July 31, 2013

Person to Person Karma

My sister is coming for a visit next week and will be staying here for several days.  We are quite different, and mix like oil and water.  That alone shouldn’t cause difficulties if two people can get along, but that hasn‘t been the case with us.  I used to chalk it up to sibling rivalry on her part, (she is younger than I am, and there are just the 2 of us), but as adults, I’d like to think that something like that can be examined and healed.  It doesn’t take even 24 hours of togetherness until things turn sour, and it got particularly bad around the time our mother got sick and passed away.  Luckily, my sister’s ex husband will be visiting, too, and I think that he will prove to be a diffusing factor for the usual hoo dee hoo that breaks out.  It’s the proverbial fish starting to stink after two days!

Karma, or unfinished business from past lives, is what draws us together this time around.  Before birth, we made a plan with others to participate in each other’s lives for a variety of reasons and cleaning up old business is one of them.  If we don’t do this, we will have to try it again the next time around.  That unfinished stuff can keep us coming back on the wheel of reincarnation. 

On top of that, the closer the person is to us, the bigger the karma is that needs to be resolved.  That is why we can get along with friends or coworkers better than we can with our own family members or life partners.  One of the very valuable parts of the Quantum Sphere Healing protocol is working with person to person karma.  One does not need to reenact or act out the difficulties over and over again to resolve them, so this afternoon I sat down and did a QSH session on myself with the intention of resolving any remaining karma between my sister and myself. 

By using the QSH process, past lives can be viewed, understood from both positions and then dissolved. The subject of the healing session (the client) then embodies any appropriate positive qualities that would be a result of the understanding of the distortions that they have been carrying in regard to the issues with the other person.  In person to person karma, any appropriate past lives that the client shares with the person that they have been having difficulties will show up to be understood and worked with.

For this session, 3 problematic past lives with my sister showed up.  In the first one, we were married.  She was the wife and I was the husband.  For some reason, I had let her down as she kept throwing things at me and shrieking about not having enough of the finer things of life.  “Give me, give me, I want, I want…”  She expected me to provide her with wealth and position, and I could not stand up to her tirades.   Eventually I just left.  In the second past life, I was a much older sister and she was an infant.  I was supposed to be watching her, but at some point, she wandered off and drowned in a creek.  I watched her tiny body float away without any guilt or regrets.  In the third life, we were both men.  She (he) was an outlaw, and I was hung from a high place on a barn by her and her gang.  She was a criminal and I was an upstanding citizen.  She rode away on her horse feeling well satisfied by my death. 

There was also a family inherited curse that showed up dealing with women not being able to get along with other women, and an off planet agreement to come to planet Earth together and stay together.  Apparently, shortly after we both got here for the first time, I went off on my merry way leaving her to fend for herself.  Issues around abandonment were the result for her.  All of these patterns were dissolved and positive intents were put in their places.  Now, this was from my standpoint only, as she might have different viewpoints and issues with all of this.  Or not at all! 

Of course, there is more to it than what I have described.  I will be teaching the Quantum Sphere Healing in Atlanta from November 8-10, 2013.  The class is listed on my web site at QuantumStargate.com, and I will be sending out announcements as we get closer to the course date.  As far as what will happen next week, I am hopeful that all will go smoothly.  I also got some information that she has something to teach me, but I haven’t gotten it yet because of all of the interpersonal difficulties we have had.  Maybe I will get it sometime during her visit!   

July 27, 2013

The Neutral Zone

Yesterday I went over to our neighboring town of Mancos and did a float session in a sensory deprivation tank at a facility called Kaleidoscope Wellness.  This is something I indulge in every month or so during the warmer months.  The float session takes about 90 minutes. Not only is it very relaxing and good for the body, but it also puts one into an altered state of consciousness.  If you live in the Mancos/Cortez area, I highly recommend giving it a try. 

It usually takes a bit of time to get really relaxed once I am in the tank.  At that point, I just wait to see what comes up either as information that my guidance is sending to me or any insights into something that I need to pay attention to or process.  Sometimes I just zone out.  Yesterday I think that I fell asleep for a short bit, as I found myself snorting myself awake at one point.  We’ve all had that experience!  Not to worry, as I don’t think it is possible to drown in the tank for a variety of reasons. 

One can also set a specific intent for the session.  After the preliminaries were over, I asked my Higher Self what it would feel like to be merged with her in the 5th Dimension, in other words, in the fully ascended state.

The first thing that was shown to me was what it would feel like leading up to that state.  I’d like to call this “the big squeeze” as it is what we are going through right now with the compression and acceleration.  There will be physical symptoms to some extent just before the transition which will depend on each individual’s levels of clarity and vibration.  I have never had a near death experience, but the physical sensations I was shown would probably feel like dying.  A lot of squeezing of the chest and difficulty breathing before the energy field detaches from the physical body and one pops through to the other side. 

Once on the other side of the great barrier that exists between the 4th and 5th dimensions, the merge with one’s Higher Self will occur.  So what does this feel like?  I found myself in a space of total neutrality, calmness and peace.  I have to make it clear that this is like the floaty no mind state that most people achieve in the float tank, but it is also very different in many respects.

Our Higher Selves exist in a realm where there is no time and space as we understand it, and polarity is nonexistent there.  There are no issues, opinions, desires, goals, illnesses, dramas, dissatisfactions or attachments to name a few.  There is no right or wrong, and just being is all one has to do.  For now, I will just call this the neutral zone. 

So I started contemplating on how one can achieve this while still focused in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, as we all are.  The key is to examine every polarity that you are involved in and resolve the back and forth of each issue. The center point is the goal here, as once the positive and negatives have been resolved and one is in a neutral place in regard to that particular issue, true transcendence is achieved.  Instead of going back and forth, one rises above.  This is very similar to how one transcends the toxic triangle. 

I spent the rest of my float feeling the feeling of being in the neutral zone.  This is more than a mental understanding, as the cellular memory of the body needs to get it, too.  That way, you will know when you are in the zone and neutral or out of the zone when there is something out of balance that needs to be addressed.  To top off my afternoon, after the float I paid a visit to a nature preserve south of Cortez where I photographed a very special cactus that was in bloom and then had a Heath Bar Blizzard at the Dairy Queen.  Wow!!!!

July 25, 2013


I was having lunch with a friend yesterday, and he told me that he had been sensing a lot of disturbed emotional flows in the energy around him for the past week or so.   He wanted to know if I had noticed anything similar.  I said that I hadn’t and that life was pretty calm and balanced.  Right away, I said that it must be because he still had his chakras.  Chakras are designed to funnel programming from the synthetic realities into the human energy field to keep people weighed down with heavy emotions and drama.   In my shamanic training, we were also taught that they are gravity wells that collect heavy energy, although that teaching only referred to retaining one’s own heavy energy that was generated by one’s own patterning and traumas, not heavy energy being sent our way from an external source.  Please refer to the chakra removal post for information on how to do this. 

My friend, who does a fair bit of astrology, proceeded to talk about some planetary alignments in water signs that have been affecting the planet, and that may be why emotions were running stronger now.  I have pretty much released astrology as a belief system for myself, and did not get into that discussion with him.  Ever since I came to the realization that astrology is part organic and part synthetic, it has lost its relevance in my life. The last two Mercury retrogrades were non events, whereas before my epiphany, these several times a year events were negatively anticipated and analyzed afterwards to determine how disruptive they really were. 

My point here is, do we have a reaction according to what we believe will happen, or does something happen and then we form our belief.  Depending on the circumstances, it can be either.  I am more interested in the beliefs imposed on us that do not allow for our own inner knowingness to take precedence. Check everything out with your inner radar system.  Take nothing for granted.  Matrix programming beliefs in the negative polarity will be restricting, controlling, disempowering and will not allow for that inner guidance to help direct you. 

There is a positive polarity to the matrix programming, too.  I guess the best way to put that is if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  We are used to so much negativity and struggle in our world that we would be more than happy to grab onto any life raft sent our way without checking it out first.  Remember that we are dealing with polarity here.  The negative and the positive are all a part of the same issue.  The goal is to transcend that issue, and in this case, we are transcending the synthetic programming. 

Just ignoring it may not do the trick either.  My sense is that to transcend it, we need to engage it and understand it first.  What relevance does any belief system have for you personally?  Where did that belief come from?  Look at it with a clear eye and go within for your guidance.  Once you do that, you will find that the belief will be easy to let go of. 

July 22, 2013

Calm Within the Storm

This past Saturday, I went with a group of people for a botany trip up to the alpine zone in the mountains north of Silverton, Colorado.  Eight of us met in Durango and we picked up one more in Silverton.  Our destination was a place called Placer Gulch, which is an ancient volcanic caldera high above the tree line.  The road required 4 wheel drive vehicles and took us past many abandoned gold and silver mines, ghost towns and tailing piles.  At the high point, we were at 12,700’ in elevation.  Some very unique plants grow in this area, so the long bumpy ride was well worth the trouble. 

On Friday, that general area had gotten a lot of rain, and there was a 60% chance of rain predicted for Saturday.  During monsoon season, strong storms with lightening can pop up at any time in the higher elevations, and one always has to be watchful and prepared for that as it can get very dangerous very quickly.  Everyone had their rain gear with them, but there is no way that you can keep completely dry under those circumstances.  It’s also a real bummer trying to look at plants, let alone photograph them, when it is raining on you! 

I thought, what the heck, I’d use the occasion to practice my weather bending skills.  The night before the trip, I started by intending that our area of study stay dry while we were there.  Since I had never been to that location, it was impossible to visualize it, so at that point, a strong intent had to do.  Once we got up there, I just got calm and centered, expanded my core essence to be as big as the area where we were, and then saw it as a dome over us.  This was our dry zone.  Now, I do not know if it was coincidence or not, but we had perfect weather with some clouds, and only a slight breeze. 

This dry zone dome had to be re-expanded and reinforced several times that day, which does take some energy.  That is why I do not recommend that people use protections around themselves on a routine basis.  They use up energy that one could be using for something else, and are not fool proof. 

We did have one big snafu on the way back.  I was in the second car with 3 other people, and the lead car had the person that needed to be dropped off back in Silverton.  Our group leader thanked everyone for coming, and then sped off ahead of us.  We lost sight of that car, but did pass them parked at the drop off location.  There was a momentary discussion in our car about stopping too, but as far as we were concerned, the trip had concluded, and we were free to drive back to Durango to our individual cars and then head for home. 

Well----it turned out that that the people in the other car were waiting for us at the Silverton drop off location, and didn’t see us drive by.  They waited an hour and decided that we had had a flat tire on the mountain road, and then went back to look for us!  Imagine what was going on amongst the 4 of them between waiting that hour, driving up and back the mountain road, and then proceeding back down to Durango.  One man in our car waited at our Durango meeting location for 1 ½ hours, as his wife was in the delayed car.  Another man in our car stayed for a bit to keep him company.  I found out later that at least one person in our car had said that he’d see everyone at the Silverton drop off point to say goodbye, but didn’t say anything about that as we drove past it.  Miscommunications all around, I’d say.

So why did I get home at a reasonable hour, smooth as silk with not a problem, when everyone else including the other 3 in our car had some sort of major or minor delay?  I will admit that when we drove past the other car in Silverton, I had brief thoughts of “Maybe we should stop”, “Are they waiting for us?”, or “Does someone need to use the bathroom before we drive the remaining hour back to Durango?”  At the same time, I also got the internal message that everything was as it should be, everything had been taken care of and to just let it be.  It was interesting to observe myself wrestling briefly with interfering with the supposed prearranged arrangements or taking charge assuming that someone was doing something wrong and I had to fix it.  I chose instead to be the calm within the storm.

As it turned out, I did exactly the right thing as everyone else involved got to learn the lessons that they needed to learn about clear communications and making assumptions.  You cannot save someone from themselves, as they will just have to face the lesson again at another time and perhaps in another form.  Some might also say that you generate negative karma for yourself by saving another from experiencing their lessons.  That would mean that you gather to yourself something that you would then have to deal with later.  In general, we all have enough to deal with that is ours alone without adding to it!

July 17, 2013

Own It

I know that I have written about this here and there previously but recent events and interactions have prompted me to write about it again.  This is the shadow work that is so important to our health, healing and evolution.  Basically, I would like to emphasize again that if you are emotionally triggered by any event, personal interaction or information that has come your way, it is a signal that you have an issue related to what has triggered you.  If that issue has come to your attention, it is up to you to deal with it in a clear and comprehensive way.  In other words, owning it is the first step to healing and then transcending it.  Please refer to the post on the shadow for more explanation. 

This mechanism of being triggered is a marvelous tool that we humans have been given to help us to evolve through the polarity and hidden aspects of our existence.  To base our lives on only what is obvious would be to miss much of what is going on in the shadow.  Also, not everyone would be triggered in the same way by the same event, as we all have different frames of reference, perspectives and different lessons to learn for ourselves.

There have been some recent events here in the US and around the world that have triggered people strongly, throwing them into the polarities of right or wrong, good or bad, and giving them an excuse to behave badly.  Drama is running rampant.  Something to always keep in mind is that the mass media is running and manipulating the show.  It’s the old “bread and circuses” ploy to keep us distracted while who knows what is really going on behind the curtain.  Because of this, it is even more important to remain conscious and aware, know yourself as best as you can and do not automatically fall into whatever drama is being promoted. 

So you are getting that nothing is simple, but on the other hand, it can be very simple if we pay attention to what is ours to work through.  This applies to any negative reaction to a world event or a distressing conversation with a loved one.  The same basic principles apply. 

I worked with a client the other day who told me that he had several book shelves full of new agey self help channeled materials.  He said that he had read the books and listened to the CD’s but none of that information had done him any good.  Now, I am certainly no longer a fan of that kind of stuff, but I will admit that there are nuggets of gold to be found anywhere, even there.  The trick is to dig out those nuggets and own them, too.  As we are triggered by the negatives in life, we can also experience those aha moments from any helpful information and use that to our advantage.  This is called owning your positive shadow.  No man is an island, and we humans are linked together in one giant tribe.  Information flows around and through us and there is much that will help to awaken us if we are paying attention. 

Bottom line—do you want to add to the positive or to the negative energetic quotient of humanity as a whole?  Each time you recognize and heal one of your issues, you will be contributing in a positive way to the awakening, re-membering and evolution of humanity.  That is the best that we can do right now, working on a individual level for the good of the whole. 

July 14, 2013

July launch

After a few months off, our launching group met for our July get together this morning.  I didn’t realize how much I missed this monthly event!  It is such a pleasure to engage in high level spiritual activity with a group of like minded souls. This is very rare indeed and we are so lucky to have our little group here.

Before we do the actual launching we always chat a bit about what is going on in the world from an energetic standpoint, catch up on the latest personal matters or share insights on anything else that has happened in the time since our last get together.  Of course, the main topic this summer has been the dry weather, so we shared a bit about possibilities for bringing in more rain.  Today we have lots of big clouds in the sky, so it is an ideal time to play around with more ideas. One of the participants spoke about how to “become” the rain to be able to work with it. This involves seeing it, smelling it, feeling it on your skin and then actually becoming it.  I believe that Native American rain dancers know how to do this.  Part of their ability involves knowing when rain is a possibility, and then calling it in. 

We did not use the rain issue as a group intent for the launchings, but several in the group experienced related information having to do with the atomic levels of matter.  When I launched, I found myself floating over our planet.  I saw a large black structure that felt like a black hole tethered to the equator via a very hefty black stream of energy.  As the earth rotated, the attached end of this stream would slide around the equator as the black hole stayed stationary.  This whole thing has something to do with our current erratic weather patterns.   What it is and where it came from, I do not know.  I also do not know how long it has been there, as I generally do not check the earth from above during my launchings.   I was guided not to do anything with this structure, so at that point I moved on.

I next found myself going to a place where I was dealing with atomic structures and sub atomic particles.  It then hit me.  One does not need a cloudy day to generate rain.  Oxygen and hydrogen atoms are floating all around us all of the time.  If one can raise their vibration to match that of these atoms, then they can easily be assembled into molecules and then clumps of molecules and on and on to rain drops and then a multitude of rain drops.  This can be done on a perfectly clear day!  With several like minded souls working together at the same time, this would be a definite possibility. 

I am also very interested in the natural abilities that some (or many) humans may have had up until the last cataclysm that took place about 13,000 years ago.  Is this the way that multi ton stones were softened so that they could be levitated and carved before being lowered into place?  There are many fine examples of this in Peru, and of course, we also have the mystery of the building of the Great Pyramid.  If the ancient ones were in tune and perfectly in balance with the nature kingdoms, working with the weather to bring harmony to the planet could also been possible.   

As others took their launching journeys, some also went to the atomic levels of matter.  Quite a synchronicity amongst us today!  When we meet like this, we are each bringing forward different pieces of the puzzle.  It’s so much more efficient than trying to do this alone. Are we tapping into an ability that humans once had and lost?  Can we regain this ability?  Can groups work together like this to assist our Mother Earth?  Wouldn't that be fantastic?