September 24, 2019

Sifting Through the Past

A few days ago, I returned home from a trip to the Chicago area to celebrate a big and notable high school reunion.  I hadn’t been back to my home turf for many years, and the whole event represented for me a coming full circle from my high school days.  Some of my classmates were clearly recognizable after many years of not seeing them, and there were others who had aged quite a bit. 

It was fun interacting with the others and reflecting on times past.  Quite a few of my classmates get together regularly in the Chicago area, and they have known each other continuously since high school.  Others moved away and come back from time to time.  I am glad I took the trouble to attend the reunion, and doing so represents a completion of sorts.

On a more personal note, earlier this year my guidance indicated that it was time to downsize my living situation.  I have a lovely house and yard, but it is now too big for me.  So for the last few weeks, I have been sorting through my garage, cabinets and closets with the purpose of donating, giving away or disposing of items that I no longer need.  I didn’t realize how much old and unusable stuff I had!  The downsizing of possessions is the first step in the total downsizing process. 

So with the high school reunion and the reducing of my possessions, a lot of sorting through the past has been happening.  It is actually quite refreshing and feels good to examine, appreciate, and let go of the old stuff.  I do feel lighter!

On an energetic level, we are attached to every item, house, property or car that we own.  The more of this we have, the greater the number of attachments.  This can cause quite a drag on one’s energy field, and can actually siphon off our energy.  Luckily, with fall weather coming on, the yard work here has diminished quite a bit.  The time for hibernation and introspection is near.  This is also a necessity for a spiritually evolving person.  How my downsizing will progress remains to be seen.  For now, it feels really good to go through the process.

September 6, 2019

Recap of the Dark Side of Reiki

One of my most widely read posts is the one entitled “The Dark Side of Reiki”.  I wrote that on September 1, 2013,  and I still get e-mails about it even today.  I thought it appropriate to write a short follow up to that post.  Before you continue reading this post, please review the original post here. 

Potential clients who have written to me to see if I can remove their Reiki entity and dissolve the associated attunement symbols think that it is a quick and easy process.  There is more to it than that.

First of all, not everyone who receives Reiki training and the connection to the entity experiences negative side effects.  If that were the case, Reiki would have ceased to exist a long time ago.  I’ve thought about this at length, and am convinced that those who report a negative experience have had some preexisting patterns activated by the “dark side” of the Reiki.  These could be related to physical symptoms such as fatigue or sleeplessness, psychological issues such as anxiety or depression, and even a spiritual malaise.  Also, just having a Reiki treatment does not mean that you have picked up the associated entity!

In my case, I knew immediately that something was off after doing my Reiki I and II training.  A short time after that, I studied with a healership teacher who clued me into the fact that I had picked up the associated entity.  After that, I proceeded to remove it on my own.  It took a lot of physical effort and motivation. I was then rechecked and was found to be clear. 

For the rest of you, it is your choice whether you would like to have the entity removed.  For whatever reason, the entity makes its appearance at the very end of a Quantum Sphere Healing session.  Because of that, you as the client will have to have a regular session with me.  There are no short cuts to this.  The attunement symbols, which show up as tattoos on the energy field, are dissolved at that time as well.   Having a full QSH session will also give you the opportunity to clear the dysfunctional patterns that were triggered by the connection with the entity.  I hope this clarifies the issue for those of you who have contacted me about this process.

September 5, 2019

Clarifying the Process

After my recent Controlled Remote Viewing course with Paul Smith, I have a much better understanding of how the viewing process starts in a CRV session.  Understand that this is not secret or confidential information.  It is readily available if one searches on the internet. 

I referenced the term “matrix” in a post I wrote earlier in the year, and I will expound on this concept further here.  The matrix is an energy field of information that contains patterns for everything that exists in the material and non material worlds.  Paul says that it is bigger and contains more information than the Akashic Records, and I liken it to Skip Atwater’s “everywhere and everywhen” of the quantum field.  My sense is that for every CRV target that the viewer is investigating in the 3D real world, there is an identical copy in the matrix.  It is this copy that the viewer connects to during the remote viewing process. 

Each target is assigned a unique set of numbers that is called the “target coordinate”.  This coordinate represents the location of the target in the matrix.  At the start of the session, the coordinate is read to the viewer by the person who is monitoring the process, or if there is no monitor, the viewer reads the numbers out loud at the same time as they are written down on the viewer’s worksheet.  This is called querying the target, and serves to make the connection between the viewer and the location of the target in the matrix. 

As soon as this connection is made, information on the target starts streaming back to the viewer.  This stream of information is called the “signal line”.  So far, sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it?  Not quite. 

The signal line streams information into the viewer’s mind, and in particular, the viewer’s subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind deals in concepts, symbols, descriptions, qualities, and is experienced much like the dreamtime.  The challenge of the viewer, during the CRV session, is to record all of the impressions that stream in along the signal line without interfering with or interpreting the information.  The ideal is that the nature of the target in the real world is pretty much defined by the end of the session.  For beginning viewers, that doesn’t always happen, but after all, that is what the CRV training is all about. 

So I have to wonder, is this how psychics get their information?  In the case of a psychic reading, the information that comes in always gets filtered through the psychic's preexisting patterns, emotions, and preconceived ideas to formulate conclusions that are delivered to the client.  In the case of CRV, no conclusions are reached, as the process is designed to only describe and report, and not interpret.  With a real world target, such as a missing person or a crime, the project manager is the one who assigns the target to the viewers, collects their data, and puts it all together for the client who needs the information.  In many cases in the Army’s Project Stargate Remote Viewing Unit, the viewers turned in their results and never did find out what the target was all about. 

Anyway, now you have an idea as to how the data is connected to and retrieved during a Controlled Remote Viewing session.  I hope to be able to report more as my restarted training progresses.