June 6, 2023

Out and About

This past weekend, I hosted a visit from a dear friend who lives out of town.  She had never been here before, and I really wanted to pack in the activities in 3 short days!  It was a bit rainy, very uncharacteristic for May in the south west, but luckily not too hot.  Below are some of the photos I took at different places. 

After picking her up at the airport, we drove directly out to the Parowan Gap sacred site.  This is where I go for Solstice and Equinox ceremonies.  It is a sun calendar site with lots of amazing rock art lining the gap.  I have to say that it was wonderful sharing the sacred and elevated energy that is there there with a friend.

We barely made it back to the car before a hard blowing rain soaked everything! 

On the way back, I just had to stop on the side of the road west of the gap to take some photos.  It was muddy but well worth the effort.  The orange flowers are globe mallow, and the brilliant green is snake weed.

If you look closely near the top of this photo, you can see the Parowan Gap lit up by the sun.  I was facing the gap from the west side here.
The next day we went up into the mountains for a long hike before heading over to Cedar Breaks National Monument. The road past Cedar Breaks is closed in winter, because of heavy snow at 10, 300', and they had just opened it a few days before my friend arrived.  There was snow and mud up there, in addition to storm clouds and some rain. This is another place that I consider to be very sacred and highly energized. 

Here is a marmot that was watching us.  He probably just came out of hibernation!
After a quick stop at the Navajo Lake overlook, we headed back down to Cedar City.  I had posted a photo of the lake a few weeks ago, where you could see the dam under water.  This weekend, the water was so high because of the snow melt that the dam was not visible at all.
The last day, yesterday, we took a lovely hike close to town.  There were still plenty of wildflowers and cacti blooming. This first one is the Utah sate flower, a sego lily.

Today, I am recovering from an action packed weekend.  It was so very nice to spend time with a person of like mind, not only spiritually, but in many other ways also.  I am blessed!


May 28, 2023

May Launch


The past few days, I have been mulling over our human origins here on planet Earth.  In particular, I have always thought that the megalithic ancient sites that are all over the planet had been created by a more advanced race of humans that somehow were wiped out or dumbed down during the Younger Dryas event that happened over 10,000 years ago.  These may have been our genetic relatives, and my hope was to recover these advanced skills through my DNA. 

I had also been pondering the origins of our DNA.  As I track back through the eons, it feels like I get to a dead end.  In other words, the point at which our DNA originated.  So my conclusion is that, at least for us humans, our DNA was pieced together from many sources, and also tinkered with in a massive way from that point up until today.  One of our launchers, Sabrina, pointed out that by experiencing traumas and conversely healings, we are also constantly shifting our own DNA.  How true.  Seems like the human DNA is quite malleable and easily damaged. 

In light of this, and because I have recently been exposed to some information that has triggered this line of thought, I am now doubting that our ancient ancestors had the capacity on their own to build the fabulous megalithic monuments that are found all around the world.  I am also not saying that ET’s came down and did this either, although maybe they did if it was a time before the human race was created! 

My sense is that ancient humans were taught these skills, but did not originate them, and that the earthy realm is one big experimental playground.  Various ET races have been visiting here since the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago.  In addition, scientists say that life itself is 10 billion years old, which means that life was seeded here from off planet. 

Yesterday, I walked the local labyrinth.  We have started using Tibetan brass bowls to enhance the whole experience.  It was in that altered state that I was mulling over these questions.  I realized that I had been tapping into my ancient genetic lineages hoping to find the secrets to manifestation, when in fact these lineages are not advanced enough.  This knowledge had to have come from off planet.  So now, I am looking into my soul lineages instead.  This is the part of me that sources from the Infinite, and has had experiences not only as human, but as extraterrestrial. 

So on to my launching earlier today.  My intent was to connect to one of my soul lineages that was capable of creating life.  Any kind of life!  After zooming up through many layers of vibrations, I popped out the top of our universe.  

As I floated above what looked like a small portal that was opening and closing, I noticed multiples of energy forms hovering about while waiting to enter.  I sensed that I was also the “gatekeeper” of this portal, and controlled how it opened and closed in addition to deciding who got to enter and who had to wait or was turned away. 

Much further up line, I found myself in the familiar “Source” place of the serene honey colored energy.  Off to the side, I noticed a faint squiggle of energy, like a wrinkle in the Source.  Any movement or thought that happens here creates this wrinkle.  This is the start of a creation!  There is also a saying that a baby (creation) starts as a wink in God’s eye.  I think that I was looking at those winks!

I asked myself “What would it be like to be that wrinkle and start a creation?”  Boom, I became one of those wrinkles and immediately proceeded down and through the portal and back into our universe.  I know that it was a long way back to planet earth, but I was there in an instant.  Looking down at my body, I saw that I was a race of ET that had blue skin, white hair, and a pair of thick white antennae on my head, somewhat like the photo at the top of the page.   Clearly, this was not one of my genetic ancestors, but it was a soul experience of mine.  (Years ago I remember sitting around a table in meditation with a group of ET’s who also had blue skin, white hair in a beehive style, and a large blue jewel in the middle of their foreheads!)

I could see my space ship hovering a ways away.  What I was doing was tending to some plants on the ground.  What I got was that I was part of a group that was seeding plants on many planets, and then going back years later to see how those plants were doing.  No wonder I love Mother Nature and plants in particular! 

Then, I was called back by the launching group.  Time does warp during these journeys.  All of this took only 6 minutes.  My take away from the launching and the musings of the last several days is that advanced beings that visited earth multiple times in the past and distant past are related to us by soul lineages, and that we can remember those lineages and recover the advanced gifts that we had in other lifetimes.  It may require a shift in our thinking about who we are and how we got here to be able to unlock those memories.  I now know that pursuing that through our genetic stream may lead us to a dead end.  It is time to broaden our horizons and change our way of thinking!

May 20, 2023



We live in a world of contrasts.  Big/little, dark/light, evil/good, etc.  The list is infinite.  This is because our 3rd dimensional reality is created by 4th dimensional energetic patterns.  The 4th dimension is all about polarities.  

Life always seeks balance.  Remember that if you “feed” one end of the polarity, no matter how positive you view that issue, you are unconsciously giving energy to the opposite end, too, to create that balance.  The ultimate goal is to come to the middle point of each energetic issue or pattern.  You know you are making progress in that regard when the swing between polarities becomes less and less, and when you are not overly engaged in your chosen issue.  Then, instead of swinging back and forth on a line, you are able to come to a still center point and expand from there, thus attaining spherical consciousness.  Imagine how wonderful life would be then!

Here in the American southwest, we have had an extremely snowy winter.  The heavy snow pack has been melting, and there is flooding in many areas.  I have written previously about the amount of snow that fell in the area where I go snowshoeing east of here in the mountains.  I believe the peak of the snow pack was a bit above 11 feet.  Yesterday, out of curiosity, I drove up there to see how it all looked.  All in all, my elevation change was 3500’, with a temperature difference of 25° between Cedar City and the Deer Hollow Nordic Ski area.  When I got there, the snow was still quite deep, at about 4’.  

Below is a photo taken from the parking lot.  You can see that the information kiosk is still at least half covered in snow!

Another photo from the parking lot.
I stopped along the highway to take photos, and other people were stopping, too, to play in the remaining snow.   Even if the snow were to melt soon, the ground would still be too muddy for hiking.  Here are some of the photos.

Along the highway.

The spotted black area in this photo is a lava flow.  The black of the lava has caused the snow to melt faster.  You can also see from the clouds that it was raining a bit up there.
I also stopped at an overlook for Navajo Lake.  This lake has a dam in the middle, and last spring, only the west side of the lake had any water in it.  As you look at this photo, both sides of the lake are full, and you can barely see the dam under the water in the center of the photo.   Quite a change!  
Today, I hiked a local trail in the red rocks.  Lots of wildflowers and greenery.  Warmer, too.

So that got me thinking about the contrast of the 2 areas which are only about 25 miles apart.  I like to relate my real life events to spiritual principals.  Here we have 2 very different polarities of weather and terrain.  One is cold, snowy, cloudy, and muddy, and the other is warm, dry, sunny, and dusty.  The ideal would be a middle point, and would lend itself to a very pleasant day out. 

It would also be a natural tendency for one to wish they were warmer in the snowy environment, and cooler in the warmer environment.  I always like to say that temperature is just that, temperature.  It has no emotion or intent, although people like to create a story or drama around the temperature if it is not to their liking!  There is a big difference between “it’s cold” and “I’m cold”.  Try not to own the temperature as your own personal drama.  Your body is capable of adjusting itself to any external temperature. 

This also goes for espousing causes.  Be the observer to start with.  Then decide if you want to own that cause.  Turn the finger back towards yourself and look at what your issue is before jumping in.  By healing your personal issue, the cause may not look as attractive to you, and you will stay out of the polarity of that cause. 

I could go on and on here, but you get the idea.  Being the observer and transcending your own personal polarities is the key to your evolution! 

April 30, 2023

April Launch

Earlier today, our online launching group met for our monthly activity.  All of the journeys today were quite mellow and lovely.  That was the space that we all were in.  Very nice.

I always encourage the launchers to have an intent for their journey.  Otherwise, I feel that the results may not be as fruitful.  If nothing comes to mind, one can use “show me something that I need to see” or “take me somewhere I need to go”.   Today I chose “teach me something I need to know”.  That was a new one for me. 

Thus the theme for my launch turned out to involve where to find knowledge.  When I started my journey, what I saw in the first zone or bandwidth I went through upon going upwards looked like I was surrounded on all sides with the spines of books oriented towards me.  These books were all gold.  Akashic records perhaps?           

The next zone was filled with letters, numbers, and symbols floating in the air.  From there I encountered an ancient Chinese man who was opening small square drawers in an equally old wooden cabinet.  Each drawer contained gold discs or leaf shapes that floated upwards when that drawer was opened.  I did not linger there to find out what that was all about!

The next zone was full of multitudes of minute golden particles floating around me.  Offhand I would say that this was a causal plane, and perhaps where the templates of perfection for the human race are located.  Or where a template can be created via intent for anything! 

Then, up ahead of me, there was a massive explosion of white light.  I entered that explosion, and upon coming out the other side, found myself in an area where my best description was that I was not separate from the totality of knowledge.  I was the knowledge! There was no separation. 

So I would say that I went from a lower zone where knowledge was found in all of those golden books, and that I had to search for it, to an area where I was the knowledge itself, and to everything in between.  In addition, at that end point, there was no asking of questions or searching for answers. Remember that it is the mind that is constantly asking “why”.  The core beingness has no need for that kind of activity. 

As one evolves I would imagine that the questions about life, etc, become few and far between, until there are no more questions.  What a peaceful and sublime way to live!