March 29, 2013

The Gathering

In this final post on the events from the Exploration 27 class at the Monroe Institute, I’d like to describe Focus 34/35, which Robert Monroe called “The Gathering”.  It is a point of convergence of beings from nearby energy systems that have gathered to witness the conflux of several different and intense energy fields that will arrive at an intersection of time and space.  This is an extremely rare event, and will create the birth of a new energy that we have never seen before. I have also heard this from several other sources that is will be something that we have no reference point for.

These beings have gathered to see what will happen to those in the earth arena when these energies arrive here.  I have been told by one of the facilitators at TMI that this event has not yet happened, and there is no time frame on when it will happen, although our current acceleration and the rate of distortion of our reality may indicate that it is approaching.  If you would like to read more about this, please reference Monroe’s book “Far Journeys”. Focus 34/35 is also considered to be the place where our souls go when we graduate the earth school. 

First, let me describe what I saw when we were guided up to this level of consciousness during the class journey.  As you will recall from the previous post entitled X27, I referenced a space station that was floating above Focus 27 and the location where the Coordinating Intelligences were located.  The whole set-up looked a bit like the Seattle Space Needle.  There was a central tube that went from the surface of Focus 27, through the room where the Coordinating Intelligences were located, and up to a multi-level type structure with rooms and corridors that made up the main body of the space station. Above this was a cluster of nipple-like structures that were feeding tubes, and on the very top was an antenna.  Quite a place.  Energy was pulsing up and down the central tube, and smaller ships were refueling from the feeding tubes or just hovering around the whole thing.  I can only assume that the energy for the feeding tubes was being siphoned from the human levels below.

On the space station were many races of extraterrestrials, and very few humans.  I saw what looked like men in black, and other humans who would be called the elite of earth.  I am not sure if the humans were there in their physical form, or in some sort of energy representation.  There were a lot of meetings going on, plans being made, and a fair amount of arguing and deal making.  Their expectation was that when the “event” finally took place, the human race would disburse, and each race wanted to get their piece of the pie.  Guess what—we are that pie!

I could also see that the Coordinating Intelligences were doing just that, coordinating.  They were taking orders from those on Focus 34/35, and were not really in charge of anything.  In turn, the various beings on the space station were taking their orders from their planetary governments, and they were just the ambassadors.   

I projected myself onto the space station and walked around a bit, but felt very uncomfortable as if I were the alien!  Ha!  I then went onto one of the ships floating nearby to talk to the commander.  He was very human looking with blond hair and blue eyes, and even though he kept looking at me strangely, at least he was willing to talk to me.  This is what he said in answer to my questions.

Even though we humans were supposed to be graduating from the earth school, only a very tiny proportion has done so up until now.  That is why there were very few "non-official” looking humans on the station.  Graduation has become more difficult as time has passed because of the heavy negativity, distractions and barriers to spiritual evolution that exist on our planet.  This situation would be much worse if not for the positive ET races that occasionally intervene, but for the most part, the negative agenda ET’s have been in control for a very long time.  He then showed me a true prison planet which was heavily polluted and very dark.  It reminded me of the “Escape from New York” movie. 

When earth makes her transition, it will be a free for all grab bag situation, with every race harvesting what they can.  Very crazy business.  (I have to interject here that this sounds like the synthetic realities that people may find themselves in.)  All the races are on the alert for the event, are very apprehensive, and are making deals and negotiations ahead of time.  He then looked at me and said that he was sure that I wouldn’t end up in this place, but was clueless as to where I would end up when the time came.  At that point, we were called back from the exercise.  It was a good thing, since there was a lot of information to take in, and I needed to process a bit.

The next exercise we took part in gave everyone a chance to go back to Focus 34/35 and continue their explorations.  I proceeded back to the vicinity of the space station, and saw all of the communication conduits going from it out into space to the various ET home worlds.  This is how the ambassadors were getting their instructions.  I then noticed a thick membrane some distance above this whole set up, and launched myself up and through it to end up in a pure and golden realm.  My heart opened up and I merged with a higher aspect of myself. 

More information came in.  The event that is heading our way will shift the energy of the earth, but not the gathering at Focus 34/35.  The beings there will take advantage of the turmoil to harvest as many of us as they can before the space station dissolves, as there will no longer be a need for it after this is all finished. Earth reality in the 3rd and 4th dimensions will also dissolve. The way to avoid being caught up in the turmoil is to keep your connection with your core essence solid and strong, maintain contact with your higher self, and do not to engage in the drama.  It cannot be fixed or even stopped.  Remember, this is why we humans are all here at this time in our evolutionary history.  I would also suspect that having a strong and vibrant escape velocity would be very helpful, too.  That way, if you choose, you can shoot up, pierce that bubble, and watch all of the action from above. 

I attended this class at TMI in September of 2011, so keep in mind that some of this information might have changed, such as the harvesting information.  I do feel that the event that Monroe spoke of will still happen, as many other sources are referencing a huge shift in consciousness coming up in the future.  Our future has already happened, and it is driving the changes that we experience in the present moment.  So no hurry, no worry. Just go with the flow, and you will get where you are intended to go.  

March 27, 2013


I am finally able to get back to the posts about my experiences at the Monroe Institute.  I had left off with the post entitled Death, describing the focus levels that one can end up in after they make their final transition out of the body.  Today, I’d like to write about the class called Exploration 27, or X27 for short, which deals with Focus 27.  Students in these classes have the opportunity to share their experiences after most of the exercises, but I did not do so for several reasons.   I am very visual, and see and retain the details of each exercise, but in this case, others were having a hard time just doing that, and I did not want to overlay my  experience onto theirs in case they were going to be receiving more information later on.  Secondly, what I experienced was so different from what is the norm in Focus 27 that it would have been too far outside of the other student’s parameters of belief, and would seem frightening to them, or even nonsensical.  So except for 1 or 2 people, all of you are the first to hear about this.

During one of the first exercises of the week, I got a message that humanity would experience a Diaspora, or a scattering of people away from their homeland.  I saw masses of people wandering like zombies.  I was not given a time frame for this, and I am not sure if this is on our planet, or a disbursing of souls off of the planet.   

We then had an opportunity to explore more of Focus 27.  As previously explained in the post on death, this is the level where one comes to prepare to come back for their next incarnation. This is quite a complicated place.  According to Robert Monroe, it is a creation of our mass consciousness.  At the time of his death in 1995, this whole dimensional reality hadn’t been mapped out fully, and more is being added all the time.  There is a Reception area where new arrivals are welcomed.  Those who still need healing are redirected to the Healing and Rejuvenation Center. There is a park where one can stroll and meet others, and library type buildings and an Education center where information can be accessed and specific training can be received.  A building called TMI There connects TMI on earth with levels still higher than Focus 27. 

All this is orchestrated and held in place by what are called the “Coordinating Intelligences”.  This is where things started to get a bit bizarre. Notice that they are not labeled as humans!  During one particular exercise, we were guided to go to where these intelligences were located. The room that they were in was circular with windows all around, and with human looking beings sitting at control monitors.  This structure was located above the surface of Focus 27.  The top of the room was connected to a big tube that continued upwards, and out if this tube came some very large octopus like tentacles that were draped around the room.  Creepy!  I backed up and took a bigger view of what was going on, and saw that Focus 27 was actually a big floating island with the tube going upwards to a huge space station, and some sort of tube or chute going back down to earth.  Around this floating island were many smaller ships helping to maintain its position.  Now you know why I didn’t speak up in class! 

I had a chat with the Coordinating Intelligences, and they said that this system had developed over time. After the human form was created, various ET races wanted to come here to experience earth as a sort of Garden of Eden vacation spot.  My sense is that they occupied the human bodies that were here.  After all, aren’t we all from someplace else?  Over time, souls got trapped here, the recycling system came into play, and the whole operation became very mechanical.  The beings sitting at the monitors are in charge of making vibrational adjustments when distortions start to creep in.  In addition to maintaining the way station where souls enter the earth arena, they keep the patterns of form (or the matrix) in place.  The up line for all of this is the huge space station that is at the top of the tube, but I will address that in the next post. 

So I have to wonder if this was a purely organic system until it was taken over at some point by beings from the synthetic creation, or was it always a synthetic matrix that we certainly agreed to be stuck in for a time.  Yes, we did choose this for the experience, and yes, we are currently working our way out of that system. 

The other aspect of Focus 27 that I’d like to address is the Planning Center.  This is your final stop before you reincarnate, and there seem to be endless meetings and evaluations to be done before this happens.  This is also where you meet with your “team” of souls and helpers to plan out your next lifetime.  As I said in the Death post, there is no where to go but back to earth from Focus 27, or the shamanic realm of the people.   Interestingly enough, there was a door marked "Exit" that one goes through to slide down the chute into the waiting baby body.  I was offered the opportunity to check it out twice during the exercises in class, but never did get around to doing  that.  I am assuming that I will not need the chute at the end of this lifetime, as I will not be coming back!

At this point, I was convinced that I was looking at the synthetic reality matrix at work.  In the planning center, I saw a biomachine that looked like an airport security scanner.  As the soul made its way through, experiences and knowledge gained from the previous lifetime was harvested and directed into a huge supercomputer.  Thus, all of the experiences that the soul brought back to Focus 27 could be read, analyzed and processed.  During that particular exercise, we were also directed to receive an idea that we could bring back with us. These new concepts were injected into the soul’s patterning.   I saw how people reincarnating would bring back these ideas and introduce them to the human mass consciousness.  All of this would be benign if the new patterning were coming from our inner guidance instead of from an external source.  More on what the nature of this external source is will also be written about in the next post.

 So we see how our “goodies” are harvested, and in turn, more matrix programming is injected with each incarnation.  This goes a long way in explaining the speeding up of the distortion and compression that we are experiencing.  More people reincarnating faster, thus an ever increasing population, resulting in more matrix programming being applied faster.  The whole process is moving along exponentially. 

I do want to emphasize that the workshops at the Monroe Institute do not collude with or create this programming.  They just provide a forum for students to experience what they experience via the use of alerted states of consciousness.  I know that Robert Monroe was very aware of the presence of extraterrestrials in our environment, but he probably didn’t connect the dots to the synthetic matrix! 

March 25, 2013

March Launch

The Launchers got together yesterday, and even though the launches themselves were spectacular, I’d like to write about our post launch discussion topic, relationships.

I don’t quite know how we got into that one, but it was a great discussion.  I think I started it off by bringing up the “like attracts like” theme in relation to how we gather with other consciousnesses of like vibration as we create larger and larger conglomerates of energy when we evolve back to our Source. This was actually what I experienced during my launch. Then, the question came up whether this applies to relationships, and I said, always, yes, and that opposites do not attract. 

This is where it gets tricky, as it can appear as if opposites do attract.  A working knowledge of shadow dynamics is helpful to understand this.  No matter how different a couple appears to be, there is always a like attracts like theme there somewhere that draws the people together.  Most often, if you examine a specific aspect that one member of the couple displays consciously, the other will have that aspect hidden in their shadow, or unconscious.  A very typical and obvious example is the issue of caretaking.  If one person needs to be taken care of in any aspect of their life, they will most likely attract a partner who gets gratification in doing the caretaking.  In actuality, the person who is the caretaker has the need to be taken care of buried deep in their shadow, and is projecting it onto another person, hence the like attracts like of neediness. 

We humans are designed to gravitate to partners that we have karma, or unfinished business with.  The stronger the attraction, the heavier the karma that is to be resolved.  This is actually a good thing, as this gives us a very valuable tool for our own evolution through the mirroring and triggering of emotions that happens in partnership.  The ideal is that both people work with this tool consciously so that they both can evolve.  The down side is that most of the karma is in shadow, as it would be if past lives are involved, so good communication and holding each other in a space of love and appreciation is necessary.  We then can come to a place of either divine union or a parting of the ways once the karma is completed. 

This process can of course be done unilaterally in a relationship, as the other party is not required to process anything if they do not want to.  Then, we may have the situation where one grows out of the partnership, and usually leaves.  If on the other hand, the evolving person cannot leave for some reason, things can start to go back downhill for them.  I have also seen cases where the person with the lower vibration starts to become increasingly disturbed because the other’s higher vibration is no longer harmonious for them. 
What is the alternative?  Unfortunately, the perpetuating of dysfunction in relationships is all too common nowadays.  There are lots of expectations and attachments. Compromising and accommodating with self and the other means that no one can be authentic.  Certainly, a couple can put a lot of energy into not rocking the boat of the relationship, but that can also involve a lot of denial and the missed opportunity for growth. 

We live in a 4th dimensional system where polarity rules.  This system of unconscious vs. conscious, good vs. bad, hidden vs. obvious, like vs. dislike, will always be here.  We can use this to our advantage to help us to come to awareness and balance, and thus transcend the issues that we came here to work through.  The end result is that we will merge with others of like vibration as we evolve into the higher dimensions.  Isn’t this what you are really yearning for? 

March 22, 2013

The Post Equinox Shift

I just wanted to write a bit about the aftereffects of the Vernal Equinox before getting back to the information on my experiences at the Monroe Institute.  As always, I totally honor each person’s personal experience with this, as each will perceive the equinox shift through their own individual viewpoint, knowledge base and prior experience.  It is all in perfection and contributes to the evolution and awakening of the whole of humanity.  Bravo to all of you!

For me, this was quite a different experience from the energy of the Winter Solstice. After that milestone event, we floated in the void for about 10 days, while this energetic milestone had a definite progression to it.  After propelling through the golden portal, I found myself buzzing with that golden vibration for about 24 hours.  I can only surmise that it took that long to actually get through the portal, as if it had a length to it like a worm hole does. 

I then popped out into a space that seemed somewhat contained.  There were fine threads of energy crisscrossing at odd angles everywhere and at each cross point there was a spark of light.  More and more of these threads appeared, and the webbing became denser.  At a certain point, an opening into the contained space appeared, the webbing blew out much like spores spraying out of a ripe puff ball. The webbing then started to unite with other webbings that had been created in the same way. 

The whole time that this was going on, my impression was that this was a new way of creating through thought, as my mind felt very active while experiencing this. The contained space was necessary to shield the thought impulses from interference by the synthetic programming beliefs and patterns.  Then, when the thought creations were solid and strong enough, they were birthed to join up with other thought patterns. 

So what are we looking at here?  The ability to create a new reality free from predetermined programming.  This is huge if we as a human race are to evolve and create or even recreate a reality that is authentic, autonomous and respectful of all life. 

This week, we were launched into a space that is clearer and more solid, and at the same time, has more possibility for positive change.  Time will increasingly become more flexible and malleable as we progress to the “no time” state.  Individual awareness levels will continue to go up, as will the levels of personal autonomy.  All this is great for those who are awakening, but a bit scary for those who are embedded in artificial paradigms or rigid belief systems, so some upheaval is to be expected.  All we can do is ride the waves of change and be creative about solutions to issues that come up. If what I experienced after the equinox is a valid model, we now can expect spiritual change and evolution to proceed at an exponential pace. 

March 20, 2013

Vernal Equinox 2013

The exact moment of the Vernal Equinox today was at 5:03 AM Mountain Time.  Knowing that this was going to be a huge milestone for the spiritual evolution of the human race, I sat down yesterday to contemplate and receive some information.  The following is what I got.

This planetary event is to be a jumping off point or launching platform for humanity.  I found myself floating in a vast void, when ahead of me a large portal or vortex showed itself.  It was golden in color, and very large.  This portal will remain open for about 3 days after the actual time of the equinox.  By entering it, one will have a huge opportunity to step outside of the matrix programming. 

The question is, where do you want to go?  What is the new reality that you would like to embody in your life?  Certainly, a worthy goal is to live your live with authenticity while co creating with your Higher Self and your Eternal Essence.  This is a major choice point for everyone, and clarity and courage are required to step through this cosmic opening.  I recommend stepping through fully. Do not just take a peek.  Send your total essence through.  If you just send a bit of your consciousness in to see what is going on, the rest of your consciousness will remain embedded in this reality.  I do not mean that you will disappear from the face of the earth, either, but you will experience a shift in consciousness that is appropriate for you. 

We floated in the void for about 10 days after the Winter Solstice of last year.  Now I see that that was to prepare us for this next step.  How to do it?  You do have the next 3 days, which is interesting to me because that is also the length of time that the portal of light stays open for someone after they have died.  Sit down at a time when you will not be disturbed, and get into a relaxed state of mind.  I find that using headphones with the Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD from the Monroe Institute works for me.  Set your intent for this process.  Then do your best to visualize the large golden portal in front of you, and step through.  This is just one method, as you can also program yourself to do this during dream time.  You can ask for assistance from your Higher Self, and intend that this be done at any time during the 3 days when it is right for you.  Be creative and take full advantage of this opportunity.

Last night, I facilitated a group shamanic fire ceremony for the equinox.  The ceremony was conducted in sacred space, and part of the process involved having each person place a spirit arrow representing their energetic releases and positive outcomes into the fire.  I am assuming that everyone there was working with the equinox opening as their positive intent.  At some point later during the ceremony, I drifted into my quantum sphere, only to find that it was jiggling!  Something was afoot!  After the ceremony was complete, I went inside and started getting some of this information written out, and noticed that my body had started buzzing at around 10 PM.  This continued all night resulting in a very restless sleep!  Now I find myself propelled into a very active zone which is the total opposite of floating in the void after the last winter solstice.  The only thing I can think of is that I am in a place of recreating and reformulating my consciousness.  If that is the case, it is a good time to continue to apply my positive intents. 

I hope that this information has been helpful.  Bottom line; follow your own guidance as to what you would like to do during this unique time of opportunity.  Something like this may never come around again.  On the other hand, you may not need to do anything about this.  On top of all of that, on some level, the future has already happened, and you are just allowing your shifts of consciousness to manifest in the here and now. Cool!!!

March 17, 2013


Today, March 17th, marks the 18th anniversary of Robert Monroe’s death in 1995.  Coincidentally, my father died just a few days before Monroe that same year, so it seemed appropriate to use death as the theme for this post. 

Ever since my shamanic training, I have been fascinated with the death process and in particular, where we go when we leave our body for the last time.   When I took the Lifeline class at TMI, I was very happy to see that the realms beyond death that had been mapped out there were in direct correlation with what I had learned as a shamanic practitioner.  What I am going to describe here are the levels of consciousness that one ends up in if ascension is not achieved and the soul must reincarnate once again.

When Robert Monroe was researching his then new Hemi-Sync® Technology, he found that the people in his research group had common experiences at specific vibrational levels. The information that these people came back with helped map out a very valid model for the levels of consciousness that are used in the TMI classes to this day.  Monroe used a numerical scale to mark these various levels of consciousness and called them Focus levels.  The levels start at Focus 1, which is the awake and aware state.  Up to and including Focus 21, a person’s consciousness is anchored in their body, even though the altered states get progressively deeper as one goes up the number scale.  Focus 22 is where the consciousness resides of someone who is in a coma, with dementia or Alzheimer’s, under general anesthesia or drug or alcohol induced stupor.  This is a state where the bulk of the consciousness is outside the body but anchored into the body enough to keep the person alive.  For everything above Focus 22, if a person’s entire consciousness can be found there, that means that the person is deceased. 

Focus 23 is where the earthbounds can be found.  Focus 24, 25, and 26 are called the Belief System Territories where the soul of the deceased person can create or participate in any reality or strong belief system that they are still attached to after death.  Focus 27 is called the Reception Center or the Park, and is where souls go to heal, rehabilitate, reassess, and prepare for their next incarnation.  If you are interested in going deeper into the explanation for these levels, please read Robert Monroe’s books, and his “Ultimate Journey” in particular. 

In the Lifeline class, students are trained to assist those who are stuck in levels 23-26 by helping to guide them up to Focus 27.  This can happen spontaneously at any time, day or night, and many people are quite busy with these rescue operations.  The deceased that is stuck will just show up in the presence of someone who has this training.  During class when we were just hanging out in those levels to see who needed assistance, it was not unusual to encounter a stuck spirit from 100 years ago or more.  One can be earthbound or waylaid in the Belief System Territories for many many earth years. 

Shamanically, the same levels apply, but with different names.  Earthbounds are still earthbound, and the next 3 levels go vibrationally from heavy to light in the Peruvian shamanic system.  Focus 24 is the realm of the stone people, Focus 25 is the realm of the plant people, and Focus 26 is the realm of the animals.  Focus 27 is called the realm of the people, and the activities there are the same as far as resolving and preparing for the next lifetime.  I do Shamanic Death Rites at the request of a loved one or family member of the deceased.  The big difference here is that I have to be asked, as I do not hang out in these realms looking for someone to help.  The only exception is when I encounter an earthbound spirit.  Then I go ahead and send them to the light.  In almost all cases after going to the light, they end up in the realm of the stone people, still at a very low vibrational level. 

You may have caught on already that I am talking about the vibrational level of the person’s consciousness at the time of death.  The lower the vibration, the lower the level that they will end up in.  This has nothing to do with one’s religion, spiritual beliefs or good works while on planet earth.  It is purely a matter of vibration, which can be enhanced by meditation, introspection, releasing limiting belief systems, healing heavy energy pattens, maintaining good health, limiting attachments and addictions, and working with one's core essence every day.  Love thy neighbor as thyself helps, too.  Focus levels 23-27 are also called Purgatory by the Catholic Church.  As one purges, they automatically drift up the levels to Focus 27, but that can take a very long time. 

So, we get back to the issue of escape velocity.  The only way to avoid all of this is to bypass it completely with enough energy to propel either through or around these levels.  In the next post, I will talk about my experience in Focus 27, and this is where it really gets wild.  As far as I could tell when I journeyed there, that level does not have a mechanism in place to go up to the next level after the reassessment process is finished. In other words, one cannot get off of the reincarnational wheel if one ends up there.  

Both of my parents died in their home in Illinois, and I had the honor and privilege to do the Shamanic Death Rites for them.  Of course, they are both still on the wheel of reincarnation, as they did not have enough escape velocity to pop through to the 5th dimension.  That is a state that they would have had to earn for themselves, and even I would not have been able to get them there. 


March 14, 2013

Are you asleep?

We are coming up on an important energetic milestone next week, the Vernal Equinox.  This will be yet another opportunity for humanity to step up to the plate and take charge of their own personal destiny.  In a world that is rapidly spinning out of control financially, politically and environmentally, I find that instead of people waking up and going within for solutions and then implementing those solutions, there seem to be more who are checking out and going deeper into unconsciousness.  Some are maxing out their credit cards to follow gurus and spiritual traditions that only want disempowered followers and not empowered free thinkers, while others are digging in their heels and hanging on to dysfunctional patterns that should have been dumped years ago.  I have run into so much of this crazy stuff lately, that many times I have had to resist the temptation to say “You should know better!” to a student or client. 

Two years ago I wrote my book "Traversing the Infinite Now" because of the difficulties several of my long time students and clients had gotten themselves into.  The book contains a lot of common sense advice and exercises to help a person gain understanding of what their issues are and how to move through them. Now people have a manual of sorts to refer to when they know that something is going on that no longer serves them. Still, one has to actually pick up the book and make conscious use of the information. 

An ongoing problem is that many truly do not know when they have an issue that they can work through.  Yes, we are all asleep to some extent, but I am beginning to wonder if the matrix programming is so strong in this regard that it may be nearly impossible for most to wake up to their issues.  Are we being kept in a comatose condition that is so deep that there is little hope for the awakening of humanity?  Are the addictions to the drama and distractions of earthly life that strong?  Are we truly incapable of making that inner connection that will provide us with the direction that our life should be taking?  Granted, not everyone is on a spiritual path, but on the other hand, shouldn’t we all be as spirits having a physical experience? 

Unfortunately, what can keep a person asleep to their issues is that the positive gain is perceived to be more than the down side, until the down side becomes overwhelmingly negative.  That may be enough to wake the person up so that they make a change.  A recent client came to me with an issue of “change by force, not by choice” because even the thought of change was too painful to contemplate.  Is this the attitude that keeps so many stuck and asleep?  Are people OK with the negative side of things as long as they perceive that they are getting some positive gain from the situation?  We humans are so adaptable that as many situations on the planet get very slowly and progressively worse, we easily adapt to the “new” normal, which would have been unthinkable decades ago.  Do you remember flying pre 911, when everyone got a meal on the plane, your civil rights were not violated with a mandatory pat down, and your friends and relatives could meet you at the gate when your flight arrived?  Those were the good old days.  Look at how easily we have adapted to the airport craziness that goes on now.  What’s next?

Remember that you are in charge of your destiny.  Continue to go within for guidance and direction.  Reclaim your power.  WAKE UP!!!!!!

March 10, 2013


The comment made to my last post on the earthbounds has provided a jumping off place for the topic of spiritual protection.  Over the years, I have been asked about this practice many times, and certainly shamanic practitioners of all traditions are trained in a variety of methods of protection.  My viewpoint on this has changed very much since my shamanic training. 

When a student or client asks me about energetic protections, I always say “Don’t bother.” for a number of reasons.  First of all, creating and maintaining energetic protections like mirrors, shields or bubbles of light take a lot of energy that you could be using for something else.  These methods start losing effectiveness as soon as they are created, so to keep them intact requires a lot of vigilance, checking and reinforcing.  Bottom line, if something is destined to “attach or attack”, it will get through your defenses.

Why is that?  Everything that happens to us is by the plan of our higher aspects according to what we are meant to experience this time around.   If we are to have the experience of being attacked, harmed, drained of energy or even killed, this will happen.  Remember that because we live in a world of polarity, there is a positive purpose to every event, even the nasty ones. 

Distressful events are designed to show us something about ourselves. Quite often, what appears to be an invasion of some kind is really the triggering of a person’s own shadow aspect that is hidden to them.  This can happen if someone that you have an interaction with has the same pattern.  Like always attracts like, even if it seems to be the opposite sometimes.  So if you are assaulted verbally by a really angry person, look inside for your own hidden anger.  Find it and then deal with it.  This person is just doing you the favor of helping you see yourself.  Also, if you can truly have gratitude and appreciation for the favor that person has done for you, you will be able to move through your difficulties much easier and smoother.  After all, your encounter has been pre-arranged by spirit! 

I must also say that there are a lot of people who are experiencing ongoing difficulties with invasion of their space by dark entities.  I do not mean to make light of these situations, as they are very distressing to those who are dealing with this.  Empaths can have a particularly difficult time.  People who have had birth trauma or have been traumatized to the point of cracking early in life also fall into this category. They are particularly open and with fuzzy boundaries on top of it all.  These principles still apply, but it will take more work and awareness on their part.  Their souls have chosen a harder path for them, but tremendous growth and gain will be had in the end.  If you are dealing with a lot of fear on a daily basis, you may need to take baby steps in letting go of spiritual protections that may not be working for you.  It’s like letting go of your security blanket a bit at a time. 

So instead of bothering with spiritual protections, I recommend that you keep your core essence expanded, firmly anchor yourself in your body at all times, even while you are sleeping, use life’s distressful episodes to show you something about yourself, and walk with gratitude and appreciation for everything that comes your way, the good, the bad and the ugly.  After all, on some level, you have created all of it.  It’s part of your plan.    

March 9, 2013


Last night, I had the privilege of working with a 1 ½ year old little boy who has been experiencing a lot of sleep difficulties.  This was a long distance session, and as I was getting some intake information from his mother on the phone, I had the feeling that he had a negative energy attachment of some sort.  Sure enough, as soon as I sat down to work on him, I could see that he had an earthbound spirit attached to his body. 

What is an earthbound spirit?  This is the spirit of a person that, for a variety of reasons, does not go to the light at the moment of death.  It is tied to the earthly plane, and would also be called a ghost.  These earthbounds can be stuck in a location that they were very familiar with in life, or the place where they died. They can also be attached to a person’s body and therefore are mobile because they go everywhere that person goes.  There are also circumstances where the attached ghost can detach from the person that they are attached to, jump to another person and then reattach if the new person is more attractive to them for some reason. 

What causes a spirit to become earthbound?  The portal of light opens up for everyone at the time of death and stays open for about 3 days.  This has nothing to do with how a person has lived their life.  It is not a reward for a life well lived, and even a “good” person can miss the light after death.  If a person is confused and disoriented during these 3 days, this can happen.  Causes for that could be a sudden accidental death, murder, heart attack or other medical causes that kill suddenly, drug overdose or extreme violence at the time of death, etc.  If one’s vibrational level is extremely low at the time of death, they do not have the energy to go to the light.  This is the case with morphine use for pain management at the end.  It severely lowers the energy field’s vibrational level and extends the time that the patient has here on earth by a little bit.  In every case where I have done shamanic death rites for a deceased who was on morphine at the end, they are found to be earthbound. 

A person can also make a conscious choice not to go to the light out of guilt, feeling undeserving to have that benefit, attachment to loved ones who are still alive, attachment to places where they want to stay, or attachment and addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex or certain foods. 

The “light” that I speak of here is a 4th dimensional light.  Ghosts are stuck in what I call the real time zone or etheric patterning that is the closest energy layer to the planet.  In this layer, everything looks much the same as in the 3D world, which can also be confusing for someone who is stuck there.  They are in familiar surroundings and may not even know that they are dead.  A portal can be opened to usher them through, and the “light” of 4D comes streaming through that portal. 

I believe that all earthbounds eventually find the light and pass through a portal, but it can take many many years, and cause much trouble in the mean time.  In my healing practice, I do not work on a client if a 3rd party requests it without the client’s knowledge.  The only exception I make is when I encounter an earthbound spirit.  I do not ask for anyone’s permission and deal with the stuck spirit directly.  If he or she is agreeable to go to the light, I proceed with that process.  This is service work for humanity.  It seems to me that more and more of these stuck spirits are showing up as time goes by.  I’m not sure if my enhanced skill levels over the years are enabling me to see more of them now, or if there are truly more of them around.  Know also that by sending them to the light, they will still have to go through the purging and recapitulation process to resolve with the previous lifetime before starting the preparation process for their next incarnation.  That alone can take many years, but at least they will not be stuck. 

So now, what to do.  In my shamanic healership training with the Four Winds Society, this was never spoken about or addressed, even though I am sure shamanic practitioners all around the world know how to handle these situations.  The method I use is written about in Mary Ann Winkowski’s book “When Ghosts Speak”.  The TV series “Ghost Whisperer” was based on her life story.  Her book is a fun and easy read, and will tell you everything you need to know about sending earthbounds to the light.  I highly recommend it.

Here is want I did for the little boy I was working on.  The earthbound attached to a living person looks like a black smoky energy tornado sticking out of the body, and this is what he had.  Whenever I see something like this, I immediately start a dialog with the attached spirit to get some information.  This is usually necessary because you may need to talk them into going through the portal if they are reluctant to go.  They  will also show up in the room looking the way they looked at the moment of death while you are dialoging with them. In this case, this was the ghost of a young man who died in a motorcycle accident when he was 24 years old.  His motorcycle had slipped on something on the road, fell over on the left side, and slid at high speed further down along the road trapping him underneath.  He died in the emergency room.  I can only assume that he hung around looking for a likely candidate to attach to, and my client was the one who had the availability because of some birth complications. 

This young man was very eager to start life all over again immediately because his own was cut short so prematurely.  I explained to him his situation, and that there were no short cuts.  He had to go to the light and start the process all over again.  Fortunately, he was agreeable to this.  There are some that I encounter that take a bit more convincing!  With intent and visualization, I opened a portal of light up near the ceiling in a corner of my healing room and held it open for him.  Quite often when you do this you will see previously deceased friends, relatives, and even pets waiting on the other side to greet the earthbound.  In this case, there was a grandfather waving him on.  While I gave this young man a little nudge to get him going to the light, I was at the same time pulling the black tornado out of the body of my client, which then dissolved in my hands.  I held the portal open until I was sure that the earthbound had gone completely through, and then just allowed the portal to close. Process successful.
The very interesting aspect of this for my little client was that he never learned to crawl, and instead kind of scooted on his butt to get around.  An additional part of the healing session involved clearing the heavy energy that showed up in his left hip, pelvis, and low back.  Coincidence?  I can’t say for sure, but I strongly suspect that most of this was an overlay from the attached earthbound. 

This is an example of how to handle an earthbound that is attached to a person.  The same process is used if the ghost is encountered living in a building.  This will also show up when I do house and property clearing.  I recommend getting Mary Ann’s book so that you will be prepared for any situation involving ghosts in buildings.  Then go for it if the situation shows up.  You may not be successful every time, as there will always be a few who refuse to go, but you will be doing a great service for those who are ready. 

March 7, 2013


This is a topic that I have been kicking around for some time now and it is not yet clear in my mind, but I am getting there.  A lot of information has been coming in during dreamtime, so it is time for me to lay it all out for you.  The topic is astrology.  Now, you may not know much about astrology, or even care, but in my quest to uncover any matrix programming coming from the synthetic realities that keep us stuck here, I have been examining astrology for a while.

Astrology involves a system of 12 archetypes that are loosely based on 12 constellations that exist in the ecliptic, or the path that the Sun and planets take as they appear to go around the Earth.  This is a 360° circle split up into 12 sections of exactly 30° each.  A natal chart can be cast for you according to your date, time and place of birth showing where all of the planets fall in the 12 sections or houses.  The planets are also archetypes.  An interpretation of your chart is then done from that information.  This is the simplified version, but you get the idea. 

Each planet in our solar system is ensouled by a being.  Our Earth Mother isn’t the only sentient planet here.  They all are.  One of the disconnects in this system that I have become aware of is the difference between the traditional archetype of each planet, and what they really are as a sentient being.  In some cases, the two are similar, and in some cases, they are vastly different.  George Kavassilas talks about what our moon really is in his book “Our Universal Journey”.  It is a real eye opener.  When one is talking about the transits of the various planets in real time, and their effect on a person’s day to day life in combination with the natal chart, are they talking about the traditional archetypes of the planets, or who each planet is as a sentient being?  Do we want to interact with and be affected by a 4th dimensional pattern of energy, or have an intimate relationship with a kindred soul? 

That brings me to the constellations that are the basis for each of the 12 signs.  I know that astrology is an ancient tradition, but how did they come up with those archetypes?  Here is an example.  During my last class at the Monroe Institute, I had the opportunity to do some work with the constellation of Orion.  From our viewpoint, we see Orion as a human figure wearing a belt with a sword hanging from it.  It is very 2 dimensional.  But from the side, it can be seen that some of the stars in this constellation are much farther away from planet Earth than we realize.  It is no longer a 2 dimensional figure, but a selection of stars that do not make up any particular shape that can be discerned.  During a journey to Orion, I found out that its focus of consciousness is in and around the nebula that makes up part of its sword.  This consciousness said that it does not relate at all to the stars that are further away, and that we say are in its constellation. This is probably true for all of the constellations that make up the signs of the zodiac. 

So we are probably looking at a combination of organic and synthetic in astrology.  There may have been some basis in fact for the meanings of the planets and constellations, but there is also an artificial overlay that has tied all of this information into a non-organic form. 

My point with all of this is that we need to start raising our awareness to be able to discern what is organic and what is a synthetic overlay, or matrix, in our lives.  The reason that natal charts seem to work is that there is a very strong possibility that we are all born into the matrix of astrology.  Whenever one is subject to a system that groups and categorizes people, it is not organic.  When people are grouped together like this and treated as a bunch, they are easier to control.  Just take a look at our history on this planet.  It is the same with the chakra system.  We are all born with this matrix programming, so healing modalities that work with chakras are effective.  As soon as we step out of this particular matrix, those modalities do not apply, and we increase our "freedom" quotient.  

So how do we step out of this system?  As of yet, I have not gotten far enough with this to see if there is any kind of actual structure on any level of consciousness that can be removed.  I recommend that you journey to the soul of each planet and have a chat.  Find out what they are all about, and what kind of relationship you have to each other.  It could be soul to soul, or perhaps you have an aspect of self that is living on that planet right now.   There was once a large planet between Mars and Jupiter that blew up to create the asteroid belt.  Perhaps you have deep memories of what happened, or you may have been living on Mars at the time and witnessed that trauma.  Journey to the planet Venus, and ask her if she knows what astrological sign she happens to be in.  I guarantee, she won’t have a clue! 

March 5, 2013

Quantum Sphere Healing

A year ago almost exactly to the day, I was at the Monroe Institute in Virginia taking a brand new course called Explorer Imperative.  As many of you may know, Robert Monroe created the Hemi-Sync® Technology that is used during most of the workshops at TMI.  This workshop was different.  It used a new technology that had been researched and developed by Skip Atwater called Spatial Angle Modulation, or SAM for short. Instead of attuning the brainwaves to the theta state, or 4 to 7 beats per second, as the Hemi-Sync® does, the SAM technology attunes the brainwaves to gamma, which is about 40 beats per second.  Theta is perfect for journeying and healing work, while the gamma puts you right into the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  In the quantum field, you have access to all information on every dimension at the same time.  Gamma is also the brain wave state that Tibetan monks achieve when they are meditating. 

A few days into the class, we were introduced to the concept of the Quantum Sphere.  This is a tool that is used for navigating the quantum field.  During one of the exercises later that day, my higher guidance came forward and showed me how to use the Quantum Sphere in my healing practice.  This new technique was  presented fully formed and ready to use.  What a gift, and to this day I am still so eternally grateful for being given this information.  This new process enables the person using it to access a much broader scope of the issue being addressed because of the nature of working in the “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  One can access past lives, genetic inherited patterns, contracts, curses, pre-birth, birth and early childhood issues, and even off planet and inter-dimensional themes. 

As soon as I returned home from the Monroe Institute, I started using this process by combining it with the shamanic healing that I had been doing.  It became clear that I also needed a way of clearing the heavy energy from the physical body, so I asked my higher guidance about this. Another major part of the whole healing process was then provided like magic.  I was given a healing orb that can travel through the energetic patterning of the physical body to dissolve any heavy energy that shows up as related to the client’s issue.  This orb also uncovers and clears past lives and genetic inherited patterns, attachments of all kinds, and can be used on pets. 

The end result of combining these 2 processes with a few extras was the creation of Quantum Sphere Healing.  To keep my brain wave state in gamma, I also use headphones and some special sound tracks while I am doing the healing work with QSH.  Now, when I work on a client, I have the option of using the traditional shamanic healing, the QSH, or a combination of both.  If the client has removed their chakras, this modality can be used on them, as the QSH does not work with chakras at all.  These processes can also be split up and recombined with other healing modalities such as massage, acupuncture and shamanic work.  

I have started training people in the Quantum Sphere Healing modalities.  You do not need to have any prior healing experience at all to learn how to do this.  All exercises in class are guided by me through a special sound system, and students keep their brain waves in gamma with the use of headphones and sound tracks. The other very huge benefit to taking the training is that the expansion of our core essence is done before every exercise so that by the end of the 3 day class, everyone’s vibrational levels have gone up tremendously.  New insights and personal healing are had by all attending, in addition to the opportunity to ask questions about personal or global energetic issues. 

If you are interested in having a QSH session with me, please go to my Appointments page.  For a current workshop schedule, go to the Workshops page.  I welcome anyone who would like to further their own spiritual and energetic evolution through this work. It has made a huge difference for me as the facilitator of this work, as well as for those who have already taken the class.  

March 3, 2013

The December 2012 Shift

After about 24 hours from take off to landing from Cairo to Durango plus no sleep the night before the flight left, I finally arrived back in the states.  I was not surprised to see lots of snow on the ground at the airport, but was a bit dismayed at the bad road conditions.  The roads were icy and snow packed the whole 60 miles home.  It’s amazing that I managed to stay awake and make the drive without incident. 
The return to “normal” after this trip took so much longer than it normally does for several reasons.  The day after our climb up Mt. Sinai, I came down with a sinus infection that I have affectionately learned to call the Cairo Crud, as I have come down with this in Egypt before.  I am convinced that it was a result of breathing in all of the dried and pulverized camel dung that was drifting in the air as we went up the mountain.  In the dark, it was impossible to see, but on the way down in the daylight, it was obvious.  Gross!!!! This time the crud was accompanied by a cough that lasted for about 2 weeks.  I just rested a lot and took tons of supplements.  The crud cleared up faster than the cough. 

It took much longer to get back to a normal sleep pattern because of the time difference and jet lag.  It is always more difficult going from east to west, too, with the tendency to wake up very early in the mornings. This resulted in a lot of low level fatigue and the inability to stay awake past 9 PM most nights. 

The biggest reason for the lag time in getting back to normal was the energetic changes that occurred during the trip.  For me they were huge, and probably varied a lot for everyone else.  With changes in the body’s energy fields, the physical has to follow suit, and that can take time.  I have to admit that with some pre holiday commitments to complete, I was pretty spaced out.

I chose to spend Winter Solstice on the 21st in a quiet meditative space at home.  It just did not seem right to be with a bunch of people doing whatever.  There had been so many predictions about what would happen on that day, but in the final analysis, there was no true way to predetermine the outcome of the “Shift of the Ages” that was coming our way.  What I found was that on that day, we entered a vast void or space of nothingness.  There were no miracle fixes or sudden enlightenments to be had.  We were just floating in the void while a reformulation of some sort was taking place for each person.  It felt really good to just BE while this was happening. 

There is a good possibility that this may happen right after the upcoming Vernal Equinox, too, so now is the time to prepare and let go once again of what no longer serves.  Some regular contemplation is in order, and also daily expansion of your core essence would be beneficial.

What I did from December 21 to 23 was to follow Tom Kenyon’s recommendations for the use of his Aethos Sound Meditation called "The Cosmic Window" . This was a 3 day recapitulation and release with a positive intent applied on the evening of the 23rd.  This exercise was not a one time event, and can be repeated at any time.  Since I was still in the goofy zone, it was so easy to drift with my stream of consciousness to resolve what come up for me.  As a result of those 3 days of off and on contemplation, I found that some no longer needed aspects of my life just fell away, and some important realizations about myself arose.  I was launching myself as a different person than the one who had gone to Egypt several weeks before.  Tom’s most recent e-mail newsletter "The Transformation of Self-Limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs"  also uses the Aethos Sound Meditation, which is a free MP3 download by the way. 
George Kavassilas says that the upcoming Vernal Equinox marks the end of the time of maximum compression and is a major energetic milestone for humankind. It may be a time for the whole of humanity to wake up, step up, and create a reality of freedom and sovereignty.   I feel that this time marker is yet another opportunity to clarify who you are as an ascending human, and to let go of what no longer serves you on a personal level.  

One of my new decisions after this time of reformulation was to start this blog.   After floating in the void until about New Year's Day, I felt like I had been shot out of a cannon and it has been full speed ahead ever since.  I urge all of you to go for it and take a chance. A year from now I suspect that life will be very different for those who do.