February 27, 2014

QSH in Southern California

I am pleased to announce that I will be teaching a Quantum Sphere Healing workshop in southern California near Encinitas from Saturday May 3rd through Monday May 5th, 9 AM to 6 PM each day.  The workshop will be held at the sound studio of John St. Claire, with attendance limited to 14 people.  The course fee is $425.

During this training, each participant will:
     Learn how to use special sound technology and the gamma brainwave state of
          40 beats per second to access the "everywhere and everywhen" of the
          Quantum Field.
     Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of their Higher Self to read and
          clear negative patterns of distortion.
     Create a healing orb that will clear the heavy energy patterns found in and
          around the etheric patterning of the physical body.
     Learn how to expand and hold their 5th dimensional energy field throughout
          the various workshop exercises, and how to use that field to enhance their
          own spiritual evolution.

You do not need to be a healing practitioner to take advantage of this training.

The QSH protocol can also be used in its totality or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the student is already using for self healing or working with others, even your pets!  All support materials will be provided in class including the sound tracks that you will be working with to access the gamma brain wave state. Your vibrational levels will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol.    

If you have any questions at all about the course content, feel free to contact Carla at 970-565-2624 or QuantumStargate@aol.com .  To register for this exciting workshop, go to the workshop page at www.QuantumStargate.com .  My sponsor is John St. Claire, and he will be handling all lodging and logistical questions.  Contact John at 760-522-1695 or John@tibetanbowlhealer.com .

I have referred to the QSH in many posts, so if you have been keeping up with the blog, you will have read about the many advantages of and the many uses for this amazing work.  It is a modality that will serve mankind through their transition to a higher state of being.  I hope to see and meet some of you in California in May! 

February 24, 2014

The Other Side of Compression

Our launching group met yesterday for our February get together, and because my launch journey was so pertinent to where a lot of us are right now on our evolutionary path, I decided to give it its own post title.  It seems that we are now entering a several month’s period of accelerated change.  This is in part evidenced by the ongoing astrological alignments that are reflecting the world and personal chaos, and the continued breakdown of energetic structures of all kinds.  The wild ride continues.

As always, everyone needs a theme and intent for their launching.  In light of the challenges I might face in the coming months, my intent was to receive information, energetic tools and personal energetic changes that would support me.  I was not disappointed.
As soon as I expanded my core essence and was launched outwards I perceived 2 beings of light on either side of me propelling me forward.  It really did feel like they had me by the armpits as we sped towards the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  If you read my post on this, it will give you some idea of what goes on there.  It is no ordinary black hole, but a dimensional shifting point where information and energetic patterns are adjusted and installed in many different ways. 

Once inside the stargate, I was stripped of the heavy energy of the ongoing compression that we have all been subject to for eons.  What a feeling of expansion and lightness came over me.  We are so used to the very heavy world that we exist in that we have forgotten this feeling, which is more of our natural state. 

I then went through the dimensional shift as I popped through the back side of the Stargate Milky Way.  Time for an epiphany here!  If you have read George Kavassilas’ book “Our Universal Journey”, he has a diagram on page 168 showing the road to full compression and the rebirthing of our eternal essence once we pop out the other side of the cosmic birthing canal.  Was this what I was being shown here?  I truly believe that I was getting not only a preview of the process but the informational imprinting of how to do this once my time came.  Wow!!!

A very short time after that, I entered the orifice or entry/exit portal of our universe.  The creator being or godhead was there to greet me as always.  To me, this space looks and feels like a very large bubble of energy with a “hallway” leading out of it and out of our universe.  There are always beings that are waiting in alcoves on either side of the hallway but whether they are coming or going, I never know. 

As I continued to expand, I perceived some dark beings approaching me as they came down the hallway.  I was still in the bubble, not the hallway.  My sense was that they were from another universe altogether.  This was their message.  They said that in these next few months when we are still in the chaotic deconstructing stage and are not quite reformulated in a new form, we are the most vulnerable.  They will try to get in and invade to take advantage of this.  This could be on a personal level all the way up to and beyond governmental and worldwide structures. 

We have already seen this in recent years.  The fall of communism in the Soviet Union enabled the Russian mafia to take hold.  The Arab spring in Egypt left the door open for yet another abusive government to come to power.  Ukraine is in the same position now with the overthrow of their current government.  Who will take their place?  All is in flux there. 

Just before these dark beings reached the end of the hallway to enter the bubble of the portal, I had expanded enough to be able to create a barrier that would seal them out.  At the same time I yelled a firm “No—Never again”.  My expansion then continued until I was as big as the universe, matching the boundary of my field with its boundary to reinforce it. 

My time was up as my launcher gave the call back signal with her rattle and started pulling me in.  One generally comes back the same way they went out, and what was interesting about my return was that even though I came back through the stargate of the Milky Way Galaxy, I did not go through the energetic repatterning that always happens there. I returned to my body pretty much in the same state as I was when I expanded into the universe.  Needless to say, I was a bit spacey at this point. 

Another epiphany occurred after everyone had left.  I had been wondering about those who will graduate/ascend/incend and will come back to planet earth to assist others for a while after this event.  How would we avoid dropping down in density and erasing all of our progress when this happens?  From what I can tell, we will be able to maintain the vibration of our eternal essence and come back to be of service for a while before leaving for good.  I hadn’t thought that this would be possible until now. It may also be an individual ability that is the destiny of that particular person and not a possibility for everyone.

So how to make your way through the next few months?  Keep your core essence expanded and strong and keep your connection to the Pachamama intact.  She knows what she is doing at all times.  Don’t let the chaos carry you away before you reformulate yourself if even briefly.  Be the observer of the chaos and don’t contribute to it.  And as always, have fun with whatever is going on in your world. 

February 21, 2014

Conversation with GK

This past Wednesday night I had the honor of being able to chat with George Kavassilas on Skype for almost 2 hours.  I had met him a few years ago at his workshop in Chicago and it was nice to have another “face to face” conversation!  He has been working on the follow up book to “Our Universal Journey” for some time now.  This new book takes off from the previous one with new insights and exercises that will enhance the evolutionary process for many.  When it will be out, I don’t know, but I am looking forward to reading more from George.

I did want to share with George my next step after the chakra removal, namely the breaking up and dissolving of the skin of my Luminous Energy Field.  I suspect that this is happening to many people as their next step, even though they may not be aware of it.  Our launching group has checked each other several times, and the dissolving of the LEF seems to be a gradual affair at this point.  This process can certainly be accelerated by the frequent expansion of the core essence, by being in a high vibrational environment such as a natural vortex area or inside a pyramid, or within a gathering of a group of high vibrating individuals. 

According to George, the latest step in his personal evolution is all about relationship.  He is actively calling the energy of the soul of the Earth Mother into his core, and then bringing in the divine masculine energy of Father Sun to merge with the divine feminine. 

I also mentioned that even after the removal of the chakras and kundalini, the pineal gland still needs some extra treatment to clear completely.  George agreed.  It is a biological implant, and because of this, it can’t just be plucked out of the body.  There are worldwide reports of people’s pineal glands calcifying. This has been blamed on fluoride in the water.  The truth is that this is happening in populations where there is no fluoride in the water.  I even got a link from a friend to a site giving advice on how to stop the calcification and rejuvenate the pineal!  Both George and I have methods for clearing this gland, which holds all of our genetic lineages, and most particularly, the deliberate mutations and distortions that have led to the state of enslavement (among other issues) that we are all dealing with now.  I say, let that pineal calcify completely and turn into a tiny solid inactive mass. 

He has also been working with his amygdala as the anchor into the body of the feminine energy of the Earth and the pituitary as the anchor of the masculine energy of the Sun.  The pineal is left out of the equation all together! 

One wonderful confirmation from George came towards the end of our conversation.  He said that I am one of the ancient ones that helped design the system of compression (re “Our Universal Journey”) that we are all immersed in here in 3D.  That rang very true to me and explains the sometimes unexplainable deep to the bones fatigue that occasionally comes up.  I do feel like I have been here forever!  Reminds me of the musical “Stop the World, I Want to get Off”.  Of course, we all chose to be here for the massive growth and evolutionary opportunities that are afforded to those who graduate from this system.  It is not yet time, but soon.  If we can hang on just a little bit longer, we will reap the fruits of our labor.

February 18, 2014


Over the weekend I went hiking with some friends of mine who are fairly new to the area.  We drove west through Bluff, Utah, and several more miles to a road that would take us to the trailhead of a site called the Procession Panel.  This is a somewhat famous rock art panel that is up on a high sandstone uplift called Comb Ridge, named because of its resemblance to a cock’s comb.   Getting up there involves finding the right parking area off of the north/south dirt road that we had turned onto, sliding down a steep embankment, crossing a somewhat muddy creek bed and climbing up the other side.  Then, the trail heads across a sandy and sparsely vegetated area, over an expanse of slickrock, traversing a sloping sandstone surface and into a cut in the ridge that holds enough moisture where some extremely old and large junipers thrive.  After coming out of the area with the junipers, one goes up another steep slope of slickrock, climbs over many loose rocks and voila—the famed petroglyph panel can be found on a vertical rock wall on the right hand side.  All along you are gaining in elevation.  Sounds pretty clear, doesn’t it?  Ha!!!

After some driving up and down the dirt road, we finally found what I thought was the right spot to start the hike.  I had only been there twice before, with the second time 2 years ago, and I had a bit of trouble finding the trailhead.  Nothing out there is marked and one can assume that the BLM wants to keep the many sites hidden from the general public to prevent the rock art from being vandalized. 

The hike started out exactly as described, so not a thought occurred to me that we might be on the wrong trail.  Even after seeing a few stone formations and some rock art that I didn’t recognize as we got closer to the high point of the ridge, I still didn’t think that anything was amiss.  It didn’t hit me that we had hiked the wrong trail until we got to the top, saw the vertical rock wall on the right hand side, but with absolutely no rock art to be seen.  I felt like I had landed in the twilight zone.  I was experiencing a discontinuity. 

As we sat down for a rest and some snacks, I apologized profusely for the screw-up that deprived the others of seeing the notorious rock art.  They didn’t care, as the views were fabulous and the hike was well worth the climb anyway.  An enjoyable time was had by all, even though I was experiencing a brain fart.  To top it off, when we got back to the parking area, I encountered another friend of mine and her husband who were just starting off on their hike.  They also thought that they were at the right trailhead to hike to the Procession Panel!  Was it solar flares or something in the air that day?  Maybe we were all time warping.

When something so weird happens, I always like to take the event as a lesson to be figured out and made use of.  For me, this is a prime example of when the rational left brain can override the input from the intuitive right brain, thus creating the discontinuity and resulting confusion in thought patterns.   When this happens, one can become very ungrounded and easily manipulated, even programmed by unwanted external input.  The possibilities for controlling masses of people are endless and I am sure that there are many technologies developed that will do this. 

It took some time for me to get the fuzz out of my brain.  As I sat near the top of the ridge, I noticed that the next visible rock wall to the north across a gulley looked like where we should have ended up.  Still not sure at that point, but after getting home and checking some previous photos, I was correct.  We were so close.  Probably just one parking area away.  Also, as we went back down the trail, I noticed things that my right brain had been alerting me to, but that the left brain overrode because it assumed that we were on the right trail.  There were some unusually big tree trunks that we had to climb over, an area with a lot of very pointy rocks sticking up out of the sandstone that looked new to me, and a bit of rock art that I even mentioned not seeing before.  I was getting the signals and ignoring them.  Big lesson.

So what to do to avoid something like this happening?  My feeling is that the right brain intuitive nature will never steer you wrong if you are fully connected to your guidance and intuition.  The left brain likes to jump in there and twist things.  We do need it to help analyze and assess information and situations, but it cannot be allowed to be our master.  When you find yourself rationalizing yourself out of any situation, you’re in trouble.  Go with your guts instead.  Luckily, our outing was a fine adventure for everyone.  We even stopped to see a different and easily accessible rock art panel on our way home.  The lesson here?  Don’t ignore signals and guidance.  Use the rational brain to assess what is going on, but then go back to your guidance to determine any course of action. 

February 12, 2014

Through the Black Hole

A few days ago I finally devoted some time to do something that I should do more often.  I sat in contemplation and took a journey with my Higher Self.  My theme is always something like “show me something about myself that I need to address”, or “take me to someplace new”.  I am never disappointed. 

The most effective way for me to take this kind of journey is to first put on a sound track that puts me in a relaxed and altered state.  This could be either with Hemi-Sync® or SAM™, with or without accompanying music or nature sounds.   I then go through a variation of the Quantum Sphere Healing process where I meet with my Higher Self and ask my question.   This time, I asked to be shown something about myself that I needed to be aware of. 

A black hole inside of a small square was presented to me.  My HS dove into the hole and I quickly followed.  It was more like a worm hole or tube like affair than just a plain hole and it seemed to take forever for us to go through and pop out the other end.  Once through, we were floating out in space but still able to see the earth far away. 

I found myself in the presence of a council of some sort.  It quickly became obvious that the beings that were there were orchestrating the patterns of lack and limitation, domination and control for humanity on our planet.  There was a lot of discussing, debating and arguing going on.  What was the newest and most effective way to put the screws to humanity this time, they argued.  These beings were creating more ways to apply the synthetic matrix to our reality.

Energetically it looked like there was a thick black fog surrounding our planet.  The council was generating threads of black energy that hooked into this fog.  Right away this reminded me of the post on the “low dark ceiling” that I wrote this past December.  If you recall, I described this ceiling as having a matrix like patterning to it.  It was my sense that these threads were hooked to this patterning within the dense black fog. 

On the positive side, I could see areas where the fog had thinned and bright light was shining through from earth’s surface.  The council members were trying to patch those holes but having limited success.  Yeah!!!   More arguing ensued.  A few days after the dark ceiling post I detected a dramatic lifting of that heavy oppressive energy.  My thanks go out to all who followed the directives on lifting and dissolving that energy.  I can only surmise that the bright energy that was pushing its way through the still present heavy layer had been generated by humans continuing to work to dissolve it and free humanity from the synthetic matrix programming.

At this point, I asked my HS how this scenario applied to me.  The first thing that she said was that one of my ongoing jobs here was to continue to unhook myself from the matrix and at the same time increase the size of my “light hole”.   The second piece of information was a surprise.  My HS said that I had an aspect on that council!  No wonder I was drawn there to take care of some business.  This aspect was a male and a Sirian rebel.  Very dark-hearted.  Eons ago his job assignment was to inject certain patterns of enslavement as he tinkered with the human DNA.  This was a long term plan that was to come to fruition during the recent few thousand years. 

I then faced that aspect of myself and from the core of my being, told him that I honored and appreciated his role in the human drama and his role in my life, but that his job was now finished.  His dark core dissolved and he dropped his threads of dark energy.   As he turned and left the council I had the distinct feeling that he was relieved to be released from that job.  He was free to move on to other adventures. 

I returned to present time and noticed that the black hole was no longer in the center of the square.  It had been sealed off.   Mission accomplished.  I think that it is important to realize that we don’t need to know exactly what the energetic distortion is that we are presented with.   If something shows up in our face, that means that we need to at least do something with it.  Acknowledge it, engage it, move it around, forgive it or love it but don’t ignore it. Keep the energy moving.  If you snooze, you loose!