June 10, 2024

Amazing Adventures

I am back from my trip with many interesting stories to tell!  That will have to wait a week, as I am off for a brief family get together in Denver.  Then sorting photos before I start to post again.  Stay tuned!

May 22, 2024

On the Road Again

I can’t believe that I am getting ready to leave for another interesting and enlightening journey!  Next week I am flying to London to spend a few days around the Stonehenge and Avebury areas, and then spending the rest of the trip in Brittany and Normandy, France, to investigate the Carnac megalithic stone alignments.  The frosting on the cake will be the walking of the labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral near Paris.  Our local labyrinth here in Cedar City is modeled after it, so this will be a thrill to actually walk the original. 

I normally do not do much research into where I will be going on an upcoming trip.  I prefer to be pleasantly surprised once I get there.  In this case however, I came across author and researcher Maria Wheatley and her fabulous book “The Secret History of Stonehenge: Ancestral Mysteries and Lost Civilizations”.  This was way after I planned this trip.  I immediately ordered her book, which is not sold on Amazon, and had to be sent with a lot of extra postage from the UK.  It is almost 400 pages long, and there is no way that I can finish it before the trip, so I am skimming through the most important chapters. 

You can go to Maria’s website here to get the full gist of what she does and where she does it.  She is also a master dowser, and as I write this, I am thinking that I need to bring my pendulum with me to do some investigating of the energy lines around the sites that we will be visiting.  This is an archaeological trip, so I do not know how much information will be imparted on the more esoteric aspects of the locations.  Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to tuning in as I go along. 

These megalithic structures were constructed during the Neolithic age between 4200 B.C and 2000 B.C., not only in the UK and Wales, but in Brittany and other places in Europe, Orkney, Malta, and by the Mississippian culture in the US.  These structures include stone circles, monoliths, henges, which are circular ditch and bank affairs, and barrows.  The barrows are burial mounds of the ancient elite that take various shapes such as long, round, bell or bowl.  Archaeological excavations have revealed that at the bottom of many of the barrows, there was a post hole in the chalk bedrock that once held an original monolith. 

My question is, how did the ancient Neolithic people determine where to place that monolith?  They must have had a method of detecting and measuring the energy flows of underground springs and ley lines.   Many above ground pathways and avenues were created on top of these energy flows, as I would imagine that the local people that lived there walked these sacred paths during ceremony and at special times of the year.   In Maria’s book, she has a diagram of the underground streams that converge on Stonehenge, thus creating a healing energy for those who visit there.  These energy flows undoubtedly were there before any of the various versions of Stonehenge were constructed. 

I know next to nothing about Carnac, so explanations on that area will have to wait until I get back.  We will be visiting Mont- Saint- Michel, and you can read about that here.   I had 6 years of French in school, and this magical location has stuck in my mind ever since. 

So much for the pre planning!  I also have a short trip to Denver when I get back, so photos and text may have to wait until near the end of June.  BTW—the photo at the top was taken after I spent time in Dorset teaching advanced healing protocols for shamanic practitioners.  That was in September of 2007.  Such a long time ago!  Take care until you hear from me again.

May 4, 2024

Walking the Labyrinth

A few hours ago I participated in World Labyrinth Day here in Cedar City.  We had a small group of walkers, and the energy was sublime!  I have also joined a Tuesday night healing circle on line through the Lifeline Center, founded by Dr Darren Weissman.  He has created an amazing technique based on his training as a holistic chiropractor, with additional techniques from acupuncture and oriental medicine.  During the session, he makes extensive use of muscle testing to lead the group through the releasing of long held trauma from an early age.  I have found those weekly sessions to be very helpful.

One of his favorite sayings is “We are a miracle made up of particles.”  I think about that a lot.  Of course, there is much more space than matter in physicality, and because of that, I think that those particles can be moved around and rearranged through intent and consciousness. 

The theme for World Labyrinth Day was creating peace.  I firmly believe that peace has to be created within before we can experience it in our outside world.  So my intent winding my way into the center of the labyrinth was to let go of anything that was not creating peace in my life, whether it was a physical, relationship or behavioral issue. 

On the way out is when the walker brings in all of the positive energy that is available from many sources, including from the higher dimensional vortex that is created in the center of the labyrinth.  I added copious amounts of gratitude and appreciation at this stage.  This is when I focused on my “particles” and the spaces in between them by observing and amplifying the incoming positive energy. 

At first, the spaces in between started to light up and glow.  Then they expanded, pushing the particles further apart.  I found that fascinating as I wondered if the spaces would get so big that I would disappear on the spot!  At one point, I did get very warm, assuming that that was as my vibration accelerated. 

Then as I walked, I could sense/see minute threads of energy that formed a matrix connecting all of the particles to stabilize the whole thing so that the spaces would not shrink down.  The last change was when the threads of energy went out past me and into the surroundings, connecting me to who knows what!

Walking a labyrinth is a very powerful process, but one has to do that often to really get the hang of it.  Setting and maintaining a solid positive intent is a necessity, too.  If any of you would like to share your experience of today, feel free.  

May 1, 2024

World Labyrinth Day


This coming Saturday, May 4th, is World Labyrinth Day.  This annual event was started by The Labyrinth Society in 2009.  It takes place on the first Saturday of May.  The purpose is to create a wave of the intention for peace that washes across the planet.  To do that, in each location where a labyrinth is present, the walkers start out at 1 PM their local time.  Above is the center of the labyrinth at St Jude's Episcopal Church in Cedar City where I walk once a month.  It is the only indoor labyrinth in the state of Utah, and is modeled after the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France.  Of course, there are many other forms of labyrinths around, but this is the classic one.  

To learn more about this event or to find a labyrinth near you that may be having some activities, go here.  I encourage you to participate in this excellent opportunity to gather with like minded people for a worthy cause.  I plan on walking at 1 PM Mountain Time, and you can energetically tune into me at that time.  

Let us all "WALK AS ONE AT 1 FOR PEACE". 

April 29, 2024

A Rare and Beautiful Plant

Last week, on my way down to St George Utah to attend a 3 day birding festival, I decided to drive a bit further south near the Arizona border to try and find the rare and endangered dwarf bear-poppy.  After I read some reviews from last year, I found out that it did not bloom at this time, probably because the cold weather lingered longer than normal.  I knew where to go, and was hopeful that the poppies would be blooming.  I was rewarded handsomely with some amazing sights!

The dwarf bear-poppy is a rare and threatened plant that only grows in a few spots south of St. George.  It is so rare that a special restricted and fenced off property was created for its protection.  The White Dome Nature Preserve was my destination for that day.   There is also a rare and endangered cactus that is protected in the preserve.   The preserve was created to protect these plants from the rapid development that is happening in that area. 

If you look at the photos, you can see that these beautiful plants grow in a very harsh and barren environment.  In fact, other than some other native wildflowers that were there, there were no weeds!  Below are some of my photos. 

So how does all of this relate to you?  Do you consider yourself to be a rare plant struggling to survive in a harsh environment?  I bet a lot of you do.  In fact, the human race on this planet is quite a rarity in the cosmos.  We have been somewhat artificially engineered by off planet races to be in the form that we are today.  If you think about it, you can see that we have probably been in survival mode for eons as we are always at odds with the natural world. 

And yet, we have survived, just like the poppies.  What I recommend is this, that you treat yourself with love, respect, and kindness always.  You are a rare and sought after gem among off planet beings.  Our multidimensional and holographic DNA makes it so.  If each and every one of you would just recognize this, life on planet earth would change in an instant. 

So shine your light, no matter what your current circumstances are.  Be the rare plant in the desert! 

April 10, 2024

Chakra Removal Experience

It has been over 10 years since I started posting on chakra removal.  Over that time, I have had countless students and clients go ahead and do their removal.  For most of them, I have had the opportunity to check their chakra removal success.  Very few have had to give it another go as the removal was somewhat incomplete.  All succeed on the second try.

For my original post on”Chakra Removal”, go here.  You can check out other posts on the topic by using the search bar on the upper left of any page.  These posts have gotten many many comments, which are worth reading, too.

So after working on my client last week, she got right on it and removed her chakras successfully.  Here are her observations. 

”I’ve been slowly going thru each of the processes, and just finished assessing and then removing my chakras. My sense is that each chakra was forming a filter system, but more like a backward filter that became a catch for all of what opposed the desired positive trait…essentially forming toxin pools that were super conductive and easy to be manipulated from outside. “

“In the process I also found screws throughout my body, at major and minor joints…these seemed to be alien implants, and to function as additional joints for the purpose of remote puppetry. As I pulled them out, the “screws” appeared to be like mini spines. They were integrated with my chakra system. Ick. “

So there you have it.  If anyone would like to go ahead and remove their chakras if they have not already done so, go to the post mentioned above.  I am still happy to check anyone’s chakra removal success.  Just get in touch at quantumstargate@aol.com.

April 8, 2024

The Total Eclipse

As I write this, it is the evening of April 8th here in the US.  A total solar eclipse cut through the country from south central to north east.  Here in my part of Utah, we were getting about 55-60% blockage of the sun, which is pretty good.  I do not have eclipse glasses, so I used the old fashioned method of focusing the sunlight through something with holes in it, in this case 2 different kinds of colanders, to watch the event.  The photos you will see here are the result of that process. 

I was out doing errands in the morning, and by the time I got home, the eclipse had started.  I took photos over about a 1.5 hour time span.  For the most part, our skies were clear with a few clouds occasionally passing by.  Below is the lineup of shots taken. 

Here are 2 shots taken at the totality.  Note the deep crescent of the sun.

This last shot was when it was all over.  Note the perfectly round sun.

So a very strange thing happened.  About ½ hour before our 60% totality, I felt a strong rush of heavy energy.  I had to sit down as it felt like something very dense had been dumped on me.  That was pretty disorienting.  When I got up to walk around, it was if I was moving in slow motion.  I did my best to keep photographing.  Having some lunch helped a bit. 

Then about 15 minutes after the totality was starting to wane, 45 minutes later, I got a bloody nose.  A big one.  I will get them from time to time, but not usually at this time of day.  Luckily I was able to stop the flow in a short amount of time.  What was going on here? 

The heavy energy had started to wane by the end of the viewing.  I worked on a client this afternoon, and still feeling a bit spacey and with a slight headache, took a walk afterwards.  Still feeling a bit weird now.

So what was that all about?  A number of years ago I wrote about the negative energy patterns that emanate from inside our moon.  The moon is an artificial satellite with beings living inside whose mission is to send negative thought forms and dark energy our way to keep us down and easy to control.  Luckily, our Sun helps to counteract that when it is shining onto the moon’s surface.  During an eclipse, the sun is behind the moon, and we bear the brunt of the negativity without any modulation by the Sun.  I think that is what happened today. 

If there is any truth to that, then a huge segment of the population of North America got bombed with this undiluted negativity.  What does this mean for us as individuals and for politics and disruption in an election year?  It will be a wild ride for sure.  As I have written in the past, our task as spiritually evolving beings is to stay on our course without being distracted.  That may be challenging for the rest of the year. 

If any of you had a similar experience today, please share.  I'd love to hear from you.