those who have bonding issues are almost always ungrounded and out of their bodies.  They either are afraid of trusting their connection with the earth, or simply don’t know how to go about connecting with the Heart of our Mother.  They draw a big blank here.  The down side of not being grounded and in the body is that the person is not able to dump energetic toxins into the earth core where they can be combusted.  These energetic toxins build up in the body contributing to full body ailments such as arthritis, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, and overwhelming emotional states such as anger and depression.  We literally need the connection with “Big Mama” for our health and well being. 

These people have difficulties bonding with others in relationships; again because this ability was not imprinted on them from the get go.  There is also a lifelong drive to get all of their needs satisfied externally, because with no bonding, they never learned to bond with themselves to connect internally for guidance, self love and self support.  They go through life looking for that next fix, that one person who will be their “all”, the next class or psychic to provide them with the answers.   This contributes to addictions of all kinds, including to foods and drugs, possessions, people, fame, and money to name a few.  The externals can be taken away in a heartbeat, and then what is one left with if there is no inner connection? 

Have you ever met a person who is only interested in talking about themselves?  Whose opinion is the only one that matters, and who is always right?  “Enough about me, now let’s talk about me!” I know a few of those.  There is no arguing with them, so I either disengage, or politely nod and agree to keep the peace.  I guess it all depends on how much one is invested in that particular relationship.  After a while it does get tiresome, but I do understand where this behavior is coming from, so I cut them some slack (most of the time).  If you do have a good sense of who you are in the world and a solid inner connection with your guidance, it ultimately doesn’t matter what the other person says because you know what’s true for you. 

At this point, you may have a sense if you are one of the un-bonded ones.  In the next post, I will lay out the advice that I give to my clients to help them shift this pattern.  It is not easy and requires a lot of work, but it can be done.  Until then.