May 29, 2015

Yellow Fever

No, I do not have yellow fever!  Because of a sacred site tour I will be taking to South America in the fall, I am required to get a yellow fever vaccination.  Ugh!!!  I try to avoid vaccinations in general, but if I don’t get this one, I will not be able to get into Bolivia.  Since there are negative side effects from any vaccination, I wanted to be proactive to avoid any problems and work the energy before and during getting the injection. 

Yellow fever is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito, and can cause severe flu-like symptoms.  The vaccine contains a live but weakened virus, in addition to a whole host of other creepy ingredients, and can cause a number of equally creepy side effects.  I got this information from the nurse after she gave me the injection.  Ha! 

The original plan was to ask to hold the needle before getting injected so that I could energetically alter the vaccine to remove all side effects.  As a side note, I do not drink alcohol but will have a shot of tequila about 3 times a year if I am out with a group celebrating something or just having a fun time.  Before sipping the tequila, I cup my hands around the glass it and infuse it with all sorts of positive energy and intent.  This energy comes from my core essence, down my arms and out my palms.  The last thing I do is energetically remove all negative side effects of the alcohol, thus making the tequila more of a positive medicinal drink.  I thought that I would try this with the vaccination if the nurse would let me hold the syringe.  It turns out that I didn’t even have to use this procedure at all. 

I had a 50 mile drive to get to the clinic in Durango, and started working the energy while I was driving.  Why wait until the last minute?  Now, I don’t recommend that you try this while driving unless you can hold an altered state and safely drive at the same time!  The first thing I did was to make contact with the vaccine. I just wanted to see if I could shift the energy before I got to the clinic in case I was not allowed to put my hands on the syringe.

Remember that at this time I was unaware that the vaccine contained a weakened form of the yellow fever virus.  I was pretty surprised, then, when I immediately made contact with that weakened virus.  It had consciousness!  This consciousness had a very soft and somewhat robotic voice, and it was trapped inside a very small metal box.  I had a suspicion that the natural organic form of the yellow fever virus had been scientifically altered, making the vaccine a combination of organic and synthetic.  Who would want that injected into their body???

I then established a rapport and connection with the vaccine while attuning and harmonizing my energy with it.  Next, I applied a very liberal dose of gratitude and appreciation.   As you know when you do this, the whole energy of any situation starts to shift and raises in vibration as the energy expands.   I also then set my intent to remove any negative side effects as well.

The tiny robotic energy of the manipulated yellow fever virus started to shift.  Its spirit started to heal as it proceeded to expand well beyond the energy of that tiny metal box.  The synthetic overlay was dropping away.  It was being set free!  The energy turned to pure joy and diffused into the atmosphere until there was nothing left of it.  I did one final check of what was left of the vaccine, and it had the energy of pure water. 

Once I got to the clinic, I didn’t even bother to ask to hold the syringe so that I could alter the vaccine.  At that point, I had every confidence that what was being injected into me was plain water with all of the negative side effects long gone.  What I did do, however, was to make sure that I was completely grounded and my core essence was fully expanded before getting the injection in my arm.  
It is now about 24 hours later, and no side effects have shown up.  I can’t even find the injection site!  The process that I described above can be used by anyone who is faced with having to have something put into their bodies that may be harmful to them.  This might include any medical or dental procedures, other vaccinations, prescribed medications, or even heaven forbid, having some sort of chip placed under the skin.  All of these substances or items have consciousness that can be connected to and worked with.  In addition, many of them have organic consciousnesses that have been enslaved or altered via the synthetic matrix.  All life forms on this planet deserve to be free, even these.

You can also use my “tequila method” for medications that you must take.   Remember that you are the master over your body and your world.  These methods will help you to build up your energetic muscles to be able to achieve more energetic mastery over your circumstances. 

May 20, 2015

Portals and Stargates

This is a pretty complicated subject, and I’d like to give an overview here today.  In simple terms, a portal is a doorway.  When one goes through a portal, they experience a shift in time, space and/or dimension.  What is on the other side?  It could be another dimension, location, past or future time, or even a parallel reality.  Here are some examples.

Occasionally I find an active portal in a client’s energy field.  I call these escape hatches, and there is often an inherited genetic ability to open and use these types of portals.  When I encounter them, they look like a headlight from a car shining out from the body.  I often find drug or alcohol addiction, traumatic births, or traumatic or painful events from very early childhood in these clients.  Thus the need to escape the pain of their lives.  This escape takes one into the low levels of the 4th dimension, or astral plane, which still seems to be preferable to the pain or torment that the person is trying to get away from.  The low astral plane is where a whole host of negative beings and ET’s hang out.  The down side is that these portals act as revolving doors that let the dark entities come into the person’s energy field, too, especially at night.  Thus we have cases of night terrors and visitations in the bedroom.

When I send earthbound spirits to the light, I open up the same kind of portal to usher them through.  An excellent book on the subject is “When Ghosts Speak” by Mary Ann Winkowski.  It is a fun read, and I use her methods in dealing with the earthbounds.  Unfortunately, the best I can do for them is to send them through that doorway between the 3rd and 4th dimension, thus putting them back on the wheel of reincarnation.  It is not my place or even right to get them off of that wheel.  That is a matter of their soul’s spiritual evolution. 

Haunted houses can have plenty of portals, the revolving door type, that let spirits into the house from 4D.  If a person living in the house has an active portal in their energy field, the negative spirits can also inhabit that house via the resident’s own portal.  That is why I always do a healing on the person living in the troublesome house before I work on the house.  I do not want the resident to continue to pull that problematic energy back in after the house is healed.

Another related energy formation to the portal is a stargate.  Now others may differ, but here are the differences that I see between the two.  Whereas a portal is a somewhat static structure that tends to open and close like the aperture on a camera lens, a stargate is constantly rotating and takes the form of a torus.  Thus, it is always folding in on itself and popping out the other side and back around while it rotates.  Examples of this are our Milky Way Galaxy, our sun, the core of our earth, the human core essence, and the center of every atom in the body. 

There is also one big difference between a portal and a stargate.  When one goes through a portal, one’s energy form seems to remain intact and does not change, whereas when one goes through a stargate, there is a definite transformation that takes place.  When one goes through the center of Stargate Milky Way into dimensions 10, 11, and 12, there is a harvesting and clarifying that takes place.  When one folds into their own core essence at the end of their sojourn on this planet, we might call that “incension”.  A whole new energy form is the result.  Where we go after that happens will probably be different for each one going through that process according to their individual destiny and plan. 

So the other day I sat down to get information on how to consciously open and make use of a portal.  This is what my higher guidance provided.  First of all, there is the power of intent, in particular the intent to open that portal.  Intent provides a path to the goal.  There is also the secondary intent as far as where you would like to go when you step through your portal.  These intents should be firmly formulated before you start the process.

Secondly, you need to have a strong visual sense of your open portal; how big it is, where it will open up, and what quality of energy will be seen inside it once it opens.  In general, you will be seeing light, as all dimensions above the 3rd show up this way from down here.  When I open the portal to send an earthbound spirit through, that is what it looks like to me.  Like I am staring at the sun.  You need to hold this vision steadily for as long as you are holding the portal open.

Thirdly, there is the matter of force of will and conscious command of your energy field.  Opening a portal is not just a visualization.  You must make use of your own energy to make it happen.  It is an energy movement exercise, as are grounding and expanding your core essence.  It takes “elbow grease”!  That also means that your vibration should also be clear, clean and elevated.  This is divine play at work. 

So these are the basics.  I suspect that as life on planet earth becomes dicier and we are further pushed into possibly desperate situations, more people will come into their own and will start using their latent energetic abilities.  The transformation of the human race through necessity is what I see in our future.   Freedom is the goal here, and if we can pop in and out of a variety of places and situations with ease, the sky is the limit as far as what we can do.   

One last side note, as I was coming to the end of my meditation to gather information on how to open portals, I saw that the energy fields of everyone here are being monitored from off planet.  We are being observed for signs of our impending transformation.  Who is doing this?  I suspect both sides of the groups involved in our evolution as human beings.  When someone either opens up a portal or transitions through a stargate, a signal is sent out, like the igniting of a fuel source.  To me, it looked like a brief flash of light as seen from above the planet’s surface.  Like popcorn starting to pop.  Eventually, lots of popcorn!  How the observers will interpret this and what they will do about it remains to be seen. 

May 14, 2015

Latest Tid Bits

I have recently come across several tid bits of information that dovetail nicely with some of the topics that I have written about here.  It is so gratifying for me to see that others are on the same page, and great confirmation, too, that I (and you!) am on the right track with a lot of what I am sensing.

George Kavassilas has recently spoken about the evolution of humanity leading us into a multidimensional state.  You can check out his latest webinars at Rise Multiversity.  The key to being able to live this way is to be aware of ourselves on many higher dimensions while at the same time, being able to live a productive life in the physical arena.   This involves raising one’s vibration and being able to focus in several places at once, including the earthy environment.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail link to Tom Kenyon’s latest article and sound meditation.  He has been on a personal sabbatical this year, so his communications have been few.  This latest message is entitled “The Fifth Perspective, Transcending Space and Time” gives another great explanation on living multidimensionally.  He also writes about the death process, and has offered a very nice sound meditation that is free.  To access this Hathor message, click here.  I highly recommend it. 

I was particularly excited to read about the Hathors’ take on the human energy form as it goes up the dimensional scale.  This is the first time that I have read anything that confirms my experience with this.   Tom and I agree that we hold a human-like form that just keeps getting lighter and less dense up through the 9th dimension.  Once one goes through the dimensional shift in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and on into the 10th dimension, the form turns into a sphere.  At this point, everyone is pretty much the same, as we have been harvested of the patterns that we brought back with us from our physical sojourn.  In 10 D is when we start creating true group consciousness with others of similar vibration, as our spheres start to line up in patterns. 

Here is another interesting tid bit.  I am always behind on listening to my podcasts.  I am a subscriber to John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight radio show.  Episode 268 from April featured researcher Anthony Patch.  It was a great show, but one of the things that stood out was his explanation of the purpose for the CERN Large Hadron Collider.  Anthony spoke about this at length, but the part of the show that really stood out for me was his conviction that the supercollider is going to be used to open up a permanent portal for multidimensional beings to come through.  These beings will be arriving from the planet Saturn, home of the dark forces controlling earth, via a Jacob ’s Ladder type of structure.   Whoa!  This action is supposed to start in September if all goes well for CERN.  Not so good for us! 

He also spoke about the attempt to create a 3rd strand of DNA by which humans could be controlled/activated through a connection to the AI.  Pretty scary stuff.  This confirms what GK has said about the DNA being an artificial structure through which we are manipulated via the synthetic matrix, and that our task is to transcend the DNA altogether. 

So what to do about all of this?  I think that becoming multidimensional beings ourselves is the way to go.  Tom Kenyon’s free sound meditation is designed to assist one in attaining a multidimensional state fairly easily with some attention and diligence.  Also, I recommend that you regularly send a beam of energy from your core essence into your pineal gland as a way of clarifying your master strand of DNA.  As I wrote last year, our evolutionary destiny involves transcending the DNA altogether so that it is no longer an internal tool of external manipulation. 

I sense that we will be pulling out of the null zone shortly and the action should speed up once again.  Hang on for a very busy summer! 

May 8, 2015

Your Inner Mother

The topic for this post has been tickling me for at least a week now, starting after I worked on several clients with related issues, and no doubt coming fully into my consciousness because Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  My mother passed in 2008, so I haven’t had any motherly obligations since then, and almost forgot about the impending holiday.  We are having our annual birding festival here in Cortez this week, and I will be going out on a bird tour on Sunday, so that is where I have been focused. 

It is routine for quite a few of my clients to receive post session homework involving embracing and nurturing either their inner child or inner baby.  The inner child holds all of our wounds and separation issues, and is an excellent tool for self evolution.  I have a very simple yet direct exercise in my book “Traversing the Infinite Now” on how to make contact with the child and heal these inner wounds.  The inner baby is what I call a foundational piece, as the vast majority of people have soul loss from a very early age, and thus a shaky foundation in life. 

Nurturing both the inner child and inner baby are essential to making and maintaining that all important inner connection with ourselves.  Without this, spiritual progress is next to impossible.  I encounter many people who are doing their spiritual work mainly through gathering information and doing rote exercises such as contract clearing and repeating affirmations.  Yet, when I work with them and get into their energy fields, they prove to be ungrounded and quite a mess energetically.  Progress cannot be made with the intellect alone while ignoring the workings of the inner self. 

I have come to realize that embracing, nurturing and healing the wounds of the inner baby and child takes a healthy and healed inner mother!  For a variety of reasons, this is an inner aspect that many people lack.

First of all, what are the qualities of a healthy and healed inner mother?  This is that part of us that loves us unconditionally, comforts us when we are in distress, helps to calm us down when we are afraid, and gives us the sense that no matter what, everything will turn out fine in the end.  From the connection to our inner mother, we gain confidence in knowing that we are always taken care of.  We also gain the ability to nurture ourselves and others.

When I work with a client, I can read the energy patterning of their inner aspects—mother/female, father/male, child, or baby in particular.  There are a number of reasons why someone would have minimal or no inner mother patterning.   If all goes well during birth, the mother imprints the baby with her mother/female patterning.  This may not happen if there are medical complications causing an interruption of the bonding process.  The patterning for the healthy inner mother can also be carried in the birth mother’s DNA, and some women just don’t have that, so there is no related genetic information that will transfer to the newborn baby. 

As the child gets older, there is also the issue of healthy modeling from mother.  Many mothers are not up to the task of raising children, and as many of you know, lots of distortions can creep into the mix.  Some of these may be mom’s issues with having too many children, not being supported financially, addictions or health issues, violence in the home, or her own distorted psychological dynamics.  Mom’s behaviors and reactions to her difficulties create distortions in her “Mother” archetype, and the children in the family react to these distortions, which in turn affects their own inner mother patterns.  I have seen clients actually reject their mother/feminine imprints as a reaction to mom’s own distortions. 

Most importantly, if there are issues or distortions with your inner mother, that is transferred to your connection with the soul and heart core of our Earth Mother, and the grounding process can be very difficult for you.  I also find that accessing and working with one’s inner mother may be more difficult for men in general or women who have not had children.  Not impossible, though!  Regardless of the current lifetime, we have all been mothers in past lives.  We can tap into those lifetimes or that genetic stream where the ideal mother did exist for us, and bring that imprinting forward. 

I suggest that on Sunday, Mother’s Day, it would be a great time to make contact with your inner mother and see what state she is in.  If she is less than supportive and embracing, you can call in the patterning of a healthier and healed version of her.  It helps to have some idea of what you would like to experience from her, too.  This may not be a onetime deal, so repeat as necessary.  Regularly feel the safe and secure womb like space that she provides.  Interesting that my feet are buzzing as I am writing this, which is the feeling that I get when I am intimately connected with the core of our Earth Mother.  After all, this is why she is called “Big Mama”! 

So on Sunday, take some time to honor your birth mother and in some cases adopted mother, your inner mother, and the mother of us all, our Earth.  Honor them all because in some fashion, they have given you the life that you have right now.  Without them, you would not exist.