February 20, 2013

Valley of the Kings

On Saturday morning December 8th, our group visited the Valley of the Kings.  This is located on the West Bank of the Nile across from the city of Luxor where the New Kingdom pharaohs were buried.  Most of the burial chambers were at the end of tunnels that were dug out of the limestone bedrock.  From the central valley that runs through the area, these tunnels spread out in all directions.  There is also an interesting electromagnetic phenomenon happening there that can cause phone and camera batteries to be drained. 

As we walked to the first tomb that we were visiting, that of Ramesses IV, I went into my stream of consciousness  and just let my thoughts flow.  I had been there before, and was quite aware of the themes of the art on the burial chamber walls.  Depicted there are the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, funeral processions, ceremonial scenes honoring the deceased, and food crops and animals to feed the pharaoh while he is in the afterlife.  The tombs had also been filled with precious goods that had been looted ages ago. 

The “aha” hit me that all of these practices, in fact the practices of all religions, were designed to keep the soul of the deceased bound to the wheel of reincarnation.  This triggered the first process that I went through.  As we walked along the dry and dusty valley to Ramesses IV’s tomb, I could feel the skin of my Luminous Energy Field light up and then break up into hundreds of pieces.  It made a sound like shattering glass.  These many pieces expanded outwards as if an explosion had occurred. At a certain point they stopped their outward motion and then rushed back into my core essence to be absorbed into my 5th dimensional energy field.  Wow.  That was a surprise. 

A little explanation is needed here before I go on.  Everyone is born with a Luminous Energy Field or LEF for short.  It is an egg shaped container of energy that envelops the body and extends out about 1 to 2 feet from it.  The LEF has a skin that is the border between a person’s 4th dimensional field and their 5th dimensional field. This also correlates to George Kavassilas’ Great Void.   Inside this skin, we all have an etheric body, which is the blueprint for the physical form, an emotional body, and a mental body.  These are all 4th dimensional constructs.  After the shattering and dissolving of my LEF happened, I realized that our LEF fits into the matrix patterning because it is also designed to trap us and keep us recycling back to the 4th dimension after death if we cannot generate enough escape velocity to pierce its skin.  So mine is now gone, as confirmed during testing by the launchers.  I do still have the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, but now, instead of those bodies being trapped within a skin, they gently diffuse outwards and dissolve into the 5th dimension.  They are free. 

As a tie-in to the cycle of reincarnation, I also became aware of the fact that I had left a piece of myself behind every time I experienced a past life here.  What does this mean?  It means that a person looses a piece of themselves and their vital energy each time they come back into a physical body.  The trap continues to get more restricting and their original level of escape velocity continues to drop.  This is contrary to what many traditions have taught, that we come here with a low vibration and through purifying and clarifying ourselves, we build up enough positive energy to escape the wheel of reincarnation.  In other words, we finally graduate from the earth system.  Here’s the catch 22.  If we are under the dominion of the matrix of the synthetic realities, why would a system be in place for us to evolve and move on?  Clearly it is not.  The only recourse we have is to clear the matrix patterning so that we can then move into the 5th dimension and beyond after death. 

As we went through the Ramesses IV tomb and out again, I demanded that all of the pieces of me that I left in previous life times be returned.  They came streaming into my core like fireflies.  The dark and the light both came back.  The shadow pieces transmuted as they entered my deep heart area.  Integration and balance followed in the Seti II tomb.  What sweet energy we found there. 

As we left the Valley of the Kings, I thought about what had just happened.  As we are a microcosm of the greater macrocosm of our own beingness, I suspected that the retrieval process will very likely be repeated again on higher and higher levels as we rise in vibration and integrate those levels. 

You do not have to wait to be in a sacred site to work the clearing and transmutation that I have just described.  Create your own sacred space and go into an altered state.  Expand your core essence and contact a higher aspect of yourself.  Then ask that the skin of your LEF be dissolved, and ask for all of the aspects of yourself that you have left in past lives be returned to you.  You can also intend daily that these processes happen to you when the time is right.  Pay attention to the signs as you go about your day and allow the changes to happen. 


  1. You describe the shattering (the word "shattering" in this blog or a subsequent blog that had a link back to this one) of your luminous energy field. I don't recall ever reading or hearing anyone describe it like that. Your words describe what happened to me either in 1994 or 1997, but I thought that one of the light bodies/energy bodies had been shattered and considered it damage and a negative to be addressed.

  2. My experience was kind of dramatic. For others it is a gradual dissolving process. Also, my light body is organic and can't be shattered.