June 29, 2014

The Seed of the Mother

This Sunday morning, our launching group got together for our monthly process.  It was with great anticipation that we started our launching, as the information and energy shifts that have been happening for us each month seem to be getting so much stronger and pertinent to where we are in our process of spiritual evolution.

I volunteered to go first, which is unusual for me.  I normally like to wait a few rounds before getting launched.  In retrospect, I realized that I was setting the tone and anchoring the energy for the rest of the participants by starting things off.

My intent for today’s launching was to get insight into the next step along my evolutionary path.  I quickly found myself melting into the core of the earth, merging with the soul of the Pachamama.  What a warm, wonderful and comforting feeling that was!  It was like going back into the womb.  The center of our planet is a star gate by which one can travel to other planets, stars and galaxies in a flash.  I could see golden highways leading off in all directions.  Our earth is truly at the center of it all, and when she makes her shift, what happens here will affect all else in the cosmos. 

Some time ago at one of my classes at the Monroe Institute, the Earth Mother revealed to me that she was the 5th soul to embody this planet.  In other words, she is a walk in!  I am pretty sure that she walked in about 65 million years ago during the catastrophe that killed off the dinosaurs so that she could hold the space for the development of the mammal kingdoms that followed.  Depending on what happens on earth in the near future, another soul may be getting ready to take her place.

Following this theme, I was shown that not all souls have the capacity to embody a planet.  This requires a special category of being.  As I have written about before, we all have to pass through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy on our way down the vibrational and dimensional scale to where we are right now.  The center of our galaxy is 9th dimensional, and this is where energetic templates are either installed as we come down or retrieved as we rise backup and through to the dimensions above.  As the soul of our earth was being prepared for her mission, a special “seed” of information was installed in her energy field that contained patterning that she would need to embody a planet. 

I was told that the ones who would “graduate” with her also have this seed.  We are part of her soul family, almost as if we were once a part of her energy field and then split off on our own to participate in other adventures before being called back here for the big shift that lies ahead.  Those in this original group seem to be the ones that are naturally grounded here, whereas so many others are having such a hard time doing this.  Check out my post on grounding for more information.

So my next question was “Can others get this seed?” “Yes!” was the answer.  I was shown a way in which I can assist my clients who are having difficulties with their grounding.  This would be done during a Quantum Sphere Healing session.  For others who are not my clients, you can ask your Higher Self to facilitate a process by which it would travel up the dimensional scale and enter the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Your Higher Self would then petition to receive the seed, absorb it and bring it back to install it into your core essence, which is the center of your 5th dimensional energy field.  This will assist one in connecting to and grounding into the core of the Earth Mother. 

I am going to start using the new technique with my clients this very week and see how things evolve.  The issues with the slight to severe ungroundedness that many are experiencing needs to have a workable solution, as it is getting worse and worse on the planet.  If we can create a secure linkage into the heart of our Mother, life will settle down and smooth out for many. 

There will certainly be refinements to be made to this process, so do your best with what I have presented.  It took me 2 launchings to retrieve all of this, as it is a lot of information.  More will be revealed as I start using it with my clients. 

June 25, 2014

Radio Interview with Lance White on June 28th

I am pleased to announce that Lance White the Zany Mystic will be interviewing me on his radio show this Saturday evening June 28th at 7 PM Pacific time.  To access the show live, go to www.afiresidechat.com  at that time.  If you miss it, the interview will be posted in the archives to be listened to at your leisure. This will be a very fast paced one hour show that will cover some current developments in the human energy field.  Hope you enjoy it! 

June 23, 2014

Healing the Feminine

I have started using a new energetic process on myself that I feel will have some positive and long lasting effects.  It is for women, but there is no reason that men can’t use a modified version on themselves. 

For those of you who are familiar with the work of Andrew Bartzis, you probably have heard him speak of the womb chakras of the earth.  These are places where new creation can be birthed and are apparently highly coveted by those who would like to create more mischief on the planet.  I recently heard Andrew say that the female body also has a womb chakra in the area of her physical womb.  It is her personal creative center where new energies can be birthed.  I would suspect that even if one has had their uterus removed or is in menopause that this chakra is still there energetically.  The DNA of the female body is what has created the womb chakra.  I will now refer to this area as the womb core, as I no longer like to use the term chakra when speaking about the human energy field.   

In the Peruvian shamanic traditions, a 3 “body center” system is used instead of the Western 7 chakra system.  The first body center is the Llankay which is centered in the lower abdomen.  It represents our connection to all things on the physical plane, and especially the Pachamama or Earth Mother.  It is the feminine body center.  The next body center is the Munay, or heart center.  It governs our emotions and is also considered the neutral center place in our energy field.  The third center is the Yachay and is located in the head.  It is the connection to the mental realms and is considered to be masculine energetically. 

In the contract revocations that Andrew has listed on his site, there is a whole section on revoking all of the contracts that have created the dis-empowering and usury of women.  This is the patriarchy and the “powers that be” at work, knowing full well that a free and healthy humanity needs to have the feminine energy at its full creative power and autonomy.  The sublimation and destruction of the feminine is necessary to control humanity and our planet.  Some themes that come to mind here are prostitution, rape, pornography, painful menstruation and childbirth, the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of women, the lack of consciousness around sexual activity, women who are unconscious about abortion or birthing too many children, and women who get satisfaction through caretaking and codependent relationships because their real power is beyond their reach.  Let’s add women who get ahead in life by running more masculine energy.  

I have been using George Kavassilas’ method for clearing the genetic distortions from the DNA in my pineal gland.  As I have written about previously, our master strand is located there, and all changes made to this strand of DNA will shift all other DNA in the physical body.  This is a gradual process and is necessary for the genetic shift that is headed our way.  

By putting two and two together, I realized that the way to shift this is by engaging the womb core.  If we can send our 5D core essence energy into the pineal/masculine to transcend those genetic patterns, we can certainly do this for the womb core to transcend those. 

When I went to bed last night, I started the process with the intent that it continue into dreamtime.  I put my hand on my lower abdomen, engaged my core essence and sent a stream of that higher dimensional energy into my arm, out my hand and into the womb core.  (This is the method that George uses on the pineal gland.) A good dose of gratitude and appreciation was also applied.  I then intended to clear all karma, contracts and agreements for all of the above patterns that may exist in my feminine nature.  I did this for all dimensions, inside and outside all time, all past lives and any other realities that I may be involved in.  I threw curses in the mix for good measure, too. 

I only remember bits and pieces of what showed up during the night.  There were lots of symbols, angular shapes, cages, and all were rotating.  A bit creepy.  Of course, this is just the start, and this process will get refined along the way.  Just as the transformed master strand of the DNA will drop down into the core essence when it is complete, I sense that the transformed womb core will move up into the core essence when its process is complete as well.  It will be the grand merging of the transformed and transmuted masculine and feminine energies within.

Now, what is a man to do about this?  Even though he does not have a womb or womb core, he still has an inner feminine energy and has probably lived many lifetimes as a woman.  The process can be done in the same way as for a woman.    If any of you men out there give it a go, please get in touch or leave a comment on the blog.  A man needs a healthy and healed inner female to be a balanced partner for an evolving woman! 

June 21, 2014

Solstice Energies

As I write this, we are in the midst of the summer solstice energetic window.  Generally, we have the day of and 2 days before and after the actual date to do our work.  This is an extremely powerful time to do ceremony and our intending for the next 6 months.  All of our intents will be fed and empowered by the full force of the divine masculine energy coming from our Father Sun, or Inti Tayta, during the longest days of the year. 

Other than the annual energetic goings on at this time of the year, something else is happening.  On Friday morning, I woke up from an unusually deep sleep that was filled with many dreams.   It was as if I woke up in someone else’s house.  This was a bit disorienting.  As I write this, I am still feeling that dreamy floaty energy.  Not unpleasant at all, but not a state one would find helpful if you needed to do some very mental tasks!

So I now still find myself in a different space than I was in up until Friday morning.  The process of the splitting of the worlds has accelerated.  Some of us are now vibrationally further away from others than we were a few days ago.  In the last few weeks, for example, I have had the experience of speaking to a person and not being able to connect to the meaning of what they were saying.  It’s as if they were speaking Chinese!  The interesting thing about this was that I was not guided to try harder to decipher their words.  I just chalked it off to the gap in our vibrations and let it go.  It will be interesting to see if this phenomenon will affect relationships where one partner is evolving and the other is not. 

Those who are in the process of evolving energetically have taken a big leap forward.  We have reached a big turning point in our evolution.  This new level will take some getting used to as we integrate the new vibration.  Dream time will become much more important, too, as this is where we can exchange energetic information with others like us. 

The keyword here is surrender, at least for the near future.  The higher vibrating parts of ourselves know exactly what is happening, and all we need to do is walk on the path that they are leading us down.  Easy! 

June 19, 2014

What's Behind the Vatican?

From time to time I like to write about a client’s Quantum Sphere Healing session that can have implications far beyond their personal issues.  As I do not track the big issues on the planet just out of curiosity, I gather information on what’s happening through my client’s sessions.  What I am writing about today has implications not only for individuals, but for humanity at large.

I will call this client Sue (not her real name).  She came to me with issues around being parasitized by other people, companies she had worked for and organisms that had gotten into her physical body.  In other words, she had a tendency to have her energy extracted under a variety of circumstances. 

Her big main complaint, however, was the parasitizing that she experienced through the Catholic Church.  She had been brought up Catholic, went to Catholic school through the 8th grade, and took CCD classes all through public high school.  Sue had left the church but still felt a big energetic hook coming from it with the associated siphoning of her energy.  Her mother went to church every day and regularly prayed for her daughter’s salvation.  There was also a fair amount of Catholic guilt and judgment aimed at her from her mother.  She had had enough!

As most of you are aware, all religion is a creation of the synthetic matrix, designed for the domination and control of humanity.  There are bigger forces at play here than just the church.  I was pretty excited to be able to delve into this energy dynamic via my client’s patterning.

As soon as I sat down to work on her, I detected a very large dark being at the edge of my healing space.  Quite often this is how I get a preview of things to come in the session and I knew that this being would show up again at some point during the healing work.  He looked like a very dark version of the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, and had thick black matted hair all over his body.  A wide mouth flapped open and shut while he drooled.  Every child’s nightmare, eh? 

Much was done in this session but I will just describe the aspects having to do with the Catholic Church.  One of the first things to show up during the healing was a metallic bowl that was inverted over Sue’s head with 2 tubes leading off of it.  One led to the Vatican and the other led to a Reptilian home world.  These tubes were dissolved by the healing orb along with the metallic bowl.  Now, I can’t say for sure that the Reptilians are in league with the Vatican, but it sure looked that way.

Next, the orb jumped into Sue’s pineal gland and started clearing her Catholic lineage.  Our pineal gland holds our genetic lineages and their associated distortions.  The genetic lineage that was being cleared here was very dark and parasitical.  As the orb worked deeper into her pineal clearing the lineages, the dark being showed up again.  I sensed that it existed in another dimension and possibly off planet as well.  It was sitting on a throne and appeared to be shape shifting a bit as its form was morphing in place.  The maw of a mouth was still flapping and drooling. The stream of Sue’s genetic lineage went right into its midsection where energy from her ancestral line was being siphoned off. 

I applied some gratitude and appreciation at this point while thanking this being for its service.  The healing orb then dissolved Sue’s connection to it and returned to present time and space back out of her pineal gland.

At another point in the healing session, I could see that the dark being had hooked into her in the womb.  It was also parasitizing her through an ancestral curse.  All of this was resolved during the session in addition to a lot of other work.   I was amazed at the extent to which she was energetically hooked by the Catholic Church.

Another realization for me was that the Pope is just a figurehead or middleman for the dark side/off planet agenda.  He is not the originator of these patterns.  That is also the model for any other corporate, governmental, spiritual or religious leader.  They are just the earthly face of the off planet or synthetic agenda.  They all do their best to attract attention to whatever they are promoting, siphon off the energy, money, and adoration, and pass it off to their up line off planet.  Buyer beware! 

So what can each of us do to continue to dissolve these deeply embedded genetic patterns?  You can keep clearing your pineal gland by running energy from your core essence up your arm and out the palm of your hand into your forehead and the pineal gland.  This is George Kavassilas’ method.  Clear all “karma, contracts and agreements” with any people and organizations that you are involved with.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now” I give instructions on contract releasing.  Andrew Bartzis has a whole list of contract revocations on his website.  These can be printed out and repeated out loud.  Bring these patterns to consciousness.  Take back your power!  We are not just talking about the Vatican here, either.  For those of you who have been involved with a spiritual group of any kind, you need to do this to reclaim your sovereignty.

June 17, 2014


This post is a follow up to the previous one entitled “Be Here Now”.  In that post I wrote about the various factors that can prevent a person from being present in their now moments, and why it is so important to be present and grounded in the physical body. 
What are some of the benefits of being grounded?  First of all, I equate being grounded with being in the body.  If one is not grounded into the center of the earth, one cannot be in their body.  Plain and simple.  Everyone should have a grounding cord that goes from the tailbone all the way down to anchor into the earth core, or as we shamanic practitioners say, into the “heart of the Pachamama”.  Or as George Kavassilas says, into the heart of “Big Mama”.  We are all children of the earth this time around, no matter where we originally came from.  Our bodies are made up of the elements of the earth, and the earth sustains us.  This is a given, even if we feel that our allegiance lies with another star system or off planet race. 

If one is not grounded, any positive energetic changes that one makes are only temporary.  By grounding in these changes, the cellular memory of the body gets it and the changes made are longer lasting.

Grounding also enables each one of us to dump our energetic toxins into the earth, thus keeping our energy fields clean, clear and moving.  If this dumping is not done, full body conditions can result such as arthritis, autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia, depression or chronic anger.  We build up energetic toxins every day from medications, toxic emotions, drugs (prescription or illegal), alcohol, sugar, gluten, and even allergens such as pet dander!  All of this needs to flow down to the earth core for combustion so that we can remain healthy. 

If one is not occupying their body, they are more open to invasion of all sorts, from negative energy sent to you by another person to parasites or the deer tick that causes Lyme’s Disease.  I always say that when the house is empty, the bums move in. We do not want any of these bums living in our houses!
Below is the grounding exercise that I teach in the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop and have also written about in my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”

It is best to do this exercise standing up at first so as to orient your spine vertically in relation to the Earth.  Then after you get used to doing it this way, you can sit or lay down while grounding. 

Energetically reach up above you to a place 6 to 12 feet over your head.  You will find a golden globe of energy there about the size of a basketball.  This is your personal source which is outside of time and space.  It’s the place where you draw in higher dimensional energy from your eternal self. 
Bring a stream of your golden source energy straight down towards your head.  Remember that this energy is infinite, so you cannot ever drain that golden globe.  Open the top of your head as if it is a large funnel.  As the stream of energy approaches, allow the golden energy to flow into your head and down inside the rest of your body, filling up every nook and cranny from the top down.  Pay special attention to the areas that do not seem to be filling up very well and spend extra time in those places if need be. 
Take your time here.  Work this golden energy down through the body, filling up your arms and legs, too.  Open the bottoms of your feet to allow the golden energy to drain out.  Also note that you will have a third stream coming out of your tail bone and flowing between your legs to the earth’s surface.

At this point, the stream of golden light coming from your tail bone and the ones coming out of the bottoms of your feet will merge as they touch the earth’s surface. Your job is to make sure that you connect this now single stream of golden energy into the very heart of the earth.  Anchor it there in any way you wish, and hold that sensation for at least a minute.  This will allow your cellular memory to be imprinted with the feeling of being totally connected to the planet.  

Do this exercise upon waking in the morning, before going to bed, and any other time during the day if you are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed or spacey.  I do find that because of the accelerating energetic pace of the world, people are having a lot of difficulty with their grounding nowadays.  If you are one of these, all I can say is stick with it.  Pay attention.  Send some gratitude and appreciation down to the Pachamama while you are at it!