January 31, 2015

The Inner Connection

Have you ever longed for that perfect companion, a trusted adviser, someone to organize your day, give you spiritual guidance, or even a friend that knows you better than you know yourself?  Believe it or not, each of us already has all of that and much more inside of us.  All we need to do is make a firm and intimate connection with our inner self. 

Unfortunately, we have been programmed into disregarding and dismissing this nurturing inner connection.  How many of you were honored for your opinions and intuitions as a child?  How many belonged to a family that spent time out in nature just sitting and listening?  I would venture to say that not many of you were encouraged as children to come up with solutions to your own problems. Instead, depending on the family, rules and regulations were imposed that did not necessarily fit in with your needs.  Even though most parents did the best that they could, there might have been the sense that you were not seen or heard on a daily basis.

As we were not “tuned into” and fully seen or connected to as children, we may not have the skills to do the same within ourselves.  It was just not modeled for us.  In turn, we learned to dismiss our intuition and gut feelings, treat ourselves badly emotionally and physically, act out in any manner of dysfunctional ways, and lead unsatisfying lives that stem from not knowing who we are at our core.  The ancient Greek aphorism, “Know Thyself”, says it all. 

If you are not connected to and listening to the guidance from within, you may tend to defer to the guidance that is external to you.  This may be from an authority figure of any kind, whether it is a boss at work, a religious or spiritual leader, or even a parent, close friend or partner whose opinion you value more than your own.  Even so called authorities are running their own issues and can be wrong! 

One of the byproducts to do with this lack of connection, and one that I see often in my clients, is the emphasis on mental processing versus connecting with the emotional sensing and feeling nature.  It is important to know that the mind tends to loop without getting anything resolved, and is often driven by the needs of the wounded ego self.  The mind was designed to be our tool and not our master, and yet it can really run away with the show.  External information is relied on even more when this happens and then the mind is stuck in comparing and evaluating instead of tuning in and acting on the internal message. 

The biggest benefit to making this internal connection is the acknowledging and healing of the childhood woundedness.  If not healed, these wounds can follow us through a lifetime, creating repetitive emotional distress and physical dysfunction.  Another result is an ego that can run the mind and the life with ongoing “I want ….”, “Why, why, why?”, “Look at me!”, and the need to figure everything out.  Chronic dissatisfaction with self also predominates.  The mind is no substitute for the inner connection. 

The best tool that I know of to create and maintain this connection is inner child work.  There are many forms out there, but I always say that simpler is better.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, I give a very easy and effective method for connecting to and healing the wounds of the inner child.  Once this is accomplished, this part of each of us can be a tremendous source of support, companionship and guidance.  It’s all we really need.  Of course, no man is an island, and the people, places and things of the outer world are important, too, but they are not a substitute for the inner connection. 

I have seen many clients stall in their healing work with me once we get to the point where they need to be developing more of this inner connection.  Some actively resist it, and some can get quite angry.  I suspect this is the case on the client’s part when the inner woundedness is approached but not embraced or worked with.  Some people just can’t face that and revert back into the terrible twos instead!  Fortunately, very few of my people are in that situation. 

Take time out every day and connect internally.  Use the emotions of gratitude and appreciation for yourself.  Care for yourself in the best way that you can.  And LISTEN to the still small voice within.  You are all fabulous beings on earth!  

January 22, 2015

Are You Cracked?

First of all, let me explain what I mean by “cracked”.  If one is cracked or fractured, that would show up energetically as having a very shaky core which feels almost like jello.  There might be cracks or openings in the Luminous Energy Field called schisms. Your grounding would be severely compromised or not present at all.   In addition to that, your LEF might be shoved up to the groin area when the lower border of it should be below the feet.  This happens because of a severe trauma or shock during the birth process, and gives the energetic appearance of the fairy tale character Humpty Dumpty.  Hmm—I wonder where they got that from!  

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again.

What are some of the symptoms of being cracked?  You might be very sensitive to a whole host of externals such as certain kinds of foods, drugs or alcohol, environmental chemicals, noise or other people’s toxic emotions.  I find that the fractured people also report a higher degree of what they perceive as negative forces that are trying to invade or attack them.  That makes sense as they are much more available and open to stuff coming into their field, and much more sensitive to that when it happens.  A fear of the dark and night terrors are commonly reported, too.  There is a general feeling of lack of safety which can lead to a variety of psychological issues. 

Graham Hancock, in his book “Supernatural”, writes that 2% of the population has the ability to spontaneously shift into the theta brain wave state.  It is in theta that one drifts into the lower astral plane where negative entities and ET’s exist.  This 2% is also the group that is more likely to describe ET encounters and abductions.  I would suspect that those are also in the cracked category, as they are not fully contained by their LEF and are not grounded. 

So what causes the cracking?  Most of this happens in early childhood.  Children by their very nature are much more fluid and malleable than adults, so they crack and loose soul parts very easily when traumatized.  This childhood trauma can be from birth complications, severe illness, accidents or injuries, or severe physical or sexual abuse.  Even total non-bonding with mother at the time of birth can cause this.  Wartime trauma can also crack a child, so you can imagine the damage that is being done to children in the parts of the world where fighting is taking place right now.  Fractured children make for very dysfunctional adults. 

Now, an adult can crack or fracture, too, but it is much less common.  Causes for this would be an extreme illness, accident, severe injury, overdose from drugs or near death experience.  It is important to note that an adult would probably need to experience being unconscious for the fracturing to occur, whereas that would not necessarily be the case for a child.  There are so many documented cases where someone experiences one of the above events and comes out of their unconscious  state with psychic abilities that they hadn’t had before.  In some cases, there was already fracturing present from childhood that got fractured even more through adult trauma. 

On the plus side, adults that experience this cracking are much more able to eventually put themselves back together either spontaneously over time, or with the help of skilled practitioners.  This explains why those who become psychic after experiencing these kinds of traumas often report that their abilities fade with time as they heal. 

So what is the downside of being cracked, especially from birth?  Imagine being in this state and having to live with a lot of fear because you believe that you are being invaded or attacked by forces beyond your control.  I might also be describing the psychological conditions of paranoia or schizophrenia here, but that would be in the extreme.  You might also be living a restricted live because you are so very sensitive to a whole host of externals.  Most of the clients that I see with a degree of cracking are somewhat fragile, sensitive and fearful, and a victim mentality can prevail.  They have also tried a lot of other healing modalities with little success and can be pretty frustrated.  Their lives are not very productive and their spiritual progress is hindered as well. 

The solution is to find a practitioner who recognizes what is going on and can do the repair work.  Going back to heal birth trauma is very important.  Reinstating the grounding is a big necessity, although when dealing with a client who is running a lot of fear and doesn’t really want to be on the planet, this can be a challenging and very gradual process.  It takes a lot to turn that kind of outlook on life around but it can be done.  Yes, Humpty Dumpty can be put back together with a lot of work and TLC on the part of the client and practitioner.

January 20, 2015


During the session that I referred to in the previous post, “The Human Form”, I picked up a few other tid bits from the puppet masters of the Reptilians.  This involved the theme of separation.

It’s pretty clear that we as humans are not only separate from each other, but there is also the matter of internal separation as well.  By this I mean the inability of the vast majority of people to make an internal connection with their guidance, body messages, emotions, and wounded inner child.  I find that this is a struggle for a lot of my clients, even though this inner connection holds the key to healing and wholeness. 

The puppet master said that one of their agendas for us is to keep people separate from one another.  As soon as a person or group gets too close to healing the gap, something happens to pull them back once again.  This tendency is certainly exploited by the powers that be in the realms of politics, religion, race, finance and relationships of all kinds.  The result is an endless cycle of drama and trauma on the world stage.  We are constantly being distracted from that all important inner connection that is a necessity for our growth.   It’s all so very tiring. 

As long as we exist in the world of polarity, perhaps coming together as one is not a possibility at all.  In spite of all of the talk over the years of unity consciousness and uniting for common purpose, that seems harder and harder to accomplish.  I propose a different solution.  What about separate and different but equal?  Honoring each other for our differences and leaving it at that.  Respecting each other’s boundaries.  Dealing with and in the world with true integrity at all times.  Using your inner compass to guide you through life’s troubling events.  What a wonderful world that would be! 

But here is the crux of the matter.  The disconnect from one’s inner compass and guidance systems.  Once we heal that internal gap using self love and self respect, no external power can take that away.  Our true unity with each other will come once we transcend the 3rd and 4th dimensional realms of polarity, but in the mean time, what about unity within and respect and allowing without.

January 18, 2015

The Human Form

Our human form is the vessel for the soul.  It is our soul’s tool for evolution, and also a marvelous barometer that lets us know when something is not right.  Apparently there are souls lined up all over the place in hopes of attaining a body to use for their own experiences in the 3rd dimensional realm of physicality.   But is there more to the story? 

I think so.  A few weeks ago I worked on a client who was having ongoing difficulties of being present here, manifesting a productive life, and connecting to his inner self.  During one part of the session, I was guided to a place where the masters over the Reptilians existed.  These beings are very human looking and I have had encounters with several of them before.  This time, I noticed that they had what I call “glowing cat eyes”.  The glow was pulsating, and I actually found myself traveling into their eyes to receive information.  During the dialog on behalf of my client, I became one of them, popping into one of their bodies, and can only assume that that is one of my aspects.

Much information was received, mostly on a subconscious level, but I do remember being told that the human body was designed to entrap the soul.  The soul then can be manipulated through the things that are done to the body.  These traumas then transfer back to the soul and carry over to another lifetime, thus keeping the soul trapped in the reincarnational system.  In other words, our bodies are the puppets for the puppet masters.  The beings that I had made contact with are the overlords of the reptilians, and are by no means the only ones manipulating the various races, including us. 

After mulling this over for the past week or so, it is all starting to make sense to me.  First of all, we live in the 4th dimensional world of polarity patterning.  Opposites are the rule of the day.  On the one hand, our bodies are the temple for the soul.  The body needs to be treated with respect and honored for the job that it is doing.  On the other hand, is the human form a tool of the synthetic matrix designed to keep us trapped and under control?  Have we been forced into incarnating here?  Forced is a strong word, as we are here by agreement, but did we have full conscious awareness of what we were getting into?   I have to say that more and more I am seeing a whole variety of birth traumas showing up in my clients, more so now that the world is getting increasingly chaotic.  Is the shattering that can happen at birth part of the synthetic matrix plan to weaken our bodies and psyches? 

As I wrote in the post on “Clearing Your Pineal Gland”, our DNA is most likely the last structure that we have to clear to graduate from the 4D arena.  What creates the body?  The DNA!!!  If our DNA can be programmed with false beliefs, mutated into potential disease states or psychological dysfunction, then it can certainly be a conduit to the control of the human form itself.  On top of that, as I just wrote, the soul can pick up the traumas done to the body and carry them over to subsequent lifetimes, thus keeping this whole circus rolling along.

So we have a catch 22 here.  We need our bodies for our spiritual evolution, while at the same time, the body can be our soul’s worst enemy.  What to do?  Take care of the health of your body and do your inner work.  Nurture body and soul!  On the plus side, DNA can be shifted for the positive and completely cleared.  Now I see that at the time of each individual’s graduation from the 4D arena, the ideal is that the physical form will dissolve altogether.  No more need for it or the DNA that created it.

In the mean time, do listen to the messages that your body is giving you.  Its consciousness is directly connected to your higher guidance.  If your intuition is not working up to speed, your body will try to get the message through.  If you are still not getting it, an accident, injury or illness may manifest to really get your attention.  Remember that any unfinished business at the end of your life will be carried over for completion in another lifetime.  Or a facsimile of another lifetime!

January 15, 2015

Closing A Door

This post is a continuation of the previous one entitled “Calling Back Your Parts”.  After working on my friend earlier this week, I realized that I had to go through the same process that I gave him for homework on my lingering connection with the Monroe Institute.  Hopefully, the way I went through the process will give a good example of how you can do the same. 

Between June of 2010 and November of 2013 I attended 8 workshops at TMI.  I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today either energetically or professionally if I had not taken those classes.  I am eternally grateful and will always hold my time there with mostly fond regard.  Unfortunately, my sojourn there ended on a very sour note and I will not be going back.  It is also important to note that in the time I was studying there, TMI had 4 different executive directors.  That fact figures prominently in the following story, which is the back story of how I created the Quantum Sphere Healing process. 

I won’t repeat how I actually created this amazing healing process, but you can read about it here.  In March of 2012, I took Skip Atwater’s workshop entitled Explorer Imperative, which featured the SAM™ Technology (Spatial Angle Modulation™).  I was blown away, and can honestly say that this was probably the best class that I had taken at TMI up to that point.  When I got home, I got right to work and created the QSH course exclusively for TMI.  It was clear that they would need a follow up workshop that used the SAM™ Technology. 

So this is where the goofiness started.  I pitched the course to Skip who immediately passed me along to the director at the time, Carol.   I e-mailed the course outline, mailed it snail mail, and finally got to talk to her in person that July.  She was very excited about the course, but informed me that the SAM™ Technology needed more work and all classes using it were being suspended.  She would let me know as things progressed.  Skip Atwater also retired several months after that. 

OK, I thought.  I would proceed on my own, not being willing to wait and let this amazing process die on the vine.  I reworked the course outline for a 3 day class instead of TMI’s 6 day format and started teaching it.  I also solicited from my client base at the time people who were willing to fill out a survey on their results after trying out the QSH.  Except for 1 or 2 clients, all were extremely satisfied with the healing work.  So I knew that it worked. 

Fast forward a year later to July of 2013.  The director that I had pitched the class to died unexpectedly.  Quite a tragedy for TMI, as Carol was a well loved individual.  One of the board members at the time, Walter, stepped up to take the director’s job.  I was going to be at TMI that September to take a workshop, and even though I didn’t have any hope that they would pick up the class at that point, I thought I’d pitch it to the new director anyway.  Wow!  Big surprise here, as Walter was so much more than enthusiastic about bringing QSH to the Institute.  As it turned out in retrospect, his enthusiasm was for me, and not the course, if you know what I mean. 

I did not want his personal feelings for me to get in the way of this project, so shortly after I got home, I used the QSH process to do a person to person karma clearing between us.  It worked in a backwards sort of way.  His enthusiasm for me went away, and at the same time, it seemed to wane for the course, too.  Nevertheless, I went back to TMI in November of 2013 to take the updated version of the Explorer Imperative class, pitched the course to Bob, who had taken over Skip’s job, and we were off and running.  We were talking contracts, sound tracks, voice overs, and which of the trainers would be a good pairing for assisting me with the sound technology during the workshops.  If you were one of my “test” subjects for the QSH surveys, you might remember receiving an e-mail from around that time me thanking you for your contribution to this whole effort.  Walter had even announced the new QSH workshop the 2 classes that I took that fall. 

Unfortunately, my favorite TMI facilitator started giving me a really hard time about teaching there, and attempted to drag other facilitators into that drama.  I think that I had unwittingly gotten involved in some complaints that she had about the way that Walter was running things.  The final straw was when Walter suddenly quit as director right after Thanksgiving.  A year ago, I pitched the course for a 5th time to the new director, but there was no follow up on her part, so the whole thing was dropped. 

Enough waa waa waa!  After working with my friend this week, I realized that I had to go through the “Calling Back Your Parts” exercise on my own self!  It has been a year since that last pitch, and I was still wondering how my life would be right now if everything had gone as planned.  Of course, this past year has been wonderful, and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I realized that a major clean up was in order. 

I called back any aspect of myself related to each specific workshop that I had taken, every facilitator, especially from the one whom I had admired so much and had given me such a hard time, all the students in those workshops, the buildings where the workshops had taken place, the wonderful countryside around TMI and all of the hiking that I had done in the area, the food, the dining rooms and even the airport in Charlottesville!  Add to that all of the directors, Skip, the office staff, and any other related person that I met while there.  Sometimes you just don’t realize the extent of the entanglement until you get right down to working on it.  I had also been thinking about writing about this entanglement for the past several months, as a sort of closure process, but just didn’t know how to approach it until now. 

In spite of this long winded story, I hope that you can take away the basics of the calling yourself back process.  Perhaps you have been entangled in a similar situation from your past that you would like to clean up.  The key here is if you are still thinking about the “what if’s” of your former involvement.  Do you yearn for something that you didn’t get?  Do anniversary’s come and go with memories of the past?  Do you feel that you lost a part of yourself to a certain group?  Whatever your former situation, you can call your parts back and be more present in your now moment as of today.  Go for it! 

January 14, 2015

Calling Back Your Parts

As we go through life, we tend to have certain expectations of the people and groups that we are involved with.  These expectations cause a variety of attachments to those groups and people.  Once these straight line attachments are made, energy flows back and forth between the 2 parties according to their needs, affinities and issues.   In a lot of cases, but not all, there is an actual trading of energetic parts during this process.  We give ourselves away so easily to those that we expect to take care of us, or provide us with something that we cannot provide for ourselves. 

When a person detaches, or attempts to detach, from the other person or group, they do not automatically get all of their parts back.  Some of the side effects of this can be a yearning or worrying about the other party, an ongoing energetic drain back to the formerly attached, or even a dragging of the issues from one similar situation to the next.  One’s mind can still remain overly occupied with the “other”, hence taking up a lot of thought time in fruitless wondering. 

The groups in question can be corporate, family, religious, spiritual, educational, political, or even a clique of friends.  Three or more people can make up a group.  The possibilities here are endless! 

Yesterday, a good friend of mine came over for a healing session.  He has been retired for a few years from a job that he had held for over 30 years.  Even though this was not related to the issue that he wanted to work on, information was revealed towards the end of the session that he had not completely energetically disconnected from that job.  That made sense, since similar job related issues have come up in his 2 most recent positions.

In addition to the remaining attachments, he also had parts of himself still embedded in aspects of that long standing job.  Part of his homework was to find and bring back all of those parts.  These parts could have been involved with specific people from the job, events that took place, places that were significant, financial issues, disagreements and grudges, traumas, regrets, and even fond memories related to the job. 

The retrieval process is very simple.  Start by recalling a memory or event related to the group in question.  It is always helpful to determine your part in the expectation and attachment, too.  Then stretch your energetic arms out to the job related event, person, or place, and gather up all of your energy with your hands.  As you pull that energy back to yourself, run it through either a golden waterfall or a gold mesh screen to clean it off before pressing that energy back into your body as guided.  Repeat as often as necessary until you no longer feel a “charge” around your former relationship to that group.  

After working with my client, I realized that I had to do this process to fully disconnect from an organization that I had been associated with.  Details on that tomorrow.

January 11, 2015

Clearing Your Pineal gland

We are having an unseasonably rainy day here is southwest Colorado today.   If it was colder, we’d be knee deep in snow right now!  What a perfect day to hunker down and do some personal work.

I have referenced the pineal gland clearing process in several previous posts, but never actually did a good detailing of what is involved.  Our pineal gland holds the master strand of the DNA; hence we can access all of our genetic inherited patterns in this one place.  George Kavassilas has stated that this gland is actually a bioenergetic implant that was created eons ago.  How long ago, I have no idea.  In addition to this, I believe that the DNA is a carrier structure for inserted distortions and mutations that then get passed down through the family lineage.  Of course, we also have a great many gifts and positive abilities that are inherited, too, but those seem to originate from a higher source altogether. 

As I wrote in my post on the Croft Moraig Stone Circle, I experienced a foreshadowing of a future when the double helix of the master strand of DNA in the pineal gland would start to twist in upon itself, rotating faster and faster, until it would then become one unified strand.  This strand would continue to accelerate its twisting to become a ball of divine light.  When that happens, the structure of the DNA would be transcended and cease to exist.  We would then be beyond any attempts at further interference or distortion.  Yeah!!!

When I am working on a client with the Quantum Sphere Healing process, in most cases, a spontaneous clearing of a specific genetic lineage will happen during the session.  I track the process to determine which theme is being cleared.  These themes also tend to repeat from one client to the next.  Some of these involve a slave or servant mentality, being less than or needing someone to be in control of us, not being able to speak freely, never getting ahead no matter what we do, being controlled by the patriarchy, going through life in a robotic and unconscious manner in addition to a whole host of negative ET influences.   You get the picture.  The themes are almost always dealing with domination and control, and lack and limitation.  Interestingly, they very rarely deal with an inherited disease process. 

So here is the process.  It works best as a quiet internal process until you get the hang of it.  Then you can do it under less than ideal circumstances.  Sit quietly and ground yourself.  You can either decide on a specific theme that you suspect is inherited, go through the process and see what shows up, or just blast your pineal and assume that the appropriate theme has been taken care of. 

Next, expand your core essence and do your best to hold it in an expanded state. Place the palm of one hand directly on your forehead.  Run your core essence energy from your core, up your arm and out the palm of your hand.  Target your pineal gland, which is located in the center of your head, with this laser beam of strong energy.  Hold this for as long as you can.   You may sense this beam of energy going back in time along your lineage while clearing everything in its path.  If you didn’t select a theme at the beginning of this exercise, the theme that your Higher Self has chosen may make itself known at this point.  Your stream of 5th dimensional core essence energy will be going back to the origin of the distortion and clear that before coming back out of your forehead. 

Sit for a bit after completing, as you have just been in an altered state of consciousness!  Reground if necessary.  I went through the pineal clearing process about 2 hours ago, and am still feeling a bit goofy.  The theme that I chose to clear had to do with separation from others and internal separation as well.  The external being the mirror of the internal.  As I held the stream of core essence energy and followed it back along that genetic lineage, I saw that the separation was originally a divide and conquer strategy by those who devised it.  Separate us from each other, and separate us from our inner connection and guidance.  This is also a very common theme amongst my clients, and humanity as well. 

So there you have it.  I recommend doing this process every once in a while, but don’t overdo it.  Your guidance will tell you when it is time to have another go at it.  Remember that you are working towards a state of clarity of your DNA, which will lead to the transcending of your DNA altogether.

January 1, 2015

Creating Your New Year

Happy 2015 everyone!  For the past week I have been tuning into the energy of this New Year and my sense is that we will all experience something that has not come our way for a very long time.  The primal unformed energy that surrounds us has been flowing, percolating and tingling!  It is ripe for the plucking so to speak.  This year of 2015 will provide infinite possibilities for creating where you wish to go from this point forwards.  We just have to know what we want and go for it.

Now, I am not talking about material possessions and financial security, although that is of a concern for many of you.  I am talking about manifesting your higher destiny from your heart and soul, from your core essence and your Higher Self.  Once that starts cranking along, the rest will follow.  I do have to add that in numerological terms, the year 2015 is the global number 8, which does deal with finances.  For more information on that, check out Glynis McCants' website at www.numberslady.com. 

This morning I received a process that you can use to take advantage of the energetic opportunities that have been presented to us at the start of this year.  We have an energetic window of several days, but you can also repeat this at any time after this coming weekend. 

First of all, sit quietly and get into a meditative state.  If you have a favorite sound track for meditation or a Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD, you might want to put that on.  When you are settled, start by feeling gratitude and appreciation for everything that you are and have right now, no matter what it may be.  Feel those emotions to their fullest and give thanks.

Next, get some sense of what you would like to create for 2015.  Use your guidance and intuition for this.  Your Higher Self may know better than you do as far as what potentials and possibilities are out there for you to grab onto.  Even if your desires are more of a material nature, such as health or finances, you can ask to be shown the higher intent behind the shifting of these issues.  Get a clear idea of what you would like to work with and set that as your intent for this exercise.

If you are able to, access the quantum field, which is the “everywhere and everywhen” of our reality.  If you have no expertise in this just ask to connect to it and assume that you are there.  Take some time with this part. 

You then project your energetic intent into the quantum field.  Make this a strong and clear intent.  You might even verbalize it out loud at this point.  “My intent for 2015 is to be/do/have/manifest/create ….” Put some energy into it.  See it and feel it. This will project the framework for your intent into the quantum field.  If you are visual, this framework may look like a lattice, matrix, spider’s web or any other similar structure.  It will also be barely visible as it is merely a form to be fleshed out. 

Because of your strong intent, minute particles of primal energy will start streaming towards and adhering to your framework.  This looked to me like quite a scene from outer space or a science fiction movie!  As this is happening, you may also have strong feelings of joy and anticipation for your manifesting destiny.  Even if you are not visual, stay with this step as long as you can.  Have certainty that your intent is being manifest for you.  Enjoy the joy and anticipation! 

Now this is the cool part.  When I went through this process this morning, and after my framework was totally fleshed out, a strong glowing light came from above it and ignited the whole thing.  I saw streams of this glowing energy travel out in all directions into every part of the framework, which then started to glow, too.  My sense was that the origin of this light was my aspect that exists at the core of the Milky Way Galaxy where all patterning is created, analyzed and adjusted. 

The last step is to once again feel gratitude and appreciation for what you have received and what you are creating for 2015.  Then gently drift back to your waking consciousness and go about your day.  I have to say that I was a bit spacey after doing this, so make sure that you are present and grounded before you do something like operating power equipment or driving your car!  Ha!!!  Also, trust that your intent has started to manifest for you.  This exercise does not need to be repeated.  Do it and then forget about it.  You can however repeat it with a different theme in mine, but still don’t overdo it. 

Here’s wishing everyone a fabulous 2015.  Big changes are afoot in our personal lives and for the planet.  I suspect that we will look back a year from now and be in awe at how far we have come.  Blessings to all!