April 30, 2014


On Sunday night I finally had my interview with George Kavassilas.  What a fun experience!  I think you will enjoy our conversation very much.  It will show up on Super Woo Radio sometime in the next few days.  I will be traveling to California tomorrow to teach the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop and will send out a post on the show when I get back.  In the mean time, enjoy the beautiful Utah penstemon that I encountered during my foray into the canyonlands of SE Utah last week.

April 26, 2014

The Shaman's Altar

This is a continuation of the last post on the Witness and the Wisdom Keeper.  The day after our group explored the ancient Dance Plaza with the nearby male and female monoliths anchoring that sacred space, we went in a different direction to another sacred site.  This was a place that I had only visited once a few years ago.  It was with a different and more experienced eye that I approached it now.

The hike almost to the top of a rock strewn hill was somewhat strenuous but very rewarding as the hillside was covered with blooming springtime wildflowers.  I had been searching for the Utah penstemon in bloom for several years now, and was suddenly surrounded by them!  What a magical sight.  After spending some time photographing them I caught up to the rest of the group at our destination.   

The site we were investigating is composed of a super massive monolith which sits on the north end of a carefully crafted stone circle.  There is an entrance into the circle to the left of the monolith, and a pointed standing stone in the wall of the circle directly opposite that stone.  Behind the place where the circle can be entered, there is a passageway between some rocks that leads out to what I guessed to be an  alcove or waiting area for whomever was to conduct the ceremonies here.  This was traditional at many different ancient sites in the southwestern US, as the ceremonial did not want to mingle with the participants before the ceremony.  He or she would want to make a grand entrance as soon as the crowd was settled in. 

If you look at the massive rock in the photo, you can see what looks like a mouth about 1/3 of the way up from the ground.  That is actually a large “scoop” in the rock with several smaller scoops inside of it.  Below that scoop is a white band of rock which actually forms a ledge to sit on.  While the others were busy mapping the site and taking measurements and calculating alignments, I sat on that seat to do my thing.  It didn’t take too long to realize that I was sitting on the spot from which the ceremonies were conducted.   That is why I labeled it “The Shaman’s Altar”. 

After settling in, I tuned into the sublime vibration of this place.  Even Virginia was having trouble with her GPS and compass because of the energy that was being generated there.  Undoubtedly, this is another ancient huaca consisting of a natural energy vortex with man made features added to it.   I could just image the whole monolith decked out with ceremonial objects that could be placed on ledges and hung from stony knobs. 

I then reached behind me and put my hand into the largest of the smaller scoops.  I immediately felt the energetic residue of a liquid that had been there many hundreds of years ago.  It felt wet, even though there was no liquid in it when we were there.  Was this scoop used to store a sacred liquid for some sort of anointing? 

After tuning into the type of ceremony that might have been here, I got a strong sense of coming together in community and united purpose.  The individuals would be merged into one group body through ceremony.  What a tight knit group indeed!  Of course, this would be necessary for their survival, and the fertility of the clan and abundance of their crops.  We modern humans are such individualists that it is hard to imagine living this way. 

Before I got up, I glanced to my right past the smaller boulders that were near the entrance to the circle.  No surprise, but I was looking right at the Dance Plaza on that baldy hill perhaps a mile away in the distance.  Were ceremonies done in both places at the same time?  Were bonfires built there so that the sites could locate each other in the dark?  Were we looking at alignments with either the solstices or equinoxes?  Clearly this was a society that performed many kinds of sacred ceremony for the benefit of their community.  We might take a page from their book and do the same. 

April 23, 2014

The Witness and the Wisdom Keeper

Several times a year I have the opportunity to accompany my friend Virginia into the canyonlands of SE Utah or onto the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park.  She has been coming to our area for many years to do research on archeoastronomy, archeology, rock art, and ancient shrines and sacred places.   All of this is associated with the Ancient Puebloans who lived in this area up until they all left during a mass exodus around 1280 AD.  They left behind an untold number of pueblos and cliff dwellings, not to mention rock art, artifacts and pottery shards.  When one goes out exploring in the areas where they once lived, there is always something interesting to see and find.

Virginia’s latest project involves documenting a site she calls the “Dance Plaza”, which is situated west of Hovenweep National Monument.  This is a fascinating ruin located on the top of a baldly hill and features a stone circle that is about 100 feet in diameter.  The wall outlining this circle is made of various sizes of rocks piled up for the most part in a haphazard way.  It has been estimated that the sum total weight of the rocks is at least 1.5 tons, and the circle is big enough to show up easily on Google Earth.  Since there are absolutely no artifacts to be found in this area that could help date it, we are guessing that it goes back at least 1500 years or more. 

Leading away from the Dance Plaza in several directions are constructed rock piles that line up with significant sunset or sunrise directions.  These seem to be winter or summer solstice markers which create a calendar of sorts. In the center of each rock pile sits a taller rock with a white baldy top on it.  Since all of these rocks are predominantly a brownish black in color, there is an ongoing debate as to how the tops became white.  These rock piles are also very similar in energy to what are called huacas in Peru.  Huacas are high energy sacred sites that make use of the natural positive energy of their particular location.

I go along on these excursions to provide the shaman’s point of view and do my best to track the energy that remains in these spots.  In a lot of cases, the information that I get can help flesh out what archeology may have a sense of, as that too is a very inexact science that relies on a combination of facts and conjecture.  So far, we are guessing that the Dance Plaza was used as a seasonal gathering place for the archaic nomadic tribes in the area.  It is certainly a sacred location, and they might have conducted ceremonies for fertility, celebrations for certain times of year, and even paired up young people from different tribes for marriage.  The possibilities are endless.

Two days ago when I went out with Virginia and several other people, my focus was on the huacas with the white tipped stones.  We were measuring alignments and mapping out how they all related to the central circle, which also had several larger standing stones on its walls.  I was drawn to 2 of the largest stones that stood together but were a distance away from the Dance Circle.  It was as if I was magnetized to them.  I knew that they were something special.

When I track a monolith, I like to put my hand on it and just receive the information that is stored there.  The larger pointed stone on the left told me that he is more male oriented and his name is “The Witness”.   He had been there for longer than he could remember.  Much longer than any human habitation.  Millions of years, I would suspect!  As I put my hands on him and tuned in, it was like I was seeing a sped up version of geological time in reverse.  The time span of human interaction with this monolith was very short indeed! 

Next to this giant stone is a shorter but wider stone that is the more feminine oriented one.  She is named "The Wisdom Keeper”.  Whereas the Witness has recorded geological time, she is the one who has retained more of the wisdom of the people who have done ceremony there in addition to the information from the nature kingdoms of the area.  She has a very soft motherly feel to her. 

The space between the two monoliths is about 2 feet wide and the ground between has been paved with smaller stones.  There is also a smaller but still very heavy stone behind the two that we labeled “The Child”.  I spent some time in the space between the Witness and the Wisdom Keeper to balance and “marry” my inner masculine and feminine energies.  Did the ancient people use the stones for that purpose?  There is no way of knowing. 

I always like to leave an offering at special places such as this and left 3 cashew nuts in a broad bowl-like depression on top of the Wisdom Keeper.  It wasn’t until I climbed up a bit higher between the 2 stones that I noticed another definite scooped out depression on her back side about half way up to the top.  To my utter astonishment, I saw that someone else had recently been there and left a flower as an offering.  It was a desert paint brush blossom which had to have been picked nearby.  I then wondered how many others know about this special place. 

Whereas the broad scoop on the top could have easily been a natural feature of the Wisdom Keeper rock, the smaller and deeper bowl on the back side could have been man made, or man enhanced.  Not only was this site used for sacred ceremony, but the Witness told me that it was the anchor point for all of the other huacas with the white tipped stones in the area around the Dance Plaza.  Sure enough, when we checked, there were not only several alignments with huacas outside the circle, but the slot between the 2 monoliths also lined up with large 2 side by side stones that were embedded in the Dance Plaza wall. 

What exactly went on here in ancient times we may never know.  I do know that sacred activity took place not only at this site but also at several nearby shrines that Virginia has discovered.  You can just feel it down to your bones.  Because of the location of the Dance Plaza on that baldy hill in the middle of a broad canyon, it can be seen from several of the shrines.  We are assuming that more shrines are there to be discovered and they all seem to be linked in some way.  For me, it is so nice to be out in an area where no people now live and to be able to tune into the energy of the sacred connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun.  Not that life was easy by any means, but it must have been so much simpler.

April 20, 2014

April Launch

Our launching group got together today and the information that came in did not disappoint.  This post really deserves its own title, but right now, I can’t think of one!  We chose this date because it is in between this last week’s lunar eclipse on the 15th and the upcoming solar eclipse on April 29th.  A very high energy time indeed.  The planet has also recently experienced several earthquakes in the 7.0 range and higher and we are experiencing the latest round of solar flare bombardment this weekend. 

Right before the first participant launched, I started feeling a familiar deep and low vibration going through my body.  On the occasion that I have felt this it usually means that there is some sort of large UFO in the area above me, cloaked of course.  Actually, after the whole launch was over, one of the participants said that she thought that we were being watched today. 
When it came for my turn to be launched, I used the deep low vibration as the focus of my intent.  I wanted to know what its origin was.  To my surprise, I was shown a cut away version of planet earth with all of the layers visible.  Here is the information that I perceived.  We know scientifically that the inner and outer core of the earth’s center rotate in different directions, and that the movement of molten metal in the outer core generates the earth’s magnetic field.  What I got was that there has been a shift in the speed of rotation of these 2 layers and that the difference in speeds between them has gotten bigger.  In fact, even though it cannot be scientifically proven, it felt to me that all of the other layers of the earth have started rotating in opposing directions, too, with a much greater difference between their vibrational states.

This increasing difference of speed of rotation between the layers of the planet will affect the magnetic field and also gravity.  The change will be seen and felt from the micro levels of the atom to the planet as a whole and all life that she hosts.  In other words, matter is starting to be affected.  That makes sense to me as the end product of our dropping down into density is the 3D world of physicality, and matter would be the first to start the shift back to a higher and lighter dimension.  Several years ago when I asked what the first symptoms of “ascension” would be, I got that my energy bodies would  change and differentiate vibrationally from each other, and then they would start to separate.  Could this be happening to the earth as well? 

I then hovered above the earth’s surface and gradually backed up to take a broader view of what was happening.  There were streams of energy connecting the heart of our planet to all other planets and moons in this solar system, in addition to our sun.  I also suspect that these connections were being made to the consciousness of stars, planets and moons in other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.  All roads lead to Rome, with us being Rome!  We truly are at the very center and core of the upcoming changes for all sentient life in our galaxy. 

So, be alert and aware to the changes in matter, whether it is keys that no longer work because of a slight change in their shape, fruits and vegetables that suddenly taste very different, objects disappearing before your eyes, animals (and people) acting strangely, or even being able to pass your hand right through a wall because the atoms of that wall have spread apart to leave more energetic space between them.  As a matter of fact, I had an extra front door key made just yesterday.  It works the lock in the doorknob just fine, but will not turn the deadbolt at all.  Shades of things to come? 

Dr. Richard Alan Miller has recently been on Coast to Coast AM and John B. Wells' new radio show Caravan to Midnight.  He is a real hoot, with tons of very interesting information.  If I get the story correct, at one time he was helping to develop a criteria for choosing soldiers who would have the lowest mortality rate in dangerous and high pressure combat situations.  He found that the ones who did the best went by their gut instinct and not their rational brains.  IQ did not win out here.  This is a skill that we all have to develop and trust in the crazy times ahead, especially if some very strange things start happening. Go with your guts!  (By the way, I never did bother to verify the presence of a space craft over the house.  I do believe however that one was there during our launch today.)

April 16, 2014

Blood Moon

Early this morning of Tuesday the 15th of April, North America experienced the much heralded occurrence of a total eclipse of the moon, known as a blood moon on prophesy circles.  What a sight it was indeed!  I wanted to experience it but did not want to set an alarm clock to get me up at any specific time.  I just set my inner alarm clock and hoped for the best.  After being asleep for a few hours, I woke up around 1 AM to see the last small crescent of light remaining before the total eclipse took place. 

With camera in hand, I went out into the 25° cold with just my PJ’s and a winter coat on.  While taking some photos and trying to keep warm, I also opened myself up to receive any impressions emanating from this event.  After I was in for the night, I wrote everything down.  Here’s the scoop.

The main and predominant emotion that I felt was an overwhelming sadness coming from our moon.  This in turn generated a matching response of sadness coming from me that I am still feeling as I write this.  I realized that during an eclipse such as this, the moon is seen as it is, totally itself without any light from our Sun impacting it.  All we see is that faint reddish glow which is an indirect kind of lighting. 

I believe that our moon is a hollow vessel with no soul or energy of its own.  It only reflects the light that comes from our Sun.  It is a shadow of its former self.  Ancient cosmic mythology says that the moon was a space traveling vessel that was brought to our solar system to seed life here eons ago.  At that time, it was considered to be a feminine, mother or grandmother energy.  It has not been that way for millennia through a variety of circumstances.  People have not forgotten about the former feminine nature of the moon and still refer to it as such with great affection.  I know that in shamanic traditions, ceremonies are done on full and new moon nights, but that hasn’t seemed right for me for a long time now.  I prefer solstices and equinoxes for my fire ceremonies, as these have nothing to do with the moon. 

Our Earth Mother is actually the divine feminine archetype now.  Imagine a time before the moon arrived here. Each and every night would have been pitch black except for the stars above.  This is the true feminine energy, which is dark, receptive, hidden, and yet nurturing as a womb at the same time.  Nights would have truly been a time of going back into the “womb” for rejuvenation and dreamtime exploration facilitated by our planet.  A reconnection of our soul to hers in a way. 

A night like last night would be the closest we could get to that dark and feminine state, except for the very sad and even creepy energy that was coming from the moon.  Let me delve into the sadness first.  According to George Kavassilas, the forces that co-opted the moon also co-opted and sublimated the sacred feminine energy on planet earth.  Conquer the feminine and you conquer the earth and her human population.  No wonder I was and still am feeling such sadness.  My womb was literally aching last night as I gazed at the blood moon.  I ache for the loss of the honoring of the feminine here, amongst both women and men.  So very sad.

The creepy part of last night came in the form of a vision I had after I went to bed.  I saw many thin dark tentacles moving, probing, hooking and grabbing.  Almost like seaweed flowing in the ocean currents, but with a malevolent consciousness directing it.  It was my sense that this energy was and is emanating from the center of the moon.  It was clearly evident last night because the light of the Sun was not masking it.  These flowing tentacles are not only being directed at us, but at the times of the full moon, the light from the Sun is used to amplify this energy.  Why do you think that there are more people who lose it in many ways during a full moon?  All the more reason to remove your chakras, as they are input mechanisms that draw this dark energy into the human form. 

I also felt a profound sadness for the forces that are using the moon to do their dirty work.  Their time in this arena is limited now and they know it.  We are gaining the upper hand.  One of our jobs now is to continue to connect deeply with our dear Mother Earth, heal our own inner feminine nature and bring that feminine nature out into our daily life.  We have 3 more blood moons coming up spaced 6 months apart.  The next one is in October.  Three more opportunities to get clarity around what our moon really is and to do your personal work around the Divine Feminine energy.