March 28, 2021

March Launching

Earlier today, our group got together for our monthly launching.  We had a different combination of people today, with 2 not able to come, and one new person joining the group.  We were quite harmonious with our energy this morning!  Since the group was formed just a few months ago, each time we meet, we are clarifying our process and progressing energetically, too.  Most importantly today, we discussed that even though each member of the group contributes energy to sending the launchee upwards, the launchee should also put a lot of energy into launching themselves, too, since they are alone in their physical space. 

Everyone had a great journey, and we all shared our experience before moving onto the next person.  Before each person is launched, they set their intent for their journey.  My intent today was to go to a place where I can gather energy and information for creating and drawing people for a weekly workshop I’d like to start here in the near future. 

I really propelled myself upwards upon being launched, and went right up and through the portal to our universe and then out into the multiverse.  This is a familiar place, as all of those other universes are attached to each other, and always look like bunches of grapes to me.

So which one to choose to gather my information from?  The next thing I knew, I had jumped into one of them.  Keep in mind that each one is different with different qualities.  The one I had entered was composed of rainbow colors and musical tones.  The colors were swirling around me, and the sounds were very subtle and melodious. 

As I hovered in this wonderful space, I started absorbing into my DNA all of the energy and imprints from the colors and tones, only to start sending them back out from inside my body.  It was a very even flow into my body and then out, back and forth.  I then realized that I was receiving the vibrations that I could use to attract students for my upcoming group, and could radiate that out as needed.

My DNA then started to spin, the 2 strands merged into one, and then they swirled and twisted into a glowing ball.  Each strand of DNA in my body did that.  At that point, I could feel my physical body start to dissolve.  This was not an unfamiliar sensation, as I had experienced it several times before over the years.  I believe that this is the way in which a person can leave the physical plane for good, and not leave a trace behind. 

The journey was complete as the group called me back.  It is important to remember that because we create a group vessel of expanded and merged Core Essences for each person who launches, we all also share in the information and imprinting that the launchee experiences. 

After lunch, I took a nice walk outside to integrate.  Today was the first sunny and warm day that we have had in a long time.  We get a fair number of bald eagles here, especially in the winter, and I was treated to one of them soaring high above me while I walked.  A very good omen!

March 24, 2021

The Final Passing

This past Saturday, I was notified that the friend with cancer that I had written about in previous posts had passed.  Every day since I had gotten word that she was now with Hospice, I had been holding space for her by expanding my Core Essence around her.

Since I am very visual, I couldn’t help but notice what was going on with her astral body and silver cord while holding space.  Each time I checked, her astral body was in a different position in relation to her physical body, with the silver cord attached.  The first I time I noticed this, it was way off to the side, standing up.  Other positions noticed were floating prone a few feet above her body, sitting on the side of the bed, curled up in a fetal position, or not separated from her body at all.  The interesting thing about these observations was that as the week went by, her astral body stayed closer and closer to her physical.  This tells me that the morphine was hindering her separation and death process. 

Early on Saturday, while I was in a meditative state, I found myself facing her on her bed.  Her astral body was trying to sit up and separate from her physical with limited success.  I reassured her that I was there to help, and reached over and took both of her hands in mine.  After gently pulling and detaching her astral body from her physical, again with much love and reassurance, I opened up the portal to the light and ushered her through.  The shift in energy was palpable!  I could feel her joy and enthusiasm about finally being free of the body that had endured so much suffering in her lifetime. 

Now, I am sure that I helped her, but not at the exact time of her actual death.  It feels that we were working outside of time and space, where time did not exist.  Or possibly I got her started, and her process took many more hours to complete.  This is the first time that I have assisted someone during their passing process, so I am sure it will not be the last.  I have 2 aunts still living.  One at age 92 and the other at almost age 86, so unless they go suddenly, I hope to assist them, too.  

March 22, 2021

The Day After

Yesterday was the day after the "official" Vernal Equinox.  I had been out to the Parowan Gap the previous 2 nights, but the weather did not cooperate with the sunset viewing.  The weather yesterday started out partly cloudy with a brisk wind blowing, so I waited until late in the afternoon to make my decision to give it one more try.  The sky cleared up, and off I went around 6:30 PM.

As I drove up to the parking area, I saw 3 antelope running across a field.

I am glad that I dressed warmly, as it was very windy there at the viewing site, maybe 40 mph on average, and by the time I left, the temperature had dropped to the low 30's.  There were quite a few people there, too, adults and children. 

Persistence paid off!  I am so glad that I took a chance and drove out on that 3rd night.  Below is a progression of the sunset into the V of Parowan gap.  The first photo was taken at 7:13 PM, and the last was at 7:45 PM.

Now you can really see the sun sliding down the slope.
Note the band of clouds low on the far horizon.

At this point, the sun was dipping behind the cloud bank, and I thought that would be it for the phenomenon.
Luckily, there was enough of a space at the point of the V for the sun to pop out in a very dynamic way!

I considered this to be a very sacred moment, and it certainly was for the ancient people who lived here many years ago.  Because the sun was close to the horizon, it looked much bigger than it normally would.  As I stood there, I opened up my energy field completely and asked the sun, Inti Tayta, to feed me with all of that glorious energy.  If you would like to do the same, you can go into a meditative state, focus on the photo above, and pull it in.  

Here is the final photo that I took as the sun went down.

As a final reminder to everyone, even though this event was kind of a big deal, magic can be found around you in your everyday life, too.  You just need to be open to it, and looking for it.  Do not allow  everyday distractions to divert your attention from your existence here as spirit having a temporary physical experience.  By acknowledging that the Divine is in everything around you, magic can happen!

March 21, 2021

Equinox Weekend


Today, we are on the tail end of the Vernal Equinox energies.  Generally, with the equinox, we have the day before and the day after that actual date to be in the stream of higher vibrational energy.  Ceremony and intent is supported during that time.  If you wait too long to do your ceremony, the energy has faded, and it is not as powerful.  For the summer and winter solstices, the window of opportunity is extended by several days on either side of the actual date. 

There is a very significant ancient sun calendar site NW of Cedar City called Parowan Gap.   As you can see from the photos below, it is a V shaped gap in a rocky ridge, with the gap running roughly NW to SE.  There is fabulous rock art there that is at least 1000 years old.  You can read the full explanation about this area here.

What makes this a sun calendar site is that at sunset for the solstices and equinoxes, if one stands to the east of the gap near the corresponding stone markers, the setting sun shines through the bottom of the gap as it touches the far horizon.  For the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, one stands in a spot that reveals the setting sun sliding down the left hand of the V and coming to rest at the bottom before disappearing. 

On Saturday night, an interpretive talk was scheduled followed by a short hike to that exact spot to do the viewing.  This has been an annual event for years, but was canceled last year because of the COVID.  They are now starting up those presentations again for both equinoxes and the Summer Solstice. 

The weather forecast for Saturday was not the greatest, so I decided to drive out there on Friday night instead.  I got directions for the location of the stone marker from the woman who was giving the talk on Saturday.  Once I got there, I ran into one gentleman who was camping in the area and doing his photography, and also a woman who is a photographer for the Salt Lake City Tribune doing the same.  I struck up a conversation with her, and it turned out that she also got her shamanic training with the Four Winds Society out of Park City, Utah. 

Anyway, we found the general area where we were supposed to stand to view the phenomenon, but it had gotten cloudy.  Here you can see the glow of the sun as it was starting to go down the left side of the gap. 

And the clouds got thicker, and nothing for a while.

Then the bottom of the V started to glow.

Nothing else was visible until the very last minute when the sun popped out at the bottom of the V.  

In spite of the poor weather forecast, I went back there on Saturday evening to hear the presentation.  It was worth it, as the woman giving the talk took us over to the summer solstice marker, which can be seen here. 

The winter solstice marker was up on a hill to the north (right), and the equinox marker was in between, as seen here. 

As we were walking around, I took better photos of the area from east of the Parowan Gap. 

A short time after we got up a small hill to the equinox marker, it started to rain, and people headed back to their cars.  Needless to say, the sun never did pop out, so I am glad that I went the night before.

Our whole area had high winds yesterday, Saturday, so I did not get to do my bowl burning until early this morning.  It has gotten much colder since Friday, but the skies are starting to clear.  If all goes well, I will drive out to the Parowan Gap this evening and try my luck at getting better photos.  If I do, I will post them next time. 

March 19, 2021

Vernal Equinox


We are coming up on the Vernal Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Depending on where you live, it could be on the 19th or 20th of March.  By the time you read this, you could even be past that significant moment in time!  No matter.  It is not too late to create your intent and do some sort of ceremony.  Equinox is all about balance and equanimity.  Time to release whatever is out of balance in your life,  whether it is in regard to health, finances, relationships, or even your spiritual path.  There certainly has been a lot of whoop de doo this past year, as we have just passed the 1 year anniversary of the start of the pandemic.  Call in your positive outcome of harmony and equality in all aspects of your life, give it some juice, and send it out to the universe to be manifested for you .   

I had initially thought I'd have a few people to join me for a bowl burning on the 20th, but it did not work out that way.  Instead, I will be going out to a very significant sun calendar site tonight and perhaps tomorrow night to enjoy the Equinox setting sun, in addition to doing my bowl burning some time tomorrow afternoon.  A report will be forthcoming!  Happy Equinox! 

March 16, 2021

The Silver Cord

Ever since writing the previous post on the impending passing of my friend, the topic of death has been on my mind. A few days ago, I got a brief glimpse of her astral body standing up and a few feet away from her bed while her cancer ridden physical body was still in the bed.   Her silver cord could be seen still connecting her astral body to the physical one.  Once that dissolves, the person’s astral body separates from the physical permanently, and the person is deceased.

The silver cord originates in the etheric body, which is the blueprint for the physical, and is the energetic template that is closest to the body.  It then connects to the astral body, which is what separates and travels during dream time.  Clearly it can stretch allowing for astral travel far and wide.  My sense is that this cord originates around the navel area, which makes sense since it feeds the physical body with energy from all of the other bodies and even from the Higher Self. 

When I was training shamanic practitioners, we did an exercise in which we felt each other’s silver cord.  One student would lay face up on the floor.  The others would sit around that person, and on cue, they would all gently pry the astral body off of the reclining student and lift it up about a foot or a bit more, holding it in that position.  Then they would take turns reaching under that raised astral body in the area of the navel and gently feel for the silver cord.  It was a fascinating exercise, as everyone’s silver cord was different.  Some were thin, and others were wide.  Each had their own energetic signature, too.  After everyone had taken their turn feeling the cord, the reclining student’s astral body was gently lowered into place and pressed into their physical body. 

Many out of body travelers report that they can look back and see their silver cord connecting them  to their physical body.  I would expect that if that cord were accidentally severed, the traveler would not be able to reenter their body.  I also suspect, due to my extensive shamanic training, that a sorcerer might be able to sever that cord, too, leading to a fatal heart attack or to one dying in their sleep. 

So getting back to the death process, I started to wonder about how that cord gets detached at death.    If the death is particularly violent, the cord just snaps and off you go.  What about if the death is gentle and easy?  My sense is that as the vibration of the person gradually rises to facilitate the transition out of the physical plane, the end of the cord that is attached to the etheric body just dissolves, as does the etheric body itself.   

It is also widely reported that as one approaches death, there are visits with loved ones that have already passed, and that the dying person is not in their body very much.  The astral body is traveling to the realms beyond the physical plane, getting familiar with where they will go next.  The action is much like a yo yo that goes out and then is pulled back in repeatedly. 

Bottom line is that we can never know for sure exactly what the process is until we experience it ourselves.    And then, we won’t be coming back to talk about it either! 

I will continue to hold space for my friend.