May 26, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 8

Please join me for my next “Tools for Transition” workshop that will take place on Saturday June 4th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern Time here in the US.  The topic for this 8th workshop will be “The Journey of the Soul”.   To register for this workshop, please go here
This workshop will create a direct tie-in to the previous one entitled “Spiraling through your DNA”.  In that workshop we dealt with the genetic inherited patterns that have created our physical bodies.  Now we will deal with the soul that inhabits that body.  Our human embodiment is indeed a divine merging of spirit and matter.    

Each person’s Higher Self extends its energy into the 4th dimension to create the soul.  The soul then has a series of life experiences in a variety of 3rd and 4th dimensional realms.  From our perspective in the here and now, we call these the past lives of the soul, although, from a higher perspective, they are all happening at the same time.  One’s Higher Self chooses the right genetic combination from one’s parents to fulfill its idea of what the soul should experience in a particular lifetime.  There are joys and successes in addition to traumas and failures.  All combine to create the totality of one’s experience and many of these events carry over from the “past” into the current lifetime.

As our mission here is to drop baggage and come to completion and resolve with any traumas from the past, the heavy energy patterns that the soul has carried over from a past life must be resolved.  During this 2 hour workshop, I will cover some basic teachings on the nature of the soul.  You will then be led through several guided exercises that will assist you in making contact with and resolving past life trauma.  The final exercise will involve re-membering a positive and life affirming attribute or gift that has been or can be carried over into the current lifetime.    

I am very excited to be presenting ongoing material that will propel you forward in achieving energetic autonomy.  Each of you are encouraged to continue to go deep within to continue to work your stuff.  That is the true key to spiritual evolution and freedom.  Hope you can join me on Saturday. 

May 24, 2016

An Interesting Case

A few days ago I worked with a client who presented a very interesting issue that I thought be a good teaching example for the readers of this blog.  I will use the pseudonym Alice for my client. 

Here is an abbreviated version of the events at question.   About 3 weeks ago, my client Alice was contacted via phone by an individual who said that a certain sum of money had been deposited into her bank account by mistake, and that he wanted to make arrangements to have her transfer it back.   Over a period of 6 hours, she dealt with 4 different individuals that said that they were from a telecommunications company.   Ultimately, Alice was talked into sending a moneygram to China for a considerable sum.  

Now, this is where it gets interesting.  Most people have heard about these scams, and simply hang up the phone if approached in this way.  Not Alice.   Even though in the back of her mind she knew that something was amiss, she just couldn’t bring herself to disconnect from the ongoing dialog.  To quote her, “While I did their bidding, I kept thinking that I was this unconscious zombie who seemed incapable of breaking their spell”.   She said that she got drawn into their bullshit even though she knew that it was all bullshit!  She even tried reaching her husband by phone, but he was at a conference and was not available.  There were some other aspects at play here that I won’t go into.  She did say that the scammers' energy was extremely dark and tar like, and she felt like a spell had been cast on her.  By the time she snapped out of it, it was a done deal and her money was gone.

As we know that there are no accidents or coincidences, there must have been an energetic reason for this interaction.  Alice was not targeted at random, even though the scammers probably thought so.  The money will probably never be recovered, and Alice was left with feelings of shock, vulnerability, shame and being so gullible for falling for the scheme.  There is a reason for everything, and her higher self orchestrated this whole episode.  It was a wake up call for her to be more observant and proactive in her life. 

The actual Quantum Sphere Healing session turned out to be a complicated deal.  Here are some of the highlights of the distorted energy patterns that got cleared.  One of Alice’s male genetic lineages was sending energetic resources off planet in a very automatic and unconscious way.  This is not uncommon as I have seen this before in other clients.  People do not realize the huge amount of energy that is drawn off of the human race every day in multiple ways.  Alice also had personal karma (past life) with the 4 scammers, who also had an off planet destination that they were sending energy to (unconsciously of course).   They were the middlemen for these transactions.  In addition, one of Alice’s aspects was a Draco who was collecting and selling harvested human energy, and she also had an aspect stuck in a pool of tar in the synthetic matrix.

On top of all of this, we uncovered a lifelong pattern of losing energy and being drained, so she has never been at 100% energetic capacity ever.  There were other patterns that were healed, but you get the idea.  The important thing to remember is that no one is a victim.  There are hidden patterns at play in every distressing interaction or event.  We all magnetize to ourselves what we have inside in some fashion.  Most of these patterns remain hidden until stuff happens.  Then we have to do damage control.  It is much more productive to work our stuff routinely and keep our vibration as clean and clear as possible. 

As for Alice, she has acknowledged that she needs to sharpen up and pay more attention to her life’s events.  She has been a bit of a hermit at home lately and also feels the need to get out more.   Life’s difficulties come along for a reason, and if we can learn from them and move forward, that is a good thing.

May 17, 2016

Back to Business

It’s been a crazy 6 weeks or so with teaching, traveling, and local excursions for botany, bird watching and archeology.  Whew!!!  Today, I am finally feeling like I can catch up and take a break.  On top of that, we are having a rainy week, so I will be more or less forced to stay inside and take care of business.  Last week we had our annual Cortez Birding Festival, and I was able to add 3 new birds to my life list.  On Sunday, I went on a birding tour to a part of Mesa Verde National Park that is not open to the public.  Even though I was supposed to be looking at the birds, my focus was more on the plants that were there, and I found a pincushion cactus and a yellow violet that are very rare in our county.  That was a thrill.  If all goes as planned, this coming Saturday I will go with another group to check out an area north of here that is slated to eventually become one of our state parks.   We want to see if would be good for a birding tour for next year’s festival. 

So, yesterday, I got an e-mail from Adrian, the Rise Multiversity adman, asking about the topic for my next on line workshop.  Alas my respite will be brief as I have to start planning that course in a few days.  The date for the next workshop is Saturday June 4th, and the topic is “The Journey of the Soul”.  More on that later. 

This morning I e-mailed him back and immediately started getting information.  Now, this is not necessarily what I will be addressing in the workshop, but some of this may be included depending on what I receive between now and then.  As soon as I turned my attention to the topic of the soul, I could feel my soul vibrating and pulsating with a very rapid expansion and contraction motion, as fast as hummingbird wings.  My soul told me that it wants to be free and unfettered.  It wants to throw off its shackles and experience its ecstatic union with my higher self. 

I could also tell that the pathway that I mapped through the death journey going out or the connection from “home” coming in was still intact.  I can’t overemphasize enough the mapping of that pathway for yourself, so that at the time of your departure from the 4th dimensional realms, you can traverse that route easily without getting lost or distracted.  I have written often about that route, and also led the death journey during the Rise Multiversity workshop entitled “The Journey Through Death and Beyond”. 

I would also like to mention that your build up of escape velocity is a gradual affair having to do with your level of clarity, vibration, amount of baggage that has been dropped, and your familiarity with the route you will take upon your exit.  Preparations must be made! 

With all of the distractions and activity of the recent weeks, I had very little time to just sit and tune in.  Remember that your thoughts have power, and when you tune in with intent, you are automatically connected to the object of your thoughts, as is what happened to me this morning.  On the negative side, when you make a visual or consciousness connection, you run the risk of actually changing the energy of what you are connecting with.  It pays to be very aware of where your thoughts take you, as the higher your vibration and the more expanded your energy field, the more powerful is the effect that you have on others.  That is why I so enjoy being out in nature, as the surroundings are clean and pure without distraction.  It is easier for your thoughts to be that way, too! 

May 14, 2016

More Communing!

We are in the midst of our annual birding festival here in Cortez, and talk about communing with nature!  Birding every day is a bit much, so I took the day off today and will go out again tomorrow.  This post, then, is a continuation of the last post on the very interesting sites I visited with my friends last Sunday and again on my own a few days later.  Keep in mind that I am no expert on this, especially with this second site that was visited.  I just enjoy visiting these sacred sites, tuning in and getting impressions on some aspects of what went on there in the distant past. 

At this site which is just down the road from the one that I described in the last post, one is greeted by the rock art above which is on a rock that sits on a level sandy area at the bottom of a hill.  The rough estimate of it's age is between 1100 and 1500 years old.  The local inhabitants were just getting into making pottery back then, having previously used mainly baskets for carrying food and water.  I am not very knowledgeable about rock art, but I have to say that I have never seen anything quite like this.  It does look very animal like.

As I went around the base of the hill, I noticed a standing stone that was placed at what felt like the entrance to the "space". 
Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the stone was carved out on top and down the back side to create a water feature.
Finding enough water had been an issue for the people who lived in this area up until about 1280 AD, when the whole area was abandoned because of weather changes and drought, so I assume that water was looked upon as a sacred substance.  I made an offering of water from my water bottle, pouring it onto the top of the stone, and asked permission to enter the site.  The water ran down the back side of the stone in the channel that had been carved for it.  I felt that the permission had been granted.

The top of the hill was calling to me, but before I went up there, I wandered around on the slope a bit.  I found some pretty unique rock art, again not knowing what it meant. 
Now, up top I was in for another surprise. The top of the hill was like a flat sandy bowl surrounded for the most part by huge rock clusters that stuck up creating a sheltered space.  What a perfect place for a small gathering.  The views were 360 degrees in all directions, and one could sit comfortably out of the wind. 

The big surprise was the discovery of another huge monolith that was propped up by a few very small stones.  Wow!!! 
As I was by myself at that point, and getting to the stone would have required scrambling around on loose rocks, I didn't venture closer to inspect it.  That will have to be done at another time.  Since I was in a pretty isolated place, I didn't want to become food for the turkey vultures if I should slip and fall, or get wedged in between some rocks.   I will have to go back with someone who can get closer to the megalith and use a compass to check out it's alignment.  I am guessing that it is aligned with the Summer Solstice sunset, but that is just a rough guess at this point.

So what are we looking at here?  Possibly an ancient culture that honored the Summer Solstice and did ceremony to call in the annual monsoon rains.  They communed with nature and followed the seasons. They payed attention to even the smallest signs or signals.  Back then, if one did not do that, it might mean starvation or death for the whole clan.

The lesson here?  Always pay attention to the signs and messages that come your way.  Listen.  These messages may come from nature, or just as easily from your environment or the people around you.  Follow your gut intuition.  Do not let the multitude of distractions that are sent your way every day divert you from your inner knowingness.  It might mean your survival, too. 

May 12, 2016

Communing with Nature

This past Sunday I took my friends Kathleen and Ann out to some of the very special sites in SE Utah that I have been visiting with another friend, Virginia, for the past several years.  The first stop we made was to the site that I wrote about in “The Latest Adventure”.  Since there are no written records about the people who occupied these archeological sites, or even how old the sites may be, other skills are needed to gather information.  With ancient stone structures or megaliths in particular, I like to put my hands on the stone and just see what impressions I can gather.  Now, even though this method may not be too scientific, I do get a lot of information.  Most of the local rock here is sandstone, which is primarily made up of quartz.  Quartz is known to be able to store and transmit information, so that a sacred activity or ceremony that has taken place in these locations season upon season, year upon year, imprints that energy on the large stones that are the anchors or focus for those ceremonies. 

Gathering that information is often like peeling the layers of an onion.  You do not get all of the information right off the bat.  I had been to this first site a few weeks ago with a group of people, and was able to put my hands on the megalith there that is lined up with the Summer Solstice sunrise.  The energy of that massive stone is very masculine, dynamic and explosive.  Because I was with a group, there were distractions that prevented me from delving any deeper into the megalith’s story. 

On Sunday, with just 2 others there, I was able to gather more.  It had been raining sporadically that morning, so the stone was wet.  As a recap, this stone has a very sharp ridge that runs along the top with a rounded surface on the end that is opposite to the end that points to the far horizon and the location of the solstice sunrise.  The sharp edge along the top has the energy of lightening.  
As I put my hand on the rounded end I realized that the moisture from that morning’s rain had pooled in the small craters of the roughly rounded surface.  Then it hit me.  In our area, the seasonal monsoon rains start some time after the Summer Solstice.  The crops that the ancient people planted were dry land crops and were not watered by hand.  The monsoon rains were required to bring the crops to maturity in our dry and somewhat arid climate.  

So I see the ceremony that may have been done at that location like this.  I imagine that there would be a great gathering of people for this event.  Those who were participating in the ceremony, perhaps shamans or holy people, would gather before sunrise on that longest day of the year, having been preparing for this event with fasting or meditating.  Right before the moment of sunrise, water would be poured on that rounded end of the megalith.  At sunrise, a stream of light beaming over from the opposite horizon would travel down the sharp upper edge of the megalith like lightening and ignite the water that had been poured on the back end of the stone.  The sacred space for this would be held with great honor and reverence.  The goal would be to ignite the seasonal monsoons so as to water the crops and promote abundance and fertility for the tribe or clan. 

This is where we come to the act of communing with nature.   These ancient people knew how to do this.  Imagine living a life where you were in direct communication with the plants, animals and all of the forces of nature like wind and rain.  In a world like this, there would be no scarcity or lack, as the nature kingdoms would be worked with as allies in the creative process for the benefit of all sentient beings on this planet. 

I encourage all of you to develop some sort of relationship with the natural kingdoms.  Spend time outdoors every day.  Appreciate and have gratitude for what our Earth Mother has provided for us.  Be quiet and listen.  As I write this it is evening here.  The frogs on my neighbor’s pond are singing away.  What a delight.  I will write more about the second location that we visited in my next post.  It was equally as magical as the first! 

May 3, 2016

Recent Journeys

This past weekend I had students here taking the Advanced Quantum Sphere Healing workshop.  In this workshop, those who have taken the Level I class learn some of the finer points of the healing protocol, and also included in the class are some cosmic journeys to some unusual places.

The last journey of the class allowed each student to ask a question, gather information or travel to any place that they were curious about.  As the finishing touch of the weekend, we also did a launching, which yielded some very interesting results.  As you can imagine, we were all pretty worn out at the end of 3 very intense days.   I lead and at the same time participate in these journeys.  I will try here to recap some of the highlights.  

I had a hard time just coming up with theme or intent for my journey, so I just used something more general.  For the final journey of the workshop, I asked about where my work would take me into the future.  So here it is.  Looks like I will be more solitary in my spiritual pursuits, taking more time for meditation and travel, definitely to more megalithic sites around the world.  As the vibration of the planet and our Earth Mother continues to go up, more sacred sites, specifically the megalithic ones, will activate and come on line with a higher frequency of energy.  In particular, the stone circles that are in many places on the planet will open up as portals to the higher dimensions.

As I have written about several times previously, there is a location west of here just over the border into Utah that has a continuous stone circle that is large enough to be seen on Google Earth.  It is an ancient site that is most likely aligned with the solstices and equinoxes, but since there is no way of knowing exactly how it was used, we may never know.   If I had to get to a sacred site fast, I would go there.  

In my journey, I could see a stone circle activate and open up powerful portal at its center.  My body started to respond with the familiar sensation of having my DNA increase in vibration.  It was kind of an internal quivering sensation.  Then, a series of energetic replicas of the stone circle appeared just above it, creating a tube of energy reaching into the sky.  Perhaps an ascension portal or birth canal was being created?  I am not sure what kind of energetic structure would be created at other megalithic sites around the world.  As I am convinced that these sites were created with an advanced pre-cataclysmic energetic technology, it makes sense that they would be the first to shift, re-membering their origins.  

For the launch, my intent was just “take me to a place that I need to experience”.  That was all my somewhat fried brain could come up with!  Out into the cosmos I went and I found myself looking at a very large sparkling golden stream of energy that was flowing past me.  Of course, I dove into that stream and soon experienced the total dissolving of my physical body.  My impression was that I had melted into a very powerful energy that was capable of creating anything, as I could see shapes and forms being thrown out from it in all directions.  Just apply a bit of focused intent and who knows what could happen!  

After a few minutes in this creative stream, I found myself back in the center of a stone circle.  This powerful golden energy was coming out of the portal that had been opened at its center.  So the launching had taken me full circle back to the beginning of the first journey.  Wow!!!

What is the timetable for this?  No way of knowing, although I hope to get to more megalithic sites in the mean time.  Keeping fingers crossed that the rescheduled trip to Turkey and Göbekli Tepe in October will be a go.  That site has been calling me strongly for some time now, so there must be something there for me to experience.