September 9, 2023

The Life Review

It has been widely reported by near death experiencers that upon leaving their body and going through the tunnel of light, they have a life review.  This involves seeing a rapidly moving “summary “of their life’s experiences.  The life review is often described by those who have experienced it as "having their life flash before their eyes".

It is my understanding that during this review, positive and negative aspects of the life are shown to the person.  Notice that I say “shown”, as this is not an organic dumping of the consciousness’s remembrances.  Whoever is in charge of this process orchestrates the whole thing.  There is some kind of harvesting of memories going on here. 

The aspect of the life review that I would like to address here is the viewing of one’s mistakes and how their misdeeds have affected others.  This is most often experienced by the person as if they were feeling what the other person felt at the time.  Thus creating guilt and regret for one’s past actions. 

This is where the scam takes hold.  Keep in mind that the whole reincarnational process is designed to keep humans stuck here so that they are recycled lifetime after lifetime.  Why?  We provide food for the ones orchestrating this through the stimulation of our negative emotions.  That is the food that is created for their consumption.  No humans, no food, so we are not allowed to escape.  BTW—I believe that in ages past, a few were able to leave the 4 D arena, but for whatever reason, very few if any have gotten out for thousands of years.  Perhaps the vibration of the planet was higher in the past making it easier for one to raise their own personal vibration and leave. 

It is important to be informed as to the true spiritual nature of our life here.  First of all, we are all following a plan set out by our higher aspects, soul, and those that we have chosen to interact with this time around.  It seems like there are “victims” and “perpetrators”, but that is simply an illusion and the collaboration between 2 souls for their mutual growth and evolution.  And perhaps just for the experience that that scenario provides!  No harm no foul.  Just the learning.  When one hurts, damages, or kills another, that is part of the plan and the agreement between the two. 

So what is there to regret?  What is there to be guilty of?  Nevertheless, knowing this does not give one permission to wreak havoc willfully.  There is a clear moral compass built into a truly spiritual life. 

Getting back to the life review, the whole thing is designed to stimulate guilt and regret so that the soul desires to come back into another incarnation to try to do better and make amends one more time.  Having this belief system guarantees that one will never get it totally right, thus experiencing the never ending loop of the reincarnational cycle. 

I also realized quite a while ago that any thought or emotion that comes up and causes us to feel bad about ourselves is an ET program!  If that feeling comes up for me, such as when delving into certain past events, I just tell myself that it is a program, and the self judgment melts away.  I refuse to create food for whomever. 

What I recommend is that all of you really embrace the knowledge that every interaction between you and another is a pre-planned co-creative collaboration no matter what it looks like in real time.  There is no guilt and no regret.  You are just following your script!  What do you do if you find yourself in circumstances where a life review has started to flash before your eyes?  Don’t get sucked in.  You can even refuse to watch!  If you have just left your body upon death, I am hoping that you have enough escape velocity to zoom right through the 4th dimension where all of this funny business takes place, thus avoiding the whole issue altogether.  Then of course, you have escaped and are free to pursue other experiences out of the 4D matrix. 

Knowledge is key.  Be informed and embrace a paradigm other that what has been promoted by the ones who would like to keep us here.

September 1, 2023

Unity Consciousness

This past weekend, I hosted our remote launching group to come and spend 3+ days in beautiful SW Utah.  Planned activities included ceremony at the top of Brian Head Mountain, where there is a very powerful vortex, a day hiking at Zion National Park, an opportunity to walk the local labyrinth and an in person launching, among others.  All these activities were designed to enhance their spiritual healing and evolution. 

I have had all of these people in classes that I have taught, in-person launchings, healing sessions, and other unrelated trips.  They know each other well, but hadn’t gotten together in person for several years.  I was looking forward to a few days of camaraderie with like minded souls, something that I rarely have any more.  Unfortunately that was not to be.  For a variety of reasons that I will not go into here, the group never really gelled.  I do trust however that everyone got what they needed from the experience as a whole.

Our last activity was the launching.  My intent was to experience the structure of unity consciousness.  After expanding my consciousness, I experienced myself as a clear bubble floating in space.  Around me were other clear bubbles of the same size.  We were all identical.  We then came together and merged into one bubble.  As soon as that happened, the process repeated with more bubbles of the same size coming together into an even larger bubble.  And over and over.  

Now I am not saying that we all have to be the same.  That would be pretty boring.  But for a group to truly come together there has to be a common intent and similar vibrational level.  This is especially true for spiritually evolving beings.  That is why it can be so hard for us to find like minded souls and activities that are fulfilling on many levels.  Nevertheless, our primary goal should always be to do our own work to the best of our abilities at all times.  We may not find our kindred souls until we pass out of our physical bodies for the last time! 

August 21, 2023

Leaving the Trap

I am thrilled to be able to present this information to all of you!  A few weeks ago, I listened to an interview on Coast to Coast AM radio featuring Isabella Greene.  Imagine my astonishment and pleasure to learn that she shares the same beliefs around how to leave the reincarnational cycle as I do.  Yes, we have had different experiences and use some different terminology, but the basic premise is exactly the same.  Her book is “Leaving the Trap: How to Exit the Reincarnational Cycle”.   

In her book, she gives clear examples from her own experiences, as well as information on how we got here, why we are trapped, and how we can get out.  I know that for myself, I want to make sure that this is my last lifetime in the Earth arena, as do so many of you.   I have also written about this numerous times in this blog, and you can use the search bar on the upper left of any page to gather that information.  My insights have been gathered from our monthly launchings, guided meditations, and classes at the Monroe Institute among other sources.  In fact, early on during a course at TMI, I saw the hierarchy and beings that are running the reincarnational program for planet earth. 

Isabella gives lots of helpful information on how to prepare for your final exit from this reality.  I also have a recorded workshop entitled “The Journey Through Death and Beyond” here that maps the route that you will take upon leaving the body for the last time. 

This recommended book is very short and to the point, and an easy read.  The challenge will be using her information and being totally prepared when your time comes, in addition to mapping your journey so that you know where you will be going.  It is not too late to prepare.  Don't leave it to the last minute!  

August 9, 2023



Finally, here is the last post on my recent Yellowstone National Park trip.  The topic is wildflowers, one of my passions.  Fortunately, that area had a very wet and lingering spring, so the wildflowers were blooming several weeks late, too. Perfect for this trip.  The first 2 photos are of wild orchids.  Enjoy the rest!

August 8, 2023



Yellowstone is home to a whole host of incredible animals.  Finding them and photographing them is a big reason as to why people visit there.  On our trip, we saw deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, bear, coyote, and the ever present bison.  This bison herd is the largest one on public land, and they can go wherever they want to within the park.  Unfortunately, a tourist got gored by a bison near the Old Faithful Inn just a week before our group got there.  People are warned about getting close to the bison, but some people just can’t resist!  We didn’t however get to see moose, grizzly bears, or wolves, which also live in the park. The bison below were along the Yellowstone River.  There were large herds along the Lamar River, but we did not stop to get any photos there.