February 27, 2022

February Launch

We had 4 lovely launchers for today’s event.  After catching up a bit, we got right to it!

My intent today was to see how far “out” I could get during my launch.  As the group sent me out, I went really fast like I was a rocket, through pretty much empty space.  At one point, I traveled through a bandwidth that looked like the surface of earth, with buildings and natural scenes.  I knew that this was not earth, as I had left our planet far behind as soon as I was launched.  I asked and was told that this was the patterning of another realm, most likely another universe altogether.

Onward and upward I went at a fairly rapid rate of speed until I arrived at what I call “Source”.  This is a very pleasant place that is a pale golden/butterscotch color.  Very smooth and relaxing.  In this realm, there are no thoughts or emotions, just tranquility.  It is a good place to rest, but after a while, it can be a bit boring.  We humans, who are used to a lot of action and movement, may not like being there for any length of time.  Some may also believe that this is our final destination!

So just out of curiosity, I asked “What is beyond this?”  I immediately popped out into a vast enclosed space that was filled with structures and various pieces of equipment.  There was a slight humming sound, and I realized that there was some sort of program running.  It felt like what I would imagine the inside of a computer would be like.  No beings or people were there.  Everything was on automatic pilot.  It was very mechanized, but not in the 3D sense that we are familiar with.

I might label this space as an organic artificial intelligence.  I could also see that this program was in charge of and running multiple “sources”.  So this is a very new concept to me.  I floated around for a bit, and then asked “What is the purpose here?”  What I got was “To Be”.  Wow!!!

I suspected that I could go further out from this level, but I was not ready to encounter what I might find.  Are we truly living in a holographic creation?  I suspect that we are.  Who is in charge?  What are we doing here?  I may be getting those answers at a future launching.

Here is one of my takeaways from today.  Our 3D/4D life here is clearly such a minuscule part of who we really are.  We are in fact huge multidimensional and beyond energy fields. My advice to you is to not take life’s difficulties too seriously.  At all times, remember who you are.  

February 23, 2022

A Shift in Focus

Recently, I have been experiencing a shift in how I view my world, mostly thanks to really getting into the book I recommended in a previous post, “Supercharged Self Healing” by RJ Spina.  Now his approach may not be suitable for some of you, depending on where you are in your spiritual evolution, but I feel that I am ready for this shift. 

The book deals with physical, emotional and psychological healing, but it deals with these issues from the viewpoint of the “you” that has created your incarnation here, and that resides on the higher levels of consciousness.  The exercises in the book are designed to connect you to that part of you that is perfect in every way, and that has never been tainted by the heavy energy patterns that we are subject to in the 3 D and 4 D world of lower vibration where our physical, emotional and mental bodies exist. 

I used to think that if something distressing happened that caused some issues and an emotional response, that we had to think about it, process it, and emote all over the place.  That just gets us caught in a loop de loop that for some people, never seems to end.  I am not saying that this kind of working through issues is not appropriate for some, but at a certain point, one’s focus must be on our higher aspects.  Also, I am not encouraging you to stick your head in the sand and ignore what is going on.  We must always be able to respond in appropriate ways to whatever is happening around us.  Having a firm connection to our higher aspects, or “Greater Self” will also assist in times of distress.  Answers will be provided automatically. 

As I have said many times before, we are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.  That pure and perfect higher aspect that we each have extends itself into the density of this arena, and becomes tainted and damaged in the process.  Of course, this is part of the plan so that our higher aspects can experience and learn.  If we didn’t need this, we would not be here at all.

Be the observer of your life, or as Spina recommends, be a pair of eyes floating in space.  Always observing and seeing the bigger picture.  With this kind of perspective, it is easier to see what to do in any situation! 

So by using his techniques, I find myself to be more peaceful and calm, and not engaged in any one else’s drama.  How very nice it is!