February 15, 2013

Working Your Stuff

Before I continue with the energetic changes that happened in Egypt, I’d like to write a bit about how I track and clear issues for myself so that you can do this, too.  I always say that recognizing an issue is 85% of the process, and then doing something with it is the other 15%. 

When you have an idea about what is going on and you would like to get more clarity around it, I recommend using your stream of consciousness.  First, get prepared by settling down and grounding yourself.  I always like to use a sound track that puts me in an altered state.  Any theta track will do this, whether it has only the binaural beats of the Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD by the Monroe Institute, or a music track with theta in the background that you can relax to.  Expand your core essence and invite your Higher Self to guide you through the investigation.  Then, let the thoughts and events that are related to what you are working on start to drift through your consciousness.  These thoughts and scenarios will connect one to the next like a stream.  Briefly examine each one before letting it go. Do not let your rational mind engage this process, as this will derail the whole thing.  Just keep drifting. 

You will find that soon thoughts and scenes that you are not aware of will start appearing.  These may be of current events, childhood experiences, or even past life traumas.  Demand that any veils be lifted, and to see clearly if you are having difficulties.  When you get to the final destination of your investigation, you will experience a big aha in the form of some sort of emotional or body sensation response.  This could be a hot flash, chills, anger, a funny feeling in your solar plexus area or even an “oh s__t”.   I’ve had a few of those!  At this point, if you need to, you can engage your inner guidance to decipher the information that you are getting.  Ask questions and take the first answers that you get. 

Own what you find, no matter how disturbing or absurd.  If you don’t own it, you can’t change it.  Then, the next step is to do something with it.  If you can gather up any patterns of heavy energy related to the final issue, you can dissolve that energy the same way that you combusted your chakras.  In my book "Traversing the Infinite Now", I give several other methods for working with an issue once you have clarified it. 

Another way of bringing issues to clarity is to pay attention to any sudden emotions or unusual body sensations that you experience.  Then go on to the stream of consciousness exercise to bring awareness to the physical body feelings and sensations.  This is where it is important to know yourself as well as you can and connect to your body’s innate knowingness of what is yours and what is not.   If it is not yours, you have my permission to fling it back to wherever it came from.  You are under no obligation to process heavy energy that you attracted from another person. 

Last Friday, at the end of the Chakra Extras post where I was writing about the matrix patterning around the pineal gland, I got a buzzing in my right ear. This is a signal that doesn’t happen to me often.  At the same time, I felt the energy in my house shift dramatically.  I ended the post at that time, and then got up and walked through the house to check on things.  The energy of a group of reptilians was palpable, and I even caught sight of some of them.  It was highly unusual for this to happen, as I do not resonate with their energy, even though I can recognize them easily.  I immediately told all of them to leave, as they had no business here.  They went.  The next day, I read many reports from members on a Yahoo Group that I belong to of unusual happenings all over the place.  What it was specifically, I cannot tell you, but I do believe something cosmic happened to thin the veils between 3D and 4D on that day. 

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