January 17, 2013


All humans entangle with others to some extent.  It is a natural byproduct of our daily interactions, in addition to being a byproduct of life in physicality.  We have dropped down in vibration to be here for our learning experience, and are living under the illusion that we are damaged, incomplete and out of touch with our divine essence. 

So what do we do when we feel that we don’t have the complete package, so to speak?  We expect someone else to fill in our missing pieces.  I always say that neediness drives expectation, and expectation creates attachment.  Multiple attachments create entanglement, which looks much like a spider’s web that you are trapped in.  I have to say here that attachments can also be formed to physical objects, pets, property, money and even the deceased to name a few.  In this post, we will focus on the attachments and entanglements between living people. 

An attachment is a linear 4th dimensional structure that looks like a very thin tube.  Once it is put into place, it is a conduit that allows heavy and light energy to flow back and forth between 2 people.  Believe me, there is no equality in the arrangement, as someone always ends up with the short end of the stick.  Over the long run, and according to each person’s needs and patterns, one of them ends up with the goodies, and the other ends up drained, resentful, angry or sick.  The trick is to get good at determining when someone is starting  to attach to you, or you are starting to attach to another, and resolve the situation before it goes any further.  

In the book “The Nine Eyes of Light” by Padma Aon Prakasha there is a chapter discussing Ka body entanglement.  It was a real eye opener for me, as I hadn’t realized quite to what extent we can become entangled with one another.  The Ka body is the Egyptian name for our etheric body, or energetic double.  It holds all of the energetic patterning for our embodiment here and at the same time, connects us to our divine aspect. 

Unfortunately, we can loose, trade and deplete its energy through entanglements.  For example, in my healing practice I have seen this to the extreme with several very co-dependent married couples.  The entanglement can get so messy that the person I am working with does not know the difference between their issue and their partner’s. I can’t even sort it out.  Am I working on the client’s issue, or the partner’s issue that the client has taken on?  That is why it is vitally important for people in a partnership of ANY kind to keep their individuality and autonomy intact.  One cannot ascend as one half of an entangled couple. 

As ascending humans, it is imperative that we keep our entanglements to a bare minimum, whether it is with other people, groups, possessions, pets, property or money.  I do not mean to forgo these aspects of life, just don’t attach to them.  The Ka body should be kept clean, clear and shimmering.  Keep an eye on your interactions with others.  You will know when you have given a piece of yourself away, or if you have taken on some heavy energy from another.  That is your signal that an attachment or entanglement is at work, and that it is time to hunker down and do some personal work.  It also helps if you keep your power intact, and say “No” when you need to do so. 

In the 5th dimension, our spherical energy fields are attracted to interact with another because of harmonious vibrational signatures.  Our glowing energy fields interact with others by overlapping and even merging for a time.  When the 2 spirits separate, each still has all of their own energy patterning.  No entanglements occur.  These are interactions based on individual autonomy, integrity and honoring of the other.  What a heavenly way to live!

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