April 30, 2021

Ceremony in the Desert


A dear friend of mine, Elz, is visiting here from the west coast for a few weeks.  Yesterday was our first opportunity to go hiking, so I took her to one of my favorite trail systems, where there are clear indications of the ancestral Puebloans that lived there many hundreds of years ago. 

The trailhead is for the White Reef Trail, and it is about 30 miles south of Cedar City.   We ended up hiking on 2 additional trails in the area. 

I have written about this route before, and about the big rock art panel and the other nearby ceremonial sites.  When I hiked there a few weeks ago, I really made an effort to tune in and tie all of this into an energetic ceremony that I could take people to.  Elz is the first one to partake.

The first stop was the rock art panel.  It sits high up on the White Ridge, which is a white sandstone formation.  The actual rock that the petroglyphs are located on is orangey sandstone, with a large overhang above, creating shelter from some of the elements. 

Once up there, we could see why the petroglyphs were where they were.  One can see for miles and miles north, east and south.  My impression is that this was a lookout and a signaling area to alert and attract people from the surroundings to come for a gathering.  There are some ruins of habitations in the immediate area, but not on this ridge. 

After admiring the view and tuning into the energy of that place, we proceeded to climb back down onto another trail, the Leeds Reef Trail.  I have written about the sites here before, but I have now clarified the energetic impact of each one and combined them into an energetic process.  They are also located across and slightly south of the rock art panel, with a small valley in between.

The next stop yesterday was at the propped up rock with the band of caliche around it. 

Clearly, one side (left) had been laying on the ground with the other side (right) exposed to the elements.  Who propped it up and when, it is hard to tell.  Interesting that it is the only rock like that in the whole area.  So I tuned in the last time I was there, and determined that symbolically and energetically, the side that had been in the dirt represents our unconscious shadow self, and the exposed and craggy side represents our conscious self.  The band around the middle is the limen, or the border between the two. 

So Elz and I simultaneously stood at either end of the stone and put one hand on the unconscious side, and one on the conscious side.  Intents were to bring the shadow to light to be easily accessible for processing, and also to balance the dark and the light within our own energy fields.  This process felt very solid and positive.

Then on to the next site, which was an area of exposed rock surface on the ground encircled by smaller stones.  Interesting, that from this angle, it looks heart shaped.  You can see the trail to the right, so clearly it is not hidden from public view.

I had tracked this spot on a previous visit as having a vortex in the center that came up from inside the earth.  In addition, the energy from the sun gets drawn down from above.  This is a recharging station for the energy field.  I stepped in, and then Elz took her turn.  A feeling of clarity and higher vibrational energy was felt there. 

The last location that we stopped at was where the male (right) and female (left) stones that I had discovered last year were located. 

One of the tip offs for me last year that this was a sacred site was the bowl shaped depression that was carved into the top of the female stone.  I encountered a similar pair of boulders in SE Utah, with the same depression in the female stone.  As I always did in that other place, I left an offering here at the female stone yesterday.  Elz and I took turns placing our left hand on the female stone, while at the same time, placing our right hand on the male stone.  Clearly this spot was for leaving offerings to the Earth Mother, but also to balance the male and female within one’s own energy field. 

Now, I do not know if this is exactly how the ancients used these sites, but I am certain that if I am able to bring more people there to experience these rituals, that will enhance and exponentially increase the energy, and make it more potent for all. 

I am also convinced that something marvelous yet subtle happened there, as I woke up this morning in the best mood ever. I joined Paul Smith's current class of remote viewing students for a field trip and lunch later in the day.  Tired but still feeling good!  





April 25, 2021

April Launch

A few hours ago, our on line group gathered for our monthly launching.  There were 4 of us, including myself.  We still plan on having our May launch, which will be during Memorial Day weekend. 

We started out with a lively discussion on the issues with the COVID 19 vaccine.  In particular, we talked about how to handle things energetically if one chooses to or is required to get it.  First of all, make sure that you are grounded and with your core essence fully expanded before you get the injection.  You can also project yourself to the actual chemical to neutralize it so that you are merely getting an injection of saline.  That is what one of our launchers did, as she was pressured to get it for her job.  Keep yourself expanded during the actual procedure.  Afterwards, you can also push the energy of that chemical out of your body by expanding your core essence and raising your vibration as high as it will go.  If you think that you have been exposed to the virus, and that your immunity is not that good, you can use the above method to push the patterning of the virus out of your body, too.  

I was required to get a yellow fever vaccine before my trip to Bolivia in 2015.  Here is the link to how I handled that event. 

The thing to remember is that we are totally in charge of us.  We are totally in charge of what happens to us, and how we react.  This is one aspect of our lives here that we really need to acknowledge if we are intent on having this be our last incarnation in the 4 D arena!

So on to the launching.  After each person is launched, that person gives a report, and the rest of us add anything else that we experienced while tracking that person.  This time, I was launched last, and my intent was to gather information regarding some difficulties with interpersonal interactions with others. 

Keep in mind that each launchee gets visuals, body sensations, emotions, etc, during their journey, and they interpret this information in their own way.  I always get mainly visuals.  Today, it took a bit of effort on my part to really get going, too.  Once I was on my way, I looked behind me and noticed that I was dragging many people behind me as I flew upwards.  They were attached to me via very thin thread like strings.  The strings quickly dissolved, and as I moved upwards, the people fell behind.

Then, I found myself in a realm where there were many others positioned side by side to me.  We were all on the same level, and their energy fields were multicolored in various ways.  Cool!  That felt very nice. 

Finally, I found myself soaking in a pool of somewhat thick dark grey liquid.  It was dark outside, and there was a glowing orb in the sky.  The pool was composed of individuals that were merging into and separating from each other, including me.  This is where I spent most of my time during my journey before being called back.  It was quite a unique feeling to be merging with others, and to have parts of them merging with me.  It was actually quite pleasant. 

So getting back to my original intent, I realized that I can relate to other individuals on several different levels.  There is the arena where we are all separate from one another, and act and react to others from that viewpoint.  I also saw that there is the “me” that wants to drag others along on my path.  That definitely does not serve me!

Then there is a level where we are all separate but equal at the same time.  That felt good.  And finally, there is the me/us that is one being, merging and separating with the flow.  I realized that by honoring the “others” as parts of me, every interaction will be productive and harmonious.  That is a great way to relate to the world. 

April 22, 2021

Happy Earth Day

Today, April 22, 2021 is Earth Day.  Hope you can go outside and put your feet on the ground.  Honor the Earth Mother today and every day, because she provides everything that we need for our embodiment here.  If not for her, our souls would have ended up in some other reality having a very different experience!  Below are some photos of botany trips that I have taken in the past few weeks, from the Mojave Desert to Zion National Park and beyond.

Our local birding festival is going on this week, and I will be participating the next 2 days.  In the mean time, here are 2 of our local desert birds that are singing their hearts out during mating season.  Mockingbird and rock wren.

April 15, 2021

All the Aspects of You

Earlier today, I was sitting in contemplation, and as I was, a whole series of potential occupations for this lifetime filtered through my thoughts.  These possibilities had come up at various times before.  I started out in college as a math major, and then switched to the dental field.  After my divorce, I started my career as a shamanic practitioner and a healer. 

The potential occupations that I would have been good at that filtered through included accountant, chiropractor, crime scene investigator, CFO, botanist, fashion designer, and photographer among others.  I took some time to connect with several of these, and pictured and felt myself living a very different life than the one that I ended up with.

On the other hand, I have never had any desire to do anything other than what was presented to me in this lifetime.  I also had the feeling that my other selves were living lives engaged in these various activities at the same time that I was focused on the here and now.  I do not know if you would call these parallel realities or dimensions, or even parallel universes.  Also, from a higher viewpoint, all of these realities are happening at the same time. 

So if you want to experience an interesting exercise, sit quietly in meditation and ask for one of your alternate realities to be shown to you.  Once you get a good handle on it, just pop in as if you were really there and enjoy the sights, sounds and physical sensations.  You do not even have to use the theme that I described here regarding alternate occupations.  Years ago, I was in the habit of popping into a reality where I was married with a small child.  While I was walking along one particular hiking trail, I actually could feel my husband walking with me with our child between us.  I know that that reality existed somewhere. 

I think that this would be a great exercise to try if you are suffering from some illness and want to experience yourself in perfect health.  Make a connection with the healthy you that exists in a different reality.  Spend some time and really get into it. 

Now, we may also be talking about time travel, jumping from one reality to the next, bi-location, and all sorts of fun stuff.  I firmly believe that we humans have those abilities hidden inside of us somewhere.  Perhaps in genes that have been turned off?  So I’ve presented something here that you can play around with.  See what happens!

April 3, 2021

Babylon Arch


One of the hiking groups that I belong to is called the “Rusty Iron Trekkers”.  We live in Iron County, Utah, named because the early settlers mined and smelted iron ore here.  You can just imagine what the rusty stands for, as the members are mostly senior citizens. 

This morning, 6 of us drove south of here and hiked a trail out to the Babylon Arch.  This sandstone arch is named for an abandoned mining town near there called Babylon.  I do know that you can drive to what remains of the town, but I am not sure how close it was to our location.  Just getting near to the trailhead was a bit harrowing as the road was not really good.  We drove as far as we could and then walked the rest of the road to our starting point.  The trail is about 2.6 miles out and back with an elevation change of about 400’. 

So this turned out to be another of the local difficult hikes, although it wasn’t that far.  We were walking in deep sand and scrambling over rocks, all the while going mainly down slope towards the arch.  At one point near the arch, we slid down a steep sandy part of the trail, which wasn’t bad.  Of course, we were dreading having to climb back up on our way out. In this photo, you can see 2 of our group while we were still on the upper and flatter part of the trail.  We were headed towards the green area further out and much lower.
This is a very picturesque trail, with sandstone formations popping out all over the place. 

Here, finally, was the arch.  Very unique, but I thought it would be much larger, like the ones at Arches National Park. 

I did the hike and I’m glad that I did, but would probably not do it again.  I’ve done several here like that!  On the other hand, there are many trails here that I have done multiple times.  With the wildflowers starting to come out, I will be enjoying my favorite hikes soon.