October 27, 2015

Closing a Door

It’s been about 3 ½ weeks since I returned from Peru, and after working with a client today with a similar attachment to another place in South America, I realized that it is time to close that door and really get back to life in the here and now.  Not that I have been sitting around reminiscing about the trip, as I had the Rise Part 2 workshop last Saturday and the Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here the weekend before, so life has been busy.  In spite of those necessary distractions, I have had many flashbacks of the sights, sounds and even the smells of Peru.  This also happened after my previous 3 trips, so nothing unusual there.  
If one’s attention is split through similar attachments to places or experiences, it is hard to be completely in the here and now.  Sometimes it is a matter of simply pulling one’s energy back to the present, but sometimes it becomes necessary to sever ties with the place, person or experience all together.  This is usually the case with a previous job, relationship or residence that one will no longer be returning to. If this is not done, there can be a tendency to leave those back doors open as a fall back contingency in case things do not work out with the new path into the future.  If that back door is used, the person is going back into the past to something that didn’t work out in the first place instead of moving forward to something yet even more suitable. 

With a location that will be visited again sometime in the future, it is helpful just to pull one’s energy back and fully anchor into the present.  That is what I did a few days ago regarding my trip to Peru, as I would be happy to go back there at any time.  I took a day off and went to hang out at Mesa Verde National Park, which is very close to my house.  I did some hiking, people watching, and lots of photography, in addition to pulling my energy back from the trip.  Now I feel much more present and here.  We all need all of our “juice” to make every day the best it can be, and to steadily move into the future to whatever awaits.  This is especially important in these times, when we need to be able to turn on a dime to move forward in any way that we are called to.  We cannot afford any drag or drain on our energy fields!  

October 20, 2015

The "New" Earth

This past weekend in Cortez, I hosted a wonderful group of students doing a basic Quantum Sphere Healing training.  Today, I am back at it with clients after taking a “somewhat” day off yesterday.  I say somewhat because my work continues, even on weekends!  I am also starting to create the energetic container and hold the space for Saturday’s “Tools for Transition” Part 2, “Expanding Your Core Essence” on line workshop.  Coincidentally, George Kavassilas will be teaching his 3 day workshop on “Transcending the Cosmic Matrix” at the same time in Australia.  I expect that the energy that we will both be holding for our groups will enhance and amplify the experience for everyone attending on both sides of the big pond!  If you would like to sign up for my Rise Multiversity workshop, click here. 

So here are some interesting concepts that I am trying to put together.  The day before last week’s workshop, I was catching up on my podcasts and happened to hear an interview on Coast to Coast AM with the famous remote viewer Lyn Buchanan.  He had mentioned that he, along with several other remote viewers, had remote viewed the year 2050.  They found that society on the planet at that time was mostly agrarian and that the population had been greatly reduced.  Here’s the kicker.  They found that the earth had been populated by mostly ET/human hybrids. 

Now keep in mind that I am not predicting any kind of future here.  Just examining some potential based on other interesting possibilities.  For me, all of the stories about the population being drastically reduced because of an agenda of the elite never made sense.  Supposedly they want to take the strain off of the earth’s resources and return the planet to more of a Garden of Eden state, in other words, their own elitist version of paradise in which the remaining humans would live to serve their every whim.  

This does not make sense because our planet could be returned to this state right now through strict birth control measures imposed on third world countries, the introduction of the suppressed alternate energy sources that do not use up the earth’s resources, and a better distribution of the population.  There is literally room for all of us here right now. 

What if the human population reduction was to make room for a population of hybrids?  It is well known that the planetary elite have been in league with any number of ET races for many decades.  What if one of their agreements was to foster the introduction of a hybrid race on our planet?  What if this planet’s environment is being terraformed for that purpose through weather modification and the spraying of chemtrails?  What if the underground bases that are being prepared for the elite to live in are there because the new hybrid friendly surface environment will no longer be hospitable to humans? 

That brings me to subject of CERN.  Its new startup date was a few weeks ago, but I am not sure that this has happened yet.  There are stories out there that one purpose for the Hadron Collider is to open up a portal that will enable any manner of non-earth beings to just jump through and invade.  More ET’s perhaps?  More hybrids to join the ones that are already here?

I am throwing this information out there to get you thinking.  There are always agendas beneath agendas and more beneath those.  What I have described could be only one future path for humanity but not for all of humanity.  We each have our own destiny, and there are many of those out there, too.  On the other hand, my mind works in some twisted ways sometimes, and I can be very entertained by what shows up there.  Take this with a grain of salt, do not believe it at all, or delve into it further.  Or also be entertained! 

October 13, 2015

A New and Final Viewpoint


The last stop on my final day’s walkabout was the Cusco Cathedral, which is located on the central square, the Plaza de Armas. Most if not all of the major churches and cathedrals in the countries conquered by the Spanish were built on top of the places where the Inca and even pre Inca people built their sacred temples, and this one is no exception.  These ancient people knew where the vortexes and stargates were and took advantage of those natural energies for their ceremonial locations.  The Spanish knew this, too, and systematically tore down those ancient buildings and replaced them with monuments to the Catholic religion. 

The cathedral is quite a place, with some very significant paintings, other artifacts and a huge main altar that is covered in silver.  I especially like the 2 murals that depict the Virgin Mary as the spirit of the earth, or Pachamama.  In both of these large paintings, she is wearing a dress that is more pyramidal in shape, very wide at the bottom, to represent the sacred mountains, or Apus.  Baby Jesus looks like a toy doll that is stuck on her shoulder like a boutonniere.  Clearly the Earth Mother was much more important to the formally trained native painters than Jesus was. 
There is also a large granite “egg”, maybe 2 ½ feet tall, that sits inside next to the main entrance to the cathedral.  This is probably the most important item in the place, as it represents the cosmic egg of creation.  It is common for shamans of local traditions to start their initiation pilgrimages at the cathedral, and I am sure that the egg plays an important part in the asking for blessings for their journey.  Fortunately, the catholic authorities have not removed the egg because of the spiritual and ”heathen” practices associated with it, but they have placed a clear plastic box over it so that people can no longer actually touch it.  Coca leaf offerings had been placed on the top of the box when I was there.

During my last visit to the cathedral in 2007, I had enjoyed quite a deep and tranquil meditation sitting in front of one of the side altars.  Not so this time around.  I couldn’t find any place that felt as nice as that, so I sat in front of the main silver altar and did some tracking.  I could detect the vortex of positive energy coming up from deep in the earth, but it had been capped off at the earth’s surface with a large black energetic disc.  The main altar was then constructed right on top of that!   This energy had been put in place at some time during the consecration of the cathedral, and at least on some level, spells, curses and hexes had been used to do this. Someone wanted to keep this vortex permanently plugged up.  I proceeded to do some cleanup work there, but this was a job that was much bigger than what I could do, so the changes were only partial.  Everything did feel lighter and clearer by the time I left, and the vortex was stronger and actually pushing up against the black disc from underneath.  Perhaps when the time comes for the throwing off of such artificially installed energies, this place will return to its natural and organic nature. 

So, why did I just notice these energy dynamics this time around and not previously?  I can only surmise that because I am in a whole different place with my own spiritual evolution, I am noticing things that went unnoticed before.  Also, because of my previous unawareness of the synthetic matrix that is embedded in all religious structures, it is possible that I had been tuning into the seductive yet entrapping nature of this energy during past visits, and not the true organic that had been prevented from manifesting there.  Now I can honestly say that the only organic and sacred item in that whole place was the granite egg by the door.  A long time ago, a friend of mine said that it was being used as a door stop.  In light of everything, I am surprised that it is still there at all. 

My last stop before returning to the hotel was to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants on the plaza, “Papillon”, which means butterfly.  I got the last remaining seat on their open air balcony, and had a wonderful bowl of creole soup and a salad.  A Peruvian group played their pan flute music while I whiled away my last hour in Cusco just watching the people in the plaza below me.  I’d go back in a heartbeat, as you can probably tell! 

October 12, 2015


Alas and sadly, our group arrived at our last day in Cusco.  Fortunately, we were not being transported to the airport for flights home until 3:30 in the afternoon, so that left plenty of time for last minute activities.  Whereas most people in our group chose to sleep in, pack or do more shopping, I had a plan!  There were several locations that were not included in our itinerary, and I had just enough time to visit them all.

The first was Sacsayhuaman, the huge Inca fortress located north of Cusco on a hilltop overlooking the city.  This is a very famous megalithic site, and even though it was heavily looted by the Spanish to provide building materials for their new structures in Cusco, there is still enough there to intrigue and fascinate.  I took a taxi up from our hotel, and planned to walk back into town after a few hours, as it wasn’t that far.  It was a delightful spring day with warm sun and light breezes.  Perfect!  My plan was to wander, investigate and feel into the energy here.  Even though there were quite a few people and groups looking around, the site is so big that I walked undisturbed. As I entered the site, the resident alpaca herd has just been released and were running around.  So cute! 
The main part of the site consists of 3 rows of megalithic stones of limestone arranged in a zig zag pattern.  This has been likened to the teeth of a jaguar, with Sacsayhuaman being the head of the jaguar that is the shape of the city of Cusco.  The standard theory of construction is what you hear all over Peru—that hundreds of men with really thick ropes dragged these multi ton stones over into position from a location far away, and also managed to do the fine fitting of one stone to the next in the process.  With the largest stones that were placed at the points of the “teeth” weighing upwards of 125 tons, I don’t think so.    

When I visited the site in 2007, I was able to briefly tune in and get some information on the construction techniques.  What was used was a combination of vibrationally reducing the gravity of the stone so it could be levitated or lifted, while softening it so that it could be easily carved.  This time, I saw that vibrational tools had been used, one somewhat like a machete, and possibly lasers.  Giants were also present, at least for the construction of the first 2 rows of teeth that contained the very largest stones.  The whole thing went up fairly rapidly, too.  So this puts at least the oldest part of the site at a much earlier date, perhaps pre-cataclysm at 13,000 years ago. 

I had a chance to feel the carved surface of several of the stones where the stone above had been removed.  These surfaces were as smooth as glass, as contrasted with the roughly “pillowed” shapes on the faces of the walls.  This does indicate some sort of advanced energetic technology at play. 

On top of this hill was a different type of construction altogether.  The small stone blocks were no longer limestone, but I assume the harder material of diorite.  Some were lying about, other were stacked into walls.  This is also where I surmised that the stargate of the site was located, but it felt pretty inactive to me.  There was also a hint of ET communications going on in the past.

Next, I went across the field, or parade grounds in front of the rows of teeth to an area called Rodadera Hill.  This is a massive diorite outcropping that has had seats, benches, stairways, niches and what is called the “Inca's Throne” carved into it.  It is truly fascinating.  Diorite is an igneous rock, and the precision sharpness of the edges and smoothness of the carved out areas leaves one to wonder what type of vibrational technology was used there.  Certainly not laborers with small stones rubbing these surfaces into smoothness! 

On the other side of this hill sits what is called a reflecting pool for star gazing.  Makes sense to me as the down slope end has a semicircular wall around it to contain the water, and the up slope end is again yet another igneous out cropping heavily carved with seats, niches and stairways, presumably for the viewing.  Also in this area is a huge mysterious boulder with what they call the “upside down staircase” carved into it.  It had been dislodged by an ancient catastrophe and it now sits upside down with its staircase now going up to nowhere! 

As I my time there was running short, I climbed back onto the Rodadera hill and found a cozy pair of seats carved out of the diorite.  Looked like a male and a female seat to me, and it was somewhat out of view of the lone guard on patrol there.  When I sat down to meditate, instantly I was surrounded by many energetic beings.  Through communication, I found out that they had been trapped there after a catastrophe had closed down their stargate, and they could no longer go home to their star families.  I immediately opened up the stargate and all except for one of these beings went through.  The male being that stayed behind said that he would remain holding the energy of the stargate until the earth made her final transition.  What he then showed me was that at the moment of final transition, all of the stargates on the planet would open up and the inner core essence of our Earth Mother would come blasting out of each one of them.  This would in effect destroy the physicality of our planet, and she would become a star.  Imagine being at one of these locations when this happens!  Quite a ride! 
After 2 hours in this lovely place, I proceeded down the somewhat steep stairways and streets back into town, and ended up behind the Cathedral.  On my way to my final stop of the morning, I photographed the infamous “12 angled stone”.  It is so important to the tourist industry in Cusco that there was a police guard standing by to protect it!  

October 11, 2015


The next megalithic site that we had the privilege to visit was Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, which we did as a day trip after we arrived back in Cusco from Machu Picchu.  This site is billed as an Inca fortress, but clearly there are parts of it that are extremely old and very sacred.  You find this all over Peru, where the Incas were the last to occupy these places before the Spanish conquest, and thus the construction is always attributed to them.  Of course, they did some construction, but the walls and buildings that they built are easily distinguished from the much older and much more superior megalithic style.  When the Spanish came and questioned the locals, even the people that they conquered had no idea how these ancient structures were built.

It was a very windy day as we hiked up a series of terraces to enter the main temple, which sits on the top of a hill.  This is commonly called the Sun Temple, but when visiting here with shamanic groups in the past, we also called it the Temple of the Wind, for obvious reasons!  As I climbed up the terraces, I could feel the combination of the wind and the sun clearing me out.  Perhaps this was by design for the people coming here in the ancient past, so that they were fairly clean and clear upon entering the sacred space. 
We went down a walkway alongside a megalithic wall that contained niches, and through a stone doorway to officially enter the sacred space.  As I proceeded, I felt the energy of joy and lightness seemingly emanating from the stone structures.  Here we found huge, and I mean huge pink granite monoliths strewn about and a standing wall or altar made of 6 of these monoliths with the spaces in between filled in by finely carved and fitted narrow pieces of granite.  This was the focal point of the ceremonial space and was a multidimensional stargate.  Time and space seemed altered here.  It was as if these multi ton stones still carried the energy of “floating in joy” that was used to bring them here and move them into place. 

I laid out my skulls and tuned in.  I was starting to get the picture that perhaps all megalithic sites around the world contained stargates, and all were in easy communication with each other in this way in the distant past.  Certainly that is the sense I got while at the Osireion in Egypt, and had a feeling that they were teleporting back and forth to Peru.  After packing up my skulls (just in time to evade a site guard that came through checking on us), I stood directly in front of the pink granite altar and asked that my personal stargate be attuned to the one at this site, and that my multidimensional stargate traveler lineage be re-membered and strengthened.  Well something happened there, as I could almost see straight through the bulk of the granite to a scene that was on the other side.  The stargate had opened.  What if I just stepped right through?  Would I have ended up in Egypt?  Ha! 

BTW—our launching group met today, and I used the personal stargate theme for my intent during my launch.  I have written about this before in a post entitled “Portals and Stargates”.  There is a transformation of matter that happens when one goes through a stargate that does not happen when one goes through a portal.  Stargate hopping is undoubtedly a very tricky deal as the physical body does not go through, only one’s energy patterns.  There has to be some mechanism in place to reconstitute some sort of body on the other side. 

Anyway, something clearly happened there, as I was pretty spaced out after that engagement with the Ollantaytambo stargate, and had to watch my step carefully climbing down those terraces again.  This whole site is full of finely shaped stones.  The standard theory is that they were pecked into their shapes by people wielding harder but smaller stones, but I don’t think so.  No one has ever been able to duplicate these so call construction techniques in any of these sites around the world. 

After leaving the marvelous energy of Ollantaytambo, our group drove back up onto the altiplano and the site of Moray to have a closing ceremony inside one of the terraced craters there.  It was getting colder and it had started to snow on the nearby peaks, one of which was Apu Veronica at about 19,000’ in elevation.  It looked like powdered sugar!  A sweet ending to a very satisfying day.