May 28, 2019

The Battle Between the Subby and the President

And, no, I do not mean Donald Trump!  In Controlled Remote Viewing lingo, the Subby is the subconscious mind, and the President is the conscious mind. 

The goal of working an operational CRV target is to find something that is hidden or that has an unknown aspect to it.  Operational targets are real time, here and now targets that a client needs to have investigated.  Of course, before a viewer gets to the stage where he or she is proficient enough in CRV to do a good job with that, a lot of time and energy is devoted to training. 

The subconscious mind is always connected to what I call the Quantum Field, or perhaps the Akashic Records, or All That Is.  This is a field of energy that contains all information, and is accessed through the CRV process to retrieve the required information.  The problem is that this information is not in concrete form, and is more in the form of energy flows, intuitions, sensations and feelings.  To put the retrieved information into a comprehensible form, the Subby needs a translator and a recorder.  That is the job of the conscious mind, or the President.

Normally, the Subby is asked by the viewer to retrieve a certain piece of information related to the target being viewed, generally in a simple form such as one or two words, and then the President is in charge of writing the words down on paper.  Sounds simple, right? 

Here is where the major difficulty arises with this kind of work, and believe me, I struggle with this each time I work a target.  The President always wants to be in charge and rarely wants to give up control.  I have said many times that our rational mind can spin a great story that may not even have a shred of truth to it.  This is the down side of advanced human consciousness, where our rational mind has developed to the extent that it is the master of our thoughts instead of a tool to be used only when necessary.   We have sublimated the intuitive right brain part of ourselves so much that we are no longer guided by the part of our consciousness that is connected to everything. 

The standard rule for CRV is “describe, don’t interpret”, which is also what I teach my healership students.  But how do we know if what we are perceiving is true or not?  There are subtle emotional sensations that alert me to when the President has started to spin its own version of the target, and the trick is to catch on to those signals before everything gets really off track. 

There is a lesson here for everyone.  Learn to listen to the subtle signals that your own Subby sends you every day.  This is the source of guidance that we all need to negotiate through this crazy and chaotic life.  Do not let your rational mind manipulate the facts or spin a story that may not be true.  Settle down, tune in and listen. 

May 20, 2019

The Bubble

This post is a continuation of the last post on “The Dome”.  We had our monthly launching today, and that is always a great opportunity to do some enlightening spiritual work! 

So my intent for the launch was to delve deeper into what I experienced a few days ago.  During that experience, it was a dome that was expanding over my body.  Upon launching, I experienced the dome actually becoming a bubble of energy that enclosed my whole energy field.  This bubble had a very thin and fragile skin, much like a soap bubble.

As I floated up and out, it was like having my own personal organic space ship.  I am also thinking that I may have become one of the orbs that many people can see. 

I then journeyed through the density of all of the patterns that exist in the 4th dimension.  The bubble served as a barrier to prevent interaction with all of these structures, distractions and patterns.  The first destination upon leaving the body at the time of death is to exit the 4th dimensional matrix altogether, which I then did.  The bubble helps facilitate this. 

I eventually exited our universe, and then became the universe!  Perhaps all universes have a border that is like the skin of this bubble. 

At the end of the journey, I found myself immersed up to my neck in a huge body of liquid, like water or perhaps liquid crystal.  The horizon stretched to infinity in all directions, with no shoreline in sight.  I floated effortlessly and then started to swim around below the surface when my group called me back. 

Even as I write this, I feel like something within me has changed energetically.  Perhaps a further preparation for my ultimate death experience.

May 17, 2019

The Dome

I had an interesting occurrence last night that I’d like to share.  First, I’d like to start by explaining that I haven’t been posting much lately due to a very busy schedule.  I have been doing some extra on-line Controlled Remote Viewing training with Coleen Marenich who lives in Canada.  That has been intense to say the least!  This past weekend was our annual birding festival here in Cortez, which I attended.  On top of which, because of all of the moisture we have been having this year, the wildflowers have been going crazy, and I have been out photographing them.  Needless to say, I have been a bit fried with all of the goings on here.

So last night, I was pretty tired when I went to bed.  For all of us, there is an in between time between waking and sleeping in the morning and evening which is when the veils between the conscious and unconscious realms are the thinnest.  It is at these times that we can become more aware of what is going on in the non-physical realms if we pay attention.  These are very fleeting observations that may only last less than a second.  They are also harder to recall later. 

I was watching a TV show right before bed that involved a big ambulance crash in its final scene.  Several people were killed, but that is also a cliff hanger that will have to wait for the next season to start back up in the fall.  I was a bit preoccupied with all of that when I went to bed.  As I lay there on my back, I started to detect a clear dome forming above my heart and chest area, and connecting down to the bed.  That was something new.  It was expanding much like a balloon as it formed.  I was fascinated.

The interesting thing about this was the feelings I had as this was happening.  It felt so very nice and comforting, even ecstatic, and there was also the sensation of being pulled out of my body into the dome.  I remember hearing the words “This is what it will feel like when you die.”  Whoa!!  That is when I returned to waking consciousness, and probably why I remembered the incident clearly. 

Now, this wasn’t an out of body event, as those are usually accompanied by loud sounds, a loud pop as the astral body disconnects, and often feelings of fear or apprehension.  Last night, there were none of those.  The whole thing felt so comfortable and reassuring.

Needless to say, I stayed awake for a bit pondering this experience.  Was it caused by watching the TV show with the crash so close to bed time?  Was it a portent of my coming demise?  Was it a message from my Higher Self?  Was I being shown still another step in the preparation for leaving this planet and lifetime for good in the future?  Under the right circumstances, I probably would have happily allowed myself to be pulled out of my body and into the dome.  If this is how our final moments will be, there is nothing to fear, as dying is certainly much easier than being born into this physical world.  There is also the matter of some type of ET interference that may have been going on, but I have never been bothered by that in the past, so I dismissed the idea. 

Today, I am still feeling the effects of that event, and that I have been changed somehow.  Who knows what related activity may have gone on later overnight when I was dead asleep.  More may be revealed in the future. 

May 1, 2019


I have recently started taking mentoring sessions with a very expert Controlled Remote Viewing instructor who lives in Canada.  The workshops that I took from my original instructor, Lori Williams from New Mexico, covered all of the basics, but now I need to concentrate on the nuances and finer details of the craft.  So this next phase has been very intense to say the least! 

It is so very important for each of you to take time for yourself and decompress from the stress and busyness of everyday life.  I do that out in nature.  And I don’t mean by weeding the garden!  We have finally started to warm up in the southwest, and all of the fruit trees are in bloom.  Last year, our area was in the extreme drought category, and all of that has changed with a lot of moisture over the winter, and several days of rain this week.

A week ago, before the recent rains, I hiked a popular trail west of town.  It was the perfect place to decompress!  The early spring flowers were blooming,

and the Mormon tea was literally glowing in the early morning sun.
Here is an early appearance by a collared lizard.

By contrast, 2 days after that, I hiked a trail at Mesa Verde National Park that is closer to my house, but a bit higher in elevation than the other trail.  Normally, there would also be some spring flowers in bloom, but this is what I found instead.
I spent about 3 hours slogging through snow and mud deep enough to cover my boots.

So I experienced 2 very different places to decompress out in nature.  Both were effective!  This brings me back to the CRV training.  All of the information about the selected target that is being viewed comes from the subconscious mind.  This is the part of us that is connected to the “all that is” of the cosmos, and where our most accurate guidance comes from. The challenge is to ignore the information that is coming from the conscious mind.  In CRV it is called the “president”, and it always wants to be in charge. 

This is true for all of us in our everyday lives.  I often tell my clients and students to avoid letting the conscious mind run your life.  It has its own agenda, and will always lie to you to achieve that.  When you decompress, you are getting into the slightly altered state that allows your subconscious mind to guide you.  Have you ever had the experience of posing a question to yourself, only to have the answer pop in when you least expect it?  That is because your rational mind is occupied elsewhere, and the subconscious can come through with your answer.  

If you find yourself living a life of pushing and striving, give yourself a break and regularly decompress from time to time.  This may involve enjoying a day out in nature, getting a massage, or meditating.  It is good for the body and the soul.