February 12, 2013

The Sphinx

My trip to Egypt last December started with a visit to the Giza plateau and the Sphinx.  I have been to the Sphinx several times before, and my first impression is always a surprise, since it looks much smaller in person. It’s like the experience that one has upon seeing Mount Rushmore for the first time.  Those presidents all look so small!  Originally, the limestone that the head was carved from existed as an outcropping from the sloping plane of the surrounding bedrock.   The rest of it was created by removing the bedrock around it so that the finished sculpture actually rests in a large pit.  The whole thing is only totally visible when one is up close or on the edge of the enclosure looking in.  The limestone blocks that were removed were used to construct the Sphinx Temple which is right in front of it.

The temple, the sides of the enclosure and the Sphinx show signs of massive erosion.  The Sphinx Temple has been left in its eroded state, but the Sphinx itself has undergone many phases of restoration throughout the years, in addition to being buried and dug out of the sand that filled in the enclosure repeatedly.  Undoubtedly, the head had been recarved into a human head at some point in ancient Egypt, and may have originally been a lion or Anubis, the jackal-headed god. 

Much study has been done on the erosion patterns on the sides of the pit and the Sphinx itself, and several researchers have concluded that the patterns are from water erosion.  Modern Egypt is a desert country, and gets maybe a few inches of rain a year, if that much.  So when did it rain enough to erode the limestone?  Between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago.  After that time, northern Africa started to dry up, the Sahara Desert formed, and ancient Egyptian culture gradually moved from the emerging desert into the Nile valley.  So how old does that make the Sphinx?  I would say at least 10,000 years old or more.  The Valley Temple, which is right next to the Sphinx Temple, is probably from that era, too.  Its walls and pillars are made of finely fitted multi ton pieces of red granite, which for me indicates a very ancient age. 

Energetically, I have had several interactions with the Sphinx on previous trips when the groups I was with actually got to go into the Sphinx enclosure.  I always like to put my hands on the ancient stone to read the energy, which is tricky with the Sphinx since most of the lower part has been restored and the stone is not original.  I had managed to find a spot where I could touch the original limestone, and got the energy of a very wise and old being.  What an honor to be in its presence!

Over the years, there have been many stories of records or information hidden under the Sphinx, with the corresponding denials from Egyptologists that any chambers or tunnels exit.  They may or may not exist, but I do feel that records are there in the energetic.  Each time I have been able to touch the Sphinx, I have asked to be downloaded with any available records.  Even though I have not received any concrete information, I do feel that the wisdom of the ages exists there and can be absorbed by anyone who asks for it. In addition, the area under the left paw feels like a honeycomb when I journey there, not physically, but in the etheric realms.

On the 20th of December 2012, the day before Solstice, I received a forwarded e-mail that said that the Hall of Records in the Sphinx would be open overnight from late on the 20th until the early morning hours of the 21st.  What an opportunity.  I stayed up late to connect, and saw a parade of ancient Egyptians from all eras entering the Sphinx.  It felt like a grand initiation for those who had been stuck between worlds for ages.  Perhaps this was the chance that they had been waiting for, to finally be free to move on to their next assignment. 

I also connected with the records that the Sphinx holds and once again asked for another download while those records were open and available.  Before I fell asleep with those golden codes of energy streaming into my heart, I received one last message.  The Sphinx told me that when he had been carved and the records installed, it was known that he would eventually erode down to nothing and be covered once again with sand.  What would happen to those records?  My sense is that they would be disbursed back into the planet when she was ready to receive them. 

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