December 30, 2021

The New Year 2022

So here we are, within hours of the end of 2021.  At the end of each outgoing year, I like to take some time to tune in and see what the incoming year has in store for us.  I do not make predictions per se, but instead tap into energetic trends and do my best to describe them.  These trends may or may not resonate with you, so take what does and ignore the rest.

Actually, the energetic patterns for 2022 have been coming into my awareness for the past few weeks already.  That is not how this usually goes for me.  Normally I sit in meditation a day or so before writing this yearly post, receive the information, and then write about it.  This time, it has literally been whacking me over the head! 

What does this mean?  In linear time in this 3D 4D matrix, we exist on a time line of past, present and future.  Literally, our past informs our present, which is easy to see, but our future also informs our present, which is a bit harder to comprehend.  That is what is happening now with 2022. 

So let me describe the energy that is making itself known for 2022.  It is very chaotic and confusing, chopped up and very segmented.  The various individual parts do not seem to connect.  There is the sense that people will not be clear on what direction they need to take.  Who can you trust?  What do you need to do?  There will be a lot of ups and downs in this great reshuffling.  Look at the stock market and the travel industry right now for example.  And what about all of the confusion surrounding the COVID and its related issues?

Not to worry, as the chaos will turn into order eventually.  Often the breakdown of structures, in other words chaos, is needed for something new to form.  I sense that by September more or less, things will start to even out. 

In your personal life, you may resonate with what I am saying, and feel that you are also in a state of breaking down so that you can create something new.  Here is my advice.  Do not make any rash decisions, as you will be creating a new foundation that needs to be very steady and solid.  Trust your guidance and intuition no matter what circumstances are presented that may derail you.  Stay the course.  Do not be tempted to conform to the status quo!  The key here is to know yourself fully as best as you can so that you can make independent decisions based on that knowing. 

Wow!  Does this sound like a new human and a new society will be emerging?  Perhaps I am being a bit optimistic, but I truly believe that this is where humanity is heading. 

Spend each day with a bit of meditation and inner connection.  Ground yourself fully and spend time out in nature.  Remember that Mother Earth is here to nurture and support us.  We are all spirit having a temporary physical experience, so don’t take things too seriously.  Love yourself deeply.  Relish the adventure that you are having right now, and don’t forget to have some fun!  Happy New Year everyone.   We are certainly living in interesting times.

BTW--the photo above is of my latest free form crochet project.  Kind of looks like 2022, doesn't it!  

December 23, 2021

Pioneer Holiday Cheer

Here in Cedar City, we have the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum.  It has an indoor space and an extensive outdoor space featuring exhibits depicting the lifestyle of the original pioneers that settled this area.  It is all very educational!  

The other night, I went over to photograph the very excellent holiday light displays.   Here is a sampling of the magical scenes.  Happy holidays everyone!

December 19, 2021

Winter Solstice


Happy Winter Solstice to everyone!  That is, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere.   The solstices and equinoxes are organic markers for the movement of the sun around planet earth.  The native peoples celebrated these yearly milestones.  In the American southwest, Winter Solstice is still celebrated as the start of the fertility cycle and the return of the sun.  On a lot of reservations, there are days of dancing and ceremony.

I regard this date as my new Year's Eve, and the next day as the start of my New Year.  I do not celebrate Christmas, and I always like to say that after the height of the solstice, everything quiets down.  It is a time for hibernation and the incubation of the energetic seeds that have been planted. 

So on Tuesday night December 21st, I will do my usual bowl burning ceremony in my back yard.  I will be burning a paper on which I have written what I am releasing from the outgoing year, and my positive intents for the year to come.  I invite you to do the same, in your own fashion.  

December 7, 2021

Re-membering Who You Really Are

With the New Year closing in rapidly, I thought I’d write a bit about how to prepare.  Whether your New Year starts on the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere, as mine does, or on the actual calendar date of January 1st, it is not too early to start contemplating what you would like to create for 2022.  Of course in the Southern Hemisphere, a big Summer Solstice ceremony would be in order to prepare for January 1st!

This is where the re-membering comes in.  Your new positive intent should come from a place of acknowledging and owning your embodiment as an infinite creator being of spirit having a brief experience on this earthly plane.  You are all creator beings that have chosen to be here and have your experiences, no matter how distressing those experiences may appear to be.  You made a plan before you arrived here.  There are no accidents or coincidences, as ALL is a part of your plan, and takes place by your permission on some level.  So, how can there be any victims either?  Victimhood is a viewpoint used by someone who has forgotten who they really are. 

The subject of suffering has come up lately, too.  Again, no matter how dire the situation may be, suffering is always choice.  The physical body may feel pain, but it is not necessary to attach the emotion of suffering to that pain. 

So your intents for the New Year should reflect your re-membering that you are a powerful creator being who has chosen your experience here, and are totally in charge of your life and your life’s events. 

So this brings me to the second part of this post.  It has become painfully clear to me that a long standing relationship with a spiritual teacher that is very dear to me has come to an end.  I have known this person for over 10 years, and in the beginning, the information given was so very inspiring and true to the way things really are.  I know that these early teachings were extremely helpful to thousands of people, as so many needed to be set on the right and true path at that time. 

Unfortunately, the original clean and pure spiritual teachings and principles have been tossed by the wayside in favor of over engagement with the ongoing Covid panhysteria drama.  Now what is projected is a lot of fear, suffering, and victimhood.  This is not what our “spirit” needs at this time on the planet.  As a friend of mine recently put it, there is too much “problem” , not enough “solution” being put forth in month after month of webinars.   

There you have it in a nutshell.  I will of course be posting more as the solstice and New Year approach, in addition to an energetic prediction for 2022.  Information on that has already been coming in, which is a bit early for me!  That must mean something.  To be revealed soon!

November 28, 2021

November Launch

Our on line group got together today for our latest launching.  Without going into specifics, one of the greatest benefits that we see is the ability to support each other when disturbing events happen.  That was the case today.  The support is definitely spiritually oriented, and there is mutual understanding that is not victim, shame or blame based.  I think that everyone got great benefit from our interaction today!

These past few weeks, I have been hiking a series of trails north and west of Cedar City, and have happened upon quite a few magnetite rocks strewn on the ground in several places.  As the photo above shows, it is a dark and somewhat shiny mineral, and is made up mostly of iron.  As the name indicates, it is magnetic.  The piece that I photographed fits in the palm of my hand, and it is very heavy.  I am always interested in any black stones that I see on my hikes, as those can be basalt, obsidian, or black jasper, which were all used for making arrowheads.  So I was very surprised to find magnetic stones. 

The name of the county in Utah where I live is Iron County, named because the early settlers discovered iron here.  The area where I was hiking is near those early iron mines. 

The intent for my launch today was to journey with my magnetite and find out what it was all about!  At the start of my journey, I went through a zone that was red hot and molten.  I could feel all heavy energy that I might be carrying being burnt up and dissolved.  I then encountered a large male figure that pointed me towards a very small hole that I was to enter.  I am assuming that this was some kind of portal.  Once on the other side, I found myself in the patterning of the mineral kingdom.  To me, this always looks like multitudes of tiny rods linked together by tiny balls of energy.  If you have ever seen a diagram of a molecule, that’s what this realm looks like. 

I consider the mineral kingdom to contain the framework for all physical structure.  That may be why the next stop on my journey was to what I would call the causal plane, where all manifestation starts.  I saw how intent can be applied there to start the creation of anything.  I then experienced creating an intent, and the magnetite drawing (or magnetizing) that intent back into the physical, more specifically right into my heart core!  I felt at one with the core of the earth as the patterning of the mineral kingdom started to expand from my heart outwards. 

Getting back to the magnetite, from some research and my own experience, it is extremely grounding, balancing and healing, enabling one to shed any out of balance state or emotion.  I find that it also facilitates a deep meditation state in addition to allowing one to take hold of anything that is detected in that state and bring that back to conscious awareness.  I am hoping that this will help me with my remote viewing.  All in all, when I hold a magnetite stone, I can feel a calm and balanced centeredness.  It is very comforting!

November 19, 2021

Lunar Eclipse

Overnight this past night, the earth experienced a partial lunar eclipse.  The full moon was the "Beaver Moon", and the eclipse was the longest partial eclipse to occur in the past 580 years.  I certainly was not going to miss this once in a lifetime phenomenon!

I set my alarm clock for 1:15 AM, but also knowing that I would have plenty of time to observe and photograph since the eclipse would last a very long time.  Ordinarily I would have had to drive a ways out of town to do that, but since the moon was very high in the sky, I just went out into my back yard.  

The thin hazy clouds were coming and going, but fortunately by the time of totality, the sky had cleared.  The photo above was taken around 2:20 AM.  It was a pleasant (for me) 40 degrees outside, so I sat in a folding chair on the lawn.

I have seen many lunar eclipses, but this one was interesting because the moon was very small and almost straight above me.  I was  more interested in observing a clear night sky with the constellation Orion in full view, the stars Sirius and Polaris, and the Pleiades towards the upper right of the moon, among others.  There was also the occasional shooting star.  Very magical.  

So I sat in a meditative state in the chilly air until about 3 AM.  There's nothing like communing with nature on a dark and quiet night!  

November 14, 2021

Another Big Straw

In the last day or so, I have been seeing a mental image of planet earth with an energetic dome above it.  At the top of this dome is another big straw!  Energy is being harvested from the earth’s energy field by off planet beings.  Many humans are also siphoning energy off of each other, but this is happening on a much larger scale.    “As above, so below.”  Occasionally, I have detected this kind of thing going on with a client.  Off planet beings are sucking their energy, usually from the top of their heads. 

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from a neighbor explaining why she would not be attending our subdivision’s monthly ladies luncheon.  She is afraid of catching Covid from one of us, even though the cases in our area are minimal.  She even included a link to statements that Bill Gates had said about Covid and vaccinations.  BTW, I am not a fan, and I didn’t open the link.

Much is publicized about the virus, in the news media, by so called medical and scientific experts, and from many alternative sources.  What do they have in common?  They all generate fear.  Aha!  Is this what is providing the energy that is being siphoned off of our planet’s energy field?  I think so. 

Even the most well intentioned people in the know cannot help but do this.  Helpful information is hard to find.  Why would this be?  Fear as a pattern must be built into the energy of the Covid. 

I have long known that off planet forces feed off of our fear.  Fear also weakens us and puts us in a vulnerable position in many ways.  A fearful person or population is easier to control.  It also damages our immune system, the very system that we need to maintain to stay healthy. 

Remember that a sense of safety is internal.  Safety is not created via external circumstances.  Do you want to be generating the fear that others use to control you and use you?  Of course not.  Creating inner safety is the answer.  If you feel fear coming up, the first thing to do is to ground yourself into the heart of Mother Earth.  She is our nurturer and protector.  Then proceed to mother yourself.  Embrace your inner baby and inner child.  Create a zone of safety for them.  This might be hard for those of you who did not get that from your birth mother from the beginning. Time for you to step up and create what you did not have at the start of your life. 

The goal is for you to embody courage instead of fear.  Starve those who would control you!  Do not feed them your fear!  If you are exposed to some information that generates fear, go within immediately and settle your self down.  Take a deep breath.  It may take some time to get the hang of it, but it can be done.