February 8, 2013

Chakra Extras

I have received some great feedback and questions about the chakra information, and would like to share a bit more.  Just a reminder for all of you to treat yourselves humanely and in a heart centered manner throughout all of the changes that we are undergoing now.  Keep coming back to your core essence.  I am so touched because I can feel that energy radiating out from all of you, and I honor you for being willing to step up and go for it!   From what I understand and feel, we are still compressing and will pop out the other side of whatever is happening at some point in the future, so things may get a bit rougher before we are through.  The changes you are each are making will enable you to remain grounded and centered, and in your authentic self more and more.  One of my friends e-mailed me that she has felt like she has been on a not-so-merry-go-round for years, and going nowhere.  Finally she is feeling like she is moving forward.  Don’t you love it!!!  (Thanks, Lori!) 

Another friend asked about moving beyond the automatically triggered reactions of our emotions.  He is convinced that our “feeling” nature has been robbed to create the controlling of emotional responses that people experience.  I agree entirely. So many aspects of our organic energetic nature have been hijacked. This is what matrix programming does and removing the chakras is our first step to freedom.  On the other hand, we agreed to this before we came here for our learning and experience, so we are not victims of the system.  From what I understand, those who graduate from the Earth school will be revered for the wisdom and broad scope of experience they carry.  We are the ones who will be in that position sooner or later. 

I am sure that many of you know this, but before we were born, our souls and higher selves chose the genetic combinations from mom and dad that would give us our inherited attributes and challenges.  We also created a plan with others we would share this lifetime with, and decided on the past life traumas that would be carried over this time around.  Removing the chakras and kundalini does not erase all of this.  It will make it easier for you to know what is truly yours to work through, and what is being artificially implanted or triggered in you by an impulse coming from the matrix.  I have found that it is easier to work through my stuff now, as the subtleties of the issues are more evident without the accompanying drama and trauma.  It is vitally important to recognize on a day to day basis what is ours and what is not.  

A while back, I wrote about entanglements and attachments between people.  We tend to attach to another from our chakras to theirs.  A thread of energy is sent out from the first person’s chakra of need, to connect to the other person’s chakra that is perceived to satisfy that need.  This is done according to both people’s availabilities and patterns.  The areas of life where this happens routinely are related to security, finances, sex, relationships, power and love to name a few.  For example, and I am getting personal here, I met a man this fall who found me very sexually attractive.  The feelings were not reciprocated by me at all. The thread of attachment coming from his 2nd chakra had no place to anchor because of that.  I still had my chakras at that time, too, but I was not available.  Another example would be if someone you had a codependent relationship with was bullying you into lending some money, and he sent an attachment from his 3rd chakra of power into your second chakra of relationships to try to get his way.  That very well might be successful.  When one no longer has chakras, these types of attachments will no longer happen.  We will transition to a way of connecting heart to heart to each other with mutual honor and respect. 

I have also not mentioned the pineal gland matrix patterning that is part of the chakra and kundalini system.  George Kavassilas talks about this as being part of the synthetic DNA matrix.  That made sense to me big time.  When one is being overshadowed by a false reality, wouldn’t our 3rd Eye chakra/inner vision be a good place to target? Also, when I check a client for ET implants that need to be removed, they routinely show up in the center of the head near the pineal gland.  No coincidence here.  So we are looking at the distinct possibility that our DNA is being manipulated, too, in more than one way.  

I do recommend checking yourself after removing your chakra/kundalini/pineal programming.  Have someone else check your chakras with their hand or pendulum.  It is hard to check this on yourself.  Either you or the other person can check your kundalini, which is actually easier to do on yourself.  Visualize your spine and see what may be left.  The 2 undulating side channels, the ida and pingala, will most likely be completely gone, but there may be a bit left of the central channel, the sushumna.  Simply reach in and pull it out, thank it, and combust it into your core essence.  To check the pineal gland, visualize it out in front of you and look for any remaining patterning or grid work that may still be surrounding it.  Use the same process to remove and combust it.  (Interesting that while I am writing this, I am getting a persistent buzzing in my ear.  Someone is not happy with me giving out this information.  Time to go take care of those pesky reptilians!) 
Good luck and blessings to all! 


  1. How have you felt physically after removing this system?

    1. Physically, there has not been much difference, as my health is very good, anyway. Keep in mind that by removing the chakras, you are not erasing the imprints from past life traumas and genetic inherited patterns. The chakra removal does however start the ball rolling for the awareness and removal of other matrix programming.

  2. i see the truth in what you are saying, and have had extensive discussions with other people who have claimed to have removed their chakras...

    as it seems to me, the chakras are not actually being removed; they are being cleared and oriented into functioning the way they are designed to function: from the inside- out connecting from source to manifest your body thru the Elements.

    most people for whatever reasons tend to pull energy into their chakras from the external environment; which validates the whole notion of 'chakra removal' due to the working definition of what it is thought to be a chakra.

    its a difference of fueling your energy from the Sanctuary of Divinity or sucking energy from outside Oneself

    1. Great comments, TJ. Believe me, my chakras are gone, not just reoriented. I prefer to source myself from my core essence, which is a single energy location deep in the chest which connects to my eternal essence. If you have any doubts about whether a person has indeed removed their chakras, it is easy to test with your pendulum, even remotely.

  3. hi Carla! sourcing Self from core essence is exactly what im saying as this is proper chakra mechanics.

    i have tested a few george kassavalis followers. i have found the only difference being if indeed the chakra is fed from the core essence or feeding off the external environment

    what do you call it then when core essence conjures the Elements to manifest?

  4. Hi TJ. Sorry, but this is a theory that I am not familiar with, so I can't answer your question. Perhaps more explanation will help?