January 21, 2014

The Challenge

I am getting ready to go out of town to visit 2 friends who live in the same state but different cities.  One of them comes to Cortez several times a year, so I know her very well.  The other is someone that I met on a trip several years ago and haven’t seen in person since then even though we e-mail and speak on the phone every once in a while.  The one I know well is pretty laid back and takes life as it comes, making plans in the moment without a lot of prior arrangements.  We get to where we are supposed to be and see what happens from there. 

My other friend has been trying to micromanage my trip from every angle since I told her that I was coming!  This has included numerous e-mails regarding sightseeing options, shopping options, what clothes to bring, shoes to wear, restaurants to eat at and the food she needs to buy for the house.  I would rather just show up and go from there, which is actually what will be happening for the most part. 

So this will be a great opportunity to practice staying in my authentic self and being centered and balanced no matter what happens with either friend.  In other words, maintaining my equanimity.  The challenge referred to in the title for this post may turn out to be nothing at all, or a big hoo dee hoo.  Time will tell!  I’ll be posting again when I return from my mad adventure.

January 20, 2014

January Launch

Our launching group met yesterday after a few months’ hiatus.  What a mellow gathering it was!  It seems that each time we get together the energy that we experience is more refined, unified and elevated than the time before.

We spent some time before the actual launching catching up and also discussing the work of Andrew Bartzis, galactic historian.  Andrew has spoken a lot about the upcoming changes that we are hoping will manifest in 2014.  Check out his YouTube videos and his web site for more information on this.  His information is so complex and yet comprehensive that it bears repeated listening to even start to get it all!

The intent for my launch was to clarify and enhance my soul codes.  Apparently, our soul information has been distorted, co-opted and traded off during humanity’s very long sojourn on planet earth.  Because of this, we have been disconnected from our Earth Mother and placed under the dominion of many off planet races.  Earth is the jewel in our galaxy, and has been fought over too many times to count.  Our job is to regain our personal sovereignty so that we can be free to deeply connect with planet earth once she regains her sovereignty. We will become co-creative partners with her once again.  All of this is in the works.  I do feel that another way of doing this is to disconnect from the synthetic realities that George Kavassilas talks about. 

On a very positive note, one of our members has been dealing with rheumatoid arthritis for a number of years now.  She goes to the doctor several times a year to have her condition monitored via blood work, and was so dramatically improved this last time that her physician asked her what exactly she had been doing.  Wow!!!  On the 3D level, she has been eating a diet of mostly live, organic and consciously grown foods for a long time now, but she has another explanation.  She attributes this improvement to having removed her chakras over a year ago.  By doing this she has eliminated the inflow of negative energy that we all live in and is sent our way every day.  Check out the post on this for more information on how to remove your chakra system. 

Regaining our sovereignty means that we will get healthier and healthier because we are clearing out the artificially installed patterns for disease that we all have.  We will gradually return to our natural state of perfect health! 

January 18, 2014

In The Groove

There was a wonderful guest on the Saturday January 11th show on Coast to Coast AM.  His name was Richard Alan Miller.  Generally I am behind on catching up on the shows and listen to the podcasts only once before deleting them, but this show deserves a second listen. 

Of the many gems of wisdom that he delivered, this one stayed in my mind.  Miller said that if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, the universe will cooperate with you.  You will have support that will come to you in a variety of ways and your path in life will bear fruit.  My version of this is that if you are following your soul’s plan, you will be in your groove and life will go smoothly.  Long ago I decided that if something was too much of a struggle, it was not meant for me, and it was time to give it up.  Not that stuff won’t happen and lessons won’t have to be learned, but as you proceed further down your path, you will have developed more tools to work with situations as they come up.

Now, this does not mean that you will be fabulously rich or famous when you are in your groove, although for some, this might be the case.  There should be a sense of peace and accomplishment, and a real knowing of who you are at your core.  Struggle does tend to happen when the ego’s wants are in charge, instead of the soul’s needs.  I also had to caution a client last week about letting her mind run away with the analysis of her issues.  The mind will fool us every time and I don’t consider that kind of feedback to be very reliable.

So how do we steer ourselves to what we are supposed to be doing?  One way is to use our body’s innate knowingness to guide us.  As Richard Miller said, decisions made with the gut are outside of space-time and are always correct.  Wonderful!!!  We do have brain cells in our gut that receive and analyze input.  We then get the result of that in the way of body sensations in the midsection.  Everyone has heard phrases like “butterflies in the stomach or stomach tied in knots”.   What about actual physical feelings like nausea or queasiness?  If you are connected to your body’s consciousness, you will get signals like these when something is off, or in other words, if you are straying off of your path. I always call the solar plexus the body’s BS detector!  What a wonderful built in tool we all have.    

Here’s another phrase that I heard years ago.  “The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality”.  If someone thinks that something is so, then that will be reflected back to them regardless of if it is true or not.  So you see how tricky things can get if the true self and the body are not connected to deeply and listened to.  The mind can cook up all sorts of scenarios that may not be valid but that will manifest anyway.  I also know many people who spent years of their life going down a path that was not theirs to tread and ended up hitting a dead end, especially if they’ve followed certain new age spiritual groups or teachings. 

So learn to make choices by listening to your guts.  There may come a time when that will be the only resource you will have to make a decision. 

January 12, 2014

A New ET Race?

Or not?  This week, while working on a new client, a new race of being showed up that I had never encountered before.  I put it in the extraterrestrial category because it partially fit the criteria of where I find ET attachments in the human energy field. 

I will know if a client has a strong genetic ET lineage if they have energetic implants in their head.  This predisposition is inherited from mom or dad.  I am mainly talking about the predatory or “negative” ET’s here.  We all have some ET genetics, but in those who have a stronger lineage, it can be a real problem.  They can exacerbate or even cause a whole host of medical conditions in the head such as migraines, chronic headaches, eye problems, brain tumors, in addition to insomnia, night terrors or fear of the dark.  In the case of my client, who is in her 20’s, she has been experiencing a lot of tinnitus.  That was a big tipoff as to what I might find while doing the healing work.

I track the implants by slowly running my hands above but not touching the client’s head.  I am sensing for an electrical sparking or cold stream of air that is streaming out.  This pinpoints the location of the implant.  I then go through a specific procedure to destroy and remove the implant.  While I am doing this, the race that is connected to the implant will show up just outside my healing space.  After making a note as to what race it is, the implant is destroyed and the ET disappears. 

Normally I do not dialog with them and just go through the procedure.  This case was different.  Upon starting to remove the implants from my client’s temples, a being appeared that I had never seen before.  It took the form of a whitish ball with short legs, about 1.5 feet tall and as round as it was wide.  I could not see any distinguishable features, but it was able to communicate with me.  It was also extremely electrical.  Now, all ETs are somewhat electrical by nature and that is why they do not harmonize with the mostly magnetic human energy field, hence the health problems in those with a strong ET lineage. 

Here is the information that I got from this being.  It said that it is fairly new to this planet, having something to do with the planet Venus.  When I asked how it got here, it said that it came along with some of the other ET races.  It has been entering and flowing with the energy of electricity, radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF), and showed me how it could make itself much smaller to merge in with these energies, in particular through electrical wires.  It also said that it is much easier to get into a human body now since many more of us are “cracked”, in other words, our Luminous Energy Fields are not intact and whole.  I quickly finished the extraction and reported back to my client.  Certainly, this could have been contributing to her tinnitus.  

So now you see why I put this entity into the ET category.  Perhaps it is in a category all of its own, an off planet being that is now newly coming to the planet to invade the human body via electricity, radiation or EMF.  A pretty scary thought.  It reminds me of the post I wrote about the entities associated with gluten and sugar. 

My advice here?  Do whatever you can to minimize your exposure to the above mentioned energy sources.  I know that in this day and age, it can be tough to do depending on your lifestyle.  I live in the country, do not have a smart phone, and do not have WiFi in my house.  There is a web site called www.caravantomidnight.com that markets all sorts of devices in their store section to deal with the EMF and radiation issues that can cause so much trouble.  My client, for example, told me that her smart phone never leaves her side.  I encouraged her to look into ways of changing that, starting with an earpiece on a cord that she can plug into her phone.  Holding a smart phone up to the head is definitely not a good idea. 

I am assuming that this electrical ET will start showing up in more clients and I can continue to gather more information on it.  This is just the start.  As I wrote in the post on the sugar and gluten issues, entities feed off of a reaction that one has to a substance.  Seems like now we have to add electricity, radiation and EMF to the list of substances that the various entities use to feed off of our energetic reactions.    

January 9, 2014

Caesarean Births

For all of the humans on this planet, the circumstance surrounding their birth always plays a major role in how they deal with life from that point onwards.  I am talking here about the actual physical birth process with all of its drama, trauma, medical malfunctions, long labor, or on the other hand, the natural birth that comes off without complications.  Aside from the physical aspect of the birth, we can add to this any violence or accidents that the mother experiences while pregnant, health issues of the mother or fetus, thoughts of an impending adoption, unwanted pregnancy and a whole host of other issues.  It’s a wonder that any of us come out of the womb in a “normal” state, whatever that may be! 

Whatever energetic pattern that is experienced at one’s birth gets imprinted on the baby and then dictates how that person approaches new things, works through problems or trusts others to name a few.  The pace at which they deal with life can also be imprinted. Let me give you an example.  If the mother experienced a very fast birth, that baby, and then adult, may approach life at top speed ignoring many of the subtleties and hidden aspects of life that they need to pay attention to.  Or, on the other hand, that person may spend their whole life trying to put on the breaks and go slowly because that original trauma freaked them out! 

In my healing practice, I track back to the moment of birth if necessary, and make energetic corrections.  Then, I drag the new healed state forward to the client’s energy field in present time.  It’s like redoing the whole process so that the person can move forward with a new patterning. 

The byproduct of traumatic births can be fairly obvious, but this week I worked on a young man who was born via Caesarean.  I had often wondered what the life imprinting of this type of birth would look like in a client, and it certainly proves to be much more subtle while at the same time just as dysfunctional.  This client is in his late 20’s, whereas most of my clients are much older than that.  Caesareans have become much more popular in the last few decades, so I suspect that I will be seeing more of this in new clients.  I have encountered just a few up to this point. 

I would not necessarily consider this kind of birth traumatic, depending on the circumstances, but there is an imprint nonetheless.  The birth for the baby is probably very easy if the mother is not in distress.  Imagine being gently lifted out of the womb and going through whatever they do to babies right after birth.  No muss, no fuss, no struggle.  Sounds nice but here is the problem.  This young man is floating his way through life.   He has an idea of what he would like to achieve, but it is not very concrete.  His free time is spent running with his dog, hanging out at the beach with his buddies, reading a book, and trying to keep his veggies growing in his garden.  He does not like his job, but is hesitant to look for something more suitable, if he even knew what that was.  Engaging deeply with life is a problem for him. 

Now, there could be other reasons for this way of life, but this all makes sense to me.  It’s not that there is anything very wrong here, but it doesn’t seem to be a very interesting and exciting way to live.  There is much dissatisfaction and discontent, but not the energy and passion to shift that.  My sense is that the normal birthing process with its pushing and yelling, excitement and anticipation, is what imprints the baby with the passion and energy for life and the motivation to move forward in a dynamic way as they grows up.  With the Caesarean birth, the baby misses out on that imprinting. 

I will be on the lookout for more clients with this issue to see if there are commonalities. This may come sooner than I think, because in the next week, I have 2 new clients that were born within several months of this young man, same year.  Now what kind of coincidence is that? 

January 5, 2014

Body and Soul

When I listen to the internet programs of George Kavassilas on www.ourjourneyhome.com.au and www.superwooradio.com.au or those of Andrew Bartzis on YouTube, the topic of “who are we and where did we come from” is always the driving force for most of the discussions.  A lot of information is disseminated, but I have never heard anyone give a clear explanation of the difference between our soul’s history and our body’s history. 

This can be confusing for a lot of the listeners, as there is a difference between the two.  In the course of my shamanic healing work and the Quantum Sphere Healing work that I do on clients, I see the difference between the two as far as the origins of traumas, heavy energy and inherited issues go.  I thought it would be of value for others to be able to differentiate between them.

Our physical form is considered to be bi-pedal or as I like to say, humanoid, with a torso, head, two arms and two legs.  We are not the only ones in this galaxy with this form.  Most if not all of the extraterrestrial races that we are familiar with are also humanoid.  This form is inherited and created by genetic patterning, or DNA.  This also means that there can be some interbreeding between different types of humanoids, i.e. extraterrestrials and humans according to a variety of factors.   

What is the origin of this humanoid form?  It undoubtedly goes back millions and millions of years to a distant place and time.  In the book “The Prism of Lyra” by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest, it is written that our origins started in the constellation of Lyra (the Lyre), and then spread throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.  Gradually through time, DNA was tinkered with and altered to get the myriad of forms that we know today.  The topic of the Anunnaki is a hot one right now, with the stories about how they altered the genetic codes of the more primitive humans that they found when they first came to earth.  Please refer to the Super Woo Radio episodes #18 and #19 for some good information on this. 

So, our current physical forms can be considered to be the end product of our origins from a place far away, any alterations made before getting here and the alterations made to our DNA once arriving.  That is somewhat simplistic, but you get the idea.

Soul, on the other hand, is the energy that occupies and energizes our physical bodies.  It is eternal and infinite and has always existed.  It maintains a continuous connection through all of our higher dimensional aspects all the way back to Source, which is also eternal and infinite.  It has traveled throughout creation, experienced many things and embodied many humanoid forms in addition to the human one.  Soul families, lineages and groupings of allegiance have been formed along the way.

This doesn’t mean that our souls are pure and unblemished.  Stuff has happened during the soul travels that the soul memory retains.  Soul at this level can be manipulated and co-opted, too. It is also possible for a soul that has recently embodied one of the other humanoid races to come here to try out being a human.  That can be quite confusing for someone in that situation. 

Being a human here on earth means that your soul with its multidimensional history occupies your physical body with its genetic history.  Both can bring traumas to the table.  For soul, these are the traumas that were experienced in past lives that remain with the soul’s memory.  In my healing work I also find negative imprints from events that happened while soul was not occupying a body of some sort or occupying a non-human body.  For the physical body with its DNA patterning, the negative imprints are inherited through the genetic ancestors on this planet.  The imprints can even go back to very primitive times with some pretty basic fight or flight responses.  Both soul and DNA can bring with them patterns for physical or psychological dysfunction.

I am convinced that soul chooses a genetic physical lineage to be born into for the opportunity for experience, healing and evolution.  We all hope that we leave the earth in a better state than the way we arrived, but this does not always happen.  Negative patterns can be passed from soul to the DNA, and vice versa.  Then at the time of death, the soul can be burdened with more heavy energy to work through in another reincarnation, or the body with its changed genetic patterning can pass down to its ancestors a distortion that wasn’t originally there.  Thus comes another round of trying to get it right the next time. 

I somehow think this is also part of the system that has been put in place to keep us stuck here spinning our wheels.  The key is to evolve both soul and body to the best of your ability while you are here given the tools and knowledge that you have at your disposal.  The body is the temple, and the soul occupies that temple.  They go hand and hand and both deserve equal treatment.  That way you can leave this earthly realm much improved, with all energy intact and with enough escape velocity to move on to your next mission.