February 27, 2015

Taking a Break

I will be taking a break next week, and hopefully get back to my postings the week after as time allows.  More later! 

February 22, 2015

Do Not Go To The Light!

I may have touched on this subject before, so here it is again, and especially since it is a tie in to the last post entitled “What is Real?”.  This past week, I had the privilege of working with several clients who were concerned about loved ones who had passed over.  Part of my shamanic training and the additional training at the Monroe institute involved tracking or finding where the deceased person ended up after they died, and determining if they were stuck or in need of assistance.  Let me be clear that this is not the same as mediumship, as I observe and gather impressions and information, but I do not have a conversation with the deceased. 

So the tie in to the last post involves the hologram that we are all living in.  This is the structure of the 3D/4D arena, and is also composed of both the organic and synthetic realities.  It is the arena that we have created for our growth and evolution.  Part of our challenge here is to be able to perceive and recognize the difference between these two polarities, and make appropriate choices if possible.  That can be tricky, as there is little free will in this arena.  On top of that, our path has been predetermined before birth by our soul and Higher Self.  There is a lot of wiggle room however, and our intended positive outcome can take many forms.  The goal is to get in our groove and make our way to that outcome without sabotaging ourselves! 

This holographic creation has been hijacked by the beings of the synthetic matrix at some point to keep us stuck here, looping through lifetime after lifetime.  In other words, the cattle (us) went from roaming the free range to fenced in pastures!  The mechanism that that keeps us looping is the tunnel of light that opens up upon death.  When you go through this tunnel, you pass through a series of vibrational levels up to the level where you start the planning for your next lifetime here on earth.  From that final level, there is no way to access and exit at a higher vibrational level.  The only direction to go is back down again.  And on and on and over and over!

In the course of working with the deceased, if I find that a soul is earthbound, in other words, stuck in what is considered to be the no man’s land of the etheric patterning of the planet, I can assist them in getting unstuck.  Being earthbound means that they have not gone to the light within a few days of their death because of a variety of reasons, including not having the vibration and consciousness that is necessary to even make it that far.  The first thing that I do is to send them into that portal or tunnel of light back on their path of resolving and evaluating the most recent lifetime and eventually planning for their return to take another go at it. 

Now, someone would ask, why do I send them back into the cycle of reincarnation instead of helping to free them all together?  A good question that I get asked occasionally.  When a person passes, they naturally gravitate to the vibrational level that matches their own at the moment of death.  This is a matter of how they lived their life, their spiritual path, and the amount of clarity and consciousness that they have attained and can maintain through the death process.  All of these factors are not mine to resolve for them at the end.  So my job is to get them back on the path and reduce the amount of baggage and suffering that they have taken with them when they leave the body. That is the best that I can do in these situations. 

For those of you who will be making a conscious and highly vibrational exit to this hologram, whether it is through a natural death process or some sort of spiritual transformation, I say “DO NOT GO TO THE LIGHT!”  This is the polarized light of the 4th dimensional arena.  We have been so programmed to go there through generations of religious beliefs and the promotion of current spiritual principles that we will have to bring all of our will and consciousness to bear to do something different.

What is the something different?  I hope to be mapping this out in more detail in the future, but right now, I see several choices.  Through your grounding and intimate connection with the Earth Mother, you will be able to access the 5th dimensional stargate at her core, and exit this arena in that way, perhaps going with her when she makes her transition.  If you find yourself floating in a void after you leave your body for the final time, hover there for a bit.  Ask your Higher Self to show you where you need to go next.  I do not know what the glowing globe surrounded by the sparks of light is that I wrote about in the last post, but that might be a suitable destination, too.  There is also the possibility that you might see and sense the hologram that you have been existing in shatter around you as you burst out of it.  The goal is to bypass the 3D/4D arena all together at that point, because one cannot fight their way through it and exit at the top.         

In any event, trust that you will know what to do when the time comes.   Then you will be on your way to your next big thing!  As the acceleration continues in this arena, I really do anticipate that we will see and experience this in our lifetimes. 

February 19, 2015

What Is Real?

This morning as I was coming out of dreamtime, a very interesting scene presented itself to me.  I was in what appeared to be the lobby of a modern office building.   It was a bright expansive space with lots of glass and a few people were coming in and out the front doors.  All of a sudden, the whole scene shattered into pieces as if it were painted on a huge mirror that had broken apart.  What was left was dark empty space all around. 

As can be done in dreamtime, I asked for the action to repeat so that I could take a closer look.  This time, I found myself inside a large sphere that was like a 360 degree movie screen.  All sorts of scenes were taking place all around me.  I was the observer and not actually in any of the scenes.  Once again, this sphere shattered into big shards of glass with the scenes still painted on them.  These shards disintegrated and I was again floating in the dark void space. 

So at this point, I realized that I was looking at a hologram.  Is this the reality that we have been existing in for eons?  And if so, what is creating it?  As soon as I asked that, off in the distance I saw a globe of light with many very tiny specs of light swarming around it, much like a yard light would attract bugs at night.  Were we the specs?  What was the globe that we were swarming around?  There are many more questions that came up with not a lot of answers right now, but the implications of this are huge for our understanding of who we are and what we are doing here.

I wanted to write about this before the memory faded during the day.  As I got up and started to move around the house, everything around me still maintained the 2 dimensional feel of something that had been painted on a flat surface.  A bit surreal.  Perhaps there is something in the programming of this hologram, or even in our physical brains, that translates the flat 2D surroundings into the 3 dimensions of height, width and depth.  Imagine going through your day inside the sphere of your own personal hologram, and yet somehow having it translated into 3D as you go along.  What if you could translate it back into the flat surface of 2D and then reach out and smash it yourself?  Just imagine doing this and how it would feel to be totally in your power, in your knowingness, and totally awakened to who you really are. Awesome!

February 13, 2015

The Procession Panel

Yesterday I had a chance to do a mini retreat as the weather was unseasonably warm and I really had the urge to get out of town for the day.  I drove the 85 miles into Utah to the trailhead for the Procession Panel archeological site.  This site features a fabulous rock art panel created by the ancient Anasazi Indians during the Basketmaker III period that dated from 500-750 AD.  To get to this rock art panel, one takes a trail that goes up in elevation almost 900 feet in 2.82 miles.  The route is a steady upwards hike on the east side of the Comb Ridge monocline, and is almost all on sandstone slickrock.  If you care to go all the way to the top of the monocline after pausing at the rock art panel, you end up teetering on the edge with nowhere else to go but straight down the west side.   And I really mean straight down!  I usually don’t put more than one photo in each blog post, but I couldn’t resist a few extras here.
Since yesterday was a week day, and not a busy time of year, I had hoped to have the place all to myself.  What a delight it was to be out in the middle of nowhere with not a person, dog or car in sight!  Not so good if I were to slip and break my leg, but I wasn’t worried about that.  My purpose was to hike to the petroglyph panel and do some tuning in and meditation.  Just sitting and vegging out to get a break from my busy schedule. 

Not much is known about what the rock art on the Procession Panel is thought to be depicting. Some say that it is a migration story; others say it symbolizes a gathering around a great kiva.  It features a circle that is about a foot in diameter with 3 streams made up of a total of 179 tiny people connecting to the edge of the circle. 
There are many animals in the rock art, including elk, deer, desert bighorn sheep, a few birds and even a mountain lion or two, all pecked into the sandstone.  

A few of the tiny people are holding what look like shepherds crooks, and a few others have birds on top of their heads.  All of the animals on either side of the circle are pointed in the direction of the circle, but the interesting thing is that this circle is totally empty except for some random peckings.  So what does it all mean?

Every important site is placed where it is because of the energy that the land holds.  This is true for ancient sites all over the world.  The way I tune in is to actually put my hand on the rock and go into an altered state, and gather impressions.  In addition, this rock wall faces southwest, and may have been an important gathering place for sunset at the winter solstice. 

This is what I received at the Procession Panel. “This is a gathering place.  Gather yourself to your core.  This core is strong, stable, safe, knowing and protected.”  I then asked why the circle was empty, and I immediately had the feeling of falling down a very deep pit and being absorbed by the energy of our Earth Mother.  It was almost like having my hand and then my body being sucked into the sandstone inside of the circle.  Wow!!  So did this mean that all of the human figures, and the birds and animals were meant to disappear or be absorbed into the center of the gathering place? Is this a map of some big energetic transition for life on the planet?  I have to say that it felt pretty good to have the core of my being gathered up and then merged with the Heart of the Mother! 

Is this really the message of the rock art panel?  Perhaps not, but my energy and psyche interpreted it that way.  If one knows how to work the energy of a sacred site, the personal messages can be very profound in addition to gathering information about that particular site.  
After hanging out with the rock art a bit longer, I proceeded to hike up the sloping slickrock to the very tip of the monocline.  Well, not the very tip, as that can be a bit creepy looking straight down the other side at the sudden drop off.  The 360° views up there were fabulous, and I hated to leave when my time for introspection was complete.  One last stop at the rock art panel on the way back down, and then down the slope to my car and back home. 

A nice day like that can be so rejuvenating, and we all owe it to ourselves to take some self nurturing breaks every once in a while.  Most of us are doing yeoman’s work during this time of transition, whether we realize it or not.  Remember that you can assist no one if you yourself are depleted and have given too much away to others.  Your core must be strong and your purpose unwavering.  This is the foundation for your service. 

February 5, 2015

Quantum Sphere Healing in Cortez, Colorado





                                       CORTEZ, COLORADO
I am very pleased to be teaching the Quantum Sphere Healing protocol once again here in southwest Colorado near my home and Mesa Verde National Park.   

During this training, participants will:
*Learn how to use special sound technology and the gamma brain 
wave state to  access the "everywhere and everywhen" of the 
Quantum Field.
*Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of their Higher Self to
 read and clear negative patterns of distortion.
*Create a healing orb that will dissolve heavy energy patterns found in
 and around the etheric patterning of the physical body.
*Learn how to expand and hold their 5th dimensional energy field
 throughout the various workshop exercises, and how to use that field
 for their own spiritual evolution.
*And much more!
The QSH protocol can be used in it's totality, or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the student is already using for self healing or working with others.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A HEALING PRACTITIONER TO ATTEND!  Your vibrational levels will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol.  Come and meet other kindred souls. 

For more information on the course or to register, please contact Carla at 970-565-2624, QuantumStargate@aol.com or 
go to her website at WWW.QUANTUMSTARGATE.COM