November 20, 2017

Give Thanks

Here in the US we are getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving Day festivities, which will take place on Thursday.  Just about everyone, myself included, will have the big turkey dinner with friends and loved ones.  It can be a very lovely holiday without the commercialization and gift giving that goes along with the Christmas holiday.  Personally, I do not partake in that craziness, choosing instead to celebrate the Winter Solstice with a pot luck and fire ceremony at my house. 

Following the theme of Thanksgiving, this is the perfect time for all of you to truly give thanks for all that you have and all that you are.  Apply a liberal dose of gratitude and appreciation.  No matter what the state of your life may be, there is always something to be grateful for.  Even going through your day in the space of G & A can raise the satisfaction that you feel with your life, and even extend it. 

So Happy Thanksgiving to all, no matter where you live on our beloved Mother Earth! 

November 15, 2017

The Zero Point Room

This post is a continuation of the previous one entitled “In Slow Motion”.  We had our monthly launching here on Sunday, and as I felt that there was more information to be gathered about the curious slow motion state that I had experienced, I used that as the topic for my launch.

Normally, after one gets launched by the group, the direction one’s consciousness goes is up and out, sometimes very far.  On Sunday, my journey started out that way, but at a certain point, the direction changed to lead me back deep into the energy field of my body, deep into my inner space.  I think that this is the first time that I can recall that happening during a launch.  Technically, though, you will get to the same place whether you travel deep internally, or expand far out externally.  It’s the same thing. 

I found myself entering a room that had somewhat glowing white walls but was totally empty.  The atmosphere was exactly the way I described in the previous post, one of no time, space or dimension.  I am still calling this Zero Point for lack of a better description.  This is not the same energy that I find in the place that I call Source.  Being immersed in Source is a different kind of emptiness.  There, it is the sensation of floating in a honey golden colored womb space where even thoughts do not exist. 

In the Zero Point energy, consciousness and thoughts definitely still do exist.  It feels like this space is a quantum portal of sorts, where one can rest a bit and then decide upon how to get to their next destination.  To do that, of course, one needs to have the conscious mind clear and alert and fully functioning. 

There is a book by Itzhak Bentov, written in 1977, entitled “Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness”.  It is still available on Amazon as a used paperback.  One of his many musings on consciousness involves the motion of a pendulum.  Bentov postulates that when a pendulum reaches its farthest distance out from center as it is swings over to one side, there is a millisecond where the pendulum actually stops before reversing direction.  At this point, there is no time, space or dimension.  The energy at that stopping point actually expands out to infinity!  It connects to the wave patterns of the Quantum Field. I am also labeling this as Zero Point. 

So now I have a way of getting to this place where a big change in direction can be created instantly.  Of course, the 3 D body and 4 D energy field would need time to catch up after a change like this has been made.  I also wonder if this is the place where we go immediately after death.  If that is so, all the more reason to die consciously and with total awareness, as an important decision needs to be made when we are free of the body once and for all.    

November 8, 2017

In Slow Motion

During the weeks following George Kavassilas’ workshop, I have had several episodes of something strange.  It is as if time has ground to a halt and everything in the physical world stops.  The feeling is like being overtaken by a big but empty wave! 

When this happens, I stop what I am doing, go with the flow, and enjoy this unique feeling.  The other sensation that comes over me is that of an infinite expansion out to who knows where.  As I embody my Greater Self, my surroundings seem to fade away.  It is quite pleasant, and unfortunately, lasts only a minute or so.  If someone were in the room with me, would they see me start to disappear?  That would be fun. 

So what is this?  It is definitely not the sensation you get when in a dangerous situation or accident when everything around you seems to be going at slow motion.  Or when you are Neo catching bullets or dodging fists in the “Matrix” movies!  Those perceptions are a result of the person or perceiver speeding up in vibration, which causes the surrounding action to appear slower.  I am sure that most of you have experienced that.

The other possibility that comes to mind is the concept of zero point, which is a state where everything and nothing exist all at the same time.  It is a state of pure potential in the quantum field.  It could also be what we call Source, or All that Is.  Some theorize that this is the state of our existence when we have experienced it all and done it all, and are complete. 

No wonder this sensation lasts such a short time.  It is very hard to hang on to.  Of course, I am not the only one that is experiencing this.  Others may be experiencing this consciously, too.   On the other hand, because of the busy and distracted lifestyle that a lot of people lead, it may be happening to them and they are not recognizing it.  All the more need for time spent in nature, slowing down in general, and paying attention when something like this does come up.  Is this the energetic end state for a spiritually evolving humanity?  Is this what it feels like right after you leave your body at death?  If I get any more insights on this, I will be sure to pass them along to you.  Stay tuned!

October 26, 2017

Your Greater Self

As readers of this blog know, I frequently refer to our 5th dimensional aspect as our Higher Self.  This is the part of us that has planned and orchestrated our current incarnation.  The vibrational level of this aspect can also rise up through the 7th and 8th dimensional bandwidths. 

At George Kavassilas’ workshop a few weeks ago, he introduced the term “Greater Self” as a way of shifting our experience of our higher aspects from linear and hierarchical to infinite and expansive.  For those of you who follow George, you have heard him make reference to “Big George” and “little George”.  In other words, his Greater Self, big George, is really in charge, and it is his 4th dimensional self, little George, who only thinks he is in charge!   So we can say that our small self exists in the 4th dimensional matrix and is very ego driven, whereas our Greater Self can exist out to infinity and is very expansive and vibrationally interesting indeed!  What separates the two is the Great void between 4 D and 5 D. 

For the purpose of the Quantum Sphere Healing that I do with clients, using the Higher Self as a 5th dimensional aspect is a wonderful tool for this kind of work.  On the other hand, for my personal spiritual growth, I have spent a fair amount of time since the workshop tuning into my Greater Self.  I have experienced a much greater sense of who I am on many levels, and can hold that expansive outlook throughout most of the day.  As George says, he is a Remembrance Coach!  I certainly am remembering. 

This new connection is affecting my healing work, too.  I am holding a higher and more neutral space, and my sense is that the healing is more powerful.  In the weeks since the workshop, during a QSH session with a client, I have had the experience of the client’s quantum sphere simply dissolving.  It is a feeling of being even more connected to the client’s quantum field.  So even though I am still using the construct of a Higher Self, my Greater Self is very present. 

If you would like to experience this, too, all you need do is to sit quietly and expand your Core Essence.  Then, intend to embody your Greater Self and expand into that state.  Let your mind go and just BE.  I have passed George’s teaching on this to you, so now you have the awareness that this is possible.  Everyone’s experience will be different, so go with what you get and enjoy! 

October 15, 2017

More on the Prime Creator

Over a week after the launching at George’s workshop, here we are again doing another one!  This time it was with the local group at my house.  Since the last launching was still fresh in my mind, I decided to do a repeat, and gather more information on the Prime Creator.  Keep in mind that the information that I am receiving may not match up with your understanding of this aspect of creation.  I am new to this understanding, so I am just going with what comes through.

A the start of my journey, I briefly passed through the Prime Creator “zone” and ended up in that deliciously calm and curiously empty golden energy of what I call Source.  What a great place to rest a bit!  But what gets the manifestation process going?  What injects movement into this very calm and serene arena?

As I floated in the Source energy, I felt a shiver or a pulse of energy go through.  Where this came from, I haven’t a clue, although as is the nature of infinity, there is always an upline, right?  This shiver got the manifestation process moving, and from there, I drifted to the Prime Creator level.  Here, there was all kinds of action.  This level was composed of many many units like a honeycomb or tiny blocks stacked up.  These were all of the Prime Creator aspects ready to get their assignments and complete their tasks.  The energy was one of very happy anticipation! 

All of a sudden, hundreds of units were launched into space, and I heard lots of giggling, cheering and applause.  A creative endeavor was being launched, and there was much joy in the process.  Since there were so many units being sent out, I can only surmise that each one had its unique and different task to complete. 

I am skipping the information that I received at our launch during George’s workshop.  You can review it here.  Now, fast forward to the end result of this creation.  I got to experience a world of conscious play and creation.  I am not even sure that this world was a realm of form the way we know life on earth.  Everything had a glow to it, especially the plants.  The energy of joy permeated all.  This was a world where forms were created, and consciousness occupied those forms at will.  When the consciousnesses were done with the experience, they simply removed themselves from the form and went somewhere else to experience something different. 

I had to wonder—was our planet once this way?  Imagine living in a world where there was no killing or being killed, no need to eat, and living in harmony with all of nature.  I do believe that at one time eons ago we were able to come to earth, occupy a body to experience physicality, and then drop that body and move on.  At some point, we lost the ability to do that and got stuck here. 

At the end of my journey, I asked Source about the purpose for all of this.  Source’s reply was “to create life”.  Simple and elegant. 

October 13, 2017

Launching During the GK Workshop

The evening of the second day of George’s workshop, Jenn, Sabrina and I decided to do a launching.  Sabrina had never participated in one before, and Jenn was fairly new to the process.  How wonderful that we could surf on the rarefied energy that was generated at the workshop.  What a nice way to finish off the day!

As it is already a week later, I will try to recall as much as I can about my journey.  My intent was to connect to and learn about my Prime Creator aspect.  Now, I am not the only person that has this aspect, although I suspect that each Prime Creator aspect has a different job.  This is also not the Creator or Source of all, but a down line of this energy that follows through and manifests the Source’s directives. 

As soon as I was sent out into the cosmos, I found myself drifting in an area where there was a lot of what I call stardust, similar to what can be seen in the Hubble Telescope photos.  This dust contains elements that may not be known on earth, and can be used as the primal matter of creation.  I have written previously that the Mineral Kingdom is the source for all patterns for the structure of physicality, and that I am connected with the councils of this kingdom. 

As an aspect of the Primal Creator, I experienced creating a framework for what was to be manifested in physicality, and then calling in the predetermined aspect of consciousness to embody that form.  Thus the creation of plants, animals and minerals.  Fascinating, and all done through the master plan of the Creator.   This is divine play at work, and a co-creative activity with the Mineral Kingdom and consciousness. 

I also realized that these techniques could be used to clean up air and water pollution and manifest food out of thin air.  Key words that came to mind were alchemy, transmutation, transformation and “Lead into Gold”.  All of this resonates with information that I have received in the last few years in different ways.  And, it’s all fun!  Co-creating with the Creator!