April 27, 2015

Group Grounding

Yesterday was the last day of the latest Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in Cortez, and what a marvelous event it was.  The groups coming for training are arriving with a higher maturity level and with more energetic clarity than the ones before them.  This lovely bunch reminded me of the shamanic trainings that I held in Holland with the cool, calm and very grounded Dutch students.  We all bonded so well that it was hard to part at the end of the last day! 

The very last thing that we did before ending our time together was to do a group grounding.  Because of the use of altered states of consciousness during the training, I made sure that everyone was well grounded before they went out for lunch and at the end of each day, so grounding was reinstated and reinforced many times.  For this last grounding, we all stood in a circle while I verbally led everyone through this process.  Gradually, as we individually anchored our personal source energy into the heart of Mother Earth, the circle of grounding cords merged together and formed a tube, much like a giant straw, which was also firmly anchored into earth core. 

At the point when we completed this first step, I asked everyone to tune into the beautiful energy that our Earth Mother was sending back to us in return.  Nothing unusual about that!  What was unusual was what was contained in that return flow.  Even though some of the participants had already received the Seed of the Mother, I saw more seeds being sent to each individual in the group.  These came up through the group grounding cord and into the core essence of each person, and bypassed the process that involves one’s Higher Self retrieving the seed from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy as outlined in the post from 2014.  Even those who already had the seed got another one, which is actually not an additional seed, but a strengthening and reinforcing of the one that they already had. 

Another flow that was starting to happen was energy from the earth core coming up through the center of this big “straw” and shooting past us and up and over the group like a huge fountain.  This whole event had never happened in any of my groups, and I think that because of the group energetic harmony and commonality of vibration and purpose, the time was right. 

When we felt we were finished with this amazing grounding experience, we had a snuggly group hug and prepared to leave for the journey home.  I strongly suspect that if we had held this formation for a bit longer, we would have been looking down through our group grounding cord into the stargate at the center of our planet. In addition to that, it reminded me of the portal or stargate at the center of the spinning mitochondrial DNA that I wrote about previously. 

Can individuals connect with the core of our planet in this way, too?  Certainly they can, but right now, the power of a harmonious and like minded group is most effective in bringing forth transformational occurrences such as these.  

April 19, 2015

The Mineral Kingdom

Last week, I had a very nice conversation with George Kavassilas.  At the end of the session, he did some tuning in for any information that I needed to have.  There were several interesting bits, but the one that he emphasized the most was that I needed to journey and connect to the High Council of the Mineral Kingdom.  In fact, he insisted on it. 

I didn’t have time until yesterday morning to do what he recommended, and as these things go sometimes, before I had a chance to sit down and tune in, the information came flooding in as I was standing in my kitchen!  I was not aware of going to the Council, but in retrospect, I am assuming that it is located in the 9th dimension, at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  BTW—the Time Lords are located there, too.  Also, when I refer to the Mineral Kingdom, I mean that grouping that is neither animal nor vegetable, and is composed of elements from the periodic table. This kingdom exists in all realms that have some sort of physicality to them. 

Here we go.  This Council holds all of the templates for the material bodies in our universe.  These patterns permeate all space and time even if nothing appears to be in a certain location.  That really reminds me of the Quantum Field, which is in wave formation until intent is applied, then it shifts to particles.  In fact, this was the next bit of information.  When a force of consciousness is applied to this all permeating template, particles of energy from the surrounding space start to gather together to form a planetary body, star, galaxy, etc.  This can take eons.  In other words, the first matter that is created is always from the Mineral Kingdom. 

The composition of an element or specific mineral is always the same, and that contributes to the fixed nature of this kingdom.  There is very little deviation.  That may be why certain types of stones can “remember” what has happened to them and around them, especially if they are to be found at sacred sites, high energy places, or even places where war or violence have occurred on our planet.  They make excellent information repositories, almost as if they contain empty stacked cubes that are just waiting to be filled up.

I was also told that the High Council created and maintains the pathways that galaxies, stars, solar systems and planets take while traveling around in our universe.  Otherwise, all would be chaos and destruction.  When something does happen that seems accidental or chaotic, such as 2 galaxies colliding, it is always by design and there is a purpose behind that collision.  Much like what happens to us here! 

So I made note of all of this interesting stuff and went about my day.  This morning, I went hiking on one of my favorite trails and tuned in to receive more.  This trail wound around huge sandstone boulders, down into a canyon and back up to the top again.  Many spring flowers were in bloom, and the weather was close to perfect. 

More information—The Mineral Kingdom creates the platform for the other kingdoms to build upon.  It always comes first.  The Plant and Animal Kingdoms could not exist if it were not for the Mineral Kingdom.  The soul of our Earth Mother resides in a vessel created out of minerals!  For that matter, so do we.  So we owe our existence to this High Council and the continuous holding of intent and love for this grand creation. 

As I sat on a rock contemplating, it hit me.  Clearly, I have an aspect on this Council!  I have always been a rock person.  Inside my house and outside around the yard can be seen the many interesting rocks that I have brought home from my hikes and travels.  I have a collection of crystal skulls, and even my shaman’s mesa, or sacred medicine bundle, contains a dozen specially prepared stones.  I have been fascinated by the megalithic stones found around the world for many years now, and can read their energy when I am able to put my hands on them.  It’s like having a conversation with an old friend.  It is also my firm conviction that the multi ton and finely fitted stones that are seen in Peru, for example, were vibrationally softened and lightened to facilitate the carving and then levitated into place.  Perhaps I was one of the builders of Sacsayhuaman near Cusco! 

Suddenly, all of the sandstone boulders around me took on a more conscious nature as if they were alive in a human sense.  I felt honored to be in their presence, and will never look at a rock or boulder in the same old way again.  I will still need to journey to the Council and see what is up with that, but now that I have made a connection, more information will just pop in when I least expect it. 

April 16, 2015

Can I, May I, Should I?

This post has been prompted in part by e-mail conversations I have had with 2 of my friends.  The first one, Carol Ann from Scotland, reminded me last year of a saying that has served her well in her new volunteer job.  When confronted with the desire to jump in or manage something for someone else, she asks herself “Can I, May I, Should I?”  What a good rule of thumb to use in a wide variety of circumstances, and in fact, I have added this teaching in my Quantum Sphere Healing workshops. 

First of all, let me explain the concept.  “Can I” asks if you have the skill or ability to do what you are planning.  Do you have the proper training and experience?  If someone is asking you to do a task that you are not capable of doing, you really should not proceed at this point.  It would be like asking a truck driver to do brain surgery.  Not a good idea!  “May I” asks if you have permission to do what you are planning.  This permission might be from another person or your higher guidance if you are doing something on your own that would not affect someone else.  “Should I” asks you to determine if the timing and circumstances are right for your endeavor.  You would not get up in the middle of the night to mow the lawn for example. 

With my healership trainees, for example, these questions are important ones to ask, especially when one is just starting out with their healing practice.  In the beginning when they are practicing on volunteer clients, the “Can I” can be a moot point, since they are not quite good at anything yet.  They are gaining expertise and I encourage them to tackle just about anything that comes their way.  For an experienced practitioner, it might be wise to turn down a request from a client if it involves something that they do not do. Not every practitioner knows how to work with haunted houses or attached earth bound spirits for example. 

This leads me to the very important “May I”.  I only work with clients directly by their permission using remote or in person healing.  I do not work on a person via the request of a third party.  I know that there are healers out there who check in with the potential clients Higher Self to gain permission to do the work without their knowledge, but that is not my style for a variety of reasons.  Getting permission also involves not scanning or checking on the energetics of a person without their knowing what you are doing.  I always tell my students that if they see it, they are changing it.  In other words, by looking at another person's energetic patterning, you are changing those patterns through the energetic connection of the viewing.  That is why people who have a certain amount of awareness and psychic vision need to walk around with blinders on so that they do not inadvertently change the patterning of another person without getting their permission first.

Asking “Should I” can require a certain amount of finesse.  Is the timing right?  Are the circumstances right?  Is this the right time to open your mouth?  These are questions for our inner guidance and intuition.  The ego sometimes wants to rush in and “do, do, do”, “help, help, help” or “talk, talk, talk” without regard to the timing or circumstances, let alone getting permission.  I will get messages during a QSH session that no more work should be done in that session, or to leave something alone as the client needs to deal with it themselves instead.  It pays to listen to those messages!  There is a lot of grace in backing up, observing and then making a move if guided to do so, or not! 

My friend Sharon in California asked a very good question about the previous post entitled “Another Stargate”.  I had mentioned that part of the manifestation process at the level of the energetic templates involves getting permission for creating something from those templates.  Sharon e-mailed me and asked about where and from whom do we get that permission.  Great question!  When one reaches that level of expansion and evolution, there is such a deep inner knowingness about what is proper to do, that ultimately, the permission is granted from the greater Self that knows the bigger plan that is in motion. 

In the mean time, when dealing with the life that we are enmeshed in now, having the skill, getting permission, and going with the flow of the right timing are really good practices to keep in mind when approaching any task.  Look at the bigger picture, or as the Peruvian shamans teach, go to Condor state.  Fly high, observe, and chose your battles carefully to minimize damage and maximize success. 

April 13, 2015

Another Stargate

Just this past weekend I had a chance to listen to George Kavassilas’ most recent webinar from Rise  Multiversity entitled “Navigating Through the Matrix II”.  Part I is excellent, too, and I highly recommend that you listen to both of them.  In the recent webinar, George mentioned that he now differentiates between synthetic and organic DNA.  The synthetic is often referred to as nuclear DNA, and the organic is mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA for short.  Both are structured as a double helix, but the nuclear DNA takes the form of straight segments capped at both ends with telomere, and the mtDNA forms a circle. 

I have written about the master strand of the nuclear DNA that exists in the pineal gland, and also information that I received on how this DNA will be clarified, transformed and dissolved at some point in our future.  Read about that here.  The mtDNA is a different breed of animal altogether, so I decided to do a journey to investigate.  This is what I found out.

After settling in and getting into an altered state of consciousness, via my intent I found myself looking at a circle of mtDNA.  This circle then started to rotate and soon after, a portal or stargate opened up in the center of the circle.  This stargate actually grew in size and engulfed the circular mtDNA double helix.  (Later in the day I realized that once this rotating circle really got going, it took the form of a gyroscope which was rotating in all directions and eventually multidimensionally as well.) 

Of course, at that point, I jumped into the newly formed stargate!  I found myself in a space that I can only describe as being in unity conscious, everywhere and everywhen, and knowing myself as “All That Is”.  It felt as if not only my physical body, but my consciousness became diffused in this space.  Really nice.

In the past few months I have become fascinated with accessing the templates of creation to be able to manifest my needs directly from those templates.  This was the perfect opportunity to investigate that.  Here are some of the hints to manifestation that I received.  The mind, heart and emotions must be used together.  I must have permission to do what I am planning.  There should be a clear and constant intent throughout the process.  I should be steady, stable and as clear as possible.  No wavering allowed! 

Most importantly, gratitude and appreciation should be liberally applied.  This is a creative process of joy and cosmic play.  By creating from the position of the whole, all outcomes are valid.  Now, I would still like to manifest something like an apple, and have some ideas on how to do that.  In my last conversation with GK, he suggested that the primal matter that would adhere to and fill out the template would be provided by the Earth Mother.  Perhaps that is the energy that I detect coming up from her core when I am fully grounded and in communion with her. 

After hanging out in the wonderful space on the other side of the portal, I drifted back to present time and space.  Time to get to my projects of the day, which included caulking my siding, trimming the rose bush and watering the fruit trees.  After all, the details of 3D life always need to be attended to! 

April 8, 2015

Organic Feeding

Sounds like we are discussing horticulture, doesn’t it?  Let me explain.  We all need fuel for our bodies.  In the 3rd dimension, we get this fuel from the food that we eat.  I won’t go into the issues around organic vs. non-organic, or GMO’s here, as that is all a matter of personal choice.  I do know that if you are well grounded and your energy field is fairly clear and moving, the toxins from what is eaten will have much less of an effect on you.

In the 4th dimension is where things start to go sideways energetically.  Here we are not talking about ingesting physical substances.  The fuel that feeds us in 4D is the energy behind money, love and all things nurturing such as attention, admiration, appreciation, and of course the energy behind the physical food that we eat.  I know of someone who is always bragging about how much money she makes, and I can tell that the more she makes, the more satisfied she is with her life.  The money is feeding her energetically.  There are some who are so addicted to our earthly version of love that they jump from partner to partner in an endless search for what they perceive they are missing in life. All of these perceptions of lack stem from early childhood issues around not getting what was required to nurture and feed us energetically.  The search for this can last a lifetime and never be satisfied.  

Since we are talking about 4th dimensional energy flows, it is important to remember that all energy here exists in polarity.  There is a light side and a dark side to it all.  So let’s take an addictive substance as an example.  My favorite—chocolate.  Maybe not the best example as it is addictive for some and not at all for others.   Chocolate is commonly given as a token of love and affection, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Eating it makes most people feel good, but there is a down side because of the added and unhealthy ingredients that can have negative effects on people.  
While some people get their fuel from the above mentioned 4D energies, others get their fuel directly by feeding from another human being.  This could be energy vampirism in an extreme case, but it also goes on in milder forms every day in interactions between people.  Where there is an expectation that the other person should meet some need that you may have, a straight line attachment is formed to that other person. Then the heavy and light energy flows back and forth between the 2 people within the tube of the attachment.  Heavy energy is dumped and light energy is acquired.  Someone always ends up with more heavy energy and less light energy.  It is an unequal arrangement with the dominant person most often ending up with the energetic fuel that they need.  These needs are created in early childhood where a combination of genetic patterns, past life holdovers and family inadequacies serve to create an empty place that always needs filling up.

The organic feeding that I am referring to now involves gracefully and gratefully accepting the bounty of energy and information that is constantly being beamed to us from our Father Sun and Mother Earth.  It is their job as our “parents” to nurture and support us energetically.  This is 5th dimensional spherical patterning, not the straight line attachments of the 4th dimension.  There is no trading or taking of energy, but a gentle expanding and sharing and then retracting and separating.  All original energy remains intact with the extra bonus of integrating the new patterning from the “other”.  With the 5th dimensional energy field of your core essence expanded, you will be very available to receive nurturing from the Earth Mother and Father Sun.

When I am outside on a sunny day, I like to stand facing the sun and just receive the rays of life and nurturing.  When I am grounded and intimately connected to the Earth Mother’s 5D core, I feel her nurturing patterning drifting around me like an enveloping fog.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to live and thrive on these organic gifts of energy without needing to eat something that had to be killed for our benefit?  These are the current contracts that the nature kingdoms hold for us and our survival on this planet, but those are bound to be cleared at some point.  In addition, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to take energy from another human being to survive? 

I suggest that you do your best to connect to and receive nurturing from our Earth and Sun.  Merge your core essence with theirs.  Get used to being as big and magnificent as they are.  Become their equals energetically and share with them your gifts as well.  And perhaps at some point in the future, this is all you will need to live and thrive on! 

April 4, 2015

Blood Moon #3

Early this morning, we had the third in the heralded blood moon series, all of which have been seen from where I live in the southwest United States.  This one was also seen west of here across the Pacific Ocean and all the way to Australia.  I did not write much about blood moon #2 from last October, as the evening was hazy and the eclipse could barely be seen from my location.  Before you read on, however, I recommend that you read the "Blood Moon" post from a year ago, as all of that information is still pertinent to this morning’s event. 

I woke up around 4 AM and bundled up in my winter coat, gloves and hat, as it was 28° outside.  The full moon had been brightly lighting up the landscape for hours at that point.  At 4:15 AM, the earth’s shadow started slowly covering the moon’s surface.  I got my camera set up outside and started observing and sensing the energy.  Almost immediately I experienced the extreme sadness and heavy weight on my chest and heart as I did a year ago.  This was a sadness for all of humanity and how much we have lost or forgotten about in regard to our true nature and the knowingness that we are grand cosmic beings. It was a sadness for the entrapment that has kept us stuck for so long in this arena.  This is all about to change, however, so there is an end to our predicament looming in our future. 

Of course, there are no victims, but this 4th dimensional challenge that we have created for ourselves has gone a bit too far, and so many are also still asleep.  The moon is in fact an artificially created satellite that is constantly beaming negative programming to our planet.  The only time that one can really get a sense of this is during a total lunar eclipse.  When the earth completely blocks the sun’s rays from hitting the surface of the moon, there is nothing to divert our attention from the unrelenting negativity.

The totality of the eclipse occurred around 6 AM, so at 5 AM, I decided to walk down my road to put some outgoing mail in my mailbox.  I am so rarely outside at this hour.  I live out in the country, and the view of the stars, planets and Milky Way against a dark sky provided a really nice diversion from what was happening with the moon, which was about half way hidden at that point.  I did not get a quiet stroll down my road, however, as my neighbors across the street had let their 3 dogs out into their fenced yard, and the neighbor nearer to my mailbox was actually walking her dog on a leash in her yard.  All the dogs started barking.  Fancy that.  At 5 AM!!!!  I must apologize to them all for disturbing the peace so early in the morning. 

During the full totality of the eclipse, the moon turned blood red, and I could actually see the dark stream of energy emanating from the moon and coming to earth.  Very creepy!  Keep in mind that our bodies may be stuck here, but we have full dominion over our own souls and it is the destiny of many here now to exit the 4D arena once and for all when the time comes.  I firmly believe, as does George Kavassilas, that our DNA is an artificially created mechanism of control, as is our chakra system, the skin of our Luminous Energy Field as well as the genetic lineages that are contained in the master strand of DNA in the pineal gland.  Once these are all transcended, the programming from the moon and anywhere else for that matter will no longer have an effect on us. 

The light of the moon started coming back at the same time as the night turned to day with the rising of the sun.  The heaviness of the whole event started to fade as the nurturing energy from our sun permeated everything.  What a difference!  I never did get to see the eclipse through to the end, as the moon was rapidly heading towards the western horizon as it was setting.  An interesting thing did occur at that time.  Since the sky was getting lighter, the remaining dark part of the moon was barely visible.  What was clearly visible, though, was the widening crescent at the top as more of the sun’s rays hit its surface.  This crescent had the shape of a frowning mouth, with the corners turned down.  Was this one last parting message from the moon?

This blood moon was the 3rd out of 4 to occur at 6 month intervals for a year and a half.  The next and last one will be on September 27th into 28th, and will only be a partial eclipse for the western part of the US.   Interesting that I did not know this when I booked my next sacred site journey which will take me to Bolivia and Peru in September.  I will be able to "enjoy" the next total eclipse of the moon from Machu Picchu.  Ha!