May 30, 2014

Revisiting Rosslyn Chapel

This is the last post I will be making on the recent trip to Scotland.  It was our last day on the tour and our group started with a visit to Rosslyn Chapel, which is about a 30 minute drive to the south of Edinburgh.  I say revisiting because I was there with a different group 2 years ago to spend summer solstice 2012 in this fascinating place.  To read about that, go to my post describing my experiences on that very energetically significant day.

One thing was different for sure.  In 2012, it was not only raining that day, but part of the outside of the chapel was covered with scaffolding because of the long term renovations that were being done.  On the recent visit, the scaffolding was gone, and it was a sunny breezy day.  Wonderful weather!  We were even able to eat our lunch there outside later in the day.

Since this was my last full day in Scotland, the visit to Rosslyn Chapel was the frosting on my cake.  I took my time wandering around the grounds and then went inside to meditate.  The chapel is such a wonderful place to do this in, even when it is full of visitors.  After a brief visit to the high energy vortex in front of the altar, I proceeded to enter the crypt.   This is a room that is attached to the back of the chapel and is accessed by going down a steep flight of stairs.  One has the impression of being underground, even though there is light coming in from the stained glass windows.  From the outside, one can see the crypt built onto the back of the chapel and against the slope of a hillside. 

This time around, this room is where I found the most powerful energy.  Coincidentally, the scaffolding was over this part of the building 2 years ago.  Was it interfering with the energy?  Who knows? 

After a few moments standing in the crypt, the familiar spinning and full body vibrations started up again.  I just went with it and made sure that I was fully grounded.  The day finished up with a visit to the ruins of the Temple Church and Cemetery with many headstones marked with Knight’s Templar symbology. Then a climb down to Wallace’s Cave on the banks of the River Eske.  What a way to finish up a fascinating week in Scotland!

May 28, 2014

Croft Moraig Stone Circle

The day after our group visited the Lochbuie Stone Circle, we set out from our hotel in Pitlochry to the Field of Mary where our next stone circle awaited us.  As opposed to the day before when we had to cross a bog to get to our destination, this stone circle was right by the road with convenient parking and an easily accessible gate to go through.  We had arrived at the Croft Moraig Stone Circle.

The informational sign said that this circle was constructed in 3 phases starting about 5,000 years ago, and it was used from 3,000 to 2,000 BC.  It was situated on the top of a small hill in a very green field.  Quite a few of the monoliths had toppled over, so its appearance was not the nice neat arrangement that we had seen the day before.  There was also a bit of rock art on some of the stones.

I approached the very large “guardian” or “anchor” stone, gave it a hug and asked permission to enter the sacred space.  The deep male voice of an ancient wise one welcomed me with a “yes”. 

As I made my way around the circle tuning in to each stone in turn, I was surprised to find that this was a totally different energetic as compared with the Lochbuie Stone Circle.  No one stone really stood out, and there were no individual identities here at all!  This was a true group consciousness energetic.  In addition to that, with the way that some of the stones had fallen down, a rough spiral pattern had been created, leading one from the outside of the circle to the inside in a clockwise manner.  That was pretty cool. 

After spending a good deal of time wandering amongst the stones, I sat on a stone near the center point of the circle, and left my offering.  A very powerful vortex could be felt there, too.  This was truly an ancient high energy ceremonial site. 

Then, the familiar spinning motion of my body started again, as if it started up again right where it left off the day before.  I knew that the combination of the powerful vortex and the spinning motion was adjusting my DNA.  As I tuned in, it seemed as if my master strand of DNA in the pineal gland was being condensed down into a single strand.  This is something that George Kavassilas has said would happen as we continue to evolve past the 4D earthly arena.

This is the process.  The ongoing clearing of the genetic distortions held in the master strand of DNA in the pineal gland facilitates going down to a single strand of DNA.  Our physical 2 strand and energetic 12 strand systems actually represent a splitting or fragmenting of this original single strand.  This puts a new light on the theories that we will be getting many more strands on top of the 12!  To me this represents further fragmentation and dropping down in vibration.

As the single strand of DNA continues to spin faster and faster, it twists down to a compressed ball of light which is no longer a strand in form.  This will be our new 5D “DNA” which represents unified consciousness, not segmented consciousness.  At this point, the whole pineal gland will erupt into a sphere of 5D light which will enable us to source from a higher level of consciousness.  A domino effect will then occur that will proceed to shift all of the DNA in the body to match the new DNA in the pineal gland. Where this will lead, I guess we have to experience it to find out! 

George gives an excellent way for the continued clearing of the genetic distortions and matrix programming in the pineal gland.  You simply put the palm of one hand on your forehead and send energy from your heart core essence into your arm, up to your hand and out the palm and into the pineal.  Hold this stream of energy for as long as you are guided to do it.  If you are not particularly visual you can intend that the stream of energy from your palm meets its target, and it will. 

After all of this energy and information was downloaded into me in the circle, I sat for a bit enjoying the familiar vibrating body sensations.  For me, this indicates a cellular transformation.  After all, our body is our temple and vehicle for spirit.  It needs to be a full participant in any energetic changes we experience! 

Stay tuned for a final post on Rosslyn Chapel.

May 25, 2014

Stone Circle Ceremonies

The morning after our adventure at the Lochbuie Stone Circle, I went into a meditative state and received some information on how some of the stone circle ceremonies were done.  As you can see in the photo, some of the stones are taller and pointed, and some are shorter and rounded off on the top.  Traditionally, the taller pointed ones are male oriented and the shorter rounded ones are more female in nature. 

The vision that I saw in my meditation showed that once the participants were in place, the priests and priestesses of the clan would enter the space to start the ceremony.  In the case of the Lochbuie Stone Circle, it would most likely be from the east where the marker stone was located.  They then would each step behind their assigned stone.  I do not know if they were paired up by the sex of their particular stone or not at this point. 

Finally, each priest or priestess would project their energetic essence into the stone in front of them while their bodies remained standing behind.  These essences would embody the stones and then proceed to link up in a circle.  This would create a group consciousness for the purpose of uniting the community in the energy of the ceremony, thus having an effect on everyone present. The energy created would also be exponentially much bigger than just the sum of what the priests and priestesses embodied on their own. 

I have to say that this reminds me of the group energy that is created when I conduct solstice and equinox shamanic fire ceremonies at my house.  We have had remarkable energetic occurrences happen during these magical nights.

I got more of a feel for the group consciousness of a stone circle later that morning at the Field of Mary Stone Circle.

May 24, 2014

The Lochbuie Stone Circle

After spending the night in a hotel on the island of Mull, we set out to visit a local magical stone circle before taking the ferry back to the mainland.  I slept very lightly that night and woke up buzzing from head to toe.  Was it from anticipation of the day’s events?  Integration from our time on Iona the day before?  Or perhaps the effects of spending so much time walking on the quartz laden granite of this area?  My energy field felt very open and expanded, ready to receive.

The road we took went past several lochs (lakes of either fresh or salt water) including Loch Buie.   The winding road we were on was flanked in spots by huge rhododendron bushes ready to burst into boom.  Our destination was a beautiful fertile valley surrounded by mountains.  Upon getting there, we parked the van and were greeted by a small heard of Scottish red deer and several pheasants. 

We put on our rain pants and jackets and set out through a bog to get to the stone circle. That was an adventure, and luckily we also had waterproof boots on.  Our guide slipped and sunk down into the mud up to her knees!  I managed to get through the bog by jumping from one high spot to the next.  Good thing that I am in good physical shape to do that.  Others were not so lucky with the mud.

The stone circle we were headed towards was not visible from the road, but once we got closer to it, it was a pretty impressive sight indeed. The first monolith that was encountered here was clearly a feminine stone with the energy of a wise elder or crone.  She was the guardian of the approach to the site and held the womb space for the whole location.  Further on towards the north was a more male oriented stone that was much bigger and pointy on top.  I labeled him the “beacon” because he could be energetically used to call in the participants to gather. 

Just a short distance again to the north was the Lochbuie Stone Circle, which is compose of 9 monoliths with an additional smaller stone a short distance away from the circle marking the east direction. Some of the stones were pointed, some were round at the top, and there was one short and wide one.  What a sight with the emerald green grass and the surrounding mountains.  This is a seldom visited circle and the energy here is very pristine.  Keep in mind that construction on most if not all of the stone circles in the UK was started about 5,000 years ago.  This was a real treat to see one that seemed untouched in all of that time. 

The first thing I did was to offer a stone from home to the spirits of this place, which I then buried right in the center of the circle.  It was a delight to stand there and soak up the energy!  I then proceeded to go around the circle on the inside and in a clockwise direction hugging and connecting with each stone in turn.  Clearly this was a site where ceremonies were conducted associated with solar alignments such as solstice and equinox, in addition to rites of passage and many other ceremonies designed to ensure the survival and prosperity of the ancient people. 

As I proceeded to go around the circle, I realized that each stone held the records for a particular aspect of the agricultural society that lived in this fertile valley up to 5,000 years ago.  Some of the themes were animal husbandry, grain agriculture, herbal medicine, midwifery and child birth, star charting, warfare and weapons and fertility of all the crops and animals.  The shortest and squattest stone in the circle held the energy of “the child”.  All of these individual themes combined into a group consciousness and contributed to the whole.  These people were really in tune with each other and their environment.  I mentioned to our guide that if one were to spend enough time with each monolith, a lot of information could be downloaded and written down, giving clues to the lives of these people.  That was actually my intent, to receive as much of the essence and information that I could in the short time that we were there.

Another strange thing happened.  As I engaged with the 2 stones on the north side of the circle, I began to spin!  My body swayed in a clockwise fashion, almost to the point of dizziness.  I can still feel it now.  It was almost as if my DNA was being repatterned and wound up.  In my mind, this is why I was so energized when I woke up that morning.  Perhaps I was being prepared for this encounter with the stone circle.  I know that something in me was recalibrated and accelerated.  This is why I like to visit highly energized sacred sites around the world.  With intent, one’s personal healing, spiritual progress and evolution can be accelerated in these places. 

When our time in the circle was complete, we made our way back out of the bog with some similar mishaps in the mud, and drove back on the winding road along the lochs to the ferry terminal for the boat trip back to the mainland.  Our next destination was Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands. 

May 20, 2014

Sacred Iona

Here I am at 6:30 AM, having been up since around 4.  This is the usual routine for me after coming through many time zones from east to west.  The jet lag is always worse than going the other direction.  What a perfect time to write my first post about the trip to Scotland.  This series will not be a travelogue of the whole trip, but descriptions of my experiences at several of the sites we visited. 

I was traveling with a small tour group and our focus was primarily the sacred sites of the islands of the west coast, central highlands, and area near Edinburgh.  On the second full day of the trip, we made our way by van and ferry to the island of Mull and on to the sacred Isle of Iona.  We really lucked out with the weather, as it was clear and sunny with a slight breeze.  If you didn’t know where you were, you might mistaken the turquoise water and sandy beaches as being somewhere in the Caribbean. 

St. Columba founded a monastery on Iona in 563 AD which is now in ruins, having been eventually destroyed by Viking raiders.  A Benedictine Abbey was built there 800 years ago and still stands.  As this island is very small, it was an easy walk from the ferry dock to the abbey grounds. 

As I strolled around, I knew that there was something here for me to investigate.  It was clearly not in the abbey church, as I didn’t get any hits there.  After covering the grounds pretty thoroughly, I then went into the abbey cemetery.  This is a very special old cemetery where many Scottish kings and chieftains are buried along with some recent burials.  There is also a small and very plain chapel in this cemetery where all of the burial services have been conducted over the years. 

I noticed that very few people were entering the chapel.  They would peek in but then continue on their way exploring the many ancient headstones.  I did this too, but for some reason, I kept gravitating back to the chapel, so I went in and sat down and went into a meditation.  This was the power spot that I had been looking for!

It was so easy to ground into the Earth Mother here.  So solid, safe and secure.  I gave blessings and thanks to all of the strong Scottish lineages that connect to this place and are buried here.  Their energy, drive and determination coursed through me.  We can all use some of that, eh?  I felt a great affinity for these energies. 

Next, I tackled my Viking lineages.  Ostensibly, I am 100% second generation Czech, with all of my grandparents on both sides of the family coming from the area around Prague.  A few months ago, I had my DNA analyzed by, and to my surprise, I have 22% Scandinavian DNA!  How is this possible?  Apparently, the Vikings traveled not only along the coasts of Europe, but went inland on all of the rivers as well.  That is the most plausible explanation for my Scandinavian heritage.  The next task was to intent that all of the distortions that I inherited from these marauders be transformed, while being able to retain their strengths.  Easy to do in this highly energized place.

After a while, I noticed that there were a number of dark forms floating about in the chapel.  No wonder very few people wanted to come in!  Cemeteries are very rarely haunted, but the earthbound spirits can gather in a place for variety of reasons.  Someone could have cast a spell drawing them there, as is the case with the Glastonbury Tor, or they could be there to take advantage of the portal of light that would be opened during the next funeral ceremony.  Or maybe they were there because they knew that I would be able to help them.

If you would like to learn the method for sending earthbounds to the light, read Mary Ann Winkowski's book "When Ghosts Speak".  Her's is the method that I always use in these cases.  I proceeded to open up a portal of light right behind the chapel altar and then ushered the ghosts through.  More and more kept coming as I called to all of the earthbounds in that geographical area to come and be released from the earthly plane.  All the while, I heard more people entering the chapel behind me.  When all had passed through, the portal closed by itself.  The space felt lighter and more inviting.  I felt lighter, too!  

This is something that anyone can do at any time.  The only ability you need to have is to be able to hold that portal of light open long enough for the earthbound(s) to pass through. That may take some practice.

The rest of that day was so sublime as our group wandered a bit more.   We met up at a small beach near the ferry dock.  More turquoise water and gorgeous vistas. 

The next post will be about what occurred in isolated stone circle in a bog.  That was quite a sloppy and slippery trek!  Stay tuned.