April 29, 2013

The Mood

I don’t know what else to call it.  A few days ago I woke up to the feeling of absolute dread.  It’s the feeling that something huge and awful is heading my way, and there is no way to stop it. I am falling down into a bottomless pit with no hope of rescue. The apocalypse is imminent, and we are all going to be annihilated in short order.  This sounds sort of dramatic, but it is the best way to explain the sensations I feel when this happens. 

To this day, I do not know what causes the arrival of the mood. Of course, nothing dire and drastic proceeds to happen in my immediate vicinity, but that doesn’t mean that nothing has happened somewhere else. Luckily, these occurrences have gotten rarer with time, and last a shorter amount of time.  When I first noticed the mood happening, it could last a few days off and on, especially if it was in the dark of the winter months. 

You may or may not experience this, or have not up until now but may in the future.  Your experience could also be different from mine.  It does not matter if you know where this heavy energy is coming from unless it happens often and you’d like to get to the bottom of it.  I always recommend starting with the self before going out any further to find a cause.  You may be carrying energetic patterns for deep depression, for example.  Or have recently ingested something that did not agree with you.  Perhaps you have taken on some heavy energy from a friend or loved one.  Tracking back to what you were doing just before the mood descended may help find the origin.  If one of these is the cause, take measures to remedy the situation.  The clearer you are energetically, the more likely the cause is something outside of your self. 

If the cause is not immediate to you, you could be tuning into a planetary disaster in the making, an earthquake or volcano erupting, or even an emergency situation happening to someone close to you. Many people are sensitive to earthquakes, although the symptoms may not be what I have described.  What about something happening within our solar system?  A CME erupting or an asteroid passing too close to the planet perhaps. 

We also all carry the genetic memory of disasters and extinction events that happened to our ancestors.  Barbara Hand Clow writes about this in her book “Catastrophobia”, where she talks about the events that happened to our planet between 15,000 and 11,000 years ago.  The wooly mammoths were frozen in their tracks up in the tundra, and Clovis man was wiped off of the face of the earth during that time.  When the mood arrives, has our genetic remembrance of that time been triggered?  This also explains why apocalypse themes have been popular from time to time for many centuries. 

Let’s get crazy for a minute.  What if every so often a big wave of particularly negative thought forms gets sent out from the matrix just to throw us off balance?  Some people may not feel it, some may recover just fine, but some may be thrown over the edge into insanity. What a way to keep the population on their toes!

What to do when the mood pops up and brings you down?  As I have never been able to pinpoint a cause, I just deal with the energy.  A few days ago, I sat with it for a while.  When that started getting a bit creepy, I expanded my core essence to raise my vibration, and returned to my normal state.  I can see how someone could get addicted to sitting in that energy, but that isn’t the healthiest thing to do. If we suddenly hear of many people having these sensations, then we will really know that something is coming down the pike for all of us.  Stay tuned!

April 25, 2013

What's Going On?

Last night at dance class I heard about yet another acquaintance who has been recovering from a fairly serious bout of a flu like illness.  What is going on?  There have been so many cases of the flu, bronchitis, colds, and all manner of fever and fatigue causing ailments going around since Thanksgiving.  Frequently, a person gets rid of something and is recovering, and then a few weeks later, they come down with something else.  These maladies seem to linger much longer than they should.  There also seem to be more complaints of general fatigue and lack of motivation.  Recovery is difficult even with the help of medical practitioners.

What is causing this?  I can only speculate at this point.  Certainly if a person’s immune system is weakened, they will get sick easier and more frequently.  Diet, lifestyle and physical fitness levels all play a part.  How about the stress that is felt when one’s inner path conflicts with their external life choices?  These contributing factors would be up to each individual to assess.  Add to that a toxic environment or an unhealthy diet.  The list goes on.

We also have the ongoing situation of the acceleration of vibration in our reality. We are living in a pressure cooker.  So many people cannot handle this, and they are getting sick as a result.  Many are choosing to exit the earthly plane because they cannot keep up.  This particular situation will not let up any time soon. 

I like to look at the underlying energetics of any situation, and in this case, there seems to be an effect on the whole of humanity instead of an individual cause for each.  Do you remember in one of the “Star Wars” movies when there was talk of a “disturbance in the force”?  It feels like this is what we are dealing with, and for some, they are manifesting this disturbance as a physical illness.  For others, it may be a mental or emotional manifestation.  What about the school shootings in the recent years, or the even more recent Boston Marathon bombings as being manifestations of this disturbance?

People are probably feeling the effects of very long term and chronic stress that is flowing along in the deepest layers of our unconscious.  We also have unresolved energetic distortions at these levels.  When the deep stress levels trigger our unconscious patterns, we get what I have described—physical, emotional or mental symptoms.  If our unresolved patterns are not dealt with, the symptoms persist. 

As I write this I am reminded of the shamanic practice of sorcery.  A sorcerer creates a negative energy to target another person with, and inserts that energy where that other person has an already existing weakness.  The “disturbance in the force” is like that, affecting each according to their weakness.  Where this disturbance is coming from is another matter.  It could be a manifestation in the mass consciousness created by the thought forms coming from humanity, or part of an off planet agenda to weaken and overpower us.  I am sure that the cause will be revealed eventually.  

What can we do?  Clean up our lifestyles and do our best to minimize stress caused by internal conflict, which is what stress really is.  This may mean saying “no” more often, and taking more time for ourselves.  Be vigilant as to what issues are being triggered deep within by the energetic disturbances.  This is actually a good thing, as often we need to get sick or laid up to understand what is going on.  My book "Traversing the Infinite Now" gives lots of helpful hints for how to recognize when we have been triggered, and some simple methods for moving the stuck energy out of our field.  The key is to keep your energy field moving, as stuck energy leads to the issues I have been talking about.  Keep firmly anchored to the planet, no matter what is going on.  Keep your core essence expanded, which will keep you energy levels high, and remember that every distressful event is an opportunity to achieve self knowledge and growth. 

April 23, 2013

April Launch

Our group met this past Sunday for our monthly get together and launching.  I am always amazed that when everyone has taken their turn and we can look at the summary of experiences that the group has had, we can see the vastness and diversity in our universe as reflected in the new and different journeys taken from month to month.

It is standard procedure for each to have an intention for their launching, whether it is a question or a destination.  My intent was to get information on how to make use of the current highly creative energies that the planet has been immersed in since the Vernal Equinox.  All information comes in symbolically for these launchings and the individual interpretation is left to the one journeying to decipher.  The following is what I experienced and my interpretation of the images. 

I traveled up a stairway of wave forms made of golden energy. (Raising my vibration at the start of the journey.)

In front of me was a large Petri dish oriented vertically. I placed a speck of energy in the center of the dish and watched it start to multiply and cover the surface of the dish.  (The speck of energy was my intent for creation and manifestation.  As soon as it was planted, the multiplication and expansion of the creation began.)

I popped through the center of the Petri dish into a smooth and harmonious energy field of gold.  (Co-creating with the Divine.)

Shapes started to form out of the golden field of energy, many of them looking like buildings and cities. 

These shapes then coalesced into a globe or bubble, with the surface of that bubble covered with the buildings and cities.

I then drifted upwards and hovered over this bubble.  I could see others like me hovering over their own bubbles, too.  (Group intent, co-creating with others of like vibration on higher levels.)

All of these like minded spirits gathered together and started toning/vibrating in unison.  (Again an activity of co-creation on the higher levels.)

We were then lifted into a sound that I call the Universal Sound Current.  (It is very hard to describe, as it was more of a very fine vibration and a feeling than an actual sound that could be heard.)

The Universal Sound Current was then embodied by all to bring back with them to the Earthly plane for use in creating and manifesting.

I heard a while ago that the ancients used this Universal Sound Current to soften, carve, and then levitate the megalithic stones found in many places around the world.  Is this also the way manna is created out of nothing to feed the people?  Another aspect of this that struck me as being very pertinent to our times is that this is a way of creating and manifesting outside of the synthetic reality matrix.  Of course, the “powers that be” definitely do not want us to be able to do this, as they will then loose their control over humanity.  Imagine not being tied to the current financial system if we can manifest anything we need at a moment’s notice.  That is just the start.  Let your imagination run wild with other possibilities! 

This is just my interpretation of the symbology of my journey, and is also pretty bare bones.  You may get something different.  Do your own contemplation and take from this what works for you.  Try it out.      

April 20, 2013


I have been back from my trip for a few days now, and finally have time to write.  The trip was great, with lots of time out in the desert, virtually no TV watching, and only minimal checking of e-mails and phone messages.  It feels like I am in a whole new space now, and I would like to continue in that energy as long as I can.  That is why I would like to talk about resetting, as that is what it feels like to me. 

Our world of endless distractions is designed to focus our attention external to ourselves and away from our core knowing and our connection to Mother Earth and Father Sun.  We chose to experience these challenges to our spiritual evolution and internal connection to strengthen our ability to focus and move forward in an autonomous way.  It’s not always easy, and the vast majority of humanity does not even realize that they are immersed in a sea of energy that is counterproductive to fostering the internal connection.  The ability to receive internal messages and direction is overridden and drowned out by the need to watch and react to the latest news, answer the latest text message, talk on one’s smart phone while grocery shopping, play games on the latest hand held device, and keep up with social media.  Added to that are the demands of friends and family to do this, go there and take care of whatever.   

That is why an occasional resetting is in order.  This can be a simple as setting aside time each day in quiet and solitude to tune in and settle down without distractions.  This may be easier for some than for others depending on their lifestyle and living situation.  I find that listening to some Hemi-Sync® with headphones on can help quiet the brain’s need to keep busy.

Spending time each day out in nature also facilitates the resetting process.  Our whole physical existence and experience here on this planet is supported by our Earth Mother, so why not commune with her and her kingdoms in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation each day?  You will find that your intuition and insights are greatly enhanced by doing this.  It will be easier for you to quiet your mind and go into altered states of consciousness out in nature, too. 

I get enough time out in nature and in quietude, but what helps me reset is getting away from it all like I recently did.  I can really feel the difference in my engagement with the external distractions versus my strengthened inner connection.  For me, an almost complete disconnect from home life is the most helpful.  That way, when I get back, I can feel the difference energetically. 

Of course, how one maintains the reset state is up to them, as the distractions will keep drawing us back into the external busyness.  Nevertheless, once the change is made, and if one is somewhat attentive and vigilant, things may never go completely back to the way they were before the reset.  Progress will be slow but sure, and when you look back on your life even weeks or months prior, you will notice a difference in your ability to connect within. 

April 8, 2013

Time Off

I just wanted to let everyone know that there will be no posts for about 10 days while I go on a little excursion over into Arizona.  I am meeting a friend for some touring around Monument Valley, hiking the slot canyons of Page, and sitting by her pool in Tempe.  I am so overdue for a vacation!  Even though I travel a fair amount, it is mostly for teaching or learning, and not for relaxing or fun.  Being the workaholic that I am, I have to schedule free time away from home if I am to get any kind of a decent break. This trip will involve quite a bit of driving, but it is mostly through beautiful country.  Desert and red rocks contrasting with the blue of Lake Powell.  Basaltic monoliths at sunset on the Navajo reservation.  Museums and shopping in Phoenix.  Lazing by my friend's pool.  Perfect! 

April 6, 2013

Espousing Causes

There has been an ongoing issue at the Monroe Institute that is a prime example of the topic for today’s post.  One of the long time facilitators was let go without having been given a reason why, and this has caused a lot of disturbance amongst the TMI community of participants with people taking sides and even refusing to go back for any other classes. 

One person in particular has been sending out e-mails encouraging people to complain to the board of directors, sign petitions, and express support to the ousted staff member.  Each time another e-mail from this person would arrive, I would have a brief moment of thinking that I should respond, take a side, sign a petition, or express my personal support.  Be sympathetic, be a “good” person by supporting a worthy cause.  I literally couldn’t even take a stab at starting an e-mail in response, even though I know the person who was let go.  There were no words, no opinions, and no allegiances to be found within me.

I did and do trust that all is in perfection around this event, and that the staff member and the TMI board of directors co-created all of this on a higher level for the lessons to be learned and experience to be gained.  I am confident that all will work out in the end.  Unfortunately, that is not the high road that some are taking.  You can refer to my post on Light vs. Dark to see what happens when one end of an issue is polarized and fed.  By doing this, the other end is empowered, as energy is always seeking a balance.

This brings me around to the subject of this post, espousing causes.  I am not against causes per se, as a lot of good in the world has been done through causes and organizations.  AA, Habitat for Humanity, and the Humane Society spring to mind.  Let’s take the high road here and view causes from a spiritual perspective.  Every cause that has been started and championed by an individual comes from that individual’s personal issue.  After all, wasn’t AA started by an alcoholic?  It is an organization that has helped many, but on the other hand, I have met AA sponsors who are so extremely identified with the organization that they are still mired in the energy of addiction even though they are no longer drinking. 

If we look at every cause as someone’s personal issue that has been projected externally to society at large, that will make it easier to decide if we need to jump on that bandwagon, or not.  If you are drawn to a cause, how does it resonate with you personally?  How are you a match? Are you projecting any issues of disenfranchisement, abandonment or victimhood of your own?  Are you promoting someone else’s cause by projecting your issue onto it instead of owning your own projection and working through it internally?  Technically, all is projection anyway, as on a multiple of levels we are creating our reality every second of every day.

When you are faced with these choices and feel a pull towards a cause, it is time to do some inner reflection as to why.  Are you a match for the issue that the cause is espousing or perhaps you feel the need to be a “good” person by helping out?    Maybe you have a lot of free time on your hands and it is better than sitting at home.  Nothing wrong with any of those as long as you bring your awareness to the situation before diving in. 

I cannot begin to say what is driving the behavior of the person who is spearheading the protests at TMI.  A tremendous amount of energy is being expended by him as he supports his projection onto the situation.  Things have become so polarized that I believe there is no going back.  There is a saying that says “Is this the hill that you want to die on today?”  Bring your awareness to any opportunity to engage in a cause or another person’s issue and that will help you consciously make that choice. 

April 3, 2013

Time Management

Tonight is the first night in a while that I will be going to ballroom dance class.  In January I started this blog about the same time that I started taking Zumba and strength training classes at the Cortez Rec Center.  There was an incident at dance class about that time that caused me to go looking for other ways to increase my fitness levels and satisfaction with my extracurricular activities.  I did go to some dance classes in the mean time, but it has been sporadic since the beginning of December.  Now, I sense that the time is coming for another evaluation of how much I choose to pack into a week’s time.
This is probably a familiar scenario for a lot of you.  With the acceleration of energies that we have been experiencing on this planet for some time now, there is also the push to continue to keep up with the level of activities that we had been doing, or doing even more.  How many balls are you willing to juggle?  Our society so much values the “doer” that it may be hard to cut back and simplify.

We also seem to be faced with more distractions nowadays.  One big one is engagement with the “Technosphere”.  I saw a statistic the other day that said that more adults are texting while driving than younger people are, thus causing more auto accidents proportionately.  Makes you want to stay home and off of the roads more!  When did we become obligated to answer a message as soon as we receive it, no matter what we happen to be doing at the time.  I personally do not text, and have no intention of picking up that little habit, but for others, it can become a compulsion.  I do understand the occasional need to give a quick answer to a question, but this has become such a common way of communicating that in-depth conversations may become a thing of the past.  When I have something important to say to a friend, even an e-mail seems too perfunctory to me. 

There may be other reasons why we overload ourselves with our daily activities.  I recently worked with a client who not only has spread herself pretty thin, but because of some genetic and past life patterns, has given chunks of herself away to those she has felt obligated to assist in a variety of ways. This is a pattern that started for her in the womb. The result is that she is frequently fatigued, she has a pattern of starting projects that get delayed or not finished at all, and feels an over responsibility for those to whom she is attached in this way.  Of course, the situation is more complex than this, but you get the idea.  

Now is the time to do some self examination if you find yourself resonating with what I have written here.  Do you have enough time for self reflection and doing your inner work?  Are you able to engage on more than a shallow level with life’s events?  Can you finish every endeavor completely and to your satisfaction?  Have you communicated in a meaningful manner with those around you?  Are you just as energized at the end of the day as you were at the start? Do you feel good with what you have accomplished at the end of each and every day, no matter how much or how little? 

After re-starting my “dance career” tonight, I will be asking myself these same questions.  Undoubtedly, some adjustments will have to be made according to how much free time I have and how much passion I have about what I am currently doing with that time. Hiking season is starting, too.  More choices!!!!!!!!

April 1, 2013

Light vs. Dark

I hope that you found the last few posts interesting.  My friend Jan suggested that I get a screen writer on board!  My aunt was creeped out.  As always, take with you what resonates, and leave the rest behind.  There are so many paths out there, who knows if there is one that is a one size fits all.  My task is to get my experiences in written form and into the public record. 

My friend Lori requested that I write something on the positive vs. negative theme, so here it is.  We could also call this light vs. dark, good vs. evil, easy vs. hard, or good vs. bad.  You get the idea.  Since we live in a realm created by 4th dimensional patterns of polarity, these opposites are all around us, and we have to deal with them every day.  We even have a shadow aspect that is buried and hidden, but can rear its ugly head when triggered.

Nothing in life is all positive or all negative.  Every cloud has a silver lining, and most of the “light beings” that I have encountered have a black skeleton underneath their glowing robes.  This is why we need to have our radar working and our discernment sharp at all times.  See with a clear eye, and do not go asleep if you are confronted with an issue that you would like to ignore.

Getting back to our light vs. dark theme, so many people overvalue the light and try to ignore the dark side of life.  It really irks me when I hear a person calling themselves a Lightworker.  What are they doing with their dark side?  It’s like lifting weights with only one arm.  Eventually, one gets really out of balance and the whole system is weakened. 

Picture a pendulum swinging back and forth.  The more it swings to one side, the more it swings back over to the other side.  It is seeking a balance by moving the same amount to the opposite direction.  I had some friends visiting me last month, and was explaining this concept.  One of them has always been very political. I told him that when he supports the Democrats, he is indirectly supporting the Republicans, because of the nature of our polarized 2 party system.  He was a bit shocked, and said that he had to think about that one for a while.  Another analogy I like is when you encounter someone who is really sweet and nice, and who wouldn’t hurt a fly, don’t you think that they have a dark side that is really cranking along inside?  They do, and quite often it takes the form of a lot of internal self harm. 

Our goal in this dimensional reality is balance.  To achieve that, both polarities must be honored and acknowledged as equal.  For each personally, that means owning up to your mistakes, which requires courage.  It’s not easy.  Once you face your flaws and mistakes, forgive yourself.  Value and appreciate every aspect of yourself. 

Now, what do we do when we have been treated very badly by someone else?  The normal reaction is to treat them badly in return, run away or ignore the bad behavior.  The bad behavior is looked down upon, while one tends to honor and look more favorably upon those who treat us well.  We value the good behavior and devalue the bad.  Isn’t this the same as ignoring our own bad behavior and putting on the mask of the “good” person? 

Remember that we have all planned our lives before incarnating here this time around.  We have chosen life companions that will treat us humanely, but also those who will brutally attack us physically, psychologically or emotionally, and everything in between.  There are varied and various reasons for this, and it is not to torture us.  It is for our learning and growth.  So wouldn’t it be better to face the difficulties and even thank the other for providing us with the opportunities for growth?  None of us are victims, as on some level we have planned it all.  I had a very emotionally and verbally abusive mother who passed away a few years ago.  The attacks continued up until the day she died, which made it very difficult for me to resolve the situation within myself.  With time, I have come to see that her treatment of me was part of our plan.  It resulted in toughening me up and making me the strong individual that I am now.  I have been told that I have very good boundaries, and I owe that to my mother, and can finally thank her for that. 

If we learn to honor the difficulties and the difficult people in our lives, balance will be easier to achieve and we will have more time and energy to focus on moving forward on our path.