December 30, 2020

The New Year of 2021


Our next big milestone is the start of the New Year of 2021. First of all, 2021 adds up to the number 5, which is the world number.  Five is quite a restless number, and is all about freedom, adventure, fun and lots of change.  We could all use some of that right now!  There is also a heavy dose of drama that goes along with a 5.  The world number is not necessarily the same as your personal year number.  To find out what that is, I recommend that you read up on it in “Glynis Has Your Number” by Glynis McCants.  Lots of very useful information is in that book.  One bit that I have found very helpful is how you can change the vibration of your home address if it does not harmonize with your life path number.

For several years, I did a New Years workshop for Rise Multiversity called “Setting Your Energetic Template for (insert the year)”.  The last one was for 2019, and can be purchased here. When you get there, please scroll down the page.   The format was the same for all of those workshops.  If you would like to go through those exercises, I highly recommend getting the mp3.  You can use it every year and just insert the current New Year.  I also did a radio interview with Lance White a year ago in which we talked about what 2020 held in store for everyone.  Lance is currently on hiatus, but you can to for the December 28th show in the archives to listen to last year’s show.

Since the above options are not available to me this year, this post will contain my impressions of what 2021 will bring.  Let me say this.  I am not a fan of predictions that give details and dates, as those are often wrong.  What I do is read the energy flows and give impressions as to what they may mean.  I have to emphasize that each of you are totally in charge of your own destiny, and that each person’s path is individual to them.  Take 2020 as an example.  So many different experiences were to be had this year, depending on one’s state of health, physical location, financial status, etc.  And for the spiritually evolving humans among you, I do hope that you did not get your COVID information from the mainstream press!  What a mess. 

So upon tracking this upcoming year, these are my impressions.  The first thing I saw when tuning in was a straight flat line that takes a rapid and sudden 45° angle upwards about mid year.  So 2021 will start out slow and steady, and not too exciting.  We will be in a holding pattern of sorts, and almost in a state of hibernation.  This will be a time to do an assessment of your life.  A time to go within and determine who you really are in this world, and to get a firm grasp of your identity.  Independent of the status quo, what do you really stand for?  What are your priorities in life, material or spiritual?  This first part of the year will be a preparation for what is to come.

When I tuned into the spot on the timeline where the rapid upwards turn is taken, I saw a glowing orange-yellow flaming ball.  What that is, I do not know, but whatever that is will propel humanity on a different path.  Here is where all of your preparation will come into play.  There will be yet another splitting of the worlds between the self realized and evolving humans vs. the “sheeple”.  Which side do you want to be on? 

This will also be a time to let your light shine, get out there, and serve as an example for the rest.  By doing your preparation work in the first part of the year, you will be ready to reset and recreate your life, and ride on this upwards current of energy.  I also got an inkling of a new leader coming forth who will be an example of all that I have written here. 

All of this could change as the future moves along, so only take what resonates with you.  I am describing more of a global situation, and what happens to you may be quite different.  Always focus on your own guidance and intuition first and foremost.  Assess with a critical eye, and use your discernment skills at all times.  Happy New Year everyone!!!

December 29, 2020

Christmas Eve

The last day of our trip was December 24th.  That day, we hired a hiking guide and traveled to the Valley of Fire State Park which is NE of Las Vegas.  Talk about gorgeous!!!  As we hiked, around each corner was revealed a new and startlingly beautiful scene.  I took so many photos that it was hard to choose some for this post.  Here they are. 

Here is a short video that I took at the start of the hike.
Wow.  What a way to wind up our trip.  Sabrina and I then went out to a sushi restaurant for an early dinner.  The drive home on Christmas day was uneventful, especially since there were no semi trucks on the highway.  Glad to be home and now preparing for the start of the calendar New Year. 

December 28, 2020

Hiking and Neon Lights

Our next full day in Las Vegas started off with a big hike south of the city.  After looking at several options, we chose the Petroglyph Trail at the Sloan Canyon Conservation Area.  You can see by these photos that the desert in winter is pretty dried up and barren.  We hiked about 5 miles on trails and through sand, scrambled over some steep slopes, and braved the fairly strong winds at the high point/turning point of the trail. 

Here is the very colorful California Barrel Cactus, which was tucked into rock crevices along the way.  When it is in bloom, the flowers are yellow.

Of course, the petroglyphs are the major attraction on this trail, and there were many.  My sense was that this was a gathering place, as there is no water here for permanent habitation.  Here is a sampling of the very interesting rock art. 

If you use your imagination, the next one looks like a desert tortoise, and the one after that, a burrowing owl, both common desert inhabitants. 

At the high point of the trail there sits a very large and impressive volcanic laccolith that really stands out.  I imagined that this was an ancient sacred site for the local native people. 

A cold front was blowing through, and in this area at the high point in the trail, it got pretty windy.  On our way back to the trailhead, you could see the Las Vegas skyline in the distance.  Notice all of the haze in the air! 

Since all of the shows were cancelled this holiday season, we wanted to find something else fun to do this evening.  We chose the Neon Museum.  This is an outdoor venue that features neon signs from “old” Las Vegas.  As some of the original hotels, motels and casinos were torn down to make way for the big new facilities that now dominate the town, the signage was donated to the museum.  Some of the signs still work, and some are lit up with creative spot lighting.  After touring the displays, we went across the street to enjoy a sound and light show featuring video and music from the notable entertainers that have performed in Las Vegas throughout the years.  It was all great fun, and brought on a feeling of nostalgia for the good old days here.


December 27, 2020

Hoover Dam


On our first full day of the trip, we booked a tour down to the Hoover Dam.  What fun!  We had a guide that I suspect was a frustrated standup comedian.  As you can see, our bus was labeled the “Dam Bus”, which created a running joke that lasted all day! 

Our first stop was to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, which was preserved and moved from its original location so that tourists could take photos in front of it. 

Then after a brief stop in Boulder City, we got a chance to go out on the bridge that was built 10 years ago to reroute the traffic that had been driving over the dam itself.  Quite a feat of construction.

The dam from that bridge.
On to the dam.  What a pleasant surprise!  All of the structures including the dam itself were created in the Art Deco style.  Artistic symmetry was everywhere.

Before one walks over to the top of the dam, there is an extensive monument that is full of esoteric symbology.  On the floor of the monument is a depiction of the position of the planets, stars and the Milky Way for the date of the official opening of the dam by President Herbert Hoover.

More photos of the dam and associated structures.

Back towards the bridge.

Lake Mead.

On our way back to Las Vegas, we stopped at a park in Boulder City where the Desert bighorn sheep like to hang out.  Lake Mead in the background.