June 28, 2013

The Big Brown Cloud

This morning I woke up to the strong smell of smoke.  That can always be a bit disturbing as it is a reminder to me of the time I lived in Montana during a busy and destructive fire season.  Fortunately, nothing was on fire in our area, and instead the winds had shifted overnight.  The smoke was from the South Fork fire that was burning about 130 miles to the east of Cortez.  I spent the day with itchy eyes, and scratchy throat, with the windows closed in spite of outside temperatures in the high 90’s. 

The brown cloud I am writing about today is not caused by any forest fire, but is a cloud of negativity that some people carry around with them.  Depending on how you perceive energy, this can appear as a brown smokiness in the auric field or literally a brown cloud hovering around the person’s head.  If you are not visual but sensing or kinesthetic, your body will have a reaction when you encounter the brown cloud around someone else.  You may feel uneasy, experience a drop in your own energy levels, or feel like you have been slimed.  For a sensitive person, it can be quit uncomfortable being around this cloud of negativity.

What causes this?  Certainly untreated or low grade depression can.  General negativity or a “bad attitude” towards life can do it, too.  A basic conversation with those with the cloud can leave you feeling just as down as they are. You just can’t get away fast enough.  In the movie “The Cooler”, William H. Macy plays a character who works for the mob to jinx gamblers who are on a winning streak.  Talk about a big brown cloud at work! 

I find that there is a big mental component to the creation of the cloud, too.  We have no way of knowing what thoughts are being repeated in people’s minds, but in these cases, there is a lot of self judgment, self attack, and mental self sabotage involved.  There may also be health issues, drugs or alcohol at play here.

When frequently being around those with this issue, you may find that the size and density of their brown cloud may ebb and flow day to day according to how they are feeling energetically, emotionally or physically.  I do know that keeping one’s energy field moving is essential, and exercise is great.  Scientific studies have shown that regular exercise is more effective for depression than medication is.  Keeping grounded and in the body is also necessary for the heavy energy that builds up to drain out of the energy field.  Of course, attending to any chronic negative patterns is a must.  In “The Cooler”, William H. Macy’s character reverses his negative trend by falling in love. 

What do we do when in the presence of someone with a brown cloud?  That all depends on your sensitivity and tolerance levels. I find that even though I may like the person, I need to take them in small doses.  Maybe the lucky ones are those who aren’t aware of the cloud in others.  Ultimately, it is up to the individual who knows that they fit the brown cloud category to look into the patterns that are creating the issue.  

June 26, 2013

Sensitive versus Empathic

All empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are empathic.  This is a topic that came up during the Quantum Sphere Healing class that I taught in Los Alamos a few weeks ago.  According to Elaine Aron, author of “The Highly Sensitive Person”, about 15 to 20% of people fall into the highly sensitive category.  If you would like to find out if you are highly sensitive, you can take an on line quiz at http://www.hsperson.com/pages/test.htm.  If you do fall into this category, it would be worth your while to get her book. 

I didn’t realize that I was highly sensitive until I ran across this information shortly before I got divorced in 2000.  I was so relieved to find out why life had been such a struggle for me.  It seemed like I was constantly fighting to keep my head above water emotionally and energetically.  Looking back, I would describe my childhood as being very stressful and repressed.  There was always lots of drama in the house hold between my parents.  My mother was also  determined to mold me into her idea of the ideal child, so the pressure was always on in that regard.

A highly sensitive person is much more tuned in to their surroundings than a non sensitive would be.  This includes seeing more details, noticing nuances of events, feeling emotional currents, observing people’s reactions or even appreciating the finer points of art and music.  I find that this is why I am good at bird watching and botany.  I also pick up much more information on a client during a healing session than most other healers would. 

The down side is that we trend to get over stimulated and overwhelmed by externals such as loud music, crowds, emotional drama, and group events such as parties or meetings.  It wasn’t until I was a single adult that I learned to give myself permission to skip events that I knew would be too much for me, or, if I did go, I would quite often leave early.  This was not something that was possible in childhood or while attending an activity with my husband. 

I have worked with several clients in my practice who consider themselves to be empathic.  This seems to be an inherited trait.  Empathic individuals are always highly sensitive, as they notice and feel almost everything that is happening around them.  The big difference is that instead of just noticing what is going on, they also take in or “taste” the energy of the person or situation.  Unfortunately, at least for the people I have worked with, they are then stuck with the energy that they have merged with.  If that energy feels bad, heavy or scary, the empath reacts by blaming the other, projecting and pointing the finger.  The “other” is labeled as dark, destructive or harmful to the empath.  The end result can be big issues around socialization and intimate relationships.  Their health can suffer, and many start to live a hermit like life style as a way of protecting themselves. 
If anything, the highly sensitive person tends to fall into self blame when life doesn’t go well because of the reaction to over stimulation. They can also force themselves into situations that do not support their sensitivities because of job, social, family and relationship pressures. 

The tendency for the empath to ingest energy to know it never goes away.  The key is for that person to firm up their boundaries, stay grounded so that they can dump any energy that they have taken in that is not theirs, and know themselves well enough to be able to tell what is theirs and what is the other’s. Being proactive about the energies that they engage with is helpful, too. 

In both cases of the empath and the highly sensitive, knowing themselves intimately is the key.  For the highly sensitive, know your limits and have enough inner self support to stick with a plan that is the best for your sensitive nature.  For the empaths, know that you have a tendency to merge with the energy of another and know yourself well enough to be able to determine what energy is yours and what is theirs.   

June 23, 2013

Tired of Being Tired

Have any of you been noticing this phenomenon in your life?  It is the feeling of being tired down to your bones even when you have gotten a full night’s sleep?  Or thought that you have gotten a full night’s sleep!!?  How is it possible to wake up in the morning already exhausted? 

George Kavassilas has posted his latest episode, number 12, on Super Woo Radio, which is a Chakra Round Table discussion.  It’s excellent for those of you who would like to gather more information on what the chakras are and how to remove them.  His wife Cynthia made a comment about being tired of being tired.  She said that it is a soul fatigue from the eons that we have been on this journey through the density of our chosen experience on our evolutionary path.  We are so done, yet not quite fully finished with these experiences.  This may be why we often see people exiting this earthly realm seemingly prematurely.  Their bodies cannot sustain them any longer. 

I have noticed this unusual and unexplained fatigue happening to me off and on since after the Winter Solstice of last year.  Luckily, it is not a constant feeling.  I do have the sense that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything finished.  The body may need a nap, yet napping is difficult because there is also the underlying drive to “do, do, do”, even during dreamtime.

We also may be processing so much that we are not aware of.  Because of the accelerating vibrational state that we are all living in, stuff will be pushed up to work through.  Much of this will be done at night, thus leading to the waking up already fatigued feeling.  It may not even be our personal stuff, as you may have a soul agreement to process for humanity or our Mother Earth.  A big job indeed! 

I was listening to some Phil Collins songs on my way to go hiking today, and here are some of the lyrics from “Love Police”.  

Sometimes I lie awake, wondering if I'll make it out of here,
but the wind blows round my heels, so I stay
I remember lying there, wishing I could be someone else
trying to find somehow to get away.

If I asked him nicely d'you think he'd show me how to fly,
'cos the dust has weighed my wings down, and I'm too tired to try.

We have a lot of dust on our wings, don't we?  It's been a long journey, and we are all a bit frazzled.  Don't give up, as we are nearing our destination.  It may not be the same destination for everyone, either, and the timing may not be the same for all.

I'll give you my standard advice here.  Take care of your bodies and get some exercise every day.  Spend more time in nature.  Say "no" more often and be willing to eliminate activities and obligations that weigh you down.  Pare down your possessions and really examine any non-supportive or draining relationships that you are entangled in.  Be willing to let those go, as those people may be on a different path than you are and both of you need to be free to follow your heart's calling.

Here's the biggie.  HAVE FUN.  If it's not fun, don't do it!!!  Any activity that you engage in should leave you feeling better afterwards.  That should help get some of that dust off of your wings!

June 19, 2013

Summer Solstice 2013

As I write this post, it is the evening of June 19th.  In this part of the US, the Summer Solstice will take place at 11:04 PM on the 20th, Thursday night.  This is a great time to honor with gratitude and appreciation our Father Sun and our Mother Earth.  We would not be here for our experiences in the physical if not for them.  The Earth Mother provides the raw materials for our bodies, and also provides our sustenance in the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Father Sun provides the energy that keeps this whole realm alive.

In the Peruvian traditions, we are talking about Inti Tayta and Pachamama.  In the Southern Hemisphere, they will be honoring their Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day of the year for them during which the return of the Sun from its farthest point away from the land will be celebrated.  It is the time to start planning for the next fertility cycle with the crops and the domestic animals.   In Cusco, it is party time with days of parades and evenings of rock concerts and fireworks.  

For us, we will be celebrating the longest day of the year.  If you have the opportunity, it is a nice time to do some sort of celebration, too.  I will be having a fairly large group of people here at my house for a fire ceremony.  Most of them are new to this type of ceremony and some are new spiritual seekers as well.  Part of the ceremony will involve everyone expanding their core essence and filling our sacred space with their higher dimensional energy.  Sharing sacred space around a sacred fire with the almost full moon overhead will be delightful.  

I send my blessings to all of you for a very wonderful Summer Solstice filled with the light of Father Sun and within the deep embrace of Mother Earth.

June 17, 2013

Alternate Realities

Last week I worked with a new client using the Quantum Sphere Healing protocol.  With this work, you never know what will show up and I am frequently surprised.  I suspect that what I will describe here was a result of a combination of the issue and energetics of the client and the next step in the evolution of my healership skills.

Of course, the client’s identity is confidential, and I will only be addressing a small part of what was done in her session.  Her intent was to resolve and tie up loose ends that were lingering from her interactions with a somewhat well known spiritual group.  She had been involved with this group in the 90’s, things had ended up badly, and there were some issues that were still affecting her life today.

The first interesting energetic that showed up was during the clearing of her pineal gland.  Our pineal holds all of our genetic patterning that we have inherited in addition to any distortions that have been introduced into our ancestral line. In this case, I could see that the client had numerous "attachments" hooked into her pineal gland.  These looked like tiny balloons that were floating around her head and were connected into her pineal by tiny threads.  I looked inside these balloons to see what was there, and in this case these were all people that were associated with her former spiritual group.

As the clearing work proceeded, I popped into an interesting dreamlike altered state which was highly unusual for me.  I suspected that there was also some mind control involved with this group.  As the pineal was being cleared, all of the attachments were being dissolved, too.  The really interesting part of this was that as the attachments were being dissolved, I was connecting to the many alternate aspects of each individual that had been attached to her.  I also had the feeling that she had never met some of these people in person, but that they had attached to her through her work with other individuals in this particular group.  The whole thing felt a bit surreal as I watched the clearing take place.  

What would cause these attachments to be there?  We do have to remember that all is by agreement, and our plan is formulated before birth.   Either this is an unusual case of heavy entanglement on many levels of reality or more of this will start showing up in my healing practice. 

Another significant part of the QSH involved a Quantum Retrieval.  My client’s Higher Self entered the synthetic reality of her former group.  Very interesting here!!!  As I followed along behind her Higher Self, I found myself once again floating through a very dream like reality.  All here seemed very light filled and pleasant on the surface, but the core of darkness and decay underneath all of that was very obvious to me.  Very creepy.  I then noticed that her Higher Self had started the retrieval by absorbing more than one aspect of her.  Normally, the Higher Self just has one aspect to retrieve.  In this case, there were multiples.  

So what to make of all of this?  With both the attachment removal and the Quantum Retrieval, I was dealing with aspects of my client and the others that existed in parallel realities or alternate timelines.  Starfire Tor calls them co-existing timelines.   We all probably have many aspects that are living other lives concurrent with the one that is our present focus here on earth.
This is the key.  Our focus is here during this time of transition, evolution and the great opportunity to achieve autonomy and freedom.  It is the time of the Great Re-membering.  George Kavassilas has said that by shifting here, we will affect all of our other aspects that exist in other realities.  This does not mean that we have to sit back and wait for our shift to affect the others.  You can intend to bring back all of your various parts, no matter where they may be.  A good time to do this is before you drift off to sleep, while you are out in nature taking a walk or when you are in a meditative state.  You will find that your aspects will tend to come streaming back into your core essence.  They will bring back their energetic gifts and you will feel more whole and empowered each time this happens.  Look at it this way.  They will be joining all of the action here on Planet Earth instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting to be asked to play!

June 14, 2013

Chipmunk Adventure

Yesterday I drove up to a favorite hiking trail that is located between Rico and Telluride, about 52 miles from my house.  The trailhead starts at about 10,000’, and I would guess that I hiked up at least a thousand feet from there.  This is also a great place to go mushroom hunting in August.

On the drive up I was listening to some of the Coast to Coast AM podcasts.   One of them was the June 4th show with Penney Peirce, who specializes in intuitive development.  One thing she said really rang a note of truth with me.  She said that the reason why people are so addicted to texting and electronic social media such as Facebook is that those methods of communication raise their dopamine levels, which is one of the “feel good” brain chemicals.  Each time they receive a text or a post from Facebook, they get the feeling that “Somebody loves me!”  This increases their dopamine levels.  Therefore, the more interaction of this type one engages in, the better one feels.  This explains to me why people can get so addicted to those texts or posts that they feel the need to answer while driving down the highway or having dinner with a loved one.

This aha moment started a whole stream of consciousness going on other topics for the blog even before I got to the trail head.   Before I started hiking, I took time to write my thoughts down, and will write more in future posts.

On the way back, I drove almost 50 miles before having to stop at a stop sign.  There I am, waiting for a few cars to pass so that I can make a left hand turn, and up pops a little chipmunk at the lower edge of my windshield on the outside.  He had apparently ridden the whole way back wedged in the space between the hood and where the windshield wipers sit.   I bet he was freaked out big time! 

I made my turn and pulled over to get him off of there.  He didn’t want to go and kept going back and forth below the wipers.  I finally got him off by poking at him with my car keys.  Unfortunately, I took him from a moist sub alpine habitat to a dry and dusty pinon/juniper one.  Chipmunks are all over, so I assume that he will adapt. 

There must be a meaning to the chipmunk adventure.  Perhaps it is “take a chance, make a change, jump on board and hang on for a very wild ride”.  Sounds like life on planet Earth lately, doesn’t it! 

June 12, 2013

Big Family Dynamics

Whenever certain themes repeat or show up several times in a row, I pay attention. In recent weeks, I have worked with several students and clients from big families.  In these cases, I am talking about people who have 5, 6, or 7 siblings.  These are not the biggest family groups I have dealt with, as I have several clients from families of 12 children.  It seems that a particular group dynamic sets in when there are 4 or more children in the family.  To understand how an individual can behave with only 2 others, check out the "Toxic Triangle" post. 

I call this big group dynamic a “hive” mentality.  People tend to reincarnate with others that they know, so the group forming the hive has undoubtedly been together many times before but in different roles.  One's past lives within the group may rotate around between grandparents, parents, spouses or children, and can also change sexes, too.  There is safety and familiarity in this set up, but many challenges come along with it, too.  We do come back together often until we learn the lessons are still unresolved. 

So with this hive, there is much in the way of caretaking, codependency, gossip and drama.  If something happens to one, the news generally spreads through the whole bunch.  Often, a consensus is needed for one to take action that may or may not involve anyone else in the family.  As you can see, things can get very messy very fast. 

We also have older siblings taking care of the younger ones simply because it is impossible for Mom to do everything, especially if she works outside of the home.  There is also a subtle yet constant pressure to conform to the group patterning, whether it is healthy or not.  A recent client from a larger family has been putting in a lot of effort in the last several years to eat right, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight. She has been criticized often by her siblings for being too thin.  Talk about sabotage!!! 

Up until lately, I have only seen the group dynamic that I have just described.  Clients and students from these situations generally bring up issues related to being their own person and being able to individuate from the family hive mentality.  Not only are there the subtle pressures to conform but also the many past lives together that reinforce connections, no matter how functional or distorted.  I have also encountered a literal hive structure that aspects of these clients are stuck in.  Entanglement rules here.  For a bee to be without its hive, it means certain death, yet one has to take that chance. Working one's way out of the hive can take much effort and dedication, and yet it is a necessity for a person who would like to progress energetically.

If someone from a big family is to make real progress in all areas of life, especially spiritually, they must individuate from the group that they were born into. For the person I have just referred to, it has been an ongoing evolution that still continues. 

Another dynamic showed up recently.  How do some create their individuality while maintaining a presence within the sibling group?  By being pushy, demanding and defending of their viewpoint, even when that viewpoint may make no sense.  So instead of “go along to get along” within the family, we can have frequent dramatic episodes of “my way or the highway”.  Keep in mind that neither stance is functional, as they are opposite ends of the polarity of the issue of how to be an autonomous individual and hold your own authenticity within a group of any size.

If the individual from the big family does not recognize and work with these patterns, the patterns will effect interpersonal and group interactions that they take part in outside of the family dynamic.  This may happen at work, amongst a group of friends, at social gatherings, or with the in-laws at holiday time.  According to their experience within the big family, they will either tend to cave in or push until they get their way.  Neither way works.  There may come a time when we all will be closer to our neighbors out of necessity, creating more community.  How nice it would be to see people interacting with each other as autonomous independent individuals supporting the greater good of the whole! 

June 10, 2013


It can be tricky for some to know when a personal issue has surfaced for them to work through. The average person is so used to acting out when an issue gets triggered, that they aren’t even aware that something is amiss.  For those on an evolutionary path, I like to think that when emotions overwhelm them, they realize that there is work to be done with whatever the issue is that has just come up.  That isn’t always the case, and people get carried away with the drama at hand before they know it.  Sometimes they feel justified in acting out even though they know better.  Do you remember the scene from “Moonstruck” where Cher slaps Nicolas Cage across the face and says “Snap out of it!”?  I often think that more people should do that to themselves! 

When one’s emotions get out of balance, that is a clear signal.  One that is not so clear and that I have encountered several times in others lately is what I call defending.  In several cases, others have strongly defended their position verbally and energetically, and in a way that I would say bordered on bullying.  It was over the top behavior, often defending a position that was not based on anything that made sense.  I am being very general here, but you get the idea. 

Remember that we live in a world of polarity and our goal is to find the middle ground with all areas of our lives.  Defending is definitely not a middle ground stance.  Whenever one strongly empowers one end of an issue, they are polarized in that issue.  The other end, usually the hidden or subconscious one, gets equally as empowered at the same time.  This is classic shadow work. 

So if one is really defending their position, what is the hidden energy of the opposite end?  Some possibilities are a sense of disenfranchisement or abandonment, low self esteem, embarrassment at being caught in a lie or untruth, or fear of being found to be inadequate or insignificant.  Perhaps one is defending an issue out of wishful thinking that it really was true.  They feel that the more energy that they put into the defending, the greater the likelihood that what they are defending will come to pass, not realizing that they are empowering the opposite at the same time.

An interesting phenomenon occurs when someone strongly defends an issue to another person.  The other person can be quickly thrown into the opposite polarity of the first person’s issue, mirroring the shadow of the issue at hand.  Depending on the people involved, things can get out of hand very fast.  By holding your center, or even not engaging, this can be avoided.

There is a difference between defending and standing up for one’s truth.  If you know and embody your truth, defending is not necessary.  It doesn’t need to be anyone else’s truth, either.   Your truth is not set in stone and can change as time goes on.  We are all works in progress, especially now during these times of change. 

If one looks at themselves with a clear eye, the truth will out eventually.  I tell my students to be brutally honest with themselves and leave no stone unturned. Vulnerability and openness will be far more helpful to their evolutionary process than hiding, denying and defending. (And by the way, I am not immune to these behaviors, either, as I am also a work in progress.)

June 8, 2013

Quantum Retrieval

The last exercise that we did at last weekend’s Quantum Sphere Healing workshop is called Quantum Retrieval.  The usual protocol is for me to lead all of the exercises while monitoring and observing the class participants at the same time.  For this final exercise, I lead it and participate at the same time.  That might seem to be a bit tricky, but there is a segment of time when I am not doing any talking and the class is doing their retrievals.  I can go ahead and do my own at that time before finishing up the exercise for the class.  This process can be done for a client or for oneself, and in this case, we all did retrievals for ourselves. 

I have done many shamanic soul retrievals during my career in which a lost soul piece is retrieved and brought back into the client’s 4th dimensional energy field.  The Quantum Retrieval is different in that it is performed at a much higher vibrational level than the shamanic soul retrieval.  We are retrieving an aspect of someone else, or in this case, ourselves, that has been stuck somewhere.  These locations can range from this lifetime to past lives or even parallel realities.  The Higher Self of the person needing the retrieval starts the process by going down what looks like a tunnel, and is a tool of sorts for entering another timeline or reality.  It then pops out into a scene where the aspect is stuck.  After assessing the scene and determining the identity of the stuck aspect, the Higher Self then absorbs this aspect into itself, and backs out of the tunnel to return to the present.  In most cases, this timeline/tunnel also collapses after the Higher Self withdraws thus dissolving that whole pathway.  The energy of the stuck aspect is retained by the Higher Self, and is not added back into the person’s 4th dimensional energy field as is done in shamanic soul retrieval. 

Everyone had a chance to share their retrievals afterwards.  How each will integrate and shift as a result will be determined as time moves on.  This type of retrieval seems to have the effect of getting the client unstuck and moving forward while also minimizing the possibility of similar circumstances repeating in the future.  I do know that with soul loss in the shamanic sense, the person keeps looping back to the loss on an unconscious level.  The original trauma and loss, generally from childhood, is reenacted time and time again until that soul piece is retrieved. It is undoubtedly the same with this. 

In my retrieval, I went to a time that I assume was a past life on Earth.  I saw my stuck aspect as a young man who had been thrown into a snake pit full of writhing black snakes.  The location felt like ancient Greece or Turkey, and was a circular underground room that was lined with bricks.  On a wide ledge above and encircling the pit stood several men wearing robes and what looked like bishop’s headgear.  Members of the Orthodox Christian church perhaps.  The emotions of the young man were dismay and disbelief at being blindsided and betrayed.  He was totally clueless as the snakes engulfed him to his death.  He felt that he had done nothing wrong to deserve this fate. 

As with all work of this sort, one can go back and forth on the time line of the event to find the appropriate intervention point.  My Higher Self went backwards in time a bit, absorbed that young man just before the snakes engulfed him, and returned to the present while that time line collapsed.

After I described my retrieval, one of the students asked me if that theme had come up at any time during my life.  It didn’t take me long to realize that, yes, it had come up.  In 2000, I had been thrown out of a spiritual group that I had been a member of for a few years after working hard and doing everything that was asked of me.  For some reason I had offended the female leader of that group and I had to go.  I was then blackballed and badmouthed to the remaining members.  This was a familiar pattern of behavior for her, as she had done this to many people before me.  Another female leader of a group that I had been associated with earlier than that energetically attacked me on a trip to Nepal.  There have also been several personal incidents with individual women mirroring the same theme.  Each time these incidents have come up, I have done more work with the toxic female within and without, as these women served as the mirror of a strong genetic matriarchal pattern in my family.  In spite of that work, it seems that there are always deeper patterns to be uncovered and resolved as we evolve along on our path.  I am hoping that this Quantum Retrieval will move me further along the path to a final and permanent resolution.  Time will tell! 

June 6, 2013

Checking the LEF

I am back home from teaching the QSH in New Mexico, and would like to report that the class went very well.  This 3 day workshop can be intense and challenging at times, but that is what is needed for the student to let go of everything that they bring to the table and go with the flow of the gamma brain wave state and the quantum field.   In some of the next posts, I’ll be writing about my observations and experiences during class. 

Even though the official workshop times go from 9 AM to 6 PM each day, I offered a “bonus” session on Saturday night.  The big topic for the evening involved tracking people who were deceased to see if they were earthbound spirits.  We found a number of them, and I showed the students how to send them to the light.  Mary Ann Winkowski’s book “When Ghosts Speak” tells exactly how to do that, and is a fun read.  The “Ghostwhisperer” TV series was based on her life. 

The other activity that we did that evening was to check for the presence or absence of the skin surrounding our Luminous Energy Fields, or LEF for short.  Please refer back to the post on the Valley of the Kings for the full explanation of what the LEF is, and how mine shattered and was then absorbed back into my core essence while I was in Egypt last December.  My sponsor for the QSH workshop was my friend Lori, whose house we were at that evening, and who was also on that trip to Egypt.  She recognized that something had also happened to her in the Valley of the Kings that day and she wanted her LEF to be checked to see if it had been dissolved, too.

All of the people in the workshop had previously removed their chakras, kundalini and some of their pineal programming.  The pineal programming seems to take a bit more attention than just removing the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras, and I hope to write more about that later.  The way one checks for the presence of the skin of the LEF is for the checker to approach the person being checked with their hands in front of their body and their palms facing the subject.  They then slowly move closer to the subject while using the palms to detect that skin.  This may feel like a change in temperature or a bit of resistance, as you are sensing what may feel like the surface of a very thin bubble or balloon.  If the subject’s LEF is still intact, you will sense it about a foot to a foot and a half out from their body.  It is important to note that the subject will still have a LEF if their chakra system is intact, as the chakras act like screws holding the LEF in place around the body. The checker can still  have their chakras and be able to do the checking just fine. 

Sure enough, Lori’s LEF was gone, although none of the other participants was missing theirs.  As the tester moves their palms towards the subject, that slight resistance or temperature change will not be felt if the LEF skin is gone.  I think we are starting another trend here!  If you have a local group that has removed their chakras, you might want to do this testing to see if any LEF skins have dissolved, too.

The particular theme of death and the flow of energy in the Valley of the Kings were apparently supportive of this event, but that’s not to say that this isn’t happening elsewhere, too.  It seems to require a higher vibrating energy around the person or in the environment for the LEF to dissolve spontaneously.   The group at the QSH workshop talked about ways to trigger this event.  What may work is to get your chakra less group together and take turns expanding all of your core essences around one person in the center of the group.  Everyone must be fairly close together to really create that higher vibrating energy field.  Hold this for a bit, and then rotate places, stopping every once in a while to do some checking with the palms.  This may need to be done repeatedly so just go with it and see what happens. If you have access to a vortex area or sacred site, sitting there in that energy may also do the trick. 

Clearly, this is the next step in freeing ourselves from the matrix programming of the synthetic realities and I expect that it will happen to more and more people.  It may already have and people just don’t recognize it.  I told Lori that this is the start of the hundredth monkey effect, and that we may be the first 2 monkeys!!!  If you have a group around you that have removed their chakras and would like to try this, I’d love to hear back from you via a comment on the blog. Good luck everyone!