September 25, 2022

September Launch

It’s getting late, and I hope to get this posted before I go to bed!  It has been a busy and very fulfilling week.  A few days ago, I had a session with a psychic medium named Angela Zabel.  The purpose was to get in touch with my newly discovered Danish grandfather.  She did that and more!  I normally would not be into that sort of thing, but this was the only way to get more information on how my father came into this world.  If you have a need to speak with a deceased person, I highly recommend Angela's services. 

So that ties into my launch today.  There were just 3 of us and as always we had such a nice conversation catching up before we got down to business.  The intent for my launch was “show me something I need to see”.  Right away, something unusual happened.  I very rarely see or experience “people” in any form during my launchings.  Today, as I was lying down to get ready to go, I sensed a crowd of spirits around me!  That was a first. 

Then when I actually launched, this crowd of people started following along behind me.  If you can picture a comet with human beings in its tail, that’s what it looked and felt like.  In retrospect, my impression was that these spirits were my Danish ancestors that I had recently connected with through the grandfather.  Angela said that the recently discovered grandfather had orchestrated my discovering him from the other side so that the family could come together.  Interesting! 

Anyway, as I proceeded, I was traveling through pastel colored vibrational bands of energy.  The spirits were dropping away at the appropriate levels until all I had with me was a male spirit who said that he was the patriarch of the family.  I am assuming that it was my great grandfather. 

He eventually jumped ship, and then I went through a zone that had a grinding sound like a small machine would make.  Then into a vertical tunnel with ribbed sides, concentric rings like the inside of a collapsible vacuum hose.  All of this was a golden color. 

When I eventually popped out of the tip of this hose, I found myself in an area with people sitting in front of various control panels.  This large disk like platform was covered with a glass dome, so that the people around the perimeter and in front of the panels could see out in front of them while they were working. 

I was then asked “what do you need?”    As this place reminded me also of a medical clinic, I asked for some help with a bit of low back and hip discomfort.  I was laid down on a type of massage table, and saw that there were threads coming out from those body parts that were attaching me to other people.  As those people tugged on those threads, I could feel my lower torso moving back and forth. 

The people in that space then proceeded to remove those connectors so that my lower back and hips would be free from interference from others.  At that point it was time to return from my journey.

So this journey was quite different from any of my others because of all of the people involved.  This may be a onetime thing, or I may be starting a trend.  We’ll see!

September 22, 2022


Last night, I did my bowl burning fire ceremony in my back yard for the Autumnal Equinox.  It was a clear night with very pleasant temperatures.  In fact, it was so nice outside that I did some star watching for a bit, and then sat out on my patio.  All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye to the northeast, I spotted what looked like a string of diamonds falling out of the sky.  After doing a sacred ceremony, sometimes unusual things happen.

Now this was a big surprise to me, although many of you might have seen this already.  These were some of the SpaceX Starlink communication satellites.  It was a magical sight!  An omen perhaps?

Earlier this month, I had gone up to Cedar Breaks National Monument for their annual star party.  This is a designated dark sky location, and so many stars could be seen that night that the sky almost looked white.  A few days after that, I visited the Southern Utah University’s Ashcroft Observatory.  The highlights there were excellent views of Saturn and its rings, and Jupiter with 4 of its moons. 

If one would like to see the Starlink satellites, there are several sites on the internet that will tell where and when they can be seen.  It is quite an unusual site, but I can see why astronomers are not happy about these strings of lights that are “polluting” their views of the night sky.  I do not know how many more of these satellites will be launched, but for now, it is worth a look at those that are up there. 

If the weather stays clear, I will be celebrating the Equinox out at the Parowan Gap sacred site tonight.  Another magical event as the setting sun slides through the gap, heralding the start of Fall. 

September 21, 2022

Bad Feelings

As I may have mentioned, I took up Square Dancing at the beginning of this year, when the local group started up again after taking a long break for COVID.  I was looking for a regular activity that involved dancing, was fun, and got me out of the house for some socializing.  This fit the bill!

As a beginner, I would say that I am better than most of the other beginners, but my goal is not to be the best at it!  So I do not put in the effort that it would take to be great.  This past Saturday night at our annual fundraiser, and again on Monday night at our regular weekly dance, I was corrected by 2 different male participants.  One is also a beginner and knows about as much as I do, and the other was a long time dancer.  I won’t go into the nature of the corrections, just that they were on moves that I already knew, but weren’t doing to their satisfaction.

So that brought up a lot of thoughts about "was I really that bad, do I need to put in more of an effort, do these guys really not like me, are other people noticing me screwing up", etc.  Then this morning on a hike, I realized what this was.  I have written about this before, here, as far as self criticism and doubt being an artificially installed off planet program to keep us powerless.  Yes!  So what I proceeded to do about my negative feelings was to simply tell myself that “this is a program”.  This is not me! 

There is no benefit to owning something that you know is not yours to own.  One must recognize this first, and then do not engage.  After repeating “this is a program”, the negative thoughts about my square dancing performance just dissolved away.  After all, there is no such thing as a mistake.  Every action and event has a plan and a purpose. 

People do not realize how much repeated self attacking thoughts and actions damage us in so many ways. Physically, emotionally and mentally.   Perhaps this is also a part of the off planet agenda to weaken and dis empower us. 

If we own that we are divine spiritual beings having a temporary earthly experience, then we can regard ourselves in the highest way always.  Not that negative things won’t happen to us, but we can look at those events as learning opportunities, and not as tragedies. Remember, the negative events themselves are not off planet programing, but our negative reactions are!  Just acknowledge that.  Take back your power.  Love yourselves totally and completely as the divine beings that you are.  

Today is the Autumnal Equinox.  Remember to do some sort of ceremony.  Balance and equality should be emphasized.  Have a good one! 

September 5, 2022

Psychological Disturbances

(Please note that what I am writing here is my opinion as an energy healer, and not as a trained psychologist!)

Occasionally, I get contacted by a prospective client who is dealing with what they describe as an entity that is talking to them, telling them to do certain things, or perhaps generating body sensations or moving their body around.  In addition, they have been dialoguing with this entity for quite a long time, and have created a “story” around what is happening.  This situation has now become quite disturbing to them and they want it to stop.  Before even working with them, I recommend that they stop engaging with what is happening and divert their attention to something else.  For whatever reason, this seems to be hard for this person to do!

Throughout my many years as an energy healing practitioner, I have encountered numerous attached earth bound spirits, extraterrestrials, and dark force entities, etc.  I know how to recognize them and they are fairly easy to remove from the client’s energy field.  In the vast majority of cases, the client is not experiencing anything overtly distressing, and does not even know that these things are there.  The general issue that the client presents improves after the session. 

However, in cases that are extreme, where the client is excessively attached and engaged with the dark energy, an improvement may not happen.  A single 2 hour session with me is not the answer.  Yes, I will do the work and remove any dark energy attachments that show up, but the client may still experience the same disturbances as before. 

I will sometimes turn away a client like this rather then waste their time and money on something that may not give them the results that they seek. 

After being approached last week by yet another person with these kind of issues, I sat down and asked my inner guidance for some answers to this dilemma.  Here is what I got.

A person may or may not automatically rebound back into a healthy psychological state after the dark energies and attachments are removed.  Some people have been dealing with these disturbances for years before contacting me, so that is the day to day state that they are used to.  This does not change overnight.  Why?  The brain pathways of victimhood, distress, beliefs, memories, and “story” do not shift that quickly, even though I give the client homework to do after each session to keep the healing momentum going. 

Literally, the client is still immersed in the interactions that they had experienced even after the offending energies are removed.  They can even recreate their problem, but interestingly enough, with the entity no longer there!  Of course, I am speaking from experience here.  Years ago, I did a healing session on a man who had seen many practitioners before me with little result.  He perceived that an attached entity was telling him to shave all of the hair off of his body and wear woman’s underwear, among a whole host of other issues.  This had been going on for quite a while, and he even managed to hide this from his wife of 33 years!  A few months after working with him, and not having found anything unusual during the session, he contacted me again.  He had had healing sessions from additional practitioners with no result and wanted my advice.  Not knowing what else to suggest, I recommended that he see a psychologist or go to his local Catholic Church and request an exorcism.  Turns out that I was not off base with those recommendations!

The old brain pathways need to shift after a session, and that is not something that I can do for a client if they cannot do that for themselves.  So, my guidance suggested 3 different approaches.  Shamanic ceremony, intensive cognitive therapy after a session, or an exorcism done through a Catholic church. 

A shamanic ceremony done in conjunction with a healing involves chanting, drumming or rattling, herbs, hallucinogenic substances, smoke, rhythmic dancing, and can go on until the wee hours of the morning.  Many members of the community are involved, and so there is group support for the afflicted person.  An authentic ayahuasca ceremony done in the jungles of South America might do the trick, too.  I do not recommend the ayahuasca ceremonies that have been done in the US in the past few years, as they are not the same. 

I have also suggested cognitive therapy for many clients, to enable them to shift their outlook on life on a continuous basis after I work with them.  As I am not a therapist, that is not my job.  The client needs to be seeing someone regularly.  That also goes for drug or alcohol addictions, which are issues that I do not work with.  Those clients need to have regular support in their communities through AA, NA or the like.  After they are clean and sober for at least a month, I will then work with them.

As for the exorcism, the client needs to apply at their local Catholic church to be evaluated and accepted for that process.  You do not need to be a Catholic to do this.  The first step is to be evaluated by a psychiatrist to see if an exorcism is warranted.  If it is, the actual process can take hours, days, weeks or in some cases, months.  Part of that process involves having the client bring to awareness as to how they invited the dark energy into their lives.  That means that they take responsibility for what is happening to them. 

These 3 suggestions that came to me certainly would help the client rework their brain pathways into a different and healthier state.  I do have great empathy for those who are suffering, and there seem to be more and more people in those situations as time goes by.  The dark side is fighting to keep their hold over humanity more now than ever.  On the other hand, people in these situations need to acknowledge that they are not victims, and to stop colluding with the dark energies that may be attached to them.  Do not give your power away by engaging!  This only feeds the problem. 

So there it is.  My best solution for what may be going on.  One of the reasons that I wrote this post is so that I can give it to potential clients who are seeking my help with these kinds of problems.  If any of you have alternative ideas, feel free to comment!

August 28, 2022

August Launch

Today our group held our monthly launching.  4 group members were present.  As always, we spent a bit of time at the beginning catching up and sharing our latest trial and tribulations!  It is so nice to share with like minded spiritual souls that can relate to what is going on at a different level than the general public.  It seemed that each participant’s launching and the sharing by the others afterward was helpful to all.

My intent today was to experience spherical consciousness.  This was sort of a tie in to yesterday’s walking of the local labyrinth, which is also a spherical and multidimensional construct, even though it is flat on a floor.  Spherical consciousness means that we are aware of everything around us as if we were at the center of a giant ball.  Technically this is true, but in our 3D/4D reality, we regard time, distances and events in a linear fashion, such as going from point A to point B, or from 10 o’clock to noon. 

So today, instead of launching straight up in a linear fashion, my energy field shot out from me in all directions, creating a giant sphere around me.  I then realized that I could go out in any direction or even all directions at once! 

The path I chose to travel took me straight into the center of our sun.  This is a multidimensional portal, and one can travel from star to star and planet to planet in an instant by using this portal system.  It is also not hot there, as one would expect.  I encountered the giant beings of light that live in the sun.  I had seen them before and it had been a long time since I had visited them.  I do not know what their specific job is, but I suspect that they are running the travel portal and also making sure that our sun does not go off line. 

The beings directed me into a tunnel of pale golden light, and before I knew it, I had popped out of our universe (which is also a spherical consciousness). 

Here I was floating in the multiverse.  This area has always looked like a bunch of grapes, with each grape being a different universe.  Today, I intended to be at the center of this with the grape shapes all around me.  Picture a bubble machine blowing bubbles and the bubbles are all touching each other.  They are clear and luminescent.  Thus, you can travel from one universe into another if they are adjacent to each other. 

Then an amazing thing happened.  As I floated there observing the multiverse, I saw that each universe was rotating extremely slowly.  That was hard to see unless you were watching carefully.  I asked about why this was happening, and I was told that they were creating “time”. 

I then popped back into my body and saw that all of the atoms in my body were also spherical consciousnesses, and they were also rotating very slowly.  My sense was that this is necessary to keep the body intact in its physical form, or perhaps present in time and space so that our mission here can be experienced.  Our bodies are microcosms of the multiverse macrocosm! 

There must be a tie in to healing the body by affecting this atomic rotation, but at that point, I was called back to the group.  Perhaps more information on this will be forthcoming. 

All of this will take some time to truly process and integrate.  Just remember that we are a microcosm of the great macrocosm.  Anything that happens “out there” is also happening “in here”!