July 25, 2017


I don’t know how many of you know about the solar flares that erupted on Saturday.  Luckily for us, they were on the far side of the sun.  There was an M class flare followed immediately by an X class flare, which both created their own CMEs, which then united into one very powerful CME that headed out towards Mars.  The result was an unusual halo of solar particles that could be seen spreading out from around the sun’s edges.  What would have happened if the sun spot that created the flares had been facing the earth?  We have been very lucky so far, but sooner or later we are bound to get whacked by something from space!

I had my own fun adventure on Saturday.  I went with a group of botanists up to the alpine zone near Silverton, Colorado.  We were able to drive up to the top of Stony Pass using 4 wheel drive vehicles, and drove on a road that had some pretty scary vertical drop offs on either side.  The top of the pass was at an elevation of 12650 feet, and was also right on the continental divide.  Just to the east of the divide in that location are the headwaters of the Rio Grande River.  Cool! 

Our mission was to find and document as many rare plants as we could, and there were quite a number of them in that area.  Most of these plants are only located here and perhaps in a few other areas, so it was a real treat to see them.  We also encountered a very large herd of sheep being looked after by a Peruvian man and his dogs.  Years ago, Basque sheep herders used to be brought over for that purpose, but now it is the Peruvians. 

Unfortunately, our time at the pass was limited because it started to hail and rain steadily after a few hours of botanizing.  We all got pretty wet!  I am sure that there will be other opportunities to revisit that area in the years to come.  I am hoping to go out to another area on the alpine zone in a few weeks. 

How many of you are rare and unusual humans in your environment?  I bet, quite a few.  Are you admired and appreciated for your gifts?  I hope so.  At the very least, you should admire and appreciate yourself.  When I looked at those rare and interesting plants on Saturday, I was reminded of all of the people I know who are letting their light shine out, and vibrationally touching everyone around them.  That may be a rare thing in and of itself.  Below are some vistas and plants from my botany trip.  Enjoy. 

July 19, 2017

More on the Oversoul

In recent weeks, I have made a concerted effort to connect with the patterning of my Oversoul.  To review my recent post on the Oversoul, go here.  For those of you who participated in my latest workshop on connecting with your non human soul aspects, you will recall that our Oversoul manages many higher selves and their incarnations, many of whom are non human.  

I just love to work my stuff when I am out in nature, and this theme was no exception.  I had previously visited my Oversoul several times, and the last time, I anchored a sign in that location so that I could get there in a fast and easy way.  The energetic patterning of the Oversoul is tricky to embody because it is a true group consciousness that manages and oversees many diverse individuals.  Since it is a 5th dimensional construct, this activity occurs in an expansive and spherical manner.  We as individuals here on Earth tend to attach to others in a straight line and polarized manner, so switching to this mode can take some doing.  In my experience, I have had to go to this level several times to start to get the hang of it.

So, as I was hiking down a trail in the mountains, I went to my Oversoul location.  My purpose was to connect to the diverse forms of nature that I passed along the trail in a spherical and all encompassing way.  It was sort of an experiment.  What showed up was that I was able to connect to the many trees, birds, creeks, plants and other members of the nature kingdom as I was walking along.  Since this a new way of connecting, it was hard for me to maintain that connection for more than 5 minutes or so, so I had to keep redoing the exercise. 

In spite of that I got to experience the way that the plants, trees, flowers, etc link up in an ecosystem and even communicate with each other.  That also tells me that there is a higher dimensional consciousness that coordinates each ecosystem, much like an Oversoul does for embodied souls. 

 I came to the realization that the energy at the center of our Sun is also at the Oversoul level, not merely just at the soul level.  Wow!!  That makes sense since our Sun links up with and coordinates all of the bodies in our solar system.  These are the planets and moons, asteroids, comets, in addition to the bodies that may be in the unseen realms and those that are so far out from the sun that we have not detected them yet.  What a big job! 

I encourage you to travel up to your Oversoul level and just sit in that energy for a bit.  This will prepare you for entering that level once you are finally clear of the 4th dimensional arena where your soul is now located.   

July 15, 2017

Shamanic Death Rites

In recent weeks, I have had the pleasure and privilege to perform Shamanic Death Rites on several deceased people at the request of one of their loved ones.  I say pleasure and privilege because I really enjoy doing this kind of work and because it is true service work not only for the deceased but their family and loved ones as well. 

Traditionally, it has been the task of the shaman to assist a person through the dying and death process and to make sure that they get to where they are supposed to go.   That means that they sit by the bedside and energetically assist through the whole process.  In these times, that very rarely happens unless the practitioner is associated with an organization like hospice and has the permission of the family to do their shamanic ceremonies at the bedside, or is a relative of the dying person.  Personally, I have never had a request to do that, so I mainly assist the deceased weeks or even many years after they have passed.  I was not even at the bedside of either of my parents when they passed, so was not able to assist in person. 

Here is a summary of the process.  Once the appropriate loved one has requested the rites for the deceased, I sit down and track their whereabouts on the other side.  The first thing I need to find out is whether they went to the light upon death.  Now, those of you who have been steady readers of this blog know that if you maintain consciousness after you leave your body for the final time, you do NOT go to the light, as that puts you right back on the wheel of reincarnation.  Hopefully you have attained a high enough vibrational level to bypass this system and exit the 4th dimensional matrix altogether.

If I find that the deceased has not gone to the light, or in other words, they are an earth bound spirit, the first thing I do is send them to the light.  I do not have the power or permission to send them out of the 4 D matrix.  That is a matter between themselves and their soul and how they lived their life here on earth.  There are many reasons why a soul would not go to the light, including a traumatic or sudden death, being unconscious or in a coma at the time of death, the sense that they do not deserve to go to the light, attachment to those who are still living, or even being on morphine at the end.  Morphine lowers the vibration so much that it takes longer for the person to die and is harder for them to leave their body for the final time. 

After I send the deceased to the light, I always like to wait a few weeks for them to settle into their appropriate vibrational level.  The next step for all the deceased is for me to track where they ended up on the other side.  Shamanically, there are 4 levels where I can find their soul.  Coincidentally, the “Lifeline” workshop at the Monroe Institute in Virginia has mapped out these same 4 levels, giving them different names.  This workshop is designed to give students the tools to deal with deceased people who come to them spontaneously.  The ideal is that the soul of the deceased ends up at the 4th or highest level.  This is where the planning for the next earthly incarnation takes place.  Through the use of the Death Rites or what is learned at TMI, this is the outcome. 

If the soul ends up anywhere in levels 1-3, then the Shamanic Death Rites are an option.  This is totally up to the family member who has contacted me.  If they wish to proceed, the process involves bringing the energy field of the deceased  into my healing room where I clear all of the remaining trauma and heavy energy out of their chakras and then launch them up to the fourth world where they can immediately start planning their next incarnation here on earth.  This process greatly reduces by many many years the time that a soul would spend slowly dropping baggage and purging to eventually reach the fourth level totally on their own.   This is the service to the deceased that I am always so grateful to be able to provide.  After they are launched, I do a final tracking to see what they are doing upon entering that fourth world. 

All of this is reported to the loved one who requested the rites.  In addition to this being a service to the deceased, the grieving time that the living go through is greatly reduced, too.  The person that I am working on does not even need to be recently deceased.  At the Lifeline workshop at TMI, it was not unusual for people who passed in the 1800’s to show up needing help. 

As you may have noticed, this process is chakra based.  I have not done the Death Rites on anyone who had removed their chakras.  There are so few of us out there anyway!  I like to think that between having no chakras and maintaining consciousness at the moment of death, there would be a guarantee that a person can exit the 4 D matrix when the time comes, so no death rites would be needed.  Time will tell on that one. 

To do the Death Rites in the manner that I have described always required that one be a trained shamanic practitioner.  I realized just last week that I can train people to perform the Death Rites with just enough shamanic training to do the job.  This is such a valuable service that I would like more practitioners to be able to do it.  To that end, I will be putting together a training for next spring for students who have completed the basic QSH training and possibly also the Advanced QSH training.  If you are interested in learning how to perform the Shamanic Death Rites but have not taken either of the QSH workshops, you would have to come to the QSH workshop here in Cortez in September.  Either way, you will benefit greatly in your own personal healing and your service to the world. 

July 10, 2017

Final QSH Training in Cortez

I have just a few available openings for students at the upcoming Quantum Sphere Healing workshop here in September.  Unless I get a big demand or someone wants to bring me to their area to teach next year, this will most likely be the last time I will be teaching this very valuable healing protocol.  That is not to say that I won't be creating something brand new to teach in the future, as that is always a possibility.  Right now I am toying with the idea of training QSH graduates to perform shamanic death rites on the deceased, which is another very valuable service to the general public.  If you would in any way be interested in this, you must plan on attending the QSH class in September. 
     Keep in mind that most of my students use the QSH protocols on themselves or friends and family in need, and do not charge for their services.  Imagine being able to sit down and work through any issue that comes up for yourself in a very comprehensive way.  The possibilities are endless!  If you have any questions about the workshop, feel free to get in touch. 





SEPTEMBER 8-10, 2017
During this training participants will:
●Learn how to use special sound technology and the gamma brain wave state to
access the “everywhere and everywhen” of the Quantum Field.
●Enter the Quantum Sphere with the assistance of their Higher Self to read and clear negative patterns of distortion.
●Create a healing orb that will dissolve heavy energy patterns found in and around the etheric patterning of the body.
●Learn how to expand and hold their 5th dimensional energy field throughout the various workshop exercises, and how to use that field for their own spiritual evolution.
●And much more!

The QSH protocol can be used in its totality, or split up and combined with other healing techniques that the healer is already using for self healing or working with others.  You do not have to be a healing practitioner to attend.  Your levels of clarity and vibration will increase and spiritual evolution will accelerate as a result of learning this new protocol!

Please contact Carla Fox at QuantumStargate@aol.com, www.QuantumStargate.com,
or 970-565-2624 with any questions on course information or to register. 

July 2, 2017


Yesterday, as I was sitting in contemplation up on a high ridge that I had hiked to, I asked my guidance to give me information on the next step in my spiritual evolution.  The answer came very fast.  I am to start sourcing form my Oversoul instead of my Higher Self.   That felt so right on to me.  For those of you who listened to my last Rise Multiversity workshop on “Journeys to Meet Your Non-Human Soul Aspects”, you have already met your Oversoul. 

In short, our Oversoul exists at an energetic level just a bit higher than our Higher Self, which resides in the low bandwidth of the 5th dimension.  Each human has a Higher Self that plans, orchestrates and guides our lifetime here on Earth.  Thus, each Higher Self is connected to only one incarnation at a time.  By contrast, each Oversoul is connected to multiple Higher Selves and their associated incarnations.  Not all of those incarnations are human.  Many are what we would call Extraterrestrials.  If you are interested in how that works, I encourage you to purchase the workshop here. 

As soon as I received that guidance, I started tuning into to the Oversoul level, even as I was hiking back to my car.  The energy felt quite different from that of the Higher Self.  To clarify what I was experiencing, I used a journey to visit my Oversoul as the topic for my launching with our launching group today. 

Let me first describe the structure of my Oversoul.  I perceived a glowing golden ball of energy in the center with the framework of a dodecahedron surrounding it.  A simple dodecahedron has 12 faces and 20 points or vertices.  Each face has 5 sides.  The photo above is of one of my origami projects and is a dodecahedron.  You can see the points as tiny pyramids.

As I embodied the glowing ball of energy inside this structure, I could see and feel connections going from the points on the outside out to all of the Higher Selves that are associated with my Oversoul.  Each Oversoul also has a theme that all of the associated Higher Selves and their incarnations are working with.  My theme happens to be change, which was revealed to me during the Rise Multiversity workshop. 

Now as per my guidance, I am working with not only my own Higher Self, but with many others at the same time via my Oversoul.  It is quite a different energy as the Oversoul’s job is to oversee, send directives to, and collate incoming information coming in from multiple sources.  It is quite a busy place indeed.  On the plus side, when you start to source from this level, you have access to so much more information, especially in relation to your theme. 

Since theme of my Oversoul is change, it is certainly reflected in what I teach in my workshops and my healing work with clients.  So many people are stuck in a wide variety of ways, and my job is to help them get unstuck so that they can move forward in any way they wish.  When I sat in the glowing energy field in the center of my Oversoul, I perceived how that theme was showing up for all of its other Higher Selves and their incarnations.  Change is happening everywhere, not only on our planet!  I experienced all manner of drama, trauma and mayhem.  All with the aim of breaking up the status quo so that something new can be created.  That is certainly happening in our reality right now.  Clearly, our Oversouls have big jobs to do, and there is an infinity of other themes at play, too. 

I do not know the locations of the various incarnations that are being managed.  I suspect that they are all at least in our Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps beyond.  This shows me that the huge changes that are happening are on a scale that we cannot even conceive of.  All aspects of our multidimensional selves are being affected. 

Now, as I source more from this new level, I can also fee that I am embodying much more of a group consciousness versus that of myself as an individual.  It will take some getting used to, and it is an exciting new change.  It will expand my access to guidance and put me in a place to more effectively tune into and relate to the needs of groups.  Exciting!

July 1, 2017

What Global Warming?

I was hiking at about the 12,000' level today and encountered this giant snow drift.  It was in an area where there should be no snow at this point in the summer season.  As it was too deep to walk through, I skirted around the edge in the mud.  The views were fabulous! 
The peaks in the distance are at least 14,000' tall.