September 27, 2018

Fall Colors

Fall has arrived, and the aspens in our nearby mountains are at their colorful peak.  I've made several trips up there to photograph the glory.  Enjoy!

September 17, 2018

Is Your Brain Running a Mind Control Program?

This past week I have been chewing on an issue that culminated in Sunday’s launching.  Earlier in the week, I started paying attention to certain scenarios from the distant past that would appear every once in a while and keep repeating and looping through the thought processes of my brain.   These scenarios always involved guilt, regret, and embarrassment.  Try as I might, I could not access the actual emotions of the original events.  I was just left with a repeating scene in my mind with nothing concrete to actually heal.  Something told me that there was more here than the usual topic for a healing session. 

Then it hit me.  This was a mind programming pattern!  Somehow, there was a pattern put in place, how I didn’t yet know, that would keep the mind occupied with a random issue that was designed to make the recipient feel bad about themselves.  Normally, once the energy of a distressing emotion is drained off, the issue is complete.  It is like it never existed.  Not so with this mind programming, which seemed to be designed to occupy the thoughts as a distraction. 

During last weekend’s workshop on the death process, a question was raised about the life review that so many near death experiencers described going through before they are turned back and have to enter their bodies once again.  I believe that this is yet another sham and a matter of programming to make the deceased think that they have to come back to yet another lifetime to make amends and attempt to do it right the next time around.  In reality, everything happens with a purpose and in perfection, so there is no need to think that we need to do anything over again at all! 

So what I do now, when those programmed scenarios start up, is to simply acknowledge that this is a mind program and I turn my attention elsewhere. That stops the action immediately. 

So for Sunday’s launching, my intent was to find the purpose and origin of this mind programming.  Here is my journey.  After I launched, I found myself spiraling up into a double helix of DNA, and then going into the inner spaces inside of the helix.  This was what I would call the quantum level of the DNA.

Next, I encountered several short gray ET’s sitting behind what looked like a desk.  Beyond that was a large insect type ET, not quite a praying mantis, but in the same family.   It had several pairs of antennae and big bugged out eyes that were segmented into many facets.   I hovered there for a bit before moving onward and upwards, because I had never seen a creature quite like that.

The final bit involved encountering a very large golden honeycomb.  Now, this is a very familiar energy formation that I have encountered frequently during my work with clients.  It represents clones, hive mind, insect ET’s, and the general notion that every being that is living in or inserted into one of the compartments of the honeycomb is just the same as all of the others.  I find this patterning in particular with large families with many children. 

I am sure that there was a further upline here, but this is where I chose to stop.  The message of this energy was that we were all being made into the same image, thus being easier to direct and control.  Does that ring a bell?  As I broke through that honeycomb, I heard the message that said “We all have the inborn divine right to critical thinking”.  Aha!  This is what is being taken away from us in a variety of ways, day by day.  Humanity is being dumbed down, and the artificially inserted repetitive thought forms and scenarios are part of this programming.  What about the mass media, the music and entertainment industries?  The bombardment of pharmaceutical commercials on TV whose agenda it is to make us all think that we are sick?  And then spend many dollars on medications to cure our “dis-ease”.  Talk about mind programming!

At that point, I burst through the golden honeycomb that was in front of me, and connected directly to the beautiful energy of Source, or the Divine.  As I came beck down from that journey, I brought that Source energy directly into my brain with the intent that all mind programming be destroyed. 

The message here is that we can stop this mind programming.  It takes awareness and vigilance.  Reactivate your critical thinking skills, and be cynical.  Search for the truth and do not believe everything that comes your way.  And most importantly, do not get in your own way by running an issue that really needs to be healed.  Be clean and clear.

September 10, 2018

A Matter of Timing

This past weekend I hosted a group of students here in Cortez for the “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop.  What a wonderful group of serious practitioners gathered here for the teachings, which included shamanic tracking using a pendulum or rattle, getting into the theta brain wave state, sending earth bound spirits to the light, Shamanic Death Rites, mapping the journey beyond death to the exit point of our universe, and a launching at the end of the day on Sunday.  In total, this group of students worked on over 20 deceased individuals who needed assistance in moving forward on the other side.  What great service to them all!  This included 2 sisters who did major loving service for many deceased members of their family. 

One interesting thing happened during the class.  On the first day, the students learned shamanic tracking by rattling into the theta brain wave state and then finding the information that they were seeking.  The main purpose for this was to be able to track and locate the energy field of the deceased before starting the Death Rite process.  We did some individual tracking, with each person asking their own questions, and then we did a group tracking on an additional question.

It is important to express the question accurately.  The question posed was “Will there be any rain that falls on our location by the end of class today, Friday.”  It was a partly cloudy day with a slight chance of rain predicted in the afternoon.  After tracking, half of the class got a yes, and half got a no.  By the end of the day, we didn’t get any rain.  But 2 days later, at the same time of day, there was a brief shower in our location, even though there was no rain in the forecast that day. 

Even though we specified a time frame for the initial tracking result, was that good enough to get an accurate answer?  Keeping in mind that since we were tracking energy patterns that existed in the 4th dimension of form without physicality, can an accurate time frame even be determined? That is possible since we were somewhat outside of time and space.  I found it fascinating that half of us were exactly 48 hours off! 

The issue of timing comes up frequently on other work that I do, and can also be an issue for remote viewing, psychic readings and the like.  When will I get that job, when will my body feel better, when will my relationship be resolved?  These are very common types of questions.  We humans always want to know! Even though these types of questions come up during a QSH healing session, I never give a definite answer, because I know the problems with predicting timing. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to teaching the next “Journeys Beyond the Physical” workshop starting on September 28th.  We will undoubtedly be tracking more questions for practice.  Maybe we will stay away from the questions that involve a time frame. 

September 2, 2018

Change is in the Air

We are in the middle of our annual Labor Day holiday weekend here in the states.  For those of us who live outside the Cortez city limits, including myself, and because of the ongoing drought, we ran out of irrigation water about 5 weeks earlier than we normally would. For me, this is how I water my lawn, gardens and fruit trees.  Luckily we have been getting rain off and on for the past few days, and that will continue for the next few days!  Yeah!!  Even as I write this, I can hear thunder in the distance, which means that we may be getting a nice afternoon shower.  What a change from the smoke filled air of just a few weeks ago. 

Perhaps it is the change in the seasons or the weather, but today I am guided to write about the latest energetic changes that we are currently going through.  So much focus is always put on the negative scenarios that are happening on our planet, and one must remember that there are a lot of positive things going on, too.  Where do you wish to put your attention? 

Currently, and for the past few months, there has been a very gentle and supportive energy coming to the planet that is encouraging positive change of all sorts.  In the past few weeks, I have worked on several clients who are at the threshold of a change in their lives that would propel them on a different and more satisfying path in life.  They have been aware of the needed changes, but have been unable to take that first step forward towards the new that is being offered, mostly because of fear. Often, it can be so hard for we humans to do just that, take the first step.  If one can muster up the courage to do that, things can get much easier moving into the future!   

So let’s assume that our Higher Selves are colluding with this positive wave of energy to encourage us to become more of what we should be during this lifetime.  Why would we turn that down?  I often get asked by clients about how they can communicate with their Higher Selves.  The key is to listen and take note of the signs and energies that are being sent to us all of the time.  Most people just don’t listen.   We do not communicate with that higher part of ourselves using spoken language, either.  It is more of an intuitive communication in addition to reading the signs. 

If you feel that you are at a choice point right now, in any way that is showing up for you, be it in your career, finances, living situation, relationships, etc., I encourage you to jump on any opportunities that may be presented to you.  What can you lose?   You are being supported by your Higher Self in partnership with this very gentle, uplifting and forward moving energy.  For myself, I am looking forward to some changes that have recently been seeded into my consciousness via my intent.  This may be all that you need to do, too, to get the ball rolling.  Then you just need to go on with your life and pay attention to the opportunities that present in the future and act on those opportunities. You certainly don't want to let any of that slip by, never to return.