August 22, 2016

The Structure of Separation

Yesterday our launching group met for our monthly get together.  We had a lot of catching up to do before the actual launch.  I had been mulling over my launch theme for a few days, and the way our conversation went helped me to clarify what I wanted to investigate.  Perhaps it was also the influence of watching some of the Olympic Games the past few weeks, or the ongoing political drama here in the US that provided big mirrors to this situation with humanity as a whole.  I am talking about the fact that no matter what we as humans do, it is impossible to come together as a unified whole.  This is certainly possible in dimensions 5 and above, but not down here in 3 D. 

Take the Olympics for example.  We see the intent to bring nations together in the name of sport with everyone getting along in a kind of kumbaya manner, but after all, it is a competition with winners and losers.  At the closing ceremony last night, there were no designated seating areas for the specific countries, as the athletes were encouraged to mingle at will.  Even so, there were still the flags and uniforms of their countries setting them all apart.

This is also true for humanity in general, with all of our various appearances, languages and national borders.  It is my understanding that beings from other planets and star systems are more alike and uniform regarding this, and I wanted to know why we as earth humans live under such a different system.  This is the information that I got during my launch, and I will write it as a “fictional” account.

Once upon a time a plan was hatched from the creative center of the Milky Way Galaxy to create a realm where the souls of beings from all over the galaxy could get together and live on a world where they could mingle and merge freely in spite of their differences.  New creative projects would be birthed that combined the best of everyone involved.  Their energies could merge in an exponential manner that would enhance the evolution of all.  What a grand experiment and experience it would be! 

A council leader followed by many council members traveled out of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to settle into a higher dimensional space above an uninhabited planet that we now call Earth.  The invitation went out to all of the nearby star systems to send souls who were willing to participate in this grand adventure.  DNA was created to hold a physical form, and souls began arriving with great excitement to embody these forms. 

Unbeknownst to them, a very negative star system had heard of this plan and set out to sabotage it.  Why would they do this, you ask?  Because in unity there is power, and they were not willing to give up their place of power in the galaxy.  So a very inky black energy stream was sent to Earth in a way that was not readily detected by the council, and perhaps even before they got there to start their project.  This stream hit the planet and spread out all over it just a few feet below the surface. 

At some point after the souls began taking bodies on the lovely planet, wisps of this black energy rose up and created what looked like a rectangular box, much like a telephone booth with very thin sides, around each human form.  This didn’t happen right away, of course, and when it did happen, it was a very gradual process, so gradual that the human beings did not realize that this was going on.  The result was that the true union with the many different “others” into a greater whole slowly became impossible.  They could feel the other human’s energy, but at the same time, they perceived that there was a barrier to achieving their goal of true unity.  The deep distress and pain that these early humans felt at not being able to fulfill their mission at first was very evident to all.  Eventually, however, they became used to their plight and assumed that distress and pain was the norm for life on planet Earth. 

By the time the distress of the people had reached the council, it was too late.  The brave souls who had agreed to participate in this grand adventure were trapped.  On top of that, they were rapidly forgetting about where they had come from.  Everything was not lost however.  The council started providing a solution to the entrapment, as this was all that they could do at that point.  A message was repeatedly beamed down to the humans on the planet.   “Start to remember your origins as the divine beings that you are.  Embody your divinity.  Raise your vibration to dissolve the barriers that separate you.” 

How will this story end?  That is up to all of you.  In real time right now, you have all been receiving this message from your higher aspects for quite some time.  Are you hearing the message?  Are you acting on it?  Are you ready to experience the true glory of a human race that is living its higher purpose?  Are you ready to experience the completion of this grand adventure?

August 21, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 10

So here we are at the end of the Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshop series.  The Part 10 workshop is entitled “Putting it All Together”, and will take place on Saturday August 27th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern time in the US.  To purchase your ticket, please go here.  Now is the time to assemble all that you have learned and experienced into a workable strategy for your spiritual evolution.   

The previous workshop dealt in part with the Inner Child.  This is such an important tool for your personal growth and evolution that I will start the teaching segment of this workshop with a review of this essential work.  This will be followed by teachings and a journey with your Inner Mother.  For so many of us who had sporadic or inappropriate mothering as children, this inner aspect needs to be healed and worked with so that we can learn to mother ourselves.  This is the key to a deep connection with your Inner Child as well as living a life of self love, self respect and self care.  

The rest of the workshop will cover a variety of topics including how to connect to and receive guidance from your Inner Child or Higher Self, how to hone into and clarify any issue, and which processes to use depending on the circumstances and the issue.  You can see that a lot will be covered on Saturday, and my hope is to leave you with a good understanding of all of the tools that you have learned.  

This will be your last opportunity during the Q & A segment to ask me about any topic that was covered in the previous 9 workshops.  If possible, it is recommended that you review the previous material before this workshop so that you have a good understanding on what was covered.  It is my goal to leave each of you as complete with your tools as possible so that you can move forward in these uncertain times with more expertise and confidence as to where you are headed on your evolutionary path.

August 19, 2016

Addiction to Suffering

Are you addicted to suffering?  When something negative happens in your life, do you quickly amplify the energy of that event and go into a state of depression?  Do you hang onto that negativity long after the event has passed?  Do you have strong beliefs that life in general is difficult and unsupportive, that you will never have what you need for a productive and supported life, and that you are often a victim?  Can you see how all of this can lead to occasional or chronic depression? 

The many aspects of the definition of suffering include experiencing discontent, distress, misery, hardship, and physical, emotional or mental pain.  Certainly all of these things exist in relationship to our life on planet earth.  This is a tough place to live, but on the other side of the coin, the most growth can be achieved in the worst of circumstances.  In fact, that is exactly why we are all here at this time in the evolution of the planet and the human race. 

So stuff happens.  That is a given.  It is our reaction to that stuff that matters!  We can take the high road or the low road.  I am not saying that we simply just ignore the distressing events that happen to us.  If we were to do that, no growth would occur at all and we would have to re-experience these events over and over until we finally get it.  Now that is real suffering! 

On the other hand, over attachment to those negative events, or having an addiction to the suffering, keeps us just as stuck and unproductive.  Several years ago I wrote a post called “The Big Brown Cloud”.  In it I described what the energy feels like coming from a person who is addicted to their suffering.  It literally takes the form of a dark cloud that follows that person everywhere, and has the energy of depression.  In addition to the psychological ramifications, the health of the body suffers as well because of the heavy energy that the person carries around in their body.  Since most people who read this blog are of a sensitive and perceptive nature, most of you know the feeling you get when in the presence of someone like this.  You can’t get away from them fast enough! 

What is the solution here?  If something distressing happens to you, fully acknowledge the event without hanging on to it for any length of time.  Process through your emotions and reactions and come to completion with what happened.   Learn the lessons and move on.  If you are suffering from a physical issue, remember that even if the body is suffering, the psyche does not need to.  If you have a deeply ingrained belief that you are trapped in a universe that is built around keeping you in suffering and domination, it is time to rethink that philosophy.  You truly have all of the power here.  The change starts from within you.

August 12, 2016

Rocky Mountain High

Not much going on here, so I thought I'd share photos of a hike I took this week.  This was my first time on this particular trail, and it did not disappoint!  After driving up into the mountains almost 2 hours, I set off on a fairly steep trail through a lush forest.  The trail was crossed by several small but sparkling rivulets.
A gray jay flitted through the trees.
About an hour up, the trail broke through the trees and onto the top of a grassy ridge.
There were drop offs on each side of the ridge.

The orange sneeze weed was in full bloom. 

More big vistas on the way back down the trail.  I could have stayed up there all day!
Back to the car.  Shortly after setting off on the return drive, I encountered a small herd of very cute long horn cattle grazing in their summer pasture.  Ahhh!!!

August 4, 2016

Oh Mama Again and Again

This past week I got a big wake-up call dealing with an issue that has been dogging me for most of my adult life.  Within several days 2 fairly close female friends stood me up for 2 different activities on different days.  I have to say that this has never happened to me before, and to have it happen twice meant that I really had to pay attention to the message that I was being given from my Higher Self. 

As I started mulling it over, at first approach I assumed that it was a long standing and general issue of attracting a lot of ungrounded, unreliable, unaware and generally goofy people into my life.  This has been not only with friends and acquaintances, but also with people I have encountered in more of a professional setting.  I have had such bad luck with irresponsible and unqualified trip leaders on shamanic and sacred site trips that I started to think that I was cursed!  There is also that part of me that yearns to have kindred souls in my life—people who are more like me, but that has never really happened.  Since most of you reading this are on a spiritual path, I am sure you can resonate with that life issue.  We all tend to be loners.

To get to the bottom of the current issue, I started with the “like attracts like” premise, assuming that I had an aspect in my shadow that was like the people that I was attracting.  Somehow that did not resonate and felt like a dead end.  There was no energetic charge around that issue.

I then did a sort of stream of consciousness journey while listening to my Hemi-Sync® CD, expanding my core essence and calling in the energy of my Higher Self for guidance.   So then, what emotions came up around this week’s incidents with my friends?  I felt disrespected, ignored, dismissed, forgotten, invisible, sad and abandoned, even though my friends did not stand me up deliberately.  They were just being their unaware selves.  So why would their behavior bother me?  Who else in my life treated me this way?

Then it hit me.  Could this be the next layer of the all too familiar “mommy” issue surfacing once again?  I got a firm yes.  After all, my mother was quite narcissistic and verbally emotionally and psychologically abusive to boot.  Her needs and wants always came first above those of any other family member.  What could one expect as her mother, my grandmother, was not a good example of motherhood, either, and she lost her own mother, my great-grandmother, when she was 8 years old.  Who knows how far back the pattern of inadequate mothering went in my matriarchal line? 

The emotions around what I perceive to be the shortcomings of the people I have been referring to are those of a child who never got adequate and appropriate mothering.  In some way, I expect those that I have certain relationships with, business or friendship, to take care of me and to mother me!  Or at least acknowledge me with some amount of awareness and respect.  Time to take some of my own medicine, as I always say that expectation creates attachment, and then things tend to go sideways energetically.  Time to release those expectations. 

This is a simplified version of the process that I am going through now.  Recognizing the issue is about 85% of resolving it, and the other 15% is knowing what to do about it via some sort of process.  For now, I am calling in and embodying patterning for the healing of my own Inner Mother, and doing my best to radiate that new patterning inwards to my Inner Child, and outwards to my environment.  The ideal is that others can be themselves and I do not get triggered by their behavior towards me.  Then I know that I have made progress.  In addition, the mirror that I am receiving from others will no longer reflect inadequate mothering.   I will be the mother to myself and can let them off the hook!

My next “Tools for Transition” workshop will be on August 27th, and will be the last one in the series.  We will be delving further into the Inner Child and adding some work with the Inner Mother as well.  If there are distortions in your Inner Mother aspect, then the Baby and the Child will suffer.  Stay tuned!