February 5, 2013

Chakra Removal

Yes, that’s right.  Chakra removal.  I removed my whole chakra system and kundalini patterning on November 14, 2012.  And yes, I am still alive and well and better than ever.  Part of my mission here on earth is to examine and let go of any structures or programming that would keep me stuck in the 4th dimension upon my final transition.  As I have come to realize after doing this that it is just the first step to uncovering the massive amount of matrix programming that we humans are subject to. 

For those of you who have been listening to George Kavassilas’ radio interviews or have read his book Our Universal Journey, you are familiar with his description of the programming that comes from the synthetic realities that we are dealing with day to day on an energetic level.  You also might want to listen to the last hour of episode 5 on his other radio program www.superwooradio.com.au for a great discussion on various ways to remove the chakras.

I had been mulling this whole issue over for a while before I decided to go for it.  This is the process that I used.  First, I visually assessed my chakra system.  Ten days before this I had taught the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in Cortez, part of which involves expanding one’s core essence at the start of every exercise.  I could see that all of my chakras were popped out away from my body by at least a foot, and that they were connected to their origin on my spine by a very thin thread.  I have no doubt that this was a result of the repeated expanding of my core essence during the class. 

For the actual removal, I sat quietly and tuned in before expanding my core essence until it was larger than my body by about 2 feet all the way around.  Then, with my hands, I gathered up all of the chakra patterning, including the attached threads, and merged it into a ball of energy that was held right in front of me.  After thanking my chakras for their service, I used the QSH technique of squeezing the ball of energy smaller and smaller until there was nothing left.  The patterning completely dissolved.  This was done with my physical hands within my personal expanded 5th dimensional space.  When I rechecked visually, the chakras were indeed gone, as was the patterning for the kundalini. 

This method can also be used to remove one chakra at a time.  Another method is to simply pull the chakra energy out with your hands, thank it, and then press it into the chest, sending it into your core essence to be dissolved without needing to expand that core first.  It is always good to have someone who knows how to detect chakras check you after you are finished.  This is what our launching group did for each other at our last get together.  Remember that this is a process that you must do for yourself.  No one else can do it for you. 

The immediate and very palpable result for me was a feeling of being calm, peaceful and centered within with more inner stillness on a day to day basis.  I am much less reactive to even big things now, and have been realizing that so much we react to, take in and embrace as a belief system is really matrix programming designed to keep us addicted to the drama of life on planet earth.  The removal of the chakra system is the first step to accessing the rest of the programming from the synthetic realities that is designed to keep us entrapped in the 4th dimension.  It is also vitally essential that we know what is truly ours to work on and what is not so that we can process our own issues with more conscious awareness.

Many of my clients and students have already removed their chakras successfully, and I am hearing about more and more people who have done this in a variety of different ways.  This tells me that this is indeed a false patterning imposed on us. If this was organic patterning, it would not be so easy to remove.  Also, keep in mind that if you are receiving healing work from someone whose modality works with the chakras, they will no longer be able to use that modality on you.  If your healing modality works with a client’s chakras, you will no longer be able to use that modality on those who have removed their chakras  That is one benefit of learning the QSH modality, as no chakras are involved. 

After describing my chakra removal process to one of my friends, she asked me if my inner vision had gone away since I no longer had a 3rd Eye.  What a great question, as I hadn’t even thought of that.  I can assure everyone that my inner vision has not changed a bit, and now seems to be expanded to be able to see more of the structure of the matrix programming that surrounds and connects to us.  More on that later.


  1. I researched the topic of the chakra removal after Carla mentioned it me. George interviewed Laura Lee Mystycah when the topic was discussed. On one of her websites I learned that this came about after she was asked one by one of the "Knights" (people she supports) that he hated his third eye and what can be done about it. The Knights went on the journey and came back with the information about the chakras and how to remove them.

    1. Yes, Laura Lee's group has been without their chakras for about 5 years now. I suspect that there are many more missing chakra people in the closet out there, since it is kind of a taboo subject! Carla

    2. you bet groovers - viva la revolution of Mother MU and her inhabitants
      https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEKwwSc7lu7xeTEgmIbcTGO3auQZghu1T is how we roll down under xxx

  2. Lol,

    I was introduced to this concept just last week through George's book and listening to episode 5 of super woo radio.. When listening to the podcast i figured to take a look at my chacra. before I knew it I had unscrewed the 7th from the first and then 6 through 2 front to back.
    gathered them up and let them float away into my heart space..

    The whole process was done within about 2 minutes...

    With Love

  3. Dear Eelco,
    Excellent!!! It is amazing how quickly this can be done. Also, by bringing awareness to the whole chakra issue, the removal process starts moving along on its own. Often, all a person needs to do is finish up the process. More verification that the chakras are not a part of our organic energetic system.
    Blessings to you, Carla

  4. It is amazing isn't it.
    I was wondering though have you found any information on the "natural" energy pattern of our human bodies?

    Appart rom your site and that of Laura lee Mysticah. I cannot seem to find any additional information.

    Questions arise within on how to let my energy flow and replennish now that i am not getting sun light from above and earth light from below...

    ALso some people that have removed their chakra system seem to have intended for their natural energysystem to return.. Because after months they felt their extra sensory abilities were diminished, they bacam increasingly lonely in their view of the world as being just them..

    For me.. I am feeling pretty ok. not exeptionaly exstatic or more unbalanced. For a few days after my removal i felt like I could more easily get a connection from within to my surroundings as if we shared the same source...

    With Love

  5. Dear Eelco,
    What I consider the natural energy pattern of the human body is the spherical 5D energy field centered in the chest area. Refer to the January "Core Essence" post. If you keep this center expanded, you will match the vibrational level of the Earth and Sun. In other words, you will be more equal with them in energy levels. That is the goal, to become our own Sun and Earth. We do not need to feed off of their energy. The transition to this can be a lonely place until one attains enough autonomy and the realization that we have all we need within. This can be a challenge for those who are used to being energetically entangled with those close to them.
    Also, on higher levels, we are a group consciousness of like vibrating souls, so we are truly never alone.
    If you haven't been listening to George Kavassilas' numerous radio interviews, I highly recommend that, too. www.ourjourneyhome.com.au. He is a marvelous example of living a life of autonomy and sovereignty.
    Blessings, Carla

  6. As soon as I heard George talk about this in one of his presentations I just knew it was the right thing to do. I had always been uncomfortable meditating and breathing up through them even though I experienced that bliss which i also agree is a false light state of bliss to nothingness. I had already started shining my own heart light outwards instead of up and down though the chakras and I at first used Laura Lee's method of 'unscrewing' them one at at time but I immediately felt my light dissolving them once they came away. I now just extend my light and see any 'false light attachments' being dissolved by my own light. I have not found that peace that everyone talks about but I am more excited by the effect it has had on me. I find myself doing amazing things that are beneficial to myself and all around me without thoughts or decisions to take action..I am just doing it. Everything in my life has changed because of how I am moving through it now without 'thoughts', no mind interference just natural organic purposeful action in everything I do. And the 'twitching' is subsiding, George told me that is the most common symptom he has heard. I think it is some kind of electromagnetic reaction by the synthetic overlay to our breaking free. I applaud everyone of us willing to be our own guru and have the courage to want to experience our own organic selves and I am loving it!

  7. It there a step by step process of removing my own chakras? I can't pay anyone to do it for me, but I figure removing them myself will be my only option.

  8. Yes a step by step guidance would be great

  9. Thank you for your comments on the chakra removal. What I wrote here is pretty self explanatory. You might want to listen to George's Super Woo Radio interview #5, which gives additional methods. Basically, you can remove them with your hands one by one, or all together. With your core essence expanded, you can either squish them together right in front of you with your hands until there is nothing left, or press them deep into your core essence which does the same job. This cannot be done by anyone other than yourself, but it is helpful to have someone check you when you are finished. Good luck!!!

  10. I removed my chakra system as I received a message from my guides to remove them. This occurred just when I was being introduced to them and learning how to use them...its like they jumped in and stopped it. I am a psychic medium and once I removed them, the gifts enhanced like overnight. Meditation was easy. I feel extremely connected to energy in ways I can't describe. I have to admit, I don't even know what they are for or the Kundalini thing...but I feel great. I have had some say I crippled myself and will die if I don't use them...not dead yet...:)

  11. I have been giving readings and receiving confirmations of my messages. I don't do protection anymore ,don't feel imbalance more in connect with energy. I still get many spirits here in my house all the time and none hurt me. I don't seem to be drawn to anything to study for any period of time.....I don't do astrology, numerology, tarot, crystals, Buddha, Ala , Jesus or even Alien mothership but recognize all as some tool of life. For example I just found out what Namaste means...I am 43 yrs old..LOL.. I highly respect all of it! I do recognize that when I come across something with spiritualism or metaphysical it grabs my interest strongly and then I dismiss it as something NOT what I am looking for..like searching. The last request from my guides was "clarity" I wanted to know why I had these gifts and what am I suppose to do with them. I just had my numerology DOB done and I'm a Life path 22 which what was explained was spot on with what's going on now in my life. I read your blog and had to reply...not usual for me. Thank you and ♥ & light..

  12. If one was to remove their chakra system would they still need to ground themselves and if so how would they go about doing it and is it possible to use the inner core for such techniques instead of the energy source 6-12" above ones bodies? An internal source which is that of our own instead of what im presuming is an external source?

  13. You are exactly correct. Grounding in a 4D linear way would flow from the source above the head through the body and anchor into the core of the earth. Grounding in a 5D way and without chakras would involve expanding one's core essence to match the vibration of the 5D center of the planet. You would find also that as you expand, the edge of your core essence would touch the center of the planet, thus the grounding and connecting. It is still essential to be grounded at all times, but in this different way. Try it and see if you can feel the solid connection with the Earth Mother.

  14. Hi Carla.
    I found you a while back, while researching about this subject as I'm one of the ones going about "without" them. I have held back from saying Hi, but now after reading your posts and comments a while I feel confident enough to approach you.
    Just like you said, I have my own perspective of what happened and we differ somewhat, but my experience is running parallel with yours and I've nothing bad to say about ANY of it! I love the whole thing and everyone's different part shines as a facet of a whole beautiful crystal!
    I have wrote an account of my chakra removal (or what I've found to also be called unified chakras) on a blog as my art now centers around this "happening".
    I've not wrote my account of my "membranes" ripping yet as I'm so backlogged with the useful stuff of the whole thing! I'm sure you know what I mean ha!

    I can't comment with this address, please excuse the blogspot here it's very old and could do with some tweaks :)
    Well much love to you. . .
    Keep on shining.

  15. Jode, thanks so much for your comment. All sharing contributes to the shift in mass consciousness! I have printed out your blog post on your chakra removal experience to read when I have some time to sit and digest it all. Many blessings to you as you proceed on your path of freedom and evolution!

  16. Hello.
    I'm really touched that your taking the time to read my (loooong) write up. Thank you so much. Now I'm tingling with anticipation on your musings ooh! I hope you don't mind my "personal" way of writing, it's the only way I could tell the story.
    Thank you for you kind words.
    Take care Hun.

  17. Many Blessings to you on your path! Carla

  18. Hi Carla,
    I have some new Spiritual Infographics at http://howtomeditate-n-heal.org/free-infographics-embed-codes/ that fit your niche. They’re free to embed if you think the community would enjoy them.
    Richard Crown

  19. I am Yvonne from the Netherlands and I removed my Chakra's a month ago.
    A good friend of mine introduced me to the subject. I felt an instant need to remove them as soon as possible.
    That night when I layed down in my bed I made my sacred space and asked my High Selve what to do and how..
    The only thing I had to do was ASK.
    I asked My High Selve to remove my chakra's.
    And he/she/it did. I just layed there with my attention on my Core Essence Expending.
    Until it was done. I asked for extra healing that night.
    It was gone it is still gone. I feel great ever since. The most inportant benefit fot me is the energy lost (from energy vampires) stopt.
    In the hospital, elevators, restaurants, shoppingmalls etc...
    I can have my own energy now...
    No one can steal it anymore. .
    Yvonne van Berkel

  20. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Yvonne. What you have described is a good example of what others can expect from the chakra removal process. Happy Holidays to you, and here's wishing you a blessed 2014.

  21. I'm skeptical so will have to try it sometime. I'm willing to bet though that every one of you that has had their chakras supposedly removed, still have them. They are a natural part of the energy body in my opinion. The physical body has centers and organs to it, why wouldn't the energy body have energy centers, it only makes sense. Have any of you had a legitimate clairvoyant with skills at seeing the energy body and chakras have a look at you? What did they see?

  22. Being a long time shamanic practitioner, I have extensive experience with testing of the chakra motions with a pendulum. I have also offered my services to anyone who has removed theirs (note-not had theirs removed by someone else) to check the effectiveness of the process. In almost all cases, there is no motion or energy left in the area where the chakra has been. For those who did not manage a complete removal, I let them know which chakras are still remaining so that they can take another crack at it. Believe me, there is a clear difference energetically between the chakras that are gone versus the ones that are still there. One now has a single energy center in the area of their heart/chest that is their 5D unity consiciousness. Much better than being split into 7 parts!

    1. Excellent points, I'd like just add that, animals do not have chakras, further proving, chakras are not needed. Life essence from the soul, is.

  23. Hello, I'm thinking wether removing my chakra's could benefit me as well. But I have many questions come up. Such as how the existing healing modalities can work for you. How sex is experienced (now without the kundalini system). Wether it is still possible to tap into energies such as that of the serpent or the energy of Gaia (earth) which i started feeling and using in dance/movement. Can you still feel other people's chakra's and do healing work for them even though the healers chakra's are not there anymore.

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience and information.
    I am a bit scared to remove them because i wonder if you can ever go back if you want to.
    But i do feel that chakra's give lot's of problems and when i close my eyes in meditation i just see a golden globe of light.
    I also wonder how come all the guru's and yoga teachers of the ages never came to realize that the chakra's and kundalini system are implants! Is there an explanation for that?
    love & light, Laura

    1. To answer your excellent questions--after the chakras are removed, you source from your core essence. You are then more of a match for the Earth Mother energy, which is also a spherical globe of light. Sex is also more of a heart to heart exchange.
      A healer can use any modality on others even though they no longer have chakras. In other words, you do not need to have chakras to work on someone who still has them. The vast majority of my clients still have chakras, and I use either the shamanic healing or the QSH to work on them. However, if you have someone work on you after you have removed your chakras, they have to use a modality that does not need to use chakras as a reference point for the session.
      I suppose that you can recreate your chakras after removing them if you really want to, but I think that you will find that you feel so good without them that you would not want them back.
      The gurus and yoga teachers that you refer to are sourcing from the synthetic matrix of artifically created energetic structures and religions. It is not until you start getting out of those systems that you can see that this type of thing is not for you. Unfortunately, these systems also generate a lot of FEAR around changing the status quo, hence the fear about removing the chakras, etc.
      Good luck with whatever you decide to do with your chakras!

    2. Carla I'd like to comment on what you said 'gurus & yoga teachers are sourcing from the synthetic matirix and artificially created energetic structures' - Is this why some psychics will ask their higher self a question like does karma really exist and get a yes while others will get a no even though getting a simple yes or no is one of the easiest things for clairvoyance or clairvoyance? Am i looking at this the right way? Just wondering if highly developed psychics are just channeling evil spirits posing as their higher selves, sometimes.

  24. hello, somebody ever saw central core after their chakras was removed, one friend told me when he was on astral plane, the core central/sun look like a iregular ball, like a seed of avacado. Is it true or not?

  25. It all depends on the person's perspective. We all use different filters for our experiences.

  26. Hi, Carla Fox!
    I from Brazil, Last year I discovered I had not any chakra, byself They gone, I did not nothing to remove, Just my kudalini system stayed, on january, I pay for my session to remove kudalini. They told there was a lot of benefits When You removed your chakra. But Now feel more calm, and I did not get any habilites!
    I would to know how can I pratice exercise to gain some abilities, like claivorancy, physically ability, energy scan, etc?

    1. I suggest that you find someone in your area to coach you in enhancing your psychic abilities. This has nothing to do with removing your chakras. I do know that if you want to expand in this area, you need to spend enough quiet time focusing within and also going with the information that you may get no matter how much your mind tells you that it is wrong. Good luck!

  27. Thank you carla for answering all of our questions so patiently.
    I read some more of your posts, and your way of seeing things really resonates with me.

    I'm trying to tune into my core essence, but I can hardly feel my heart beating and wondering if I can find the right spot. (there is also the higher heart chakra, the thymus and of course the heart chakra and they seem to be very close to each other.

    On internet I can not find much about the core essence. Is there any more information on this to find/read?

    So concluding from your comment I guess you can still have feelings centered in the heart-area?
    The core essence actually brings energy equally everywhere, do you think?
    And our organs can be generators of energy in itself too, I guess.

    In an Ayauasca ceremony I saw an inca sundisk being placed on my back between the shoulderblades. (I didn't know what it was until I googled it) An ancient wheel started rotating and I felt it had solar energy that made a strong beam come out of my heart at the front. Could that be connected to all of this or the core essence?
    It's weird because a year ago I made a drawing explaining how to get out of the birth-death cycle. (not that I know much about it). But it explained that we have to become our own star or sun, completely independend and self-sustaining.
    Last summer I went through something called the 8-day process. It's a fast way to activate your body to live on prana and not be dependend on food and drink anymore. It works. And it's not just a physical process, but a spiritual journey and initiation as well. I still eat and drink, but i feel it's based on habit and emotions. I'm no longer hungry and if my body is clean I can do without food for longer periods of time. My energy rises so much that everything around me seems to vibrate life, and I get so sensitive for smells, haha. Also conversations with people did not interest me anymore, it felt a bit lonely as not many people understand or can relate to where you are.
    The reason I'm explaining this is that it is also part of a path to become self-sustainable in every way. :-)

    Lately my energy has been very low and I've been reaching out for some help because I have no idea why, and some very old stubborn mind pattern takes control over me sometimes, including bad luck with money all the time. But not much came out of it and I felt the message for me was to take care of myself and that I cannot assume anymore that other people know more than me. (Not that this is true literally, but meaning in the context of the story)
    I've been doing a lot of work to become more free, but I still feel imprisoned somehow. And this feeling is becoming intolerable lately. I still struggle with emotional turmoil. energies around me, the mind taking control sometimes. ..periods of ultimate bliss followed by near depressional states. even though I work with lightbeings (on this i share again your point of view, but never the less I enjoy working with them) and know how to guard my energy. maybe it's self sabotage.

    One healing helped me get an old mind-pattern (old computer program taking control!) more silent. You mentioned after chakra removal you were more calm and the mind having less control. Am I right?
    That sounds like heaven to me, haha

    I asked my monad/higher self and it said it's good to remove them. But before I get started I want to know what I am doing and how I can manage the new energy. The core -essence is new to me.
    I found information on the core star (which is located between the solar plexus and second chakra, above the navel). But that is again another thing.

    Do you need to understand and feel the chakra's in order to remove them?
    And do you need to be clear of entities and other forms of attachments in the energy system? Or will those be removed together with the chakra's?

    Sorry for the long and personal post. I hope others can benefit too reading it.

    1. Lots of questions, Laura! Core esesnce is a term that I coined myself, so you would not find any other information on it on the internet. The best I can do is to recommend that you go back and read the post on it from January of 2013. The key is to go within and trust. Overly mental analysis will derail you every time. I also suggest that you delve into the radio interviews and the book by George Kavassilas. Especially tap into his energy as he is speaking. He is a very heart centered and clear person, and you may be able to feel that energy.
      You do not need to understand or feel your chakras before removing them, but you do need to know where they are located on your body. Entites and attachments will not be removed along with your chakras, as they are part of a different dynamic altogether. You do not need to be clear of them to remove your chakras. On the plus side, by removing your chakras, you will gain more peace and clarity about your own issues and what is yours to deal with versus what had been artificially imposed on you. Blessings to you!

  28. Again thanks for your quick response :-)
    I will check out George's work more. The internet connection here is not so fast and the podcast couldn't load.
    Your answers are clear and I have a much better understanding now, thank you. I read on Jody's website (which she posted up here in the comments) that she feels it's more of a merging instead of removing.
    I'm pretty sure now I'll take mine out too. Waiting for a quiet moment to turn inwards, and I want to check out George's work before I go for it. And I might get someone to check out my energy system afterwards.
    I'll let you know how things go when they've been removed.
    Thanks again so much for your knowledge sharing!
    Blessings to you too!

  29. Hello again Carla,i think i removed most of my chakras but im not sure.I'm new to spiritual work so if its possible please give me as much as guidance you can on this. I did this process while i was laying down,i first relaxed my body from head to toe in dark to focus an asked my higher self for guidance.When i fell into relaxation an i visualized the chakra points as cones on my body and i reached physically toward my crown chakra,removed it and pressed it into my chest.My heart was racing an I felt like my soul was leaking from the removal but i continued an proceeded to do the third eye,throat,heart,plexus,sacral,and root.I also visualized like a dissolving solution an poured it into holes to get rid of the chakra pattern completely (felt more bleeding probably wasnt a good idea).After i was done i placed my hand over each wound and visualised the area being healed with a blue light an the pain kinda of subsided. I went to sleep after that and woke a couple hours later feeling a little different but i still felt the sensations of kundalini like tingling,crawling, and noises. I know i didnt take the cones on my back out so i dont know if that could be a reason but i tried my best on this.I know how to feel my own energy and visualize a little but im not sure about everything else.Carla im in my early 20's an im willing to learn what i can,i need your best advice on this situation.

  30. Hello Chris--sounds like you did a good job with your chakras. Please get with someone in your area to check your results. You may also need some healing work. The way you describe your kundalini does not sound quite right. There should be no sensation there, and something else might be going on. Carla

  31. Ok i will try to get in contact with a shamanic healer as soon as possible an i will reply after the work is done

  32. Hey Carla i've been pretty busy an i just wanted give you a update on my progress. Well i don't have those feelings of things crawling on me anymore i assume that was probably fear based.But besides that i feel good an calm and i have a real sense of clarity now.I don't even feel any negative entities around me anymore i just feel safe! Even my thoughts seem filtered from negativity !Never felt like this before its definitely a eye opener for me but i do realize that i do need to make sure im healed completely because i feel like my aura has a hole in it.Hopefully i can see a healer this month to fix this damage an i will reply as soon as possible.

  33. Hello Chris,
    What a wonderful report! Your energy feels so diffierent to me now. Much more settled and grounded. Good job. If you cannot find a healer in your area, I'd be happy to work with you remotely. Carla

  34. hey carla,
    so at first i was scared to do this because of some health problems.
    but something deep inside me was nudging me to do it saying it will be okay im here beside you it will go smoothly. so i started by dissolving the chakras in place because i heard this way there are no holes to close up in the aura after the process has ened. and had my higher self remove the Entities i had. and when my sun/star activated i felt it expanded and it started to address the health problem and now i no longer seem to have it. and i have been feeling great since i have done this. but i also have a question well a couple of questions. the first is after all was set and done i noticed 3 balls of light in my body not just the sun/star chakra but there was 2 more under that, that was lighting up and coming to life do you have any idea what that could be? i could see them clearly and i felt like they held great power. and also i seen with my inner vision balls of lights or higher energy centers light up above my head and start to descend into my body as my central core started to expand and they seem to take the place where the old chakras use to sit can you explain this as well?
    thank you,
    much love.

  35. I removed my chakra system and an implant earlier this year through meditation and work with my guides and felt an immediate grounding and stillness I've never felt before. I just read your article and am glad you mentioned that this is something that only a person can do for themselves. I've seen many practitioners advertising to remove the chakra system for a fee, which has disappointed me. I'm a Reiki Master and the chakra removal has not affected my
    ability to receive and transfer energy. I have noticed that I do receive messages a little differently and was glad to read that your inner vision has not been affected.

  36. This morning I work up getting rid of my chakra system and kundilini. I advised my Higher Self this is what I wanted to do. Please check for me that it is gone. You stated that you can sense if things are all cleaned-up. I would much appreciate your assistance. Thanks, Luangwa James

  37. I would be happy to check you, but this would need to be done via phone or skype, as I need to have direct contact with your energy field. Also, make sure that you use your physical hands to do the job, as your Higher Self does not remove chakras! Follow the above instructions to the letter.

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  39. Hi Carla, I am grateful to have come across you via dear George Kavassilas :-)

    Just had an interesting reply from "Judith Kusel" on my question about whether chakras in our bodies are good or bad, and what happens if someone wish to remove it? Her answer was:

    "Kerry you cannot remove energy centers in your body. Why want to harm yourself?
    All they do is energise you and are there to enhance your life. Why fiddle with the amazing creation of God - your body is a temple of God - and if you do not like what God created, then you are denying your own right to exist.

    But, I have a strong feeling in not really needing them chakras in me to be honest, as we are sovereign beings and do not wish for the possibilities of beings taking energy etc from me, controlling in a synthetic reality and matrix programming....

    Can you really remove chakras? Or just disable them? We are (unfortunately) being engineered with these energy points in our bodies before we were born as it is designed cleverly by those who wants control over us... big massive thanks for your answers in advance!

    The good thing though is that we question everything, see things much clearer and much more substantial than the majority of the population. We are light warriors and beings of love <3

    Our hearts are expanding with compassion and growth in learning. There is so much more than meets the eye!

    I read materials, books etc whenever I get the chance. Sometimes lack sleep as I have long commute into work and back, and working full-time just to pay the bills, at the moment Lol x

    1. Hello Kerry--Yes, you can indeed totally remove the chakras as they are not organic to the human form. Mine have been gone for about 2 1/2 years now. The "god" that created them is the mind entity of the synthetic matrix. Continue to question everything that does not seem quite right to you. That is how we increase our awareness levels so that we can see through the many layers of illusion that are imposed upon us.

    2. Thank you very much Carla. You won't believe how blessed I am to get to come across you as well as a few others like George Kavassilas etc as well.
      Would you be able to let me know the status of all chakras on me?
      I will be tremendously relieved to know about how it is or if need more inner work.

      Much love, happiness & gratitude!

    3. I would be happy to check your chakra removal success. Once you have gone through the process, get in touch via e-mail through www.quantumstargate.com. It would require just a quick prearranged phone call.

  40. Hey Carla, i hope you're still active and well! I am 17 years old and i would wish to remove my chakras (i hope age doesn't matter ;)). I'm planning on doing it with my hands moving them to my center and trying to dissolve them, i hope that is an alright method? If it isn't a biggie, could you explain if there are some nuances or anything :D And also, if there was some way to check if they are gone, or if you could check them for me, i would be really grateful ^^ (im really not that sensitive, so yeah). Thanks and have some loves ^^

    1. Certainly, you are not too young to remove your chakras! Just make sure that you are fully grounded and your core essence is expanded before you go through the exercise as detailed in the post. Contact me via e-mail through www.quantumstargate.com, and we will arrange a phone call for me to check your success. Good luck!

  41. Yay :D Thanks! I now figured out my mistakes, i didnt even try the core essence thing. Good thing i have google :) Also, i don't live in America, so phone calls would probably be really costly, maybe skype? One more question ;3 Is the checking of chakras paid, since i saw that healing sessions cost 130? I really hope i'm not inconveniencing you or bugging you XD Thanks for responding and everything ^^

  42. The service is free, and we can do Skype.

  43. That's awesome! ^^ Though i have a gut feeling i may not be ready as of yet to remove them.. i shall wait a little, and when i do, i will definetly contact you! Thank you a lot ^^ Also, your blog is very interesting to read, i hope you never stop with them ^^

  44. Carla, I know the chakras are in the front and the back. When you remove them from the front, do you also have to remove them from the back as well, or do they all merge into one?

  45. Also, I forgot to add. When you remove your chakras does the kundalini also get removed along with it as well, or is that a separate removal process on its own?

  46. You are removing the central core of the chakra, which generates the energy field front and back. So no need to address the back of the chakras. The kundalini is anchored into the energy field by the chakras. When the chakras are removed, the kundalini dissolves for the most part right away. No extra process is needed. Good questions!

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  48. So happy to have found your blog! I've been feeling a sort of nudging to go back to George Kavassilas' teaching - not sure why I sort of fell away from it. Now that I have read this thread, I know that I must. I will listen to the piece you recommended, and I'm sure that I will be removing my chakras as well. Thank you!

    Meda Arbour

  49. Thanks a lot for this information that i got thanks to Mirjam in Holland. I still wonder how i did to remove my chakra's but according to you in a mail to Mirjam, we succeeded both and now are free to go further with our journey Home. Thank you very much fr checking.
    I don't know if the removal of the distortions on the pineal gland has succeed. I did it before sleeping so that i already lying and have not the same problem as George Kavassilas that was knock out for 4 hours

  50. Hi Carla,

    I usually have a strong connection with my spirit and I feel it inside my body when something is true or not. Truth always gets acknowledged by extreme surges of energy and inner shivers that go up the head and come from the heart center. I read a lot about chakra removal and for some reason I do not get that response by any of these posts. I wonder now if I actually do have chakras left.

    I read here someplace that the check for chakras is for free? I would like to contact you per mail if that is possible. Could you contact me on my mail address at: tanjascn@gmail.com?

    Thank you!

  51. Because it is a 4th dimension construct that hold us intrapt in the syntethic universe of the 4th dimension. I am happy that i got rid of it because i got often problems because of it's activation in 2005. Now, my body feels finally sereen.
    It is a matter of choice.
    Carla can explain better.

  52. Carla, i told my friends in France this weekend about the removal of the 7 chakras and one of them reminded me that there are more than 7, so the next day, after grounding and with my expended core essence, i asked my higher self for assistence tot remove all the other ones that are too far of reach. I cannot check but it feels as gone into my core.