July 28, 2014

Your Personal Stargate

Yesterday our launching group met for our monthly sojourn into the unknown.  It is becoming clear to everyone that the current state of acceleration is continuing and even getting faster.  In spite of the rapid deconstruction of the world around us, we can use this acceleration to our advantage in assisting our spiritual evolution.

The intent for my launch was to find my most effective personal internal stargates.  I was looking at 2 choices—the center of my core essence or the center of my atoms. 

As soon as my consciousness awareness was up and away from my body, I found myself looking at a vertically oriented pattern of multiple energy fields that resembled galaxies.  They were all identical and I was looking at the top side of them versus the edgewise orientation.  There was a lot of space in between them and I realized that these were the energy fields of atoms.  I asked “Which one is it?” and got “Pick one.  There’s no difference.”  OK.

So that is what I did.  I approached one of these energy fields and quickly saw that I was looking at a torus as described in the previous post.  The energy flow was rotating down and into the center and out the back side and around again.  As I got closer I could see that in the dead center of the torus there was a very small and brightly glowing opening.  This was the stargate. 

My next question was whether the energy rotating around in this pattern was actually entering the stargate.  It didn’t look like it was.  If we regard the flowing energy as 4th dimensional and the opening of the stargate to the 5th dimension and beyond as having a definite boundary or ring around it, then it looked like the 4D flow was just touching the edge of the ring and then moving on without entering.  Perhaps it was even maintaining that opening so that it did not collapse.  As long as the torus was rotating, the stargate would remain open. 

Now comes the interesting part.  My intent was to go through the stargate to the other side.  Not as easy as it seems!  As I got closer to the actual stargate, I heard “Are you willing to let go of everything to go through?  All attachments, all baggage, even your physical body?”  Sure.  Why not.  If I dematerialized right then and there that would give the launching group something to talk about for years to come!  After a few attempts, I eased my way into the stargate and probably got only partially through.  If I had gotten all the way through, I might not be here to talk about it today.  In that space it was very easy to let go of all thoughts, visions, goals and even the sensations of the body. It was effortless. 

An interesting thing happened that confirmed to me that I at least got partially through.  My body began to get really hot.  Really hot!  When I came back from that journey, I found out that everyone else around me got really hot, too.  Before we started, I had turned off the ceiling fan as it was making a bit of noise and was distracting.  One of the launchers jumped up and put it back on full speed after I came back.  Could this also be the cause of spontaneous human combustion?  Someone inadvertently entering one of their own internal stargates and burning up their body? 

On my second launch I repeated the process with the goal of retrieving energetic templates for humanity’s lost skills such as bi-location, time travel, accessing free energy, and even manifesting perfect health.  What about changing your eye or hair color any time you wish?  How about manifesting food?  I imagined creating a perfect bunch of grapes in my hands.  Each was about the size of a cherry tomato and they were a combination of a lime green and deep purple color.  They even had tiny droplets of water on them as if they had just been rinsed off.  Talk about creating heaven on earth! On the other hand, would we even need food when we reach this state? 

I plan on playing with this stargate process a lot, as this is the way that we can bypass the synthetic matrix domination of our current reality.  If you fight against it, you just give it power. We will rise above it instead. 

July 26, 2014

The Torus

Ever since I got back from my sacred site trip to Scotland in mid-May, I have been waking up automatically much earlier than I normally do. Sometimes as early as 5:30 AM!  I attribute some of this to the early mid-summer sunrises, as I don’t close my bedroom curtains at night. 

This past Friday morning was no exception.  I had set my alarm clock to get up early enough to get ready for my 8 AM client, but again, found myself waking up much earlier that that.  As I was gently coming out of dreamtime, I felt an unusual energy flow coming into my chest area.  It felt like a very light rain that was twinkling down on me and into my core essence.  That feeling was so enjoyable that I didn’t want it to stop.  It was delightful!  What I was actually feeling was the rotation of my core essence.   

The core essence energy field is shaped like a torus.  Some would call it a donut with a very tiny hole in the center.  Energy rotates around the donut and into the hole, and then pops out the other side to continue rotating.  The track of the energy is an infinite pathway as it never quite repeats the same pattern as it goes around and around.

In my case, the energy flow was going into the front of the chest and out the back and around again.  Is it always this way?  My intuition tells me that it may go in this direction at night, and then reverse to go from back to front and around during the day.  When one expands their core essence, they are making the torus bigger which may affect the speed of the flow, too. 

This energy field is not unique to humans.  The earth’s magnetic field has this shape, too.  Currently, the flow of energy is such that it goes into the magnetic North Pole, and out the South Pole and back around.  This directional orientation also changes when the earth experiences a magnetic pole shift. 

So we see that we are the micro of the earth’s macro, and the earth is the micro of our Sun’s macro.  The Sun actually has a pole shift every 11 years or so, and it just completed its latest shift at the end of 2013.   The Milky Way Galaxy also has a toroidal energy flow.  If we go to a smaller scale, I am assuming that each atom has this same energy configuration, too.  The patterns of creation tend to repeat going up and down the size scale. 

This gets us to the subject of stargates.  I have known for a long time that there are time travel portals or stargates at the 5D center of our Sun and also our planet.  These portals connect us to other solar systems, other stars, and other galaxies.  One can travel pretty quickly through the cosmos if one knows how to use these connecting points.  I am sure that there are many ET groups that do this routinely! 

This brings me back to the topic at hand, which is how to use these stargates for our spiritual evolution.  Especially the one at the center of our core essence, and those at the center of the atoms that make up our bodies.  Where will we end up if we go through these personal stargates?  Some possibilities are “incension” which would be a folding into our core essence and popping out into the 5th dimension.  What about accessing 0 Point energy as George Kavassilas has indicated as a possibility?  Others that come to mind might be time travel, bi-location or dissolving of the physical form so that only the consciousness is left.

This is where we become masters of our world and free ourselves from the synthetic matrix programming.  I see all of the above as distinct possibilities.  We as the human race are standing at a major conscious shift point in our evolution.  I have heard several people who are in the know say that it will be like nothing that we have ever experienced before.  It is my goal to receive information on any of these possibilities that present themselves to me, and to pass that information along to you.  More later! 

July 24, 2014

Reviewing the Steps

I am hoping that this post will be the first of at least 2 more on the subject of where we are headed with the evolutionary energetic shifts happening to our energy fields.  First of all, I highly recommend that you listen to George Kavassilas’ latest interview on Our Journey Home.  This is the first one that he has posted in the last 3 months.  He was interviewed by the 2 ladies from One Point of View Radio on July 16th.  Aside from the agendas of the hosts, interruptions to ask questions from their chat room and their personal stories, I consider this to be one of George’s most significant interviews to date.  I have listened to it twice, taken notes and will undoubtedly listen a few more times before I am through. 

When you listen you will hear how my views on the transformation of the human energy field and George’s mesh beautifully.  We are on the same page regarding this.  What I would like to do here is review the steps so far that are leading up to the big exit, graduation, or as George puts it, our “completion” with our experience in the 4D earth arena and with the synthetic matrix programming. 

The first step to our transformation is the removal of the chakra system.  I consider this be absolutely necessary if one is to complete their earthly experience in this lifetime.  For me, this felt like the true start to my authentic spiritual evolution, in spite of doing a lot of work over the years.  I am still getting requests from people to remove their chakras for them, which is something that I do not do.  For a lot of people, the intimate connection to their inner selves that is necessary for spiritual transformation is missing, and so making that inner connection in order to remove their own chakras is a necessary step for them. 

The kundalini programming comes next and in most cases dissolves when the chakras are removed.  My sense is that what little that may be left will gradually fade away with time. 

As you will hear during the interview, George and I agree on these first 2 steps.  I have added an extra energy shift at this point.  A few weeks after I removed my chakras, the skin of my Luminous Energy Field shattered and dissolved while I was on a trip to Egypt.  You can read about what happened here.  This is something that just happens automatically and spontaneously as one raises their vibration.  Being grounded and expanding one's core essence every day will help with that.  Our launching group has checked each other several times, and all of our LEF skins are gone.  Although this is a step that George has no knowledge about, I suspect that his LEF skin has dissolved, too. 

The next step that we both agree on is the continual clearing of the pineal gland.  The master strand of DNA in the pineal holds all of our genetic lineages and in particular, the distortions and mutations created by the synthetic programming.  I love George’s method of holding the palm of his hand up to his forehead and running energy from his core essence up his arm and out the palm into the pineal gland.  This is not the only method, and you might have something that works just as well.  As far as I can tell, this is a process that needs to be done repeatedly until these distortions are cleared. 

In George’s interview, he states that the final energetic structure that is stopping us from becoming fully realized universal creators is our DNA!  When I heard him say that, I went right back to my recent experiences in Scotland at the sacred stone circles.  I was being shown how the DNA will automatically transform once the distortions have been cleared enough and one’s vibration is elevated enough.  Please read about that process here. 

We have now reviewed the steps up to and including the work with transcending the DNA.  Now the really interesting aspects of our transformation will come into play.  There are several ways to proceed with this, and I’d like to have time to play with them before writing about my experiences.  Our launching group meets on Sunday, and I feel that some vitally important information will come through then, too. 

This whole mapping process is necessary for those who will follow.  It may be time consuming right now, but as more and more of you get it, it will speed up.  What I am writing about here is also not for everyone, as each has their own path to follow.  Those with “ears to hear and eyes to see” are those who will resonate with this path.  More later! 

July 21, 2014

QSH in SW Colorado in September

Below is a repeat of the post I put up a while back on the QSH workshop being held here in Cortez, Colorado.  It looks like this may be the last training for the rest of 2014, so if you are in any way interested, please get in touch.  Blessings to all!  Carla

I am pleased to announce the date and location for  the next Quantum Sphere Healing workshop.  I will be teaching this exciting class in southwest Colorado from Friday September 5th through Sunday September 7th, 2014, from 9 AM to 6 PM each day.  The workshop will be held at 8 W. Main St. in Cortez, Colorado.  This is a very convenient downtown venue that is within walking distance of at least 7 different restaurants and also the Cortez Cultural Center.  Our attendance is limited to 14 people with a course fee of $425.

During this training, each participant will:
     Learn how to use special sound technology and the gamma brainwave state of
          40 beats per second to access the "everywhere and everywhen" of the
          Quantum Field.
     Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of their Higher Self to read and
          clear negative patterns of distortion.
     Create a healing orb that will clear the heavy energy patterns found in and
          around the etheric patterning of the physical body.
     Learn how to expand and hold their 5th dimensional energy field throughout
          the various workshop exercises, and how to use that field to enhance their
          own spiritual evolution.

You do not need to be a healing practitioner to take advantage of this training.

The QSH protocol can also be used in its totality or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the student is already using for self healing or working with others, even your pets!  All support materials will be provided in class including the sound tracks that you will be working with to access the gamma brain wave state. Your vibrational levels will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol.    

If you have any questions at all about the course content, feel free to contact Carla at 970-565-2624 or e-mail at QuantumStargate@aol.com .  To register for this exciting workshop, go to the workshop page at www.QuantumStargate.com .  You can also contact Carla with any lodging or logistical concerns. 

I have referred to the QSH in many posts, so if you have been keeping up with the blog, you will have read about the many advantages of and the many uses for this amazing work.  It is a modality that will serve mankind through their transition to a higher state of being.  I hope to see and meet some of you in Cortez in September!   

July 20, 2014

Just Bee

This time of year in the mountains here in southwest Colorado, the wildflowers are in full bloom in the higher elevations.  Yesterday, I went hiking on one of my favorite trails up to the alpine zone.  No small feat, as the trailhead starts around 10,000’ and the alpine zone is around 12,000’.  Quite a haul but very much worth it. 

Most of the rock up there is shale.  On the top of a high spot, though, there is a special place where there is an eroded pile of sandstone boulders that surround a depression in the ground.  This not only creates a nice cozy windbreak away from the almost constant winds, but is also the home for a glorious floral display.  We humans are not the only ones who make use of that sheltering place! 

After wandering around the alpine tundra to see what I could find, I settled into that special place to have a snack and meditate for a bit.  My attention was momentarily distracted by a bee that was busily probing a flower near me.  How wonderful to be able to thrive at this elevation, I thought! 

I returned to silence and then asked for a message or some advice.  What came through was “just be”.  In the flash of a second I realized that my message was mirrored by that bee that had been near me just a few minutes ago.  Thank you bee! 

Just being is something that we all forget to do, as life can be so busy and the distractions are many.  I do not mean that you stop everything and sit in a chair for hours on end, either.  Being is a very feminine and receptive state and is the best place to be in to receive guidance.  It also means that we honor and embrace who we are without having the need to DO anything about it. 

On the other hand, we would be pretty non-effective in the world if we just stayed in our being state without adding the doing.  The Peruvian shamans always say that being comes first.  Our Earth Mother Pachamama is the foundation for all.  She represents the Divine Feminine principle and our being intuitive nature.  From her springs the sacred mountains, or the Apus.  These represent the Divine Masculine principle.   The snow that falls on the Apus then melts and flows down to nurture the Pachamama and her kingdoms. The resulting moisture then goes up into the atmosphere and snows on the Apus once again. 

You can see that these 2 principles are hand in hand in cooperation with each other, but the feminine being always comes before the masculine doing.  If one jumps in and starts the doing without the foundation of the intuitive being supporting it, the effort goes nowhere.  All doing should be a result of receiving guidance ahead of time. 

So take time each day to just be.  Receive guidance on where you should be going with your life. Honor who and where you are and then move forward from that place.    

July 16, 2014

The Music of the Spheres

For so many people, music is both a comfort and an inspiration.  It has been with humanity ever since we have existed.  Think about it.  Was there ever a time when you didn’t have music in your life, starting with lullabies sung to you as a baby, to songs sung in school, to your favorite rock music, to perhaps contemporary music that you listen to for relaxation.  It’s everywhere. 

Ever since my interview with Jay Pee on Ever Beyond Radio last Sunday, I have been kicking around the concept of music and more specifically the musical scale that is used in all music.  Jay Pee works with vibration and talked a bit about frequencies and frequency barriers.  Red flag right there around the word barrier.  As I recall, I was talking about the break up and dissolving of the skin around my LEF and how that energetic patterning is the microcosm of the earth's macrocosm.  The earth also has a “skin” around her up in space that encompasses her 4th dimensional field.  Jay Pee likened this to a frequency barrier or perhaps the Van Allen radiation belt and proceeded to talk about the defined frequencies and the barriers that exist between vibrational levels. 

The day after the interview I had another aha moment about all of this.  Having had about 7 years of piano lessons in my youth, I am very familiar with the musical scale.  It consists of 7 musical notes or defined tones that repeat over and over up the vibrational scale.  The key here is that they are defined tones with no overlap.  When a piano is tuned, or when a band or an orchestra tunes up, it is to these 7 defined and totally separate notes.  Otherwise, playing a composition from sheet music would be impossible for a group of musicians if they were not all on the same page so to speak! 

Now look at the correlation between these 7 musical tones and the 7 chakra system.  Each involves a field of energy that is artificially split into 7 segments with maybe a little leeway on either side of the segment’s center point.   

Are your alarm bells going off?  Do you see your red flag?  As I am writing this, my body sensations are screaming at me, and not in a good way.  What if music, the way we experience it in the 4th dimension, is one of the synthetic matrix’s biggest manipulation and control programs that was ever conceived?  Our brains seem to be programmed to find certain combinations of notes as pleasant, whereas if one plays 2 adjacent notes on the piano thus creating the half tone in between, we cringe.  We shy away from that tone in favor of what we are programmed to hear as more melodious. How did we get this programming? 

It is quite common for a person to repeat a song over and over in their head.  I find myself doing this, too.  What if there was a purpose to this looping?  Perhaps to keep our minds occupied with the particular tune and our attention diverted?  What if negative programming was coming in on that song? What if a person with perfect pitch was one who was perfectly programmed?  Creepy thought! 

What to do about this?  This is a biggie and I don’t have a clue.  I can’t recommend that people stop listening to music as that sounds unreasonable.  I do have to say that I am not at all a fan of the current reality singing competitions such as The Voice, as I find all of them immensely irritating.  That’s just me.  Being grounded and in the body does help quiet the mind and still the internal music looping.  Perhaps just removing oneself from the music that is transmitted by electrical means would be helpful.

What if we just imagine that we are listening to the music of the spheres, the celestial music that ebbs and flows without boundaries?  This music would consist of all degrees of the tones merging and separating, kind of like a musical rainbow.   What if our brains were deprogrammed from the rigid structure of the 7 notes so that we found all of this celestial music to be pleasant?  I know that this music does exist somewhere out there.  Some may call it the universal sound current or unified sound.  Similar to the unified light before it splits into the rainbow colors. 

So, I hope I got your awareness working on this subject, especially those of you who are musically minded.  I hope I expanded your horizons.  By opening yourself up to new and sometimes radical information, the mind does expand past the known and into the future of your conscious awareness.