October 31, 2018

Return from Turkey and Lebanon

I have been home a few days from a very challenging but extremely exciting trip to the Middle East.  Highlights were Gobekli Tepe, Mt. Nemrut, Byblos and Baalbek.  As you can imagine, I took hundreds of photos.  I want to show the best of them to you, so the sorting will commence today, and I will start posting soon.  There are many fascinating stories to tell about our group's adventures.  Stay tuned.   

October 8, 2018

Saturday's Show is Now Archived

Last Saturday's interview with Lance White the Zany Mystic has now been archived for listening or downloading.  Check it out here. We had quite a lively discussion on mind control, Nazi's, and 5G, to name just a few of the topics covered.  Enjoy the show. 

October 3, 2018

Saturday October 6th Interview with Lance White

For those of you who tuned in for the July 7th interview, you may remember that we had technical difficulties in the BBS studio, and started the show about 25 minutes late.  Because of this, Lance re-booked me to come back as soon as we could arrange it.  So, I am very pleased to be letting you all know that I will be interviewed again this Saturday October 6th by Lance White, the Zany Mystic, on his internet radio show "A Fireside Chat".  I am never sure about what our topic will be, but rest assured that it will be an interesting conversation as always!  The show will be starting at 7 PM Pacific time, 10 PM Eastern time, and is about an hour long.  Click here to join the show.  You can also go to https://bbsradio.com/afiresidechat. You might also want to check out the archive of past shows, and Lance's recent guests George Kavassilas and Barbara Hand Clow to name a few.  If you miss the show, no problem.  It will be archived for listening later, and I will let everyone know when that happens.  I am really looking forward to the interview, and I hope you can join us on Saturday.