October 31, 2021

October Launch

Today our on line launching group got together for another fabulous gathering.  In the US, today, October 31st, was All Hallows Eve, Halloween, and more importantly, the cross quarter day of Samhain.  I am a firm believer that the significant solar dates such as solstice and equinox, in addition to the cross quarter days, pack an energetic punch.  These are great days to do ceremony, get together with like-minded souls, and even spend the whole day in meditation. 

We each needed to express an intent as we were lifting off.  Since I had no specific issue at hand, I expressed my intent as “Take me to a place where I need to go”.  That worked very well!

As soon as I launched, I shot up like a rocket.  The next thing I knew, I was going through rings of light, like small hula hoops, one after the other.  They seemed like portals from one dimension to the next.  Everything was going pretty fast, and I did not know if I was perhaps traveling into another universe altogether.

I ended up in a zone that was unfamiliar to me.  I started hearing a very subtle sound, in between a hum and a buzz, but it was not externally audible.  It was all around me, but also in my body.  So very hard to describe.  I labeled it to be an energy and a vibration at the same time.  The word “force” came to me.  This energy was dissolving all matter into nothingness.  I instantly saw how this force could be applied to carving and levitating multi ton megalithic blocks of stone, purifying water, and even manifesting food in one’s hand. 

I have known for a long time that we humans had these abilities at one time, as it is in our DNA, perhaps the dormant parts.  I created a second intent for the journey, and asked that whatever parts of my DNA that hold this ability be turned on and activated. 

This theme has shown up for me several times before, and in different ways.  It feels like I am putting a giant puzzle together!  I have also decided to spend more time in meditation, now with the days getting shorter.  More may be revealed! 

October 30, 2021

Yet Another Fun Event

Just when I thought I’d experienced way too much fun here in Cedar City, we had yet another interesting event this weekend.  It was the Cedar Livestock Festival.  This is a really big deal, as the city is surrounded by ranches and farms, and agriculture and ranching has been a tradition since the first settlers got here.  There are the usual horse and cattle ranches, but the main domesticated animal here is the sheep.  The sheep are taken up into the mountains with a shepherd and his dogs for the summer, and brought back down into the area for winter.  The festival even included a fashion show featuring only handmade clothing made of wool.  Some of the models wore award winning creations from the nationwide “Make It With Wool” competition. 

But I digress.  On Friday there was a kid’s rodeo.  They start them young here!  I caught the goat roping competition for boys under about 9 years old, and it was a real hoot. Here are the goats waiting to be manhandled by the kids.

On Saturday there was a parade down Main Street.  It surpassed the 4th of July Parade by a lot. One of the first time highlights of this year’s parade was the driving of a herd of Texas Longhorns down the street at the beginning of the parade.  They were brought in from Kanab, Utah, and caused quite a stir.  The bystanders were warned ahead of time not to make too much noise as they went by so as not to start a stampede.   

Antique restored tractors.

Pickles the miniature horse entertaining the crowd.

Huge farm equipment.

The shepherds are all provided with a small camper and provisions for their time in the mountains looking after the sheep. Some of these are really old and have been used for years.

Even the kids learn to ride early.

The informal name for this parade is the “sheep parade”, as the main highlight that everyone looks forward to is the herd of local sheep that run down the street at the very end.  For some reason this year, they were late in arriving, and we were entertained by country and western music over the loudspeakers.  Some people were dancing or singing along while waiting. 

Of course, the sheep are tightly managed by people on horseback and off road vehicles, so they do not run amok all over the place. 

After the parade, I went home for some lunch and then right over to the Cross Hollows Events Center for the rest of the activities.  There was a rodeo going on, lots of venders, and even a Dutch Oven cook off.  Restored antique tractors and cars were on display. Here is an antique fire engine.

There were several “pull” contests going on, including a kids pedal tractor pull, and the antique tractor pull.  The goal of any pull is to see who can pull the largest amount of weight the farthest.

The pull that caught my attention the most was the draft horse pull.  I was mesmerized.  Draft horses are very large and are designed for farm work.  They can weigh between 1400 and 2000 pounds, and they work in teams of 2.  Most if not all of the horses that were at the festival were Belgians.  They were purchased from the Amish from several Midwestern states and brought out west.  The Amish breed them and then use them for plowing and pulling heavy wagons, since they do not use any mechanized equipment.  When the horses are about 5 year old, they are sold off for mainly pulling competitions and demonstrations. The horses seem to enjoy this activity very much.  Here they are.

Here is the weight that they were pulling.  By the time I left, they were winding down and the weight was up to 8300 pounds. Only a few teams were left.
I was winding down, too.  It had been a full day.  I have to say that I just love living in an area where the people live so close to the land with their crops and their animals.  Utah is also the number one state for physical fitness as evidenced by the many avid hikers here.  As spiritually evolving humans, living close to the land is the way to go! 

Happy Halloween everyone!

October 26, 2021


For 4 days this past week I attended online the App Fest 2021 put on by Marty of the Applied Precognition Project.  The web site is AppliedPrecog.com.  Their specialty is Associative Remote Viewing which is where the precognition comes in.  The goal of ARV is to predict an outcome that is to happen in the future, such as in horse racing, sports events and investment results. 

I have participated in 4 of these conferences, and I have to say that this one was probably the best one yet.  In addition to some very interesting speakers, the conference included several tutorials on how to do remote viewing and 3 opportunities to actually work a target.  The last one on Sunday involved a horse race, which is always such fun. 

When the participants work the targets, analysts are needed to score their results.  That is what I did during the conference on the 3 days that the practice targets were done.   I really enjoyed doing that, and it gave me an opportunity to see how well the participants did.  Their targets also mirror to me where I need to do better as a viewer. 

There is always plenty of time for discussion, and the topic of mediumship came up in several instances.  Marty definitely has a keen interest in consciousness and anything metaphysical, so these conferences always are informative in that regard.   

Before COVID, the conferences were held live in Las Vegas, and I am hoping that the in person events will resume again at some point.  It would be nice to meet all of the people that I have been interacting with on line!  There really is no substitute for interaction in person. 

So if you are interested, you can go to their web site and check it out.  There is lots of free stuff there.  You might even want to try some remote viewing yourself.

October 19, 2021

Your Own Work


Spiritual evolution is due to only your own efforts.  No one else can do it for you.  Certainly information and guidance can be gotten from a teacher or group.  How many times have you listened to or read words from a spiritual teacher that really resonated with you, as if you already knew that particular information?    That is because you do know it on some level, and just needed to be reminded.

In the end, you alone are in charge of your journey.  Certainly it can be helpful to expose yourself to a variety of teachings and processes.  These teachings should emphasize giving you tools that you can embrace and use to your advantage. Healing work with a practitioner can also be helpful, as long as you do not depend on the healer too much.  That is why I assign every client of mine some homework to do in between sessions.  This ultimately puts the burden for the healing on them and not on me. 

This past week I received an inappropriate and nasty e-mail from a long time reader of this blog.  This person seems to think that George Kavassilas and I have been promising some kind of magic formula for a person’s evolution, and that we have failed in this regard.  I can honestly say that if someone takes all of the information we have put out there and makes a really good effort with the practices, that evolution will happen.  Needless to say, the person in question is disturbed and unbalanced and seriously needs some help.  This is not the first time that I have received an inappropriate message from this person, but this time was the worst. 

Getting back to the topic at hand, this also applies if you are involved in a relationship or a spiritual group.  In a recent class that I taught, a participant asked if she and her new partner could evolve together spiritually.  She was quite disappointed when I said no, because of the above reasons.  Each must do their own work independently, and if they keep pace with each other, great, but that rarely happens as far as I have observed.  This is quite common with spiritual power couples running organizations, too. 

Back in the 90’s when I was involved with several of these groups, the theory that was promoted was that the one holding the higher vibration and doing their work could gradually raise up the other of a lower vibration.  In actuality, the one of the lower vibration can start to shatter energetically when constantly exposed to a higher vibration that they cannot keep up with.  The end result is not a pretty picture. 

So when you hear that “we” are ascending, expanding, transitioning to 5 D, that just isn’t true.  Individuals may be doing that, but not the group as a whole.  Higher vibrating group members cannot lift up lower vibrating ones.  Each must do their own work.  

I have written before about the splitting of the world.   This is still going on.  Those who are evolving can sense that they are in a different reality than those who are not.  It can make interpersonal interactions problematic at times, especially when interacting with friends and loved ones.  I encourage all of you to stay the course and do not get caught up in the doings of others.  Be your own teacher and guide.  You will profit greatly in the end! 

October 16, 2021

First Snow


A few days ago, Cedar City got an unprecedented early snow fall of about a foot!  We still have a lot of leaves on the trees, and the fall colors are just starting to come out.  Luckily, all of that snow is now melting.

Yesterday I went up to Cedar Breaks National Monument to photograph the snow.  I was surprised to see quite a few tourists there, and families were playing in the snow with children making snow men.  Snow shoe season will be here soon.  Enjoy!