March 30, 2016

Comments from a Listener

I got this wonderful e-mail from a client, and thought I'd post the whole thing here instead of adding it as a comment below the previous post.  Here is Tony's e-mail.  He is referencing last Saturday's interview with Lance White.  Enjoy!

"Thanks Carla, I was able to listen in last night, it was such an affirming boost 
Your experience of the group-unity-bliss that you shared at a higher dimension 
resonates with a consistent desire I've been having all my life - To be with others 
of my own natural vibration - so that was incredibly refreshing to hear

I don't think we'll ever loose our 'individuality' as your friend had asked about, 
or else how would we be able to identify as being 'part of a group' - having both 
coexist at the same time is what I was hoping to experience here in 3D too

wouldn't that be remarkable? And that's probably what got a lot of us to embark 
on this adventure in the first place, another manifestation of what we were already 
quite happy with, and were just looking for another 'flavor' so to speak, to taste

As you suggested, on the way out of this experience, they'll no doubt be some 
"tweaking" of the elements that manifested this realm of experience we've had 

I'm glad that when You and Lance talk there's plenty of laughter with a sense of 
already being at a higher plane, while reflecting back at the challenges we are 
ALL experiencing right now, at so many different aspects of our consciousness, 
while still being in this 3D realm and in this physical body of ours

It's mind boggling that more people haven't already snapped into many different 
segments, since keeping this experience 'embodied' is incredibly challenging 

There's been days in the past couple weeks when just adhering to being physical 
feels out of place, as if 3D is more illusive than other aspects of consciousness

I'm looking forward to when this present adventure of ours 
is reflected upon in complete hindsight!   aren't You? :)

Thank You again for sharing the opportunity to listen in 
with You and Lance, it's been much appreciated, Tony"

March 27, 2016


First of all I would like to thank those of you who listened to last night's interview with Lance White, Zany Mystic.  We had a bit of a snafu at the start of the interview, as there was a miscommunication with the control room at BBS radio, and it took about 10 minutes to sort that out.  I do not know what you all were listening to during that time, but I hope that you hung in there for the very interesting discussion on current energetic happenings.  The interview should be archived in the next day or so.  To listen, go here.

Secondly, I am a bit disappointed to announce that my trip to Turkey has been bumped back to October 15th to the 22nd because of not having enough people signed up.  The new trip is shorter and more reasonably priced and will focus mainly on Istanbul and then the area around Gobleki Tepe.  I still plan on going.  You can still check out Andrew Collins site here.  

Lastly, for those of you who were still visiting my old shamanic website, Farwalkers Destiny, it was taken down in it's original format at the end of January.  I am now in the process of reformulating it, as I don't want that domain name to go away forever.  Later today I will hopefully be putting PayPal payment buttons on both that site and Quantum Stargate to make it easier for you to pay for books, CD's, workshops and QSH sessions.

April looks to be a very busy month for me, with several trips planned, so please bear with me if my posts are not that frequent.  May will be much better! 

March 23, 2016

Saturday's Interview with Lance White, Zany Mystic

I am very pleased to announce that I will be interviewed by Lance White on A Fireside Chat this coming Saturday March 26th.  This will be quite the free flowing conversation, as we are not doing any prep work before the interview.  My plan is to talk about the very chaotic energy that we have been experiencing behind the scenes in the last few months, at least!  Please tune in here at 7 PM Pacific time, 10 PM Eastern time on Saturday night.  Of course, this show will be archived, and you can go back and listen at any time.

You might also want to go back and re-read my posts entitled "Incoming" and "Surfing the Wave" before Saturday, as I hope to cover some of that information during the show.  See you then!

March 21, 2016

Source Infusion

Yesterday, the day after the Vernal Equinox ceremony, we had a launching to take advantage of the high energy of the weekend.  We had the usual launchers here in addition to my friend and student Valentina and a friend of hers.  It was clear that we were surfing the positive energy that was generated the night before, and the whole process went very smoothly.

As I have stated before, everyone needs an intent for their launching.  Since I had nothing unusual in particular to investigate, I used a theme that I have used before.  It was “What does my exit from this reality look like?”  When I was then launched, the journey went really fast. I immediately found myself being propelled through the Great Void between the 4th and 5th dimensions.  On to and through the stargate Milky Way, and then through the exit point of our universe, and out into the multiverse.  I heard a brief bit of advice at that point, that once I had left our universe the final time, that portal or door would be shut to me permanently and I would not be able to return.  Now that was a new piece of information that I had never heard before. 

I then found myself in the location that I call home.  You can read about my first journey there in my post “Going Home”.  What a tranquil place to rest a bit!  When I started my journey back is when things really got interesting.  As I was returning to my body using the same route I had taken on my journey outbound, I was pulling that source/home energy back with me.  That had never happened before. A pretty wide tube had opened up connecting home to my 3D reality here, and that lovely glowing caramel colored energy was pouring through that tube.  The last thing that happened was that this energy really expanded bigtime when it reached my current location.  Most of the launchers felt this expansion, too. 

The implications of this new energy flow are yet to be determined.  What does this mean?  Can we all bring this source energy into our waking 3D reality on a regular basis?  If so, what can we do with it?  What effect will it have on our lives, those closest to us, humanity or the planet?  Will it accelerate our spiritual evolution?  I do not have any answers right now, as this is still too new to even contemplate. 

Here is another very new tidbit that came in when our fellow launcher Kathleen made her journey.  She encountered an energy field that was very sparkly and had ribbons of many colors swirling around in it.  She said that it was extremely attractive.  When she went closer thinking that she would enter that energy field to explore, she got a definite “no” from her inner guidance.  Upon closer inspection, she could see that this energy field was encased in a clear membrane or container. Whoops!  Was this another type of entrapment that we need to be wary of after we have left the physical form for good?  I suggested that this might be one of the synthetic creations that float around in the 4th dimension, waiting to absorb the unwary traveler. 

Anyway, the mapping continues.  Just when I think that we have a handle on things, something new shows up.  Expect the unexpected in all ways and in all realms!

March 20, 2016

Dimensional Shifting

Last night I had a wonderful group of people here at my house for a Vernal Equinox fire ceremony.  Magic always happens during these times of year, and last night was no exception.  I can tell that something is up in the collective unconscious, as not only did I have more people here for ceremony than I have had in a great while, but the Zumba class that I take on Friday mornings was packed to the gills, too.  People are feeling the need to gather with like minded souls.  In whatever way it happens for you, creating community with like minded people who live in your area is very important right now.  Contrary to what some people may think, community like this cannot be created via the internet.  It takes in person contact. 

Before I describe what happened to me during the ceremony, I’d like to mention Tom Kenyon’s latest Hathor Planetary Message that was e-mailed out on March 17th.  The message was entitled “Destabilization”.  Nowadays, his messages are few and far between, but very important to pay attention to.  To get on his mailing list, go to  To access this and all previous messages, click on the Hathors tab in the left hand column on his home page. 

I won’t recap the whole message, and will leave it to you to read it.  I would, however, like to quote one particular section where he discusses the increasing destabilization of all aspects of our reality.   “One marker, evolutionarily speaking for transition states between dimensions as a human being, is the growing perception that life is a dream. If this occurs for you, you will experience your life and the events of your life as having a dreamlike insubstantial quality. You will still have to deal with the realities of your physical existence, but there will be an increasing sense that your physical existence has an unreal quality about it.”  Wow!!!  If you read his whole message, you will get the explanation and his recommended advice for this situation. 

Now, getting back to my experience during the fire ceremony, I believe that I experienced what he was talking about.  We chant a fire song mantra during most of the ceremony that keeps our brainwaves in the altered state of theta.  It was during this portion of the ceremony that I started to feel as if I were observing a dream sequence.  It was as if I were watching the group from afar, like looking at them through an ever lengthening tube.  I even physically backed up about 5 feet out of the circle several times to see what the effect would be.  It was very much like a living dream, and kind of surreal.  That is why I entitled this post “Dimensional Shifting”, because there was a distinct feeling that I was starting to drift up the dimensional scale by a fraction. 

According to Kenyon, our nervous systems may also be destabilizing, which can cause this dream like perception, but I do not feel that that was the case with me last night, as I had complete control over what was happening.  If you find this happening to you, I would say that your first step would be to gain control over the phenomenon and also make sure that you are totally grounded.  If you suspect a nervous system issue, you might want to investigate supplements that will strengthen this part of your physiology.  Cover all of your bases.  On the other hand, this may be an increasing phenomenon that can’t be stopped as it is a part of the transition process that all of humanity is going through currently.  As always, use your own guidance regarding this, but do all you can to support yourself in every way.

March 17, 2016

The Life Review

We had a marvelous turnout for the Rise Multiversity workshop this past Saturday.  I received several nice reports in the day or two afterwards about the energy that participants felt during the guided journey “Through Death and Beyond”.  The Part 6 workshop is now ready for purchase here.  My whole goal for this particular workshop was to prepare everyone for what I would say is probably the most important transition point in this lifetime.  The group consciousness star ship of the participants mapped this journey on Saturday.  For those of you listening to the guided journey for the first time, or those who will be listening to the replay, it is recommended that you listen to the recording several times so that you can follow this route automatically when the time comes. 

A thought came to mind the day after the workshop, and I would like to cover it briefly here.  What about the infamous life review that we all hear about from near death experiencers?  This was not a topic that I covered in the workshop, as the main focus at that point in the after death journey was to emphasize “Do not go to the light”.  In other words, do not enter the tunnel of light that opens up after you have died, as that will lead you directly back into the reincarnational cycle.  It is my sense that the life review starts after the deceased enters the tunnel of light. 

So if we look at the reincarnational cycle and the belief in karma, the review of one’s life’s misdeeds and harmfulness is necessary to make amends and know what not to do the next time around.  Sounds nice in theory, doesn’t it?  What if the life review has been orchestrated by those who would like to keep the human race entrapped in this system?  What better way than to show someone all of their failures in life to get them to believe that they have to come back to do it all over again and make amends? 

On the other hand, I believe that if we adopt a “no harm, no foul” attitude towards being here, there will be nothing to make amends for.  Our lifetime is a collaboration between us and the other, whether it is a person, a group, an institution of some kind, or even the environment.  The learning is in the interaction, no matter how it turns out. 

This does not mean, however, that one can go through life in a thoughtless manner, not being mindful of our effect on others and the related interactions.  I have always felt that as one evolves energetically and spiritually, there is a built in sense of what is right/harmless versus wrong/harmful.  As one’s vibration increases, it is easier to take the right/harmless action most of the time. 

Taking this one step further, it is my sense that the practice of “forgiveness” is also designed to keep people either guilty, in judgment or in victimhood.  All of these negate the co-creation of any interaction between you and the other.  It is better to honor the interaction, no matter how difficult or damaging it may have been, and acknowledge that all of it has had a purpose.  Move forward with this new understanding and apply a little gratitude and appreciation.  With this framework in mind, the life review is never needed and can be looked at as a grand manipulation that is designed to keep us stuck on the wheel of reincarnation.

March 10, 2016

Your Final Exit from 4D

Would you like to be complete with your experiences here in the earthly realm at the end of this lifetime?  Would you like to receive some very valuable information on how you can then exit this reality when the time is right?  Would you like the map from earth to the exit point from this universe?

If so, please join me for my next Rise Multiversity workshop this Saturday March 12th at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST.  Our title is "The Journey through Death and Beyond".  To register, please go here.  Hope to see you on Saturday for a very interesting and informative workshop. 

March 5, 2016

Anyone for Turkey?

My next sacred site trip will be to Turkey in May.  This trip is put on by Megalithomania and is called "The Origins of Civilization".  It is led by Andrew Collins, one of the esteemed experts on the 13,000 year old archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe, which is located in the southeastern part of the country. Andrew is also the author of the premier book on this subject, “Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods”.  It’s a fabulous read for those interested in this megalithic site. 

I heard from Andrew the other day that he has a few spots open for this trip, so I am getting the word out.  This is a chance to visit one of the most important archaeological sites on the planet with a true expert.  The group will be small and intimate.  What an opportunity!  I will also be in my sacred information gathering mode and look forward to finding out what other participants receive as well during our fabulous 2 days at the site. 

For more information on this 12 day trip, you can e-mail Andrew through his web site here.  Scroll down his events tab to get to the itinerary.  Perhaps I will be meeting some of you in person in Istanbul! 

March 3, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 6

My next “Tools for Transition” workshop will take place on Saturday March 12th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern Time here in the US.  The topic for this Part 6 workshop will be “The Journey through Death and Beyond”.  To purchase your ticket for this workshop, go here.
The whole process of physical death and what happens to the human soul and spirit after one leaves the body for the last time has been a subject of intense interest for me since I started my shamanic training years ago.  It is the shaman’s task to assist the dead and dying in their final process, and to make sure that these souls do not get stuck in unnecessary suffering on the way to their destination in the afterlife.  For all of us, especially now in our current stage of evolution, the moment of death and immediately beyond that may be the most important moment and choice point of this current lifetime.  

Because of my extensive experience and interest in this subject, I have been able to map the places that one can go to upon leaving the body for the last time.  There are many options, twists and turns to this journey depending upon the level of clarity, consciousness, vibration and ultimate destination that the newly freed spirit has.  Of course, the first task of the spirit is to clear the 4th dimensional matrix once and for all.  

There are as many ways to die as there are people on this planet.  How this happens at the end for each individual depends on their state of health, their attachment to people and things, their psychological state of mind, in addition to the cause of death whether it is slow and painful, quick and violent, or in one’s sleep.  I may briefly touch on this, but my focus will be on what happens once one exits the body.  

During this 2 hour workshop, I will cover this fascinating and essential topic in addition to leading at least one journey that will map the pathway from 3rd dimensional physicality all the way through the exit portal at the top of our universe.  Please join me for this exciting and essential experience.  

Just for kicks--from the sacred site at Palenque, Mexico! 

March 2, 2016

Surfing the Wave

Since writing my post a few days ago on the incoming energies that are creating a chaotic spinning energy in the subconscious realms, I have heard from quite a few of you that you are really resonating with that information.  It seems that many people have detected this background “noise” in a very subtle but powerful way, and are aware of these effects oozing into their daily lives.  Many have been noticing this for a while and did not realize that this is a planetary (or bigger) phenomenon until I wrote about it.

In addition, this week I worked on several clients who were moving forward in a dynamic way during their integration between Quantum Sphere Healing sessions.  They have made life changes that they did not foresee happening before they worked with me.  I have to say that this is tremendously gratifying for me to see, and I applaud their progress. 

So what are these clients doing that is different from some of the others?  They are surfing the wave of these chaotic incoming energies.  They are going with the flow and making life decisions while trusting that all will work out for them.  They are taking advantage of the positive aspects of this energy. 

Since we live in a realm that is ruled by polarity, everything has a positive and a negative aspect.  So as we are affected by a sometimes very uncomfortable and chaotic background energy, that energy can also be used to effect dynamic change in our lives.  All it takes is to really let go of the old stuck stuff, intend for a change, and go with what shows up without resistance.  The results can be amazing if we just trust the chaos to break down the old structures and reformulate something new and sometimes unexpected.  Be willing to be surprised, as in spite of it all, we all have a plan for our spiritual evolution that has been formulated by our higher aspects.  The key is to trust what shows up as a result of surfing that incoming wave and go with it without hesitation!