August 26, 2013

Chakra Removal Fears

Since I posted the information on the chakras, what they are and how to remove them, I have gotten lots of feedback, not all of which has been left as a comment on the blog.  If you did not get a chance to read the original posts, they can be found at The Chakra System, Chakra Removal and Chakra Extras.  I’d like to cover some of the additional information and feedback that has come my way since those original writings.  After you read this, I welcome any comments you may have, either below this post or directly to me at 

Last week, while having a conversation with a friend about the whole chakra matter, he admitted that he was afraid to remove them.  I suspect that this is a concern for many and that they don’t feel free to express that concern.  Instead, I get all sorts of reasons why the chakras should not be removed.  Rest assured, you will not die if you don’t have your chakras.  I and many others are living proof of that!  Yet, I have gotten some pretty interesting rationales as to why we need to keep them.  When the status quo programming is confronted, some can go into fear.  Then instead of moving forward, one tends back track into the “known”, even if it may not be true or may not have worked for them in the past. 

The commonly held theory is that the chakras are drawing in energy or chi from the surroundings, and that the body needs that energy for sustenance.  When I was in my shamanic training, we were taught that the normal motion for a chakra was a clockwise spin, which is the intake mode.  If the chakra was spinning counterclockwise, it was losing energy.  Two people I have spoken to feel that the chakras are actually spinning counterclockwise, and that they are creating external reality by drawing higher dimension energy from their own energy field and projecting it outwards.  If the chakras are strictly a 4th dimensional construct as I believe, they cannot access a person’s higher dimensional energy fields to do this. The light that some perceive when looking at the chakras in the body is actually created via the opening into the 4th dimensional field of the person, and is a polarized 4D light, not the unified 5D light. 

Here is one scenario that may have happened as we entered the great arena of the 4th dimension.  As 5th dimensional beings, we were one with our Higher Selves and took the form of a unified field of higher dimensional light.  We decided to extend ourselves into the lower dimensions for our experience and learning.  As we did this, our unified field naturally and normally diffused into a field of energy consisting of all of the colors of the rainbow, much like sending a beam of light through a prism.  As I feel into the sensation of this, it actually feels quite wonderful.  Imagine what it would be like to live like the aurora borealis, shifting and flowing through the vibrational range of all of those colors.  Could this be the fabled rainbow body?

When we first entered human form, we still had that rainbow body intact.  This was our “Garden of Eden” stage.  At some point, we entered into an agreement with the synthetic realities to further experience lack and limitation as part of our experience here. This is the story of Eve, the serpent and the apple.  Remember that there are no victims, coincidences or accidents!  That is when the chakra system as we know it was installed.  Instead of the nice flow between the vibrations and colors, we now have a segmented system which was designed to keep us internally separated and without any flow between the various chakras. 

Whatever your theory of the chakra system may be, I am convinced that it exists wholly in polarity in the 4th dimension.  Since polarity consists of the whole range from positive energy to negative, there has also been a benefit from having chakras in addition to their restrictive programming.  Each chakra has its own realm of issues, emotions, physical body parts, etc, so that working with a particular chakra enables one to clear their 4th dimensional imprints specifically related to that chakra.  In my shamanic healing work, I still address the issues that the client has related to the chakra system if that person has their chakras.  The chakras are gravity wells that draw in houcha, or heavy energy, according to a person’s imprints, and some people can need quite a bit of work in that arena before we move on to the Quantum Sphere Healing. 

On the other hand, one can loop through the issues that the chakra system presents and never get off of that track!  Just look at the figure 8 that commonly represents infinity.  Try this.  Draw out a large figure 8 on a piece of paper.  Put your finger on that line and trace it around.  And around and around!  Where are you going?  Nowhere!!!  That symbol represents a synthetic reality version of infinity designed to keep you looping and trapped.  It is the same for the chakra system. 

I do understand that change is frightening for a lot of people.  In the extreme, it can feel like death or annihilation for some.  On the other hand, you are here for a reason, and I would suspect that if you are reading this, you are on that path of evolution and ascension.  In shamanic terms, we use the concept of “back doors”.  A back door is what you go through if you are resisting moving forward into the unknown.  You may prefer to go back to something that is familiar to you, does not generate fear, but may not have worked very well in the past either. To truly move forward, those back doors must be closed.

The synthetic reality programming that we are all subject to uses fear to keep one in that system.  It can take courage and fortitude to break out of that box and move forward into what we perceive as the unknown.  It can also be as easy or as hard as one wants to make it.  I prefer easy, and so I just go for it without resisting to the best of my ability and according to where I am right now.

Chakra removal is a personal choice, and you will know it is the right time for you when you are ready.  Not everyone will exit the 3D/4D arena this time around as they may need more experience with lack and limitation.  For myself, I am through with it, and I am here to support those who feel the same.  Use your body’s barometer to really feel into what I have written here.  Feel the expanded core essence of your unified 5D energy field.  Then feel the restricted and segmented energy of your chakra system, if you still have one.  I leave the rest to you. 

August 23, 2013

Live With Passion

I have many passions in life.  Sometimes, I think that there are too many of them!  A few weeks ago  as I was sorting through and eliminating some of my stuff, I realized that some of the no longer needed items were associated with passions of the past that had run their course.  I made a vow to try my best to not take up any new hobbies that would complicate my life and require me to accumulate more items that I would have to get rid of at some point in the future. 

That being said, I feel it is important that if you do embark on a new venture, you engage in that activity with passion, focus and dedication until you have satisfied your creative urges to the fullest.  This summer, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make French macarons.  I didn’t even know that they existed until I saw them being made on 2 different cooking shows.  I got hooked.  To get good at baking these, one has to practice a lot, which I did.  After trying several different recipes and many different baking techniques, and making the macarons a few times a week over the last 2 months, the end result is what you see in the photo above.  My friends and family were happy as I ended up giving most of my “experiments” away to them.  They all tasted great, but some looked a bit peculiar.  I am still experimenting, but at least I know that I can turn out some nice macarons to take to parties or give as gifts.

The point I am trying to make here is this.  Whatever you do, do it with passion and enthusiasm. If you look at life in this way, you can apply this mode of being in the world to anything from cleaning the toilet to running for president of the United States.   Any task from the mundane to the sublime can be approached in this way.  Your inner spiritual work should be included here, too. Remember that one of the reasons why we all chose to be on our planet at this time is so that we can take advantage of the heightened energy to build up our escape velocity for the journey home.   This is the ultimate in the realm of the vibration of passion. 

Use your body as your barometer.  It will tell you if something is off.  Your body will feel better when you are on track, and you will feel that passion and enthusiasm for whatever you happen to be doing at the time.  If your body gives you a signal that something is amiss, listen to it and make the appropriate change.  If you feel a drop in your vibration, a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach, get suddenly nauseous or head-achy, your body is sending you that message.  In reference to the topic at hand, you may be getting a signal that it is time to move on from the chosen activity, or to not even start it up in the first place.   I always feel that if one is getting a message to make a change and that message is ignored, one will get increasingly out of balance as a result.  You could also look at this as generating negative karma that would just have to be resolved at a later date or in a subsequent lifetime.  Definitely not good for the buildup of escape velocity!

Back to the macarons.  Maybe it is the sugar and the chocolate in them that makes me feel so good!  Or the fun of baking them.  Or the satisfaction I get when people I give them to enjoy them so much.  Or just the metaphor for passion and enthusiasm.  Yes.  That’s probably what it is. 

August 19, 2013

August Launch

Yesterday morning, our local group met for our August launching.  As we were having our prep discussion and even throughout the energetic work that we did, it became very clear that we were working in a space that was of a higher and more refined vibration than the last time we had met.  We took some time out in May and June, and noticed an acceleration when we got back together in July.  It seems that the trend is continuing.  We are also in the midst of another strong solar event and I can only assume that the heightened energy from our Sun was assisting us in our own spiritual activities.

Each launcher needs an intent or purpose for their launch.  As I will be going back to the Monroe Institute on September 6th for my next class, my intent was to experience a journey that would prepare me for that class. I wanted to visit what one would call “source”.   

Pretty much immediately after the group assisted me in launching, I found myself in a familiar place.  I was looking down on a grouping of universes.  To me, these always look like tallish round bubbles situated right next to each other with an opening at the top of each one.  These universes quickly merged into one energetic body and we started traveling upwards.

Now, since I had requested to get to source, I expected to eventually arrive at some sort of glowing bright globe of energy.  Instead, our energy globe of the merged universes came to a large hole, beyond which was a vast nothingness.  This was quite a surprise, but in retrospect, not so much.  If we look at the openings at the tops of all the universes as portals, then what was revealed was that this pattern just continues up the dimensions. Our merged group of universes had made up one body with again its own escape hatch or portal.  This pattern may go on ad infinitum, and where source would be is anyone’s guess. 

The merged universes then entered the portal and instead of shooting out into that empty space, their energy started spreading out on the inner surface of the new space.  Picture a clear balloon filled with just a bit of iridescent yellow-green sticky liquid.  The liquid would hug the bottom of the balloon because of gravity.  It would also spread out on that inner surface if the balloon was tilted back and forth.  This is what it looked like, except that our multi-universe's iridescent energy started dripping upwards from that surface.  Very surreal indeed!  Was it traveling somewhere or starting to create something, I don’t know.

At that point, I asked to see what the process looks like as we are coming down through the dimensions and individuating once again.  The glowing body of the multi-universes split up into their own individual forms once again.  I then saw that different aspects of myself were splitting off and going into the different universes.  That made me very sad, as I realized that I would not be reunited with those aspects until my consciousness evolution reached the state where I existed wholly in the multi-verse.  That might take eons! 

After I came back from that journey, I didn’t feel completely present and was vibrating all over.  Normally, we each get launched twice, but that first one was so full that I declined the second trip.  In addition to each experiencing something important to their spiritual progress during these get-togethers, we are also mapping the energetic structures that lie beyond what we are familiar with.  Because of that, taking a second journey after a particularly important first one may be counterproductive to the whole process.

When all had been launched, we did some work on the skin of our Luminous Energy Fields.  I am trying to develop a process by which that skin could be dissolved with group energetic support of some sort.  I do not know how successful the exercise was, as we were all pretty non-focused at that point.  After some checking, we did determine that 2 of our members’ LEFs were about 2/3 dissolved from the bottom up.  So that tells me that the breaking up and dissolving of the LEF does not need to be as dramatic as mine was in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.  For most who have removed their chakras, the dissolving seems to be a more gradual process if you are doing some regular high vibrational energy work on yourself. 

If we are doing this, then our dear Mother Earth will do it at some point in her transition, too.  After all, we are the microcosm to her macrocosm.  We are a part of her body and her energy field.  We are in this together!

August 16, 2013

Quantum Sphere Healing in Atlanta, Georgia

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a Quantum Sphere Healing workshop in Atlanta, Georgia from Friday November 8th through Sunday the 10th.  We will be at a delightful facility called the Self Discovery Center, which is in a park like setting very near to downtown Atlanta.  The center also has 3 bed and breakfast rooms available, so if you will be coming from out of town, that might be a good option for you.  Their phone number is 214-223-9701. 

During this training, you will:
  • Learn how to use the gamma brainwave state to access the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field. 
  • Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of your Higher Self and that of the client to read and clear the client’s patterns of distortion.
  • Create a healing orb that will clear heavy energy patterns found in and around the physical body.
  • Learn how to expand and hold your 5th dimensional energy field throughout the work with a client, and how to use that field for your own spiritual evolution and acceleration.

For healing practitioners who work with the chakra system and are finding that some of their clients have removed their chakras, the QSH protocol will be a great addition to what you are already doing. It does not work with the chakras and will provide you with an alternative modality to use in those cases. 

You do not need to be a healing practitioner to take advantage of this training. All support materials will be provided in class, such as the sound tracks that you will be working with to access the gamma brain wave state. The QSH protocol can also be used in its totality, or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the student is already using for self healing or working with others, even your pets!   Your vibrational levels will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol.

If you have any questions at all about the course content, feel free to contact me at 970-565-2624 or with any questions on course content.  To register for this exciting workshop, go to  My sponsor is Stefanie Butler, and she will be handling all local logistical questions.  Contact Stefanie at 404-202-5740 or 

I have referenced the QSH in many of my previous posts, so if you have been keeping up with the blog, you will have read about the advantages of and the many uses for this amazing work.  It is a modality that will serve mankind through their transition to the higher state of being that is their destiny.  I hope to see and meet some of you in Atlanta in November.   

August 12, 2013

The Visit

My sister Julie and her friend Steve left on Sunday morning after visiting me here in Cortez for 4 days.  Everything went fairly smoothly and a good time was had by all.  We spent a day at Mesa Verde National Park exploring the cliff dwellings and got caught in a very strong lightening storm.  This prompted the ranger at the site where we were to allow us to go into the restricted area at the back of the ruin so that everyone could take shelter.  We also had a successful mushroom hunting excursion and picked enough of them to have for dinner that evening.  There was a power outage on Friday night, and we were all amazed at the view of the Milky Way and the brilliant night sky.  My guests live in Denver and never get to see the stars without the usual city light pollution dimming the view.  We were also in the midst of the annual hummingbird migration, so my feeders were mobbed at all times and it was fun to watch the feeding frenzy. 

There were of course a few problematic moments when my sister’s zingers were aimed my way, but none of them triggered any kind of reaction within me.  My equanimity held as if she had never said anything to me at all.  Generally, I am the target of her ill will at some point during any visit.  It did help to have her ex-husband Steve here, as a good deal of her attention was focused on making sure that his needs and wants were taken care of, but that is another story altogether! 

As I see it, the main reason for my being able to hold my energetic balance and not react to the zingers is twofold.  First, I did a Quantum Sphere Healing session on myself before the visit to focus on clearing the person to person karma that I shared with Julie.  Secondly, because I no longer have any chakras, which serve as intake vortices for heavy energy, the typical zingers had no entry point into my energy field.  Yeah!!!!!

Instead of wasting time reacting as I normally did during previous visits, I was able to do more observation of what was driving off balanced states and thus problematic behaviors in both of them.  This ranged from the morning coffee buzz wearing off, to low energy levels due to not taking care of their caloric needs while hiking, to carbohydrate or alcohol cravings that would drive cranky behavior.  No equanimity there! 

On top of all of that, my cat freaked out and spent most of their visit hiding under my bed.  I guess she knew what was up!  So now the cat is back to her normal self, her equanimity restored, and I have caught up with the jobs around here before getting back to my client schedule and my routine.  At least I now know that future visits with my sister can be approached without trepidation on my part.  Progress at last.