January 28, 2017

Conversing with the Snow

This past week, we had enough snow here to make going out to snowshoe in our local area feasible.  The mountains of Colorado have had more than their fair share of snow this winter, but I much prefer staying close to home for my winter fun.  This morning I went over to Mesa Verde National Park to snowshoe around the campground.  With a crystal clear blue sky, bright sunshine and pristine fluffy snow, it was perfect.  The campground roads were groomed for Nordic and skate skiers, and there were quite a few people taking advantage of that. 

The advantage of snowshoeing is that you can set off in any direction away from the trail and create your own adventure, which is what I did for part of my morning.  While breaking a trail through the pristine and untouched snow, I naturally started linking up with the consciousness of the snow.  I wrote a bit about this last winter, and that information still stands.   The energy of snow is a very joyful and soft group consciousness.  Tuning in today felt like I was reunited with an old friend, as if no time had passed since last winter! 

When you make a deep connection with the consciousness of snow, it is possible to hear the almost infinite number of voices of the individual snowflakes chattering away as if you were in a huge stadium of people waiting for a concert or sporting event to start.  It can be quite magical!  So I asked if the snow had any information to give me today.  It turns out that, under certain weather conditions, each snow flake creates a unique and symmetrical pattern, and that this pattern is capable of being programmed and can retain information.      

Well, this was a new one on me!  I had to think about this a while.  First of all, snow/water is H₂O.  I recalled the experiments that Dr. Masaru Emoto did with programming water and then freezing and taking photos of the crystalline structure of the ice crystals.  With snow, we are looking at the crystalline structures that have already been formed, and then imprinting that structure with information.  Does that information get lost as soon as the snow melts?  I don’t know. 

How to imprint snow?  What I did was I expanded my Core Essence with gratitude and appreciation while I was slogging through the snow to see if I could feel any effect.  I sure did, as it felt like dozens of tiny puppies were happily following behind me.  Quite a unique sensation.  Would that effect remain for others to feel as they went down the same trail?  I like to think so. 

Then I started to think about how quartz crystals can be programmed.  Quartz is made up of silicon dioxide, or SiO₂.   The only commonality with water is the oxygen atom, but if you tune into the energy of both molecules, H₂O feels much more smooth and organic, while the SiO₂ feels very harsh and rigid and more synthetic.  If we want to program water or snow, it should be with a positive and healing emotion.  That type of energy does have a nice flow to it, and when the water or snow is melted or disbursed, as it would eventually be, I like to think that that positive energy also gets spread around for the benefit of the earth and her kingdoms, including the human kingdom.  That kind of action would not happen with a quartz crystal, as the programming remains trapped inside it.  There may be a limited field of influence around the crystal, but not a wide spread effect as with melting snow.  I may be speaking of generalities here, but you get the idea.
I might try an experiment.  If there is an area on one of my snowshoe routes that I can easily double back on, I can imprint that part of the trail with my expanded Core Essence and perhaps gratitude and appreciation as I go by, and the go back through that same area to see what I pick up energetically.  And then perhaps go back after the snow melts to check again.  After all, that snow will be feeding the earth beneath it with that positive programming as it melts! 

January 22, 2017

Make it Personal

As you can see from the photo, “real” winter has finally arrived here.  Yesterday we had a bit of a break in the weather, which gave me the opportunity to slog my way down to the mailbox which is about a tenth of a mile away.  On the way back, I encountered my neighbor who was out shoveling snow, and stopped to have a chat.  Since I don’t see her that often, I had forgotten how extremely negative she can be.  Well, her topic yesterday was our current political situation, and she was just looking to dump her negative viewpoint on someone.  I was polite, but extricated myself as soon as I could. 

After speaking with her and reflecting on our current political situation, I realized what I am writing really needed to be said.  This post is for those of you who are or think they are on an evolutionary spiritual path.  Marches, rallies and protests continue to be the norm, especially in the last few days involving President Trump’s inauguration.  For those of you who are espousing causes, marching or protesting, it is time to take a really good look with clarity and a clear eye at what is driving your behavior.  It is time to embrace and live the energetic principles that I have written about before.  I am speaking to a very tiny minority of humanity here, those of you who are evolving to your fullest spiritual potential and are intent on making this your last go around on planet earth.

Before you decide to engage in the above mentioned activities, go within, make it personal and do your inner work.  Granted not everyone is capable of doing this, but between my blog, my workshops with Rise Multiversity, and my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, you have all of the tools that you need.  What issue within you are you projecting outwards?  Own it and work through it to the best of your ability.  Take the high road and the observer position.  For myself, as soon as I start getting worked up about something, that little voice within tells me to stop, back off, and work the issue that has been activated. 

Keep in mind that since we live in a polarized world, there is always a counterpart to any action.  So if you are marching for peace, you are also feeding war.  If you march for freedom, you are also feeding oppression.  If you are supporting the disenfranchised, where do you feel disenfranchised within?  If you feel like a second class citizen, how are you also treating yourself that way?  These are all examples of the way our 4th dimensional matrix operates.  You will know when you have resolved an issue when you are no longer triggered by it and can easily take the observer position.  You will be able to observe certain situations without getting triggered, but still be able to assist in any way that you are guided.  That is the ideal.  You are no good to anyone if you are all worked up about something while you are trying to affect a positive change. 

As you heal and evolve energetically and with clarity, you will naturally hold a bigger and more powerful energetic field that will have positive effects on those around you.  This is the way to affect real change without feeding into our polarized reality.  Remember that ALL change starts within.   If you have not seen the movie “Hidden Figures”, I highly recommended it.   It is the best movie that I have seen in many months, and it goes along with just what I have written about in this post.  ‘Nuff said!   

January 15, 2017

Setting your Template for 2017 Ready for Purchase

It's not too late to create the template for your highest destiny in 2017!  Last week's workshop is now ready in the Rise Multiversity store.  To purchase it, go here
Even though this year will be a doozy, everyone always has the opportunity to create something marvelous in their lives.  This workshop is designed to help you do just that.  Happy New Year!!!

January 14, 2017

Something Strange

When someone posts a comment at the end of one of my blog posts, I receive an e-mail letting me know.  This past Wednesday, I received just such a notification.  When I opened the e-mail, I found myself reading one of the longest and nastiest comments ever.  It was in response to the post on Chakra Removal.  The commenter was slamming George Kavassilas and defending the dogma of several organized religions.  The grammar and punctuation was terrible, and I could feel hate oozing out of the whole comment.  On the very rare occasion when I get something like this, I do not even bother to read the whole thing, as I can intuit the tone of the message just from scanning it.  The hater‘s e-mail address was listed as “unknown”.   Clearly the person was trying to hide! 

There was already a response to counter the hater’s comment, so I made note of that, too.  As I did not have time just then to respond, and needed a chance to think about a response anyway, I just let the whole matter go until later when I had time to do something about it.  I also at that point went on to the blog and saw the comment at the end of the long list from the Chakra Removal post from February 2013, so it had certainly shown up there.   

Here is where it gets spooky.    Later that evening, I went back to formulate some sort of response, and the long nasty comment and the shorter one after that were nowhere to be found.  I still did have them in my inbox, but I couldn’t find them on the blog no matter which way I accessed it.  During the past 4+ years of writing, this has never happened before.  Even up until today, I have still been checking to see if the comments would show up in some way.  Not so far. 

So, here are 2 explanations for this.  First of all, did some kind of time slip or jump to a parallel time stream happen?  Have you ever set down your car keys, then looked all over without finding then, only to find them in plain sight a while later in a place where you had already looked?  That was the feeling I had with this event.  Even up until now, I am still expecting to see those comments show up back on that post at some point. 

The other alternative is just as creepy.  As you may know, Blogspot is run by Google.  Google is a huge data mining operation, and I am also fairly certain that all information that shows up on every one of Blogspot’s blogs is read and assessed by censors.  Could someone from Google have deleted those comments?  They were there originally, as I did see them.  I do not know how long the nasty comment was listed there, but there was about a 4 hour time lag between that and the shorter follow up comment.  I have read much worse on the internet, so why delete the comment?  Or, why not just delete the longer nasty one and not the shorter follow up? 

Maybe there is a simple explanation like BlogSpot had a glitch in their system that day?  I may never know, but none of the above explanations are satisfactory to me.  In the writing style of the commenter, my response would have been “Watcha gonna do.  Haters gonna hate.”  Hee hee!!!

January 12, 2017

Quantum Sphere Healing in Cortez, April 28-30

I am very excited to be teaching the revolutionary Quantum Sphere Healing protocols once again here in Southwest Colorado this upcoming April.  If you are interested in coming, let me know soon.  I expect this workshop to fill up fast.  Remember that you do not have to be a healing practitioner to attend.  Most of the students use the QSH on themselves with excellent results.  In addition to learning some very valuable healing techniques, you will be interacting and bonding with others of like mind. That is always a wonderful thing!
         Blessings, Carla





APRIL 28-30, 2017
During this training participants will:
●Learn how to use special sound technology and the gamma brain wave state to
access the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field.
●Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of their Higher Self to read and clear negative patterns of distortion.
●Create a healing orb that will dissolve heavy energy patterns found in and around the etheric patterning of the body.
●Learn how to expand and hold their 5th dimensional energy field throughout the various workshop exercises, and how to use that field for their own spiritual evolution.
●And much more!

The QSH protocol can be used in its totality, or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the healer is already using for self healing or working with others.  You do not have to be a healing practitioner to attend.  Your levels of clarity and vibration will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol!

Please contact Carla Fox at QuantumStargate@aol.com, www.QuantumStargate.com,
or 970-565-2624 with any questions on course information or to register. 

January 11, 2017

Cracking and Fracturing

This past Saturday I presented a workshop for Rise Multiversity entitled “Setting your Energetic Template for 2017”.  At the start of the workshop, I gave a preview of what humanity and the earth would be experiencing energetically this year and how we can prepare for these changes.  It seems that we will experience the energy of cracking and fracturing to various degrees.  I will post when the workshop is ready for purchase, which should be in a few days. 

In the workshop, I spoke about how the cracking of the human energy field would expose either all of the dark unresolved issues that one had not acknowledged or dealt with, or, if one is fairly well processed and is maintaining a clean and clear energy field, a beautiful golden light would emerge from their fractures. 

I also realized that there is somewhat an intermediate stage to all of this.  It involves deconstruction of the old and reconstruction of something new.   It reminds me of my shamanic training and the 3 ways it is said that one is called to embark on a shamanic path.  The first is to be struck by lightning.  The second is to be chosen and mentored by a master shaman according to the gifts and abilities that the shaman perceives in the student, or to have a natural calling to the shamanic path.  The third is to undergo a complete deconstruction of one’s life and to have to reconstruct everything from the ground up.  This could be from a severe health issue, an accident, a psychological breakdown, or a huge financial loss. 

When I embarked upon my shaman’s path and learned about these 3 indicators, I realized that I had experienced all 3 in my life.  When I was about 10 years old, I was visiting my grandparent’s house when it was struck by lightning one night during a severe thunder storm.  I remember lying in bed and seeing sparks come shooting out of the wall near my head when the lightning struck the house.  The house did catch on fire, but the fire was put out before a lot of damage was done.  In the high Andes, it is not uncommon for people and animals to be struck by lightning while they are out on the bare mountainsides. 

Around the time that I got divorced, I experienced a total downturn in several ways, and had to start my life all over from scratch.   Thirdly, shortly after that and through a series of synchronicities, I was called to the shaman’s path and proceeded to reconstruct a life that was much more harmonious to me than what I had experienced up until then.  

Now, I am not saying that through the disruptive events of this coming year, many people will be called to start formal shamanic training, but one can certainly experience a deconstruction of life which will enable them to turn a corner, chose a different lifestyle, and start life all over again from scratch.  Take a deep breath now and breathe in the fresh clean energy of a new creation, no matter the circumstances that would bring it about.  Feel that new creation in your body.  Marvelous! 

Every cloud has a silver lining.  Use that lemon to make lemonade.  You need to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.  In other words, learn to take advantage of even the most distressing events of life.  Just know that your Higher Self has orchestrated those for you for a reason.  If cracking, fracturing or deconstruction comes your way this year, use that to your advantage and create something fabulous out of the debris.