January 31, 2013

Rosslyn Chapel

The third sacred site from the UK trip that I would like to write about is Rosslyn Chapel.  It is located near the village of Roslin which is south of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The River Eske flows nearby through a beautiful gorge called the Rosslyn Glen.  The chapel was built by William Sinclair in the mid 15th century, and was constructed on top of an older structure which was constructed on top of a vortex.  Our guide Julie called it a mega-vortex that connects to Stonehenge, Lake Titicaca and the pyramids at Giza.    

On June 19th 2012, our group checked into the Original Rosslyn Hotel which was located within walking distance of the chapel.  The hotel is so small that our group of 10 occupied every room except for one.  It also sits on one of the ley lines leading out from the vortex that is under the chapel.  Imagine being in that heightened vibration for most of the next 2 days and nights! 

At dinner in the hotel that night, I started feeling high and somewhat goofy, tingling and buzzing all over, and all without anything alcoholic to drink.  Our waiter connected my iPod to the restaurant’s speaker system, and we danced to my favorite dance music.  In retrospect, we needed all of the fun and motion to help move the energies that were already starting to affect us. 

Before I went to bed that evening I started tracking the vortex energies and setting my intent.  The veils at the Rosslyn chapel are very thin, and were probably more so at the Summer Solstice when we were there.  There are higher dimensional beings around that vortex whose job it is to direct and deliver the incoming heightened transformational energies for all who are ready to receive.  I asked that they work with me overnight by expanding my energy field as much as possible so that I could absorb as much of that quantum light as I could.  What a night that was, with all of the vibrating and spinning!

The next day, after we got back from a trip to Edinburgh, my friend Lori and I hiked the trail along the Eske River in the Rosslyn Glen.  What a green, lush and somewhat muddy fairyland we walked through, especially in contrast to the dry southwest where I live.  I was reconnecting with my Druid heritage as we walked, and we even found a grove of ancient yew trees.  It is said that these trees were sacred to the Druids, and that they made their staffs out of yew wood.  It was my sense that the Druids had a strong connection to the star Arcturus, as do I.  It felt like a grand reconnecting was occurring as we walked.  We even found what is called the energy “generator” for the Rosslyn Chapel vortex.  It is a section of the river where the water tumbles over many small waterfalls.  The dynamic energy that is produced there must flow on a ley line that connects right into the heart of the vortex.

The actual moment of the Summer Solstice was overnight that night, and so the rocking and rolling continued.  On the morning of June 21st, we finally had our time in the chapel.  We were amazed to find out that we were the only spiritual pilgrims in the place!  The rest of the people there were tourists. 

Rosslyn Chapel is covered with finely carved pink sandstone designs inside and out, and one could literally spend hours examining it all. My focus was on the actual center of the vortex, which was a high energy spot in front of the altar.  There were huge golden discs high above and deep below this spot with many smaller discs in between them, all parallel to the earth’s surface.  Energy was continuously pulsing up and down.  I don’t know if this was what usually goes on there, or if it was heightened and accelerated by the Solstice.  After more than an hour of being in that space, I started to get a bit headachy, dizzy and overloaded, so I left the chapel to take a break, eat something, and walk around before coming back for a final time of meditation. 

Later, Julie asked me what I thought of my experience there and I said that the only time I had ever experienced anything like that was in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  Wow!!!  We left that sacred place later in the afternoon to finish up our trip by spending a few days in a Tibetan Monastery.  What a perfect way to integrate all of our experiences at Rosslyn Chapel and the rest of the sacred sites that we had visited. 

January 29, 2013

Glastonbury Tor

The day after our group did our work at Stonehenge, we loaded up our van and headed west to Glastonbury.  We had some amazing experiences in that area which are too numerous to write about here, as I would like to focus on the energy of the sacred site known as the Tor. 

The Glastonbury Tor is a tall grass covered hill situated on the outskirts of town.  On its top is a tower that is all that remains of a church that once stood there.  Spiraling around the Tor from bottom to top is a pathway that can be walked as a labyrinth.  As that is a long and laborious way to get to the top, most people take one of several routes going straight up instead.  The Tor can be seen for miles around, and is definitely a vortex with a man made structure on the top, making it a sacred site. 

I have been there twice, having had two very different impressions and experiences, and with very windy conditions both times.  The first visit was in March of 2008, and I was there with my British course sponsor Dawn.  After struggling against the wind to get to the top, we ducked into the tower to get some much needed relief.  To our surprise, there was a crew up there filming a commercial with a somewhat known British actor.

After looking around a bit, I began to feel that something was amiss with the energy.  It was kind of dark and creepy, and not due to the actor!  It turned out that there was a large black cloud made up of thousands of earth bound spirits swirling around the top of the Tor.  I had never had to deal with a group as big as that, even though sending individual earth bounds to the light is quite a routine process.  We decided to give it a try.  Dawn and I opened up a very large portal in the sky, and kept it open while we ushered all of those spirits through to the light.  It worked. 

How could something like this happen?  Remember that the power of a sacred site can be harnessed for positive or negative purposes.  Earthbound spirits do not gather together like this on their own.  Some being or force had to have cast a spell that gathered those souls together to be used for negative intent.  The tower at the top of the Tor served as the “antenna” that drew them in. What that intent would be, I do not know, although I have seen the same thing happen at a chulpa, or burial tower for shamans, near Lake Titicaca.  Sorcery is very common in that part of the world. 

On the other hand, my visit to the Tor last June had a totally different feeling.  As our cozy group struggled our way to the top on another very windy day, there was no sign of anything amiss up there.  The incoming energy was dynamic, clear and very masculine.  On this day, the tower at the top was  receiving strong energy from our Sun and beyond, as we were there during an active sunspot day.  The energy was directed straight down through the Tor, and radiated outwards on all of the intersecting ley lines.  This was especially evident while viewing it from a bench at the Chalice Well later in the day.

As I stood inside the tower absorbing the full force of the incoming cosmic energy, I had two intents.  The first was to send energy to all of the souls that had been waylaid at the Stonehenge stargate, helping to free them up so that they could resume their spiritual journeys.  The second intent was to use this very clear masculine energy to activate and empower my own inner divine male energy.  Most women have not had much in the way of shining examples of strong masculinity in their lives, me included.  One way to re imprint that is by working a sacred site that has this kind of energy. 

So here is yet another example of never knowing what you are going to experience at a sacred site.  The key is to use your own perceptive ability when you enter the site and go with what you get.  Then work the energy in a way that is appropriate to you and the situation at hand. 

January 27, 2013


In June of 2012 I joined a small group of travelers on a sacred sites tour of the UK.  The trip was organized by Julie Gullick-Wiley.  I had been to England several times before while I was training advanced shamanic practitioners, but only briefly visited some of the sacred sites. This trip included it all, and was also designed to give us plenty of time at each location to tune in and do our own personal spiritual work.  Our group also had a mission to do energetic clean up work at sites where it was appropriate. 
By far, the biggest disruption of the vortex energies was at Stonehenge.  Construction started on this massive stone circle around 2900 BC, and finished around 1800 BC, having taken place in many phases.  No doubt, it was built at the site of a powerful vortex.  There are burial mounds of chieftains dotting the horizon, and charred remains of human burials have been found right at the site.  Undoubtedly, several thousand years of ancient ceremonies had been done there until it’s abandonment around 1600 BC, and hundreds of years of a variety of ceremonies have been conducted there until the present time. 

On a cold and very rainy afternoon, our group assembled to enter the center of Stonehenge by special permission.  It was by far the worst weather day of the whole trip!  As we entered the site and gathered together in the center for our work, I was mapping out the energetics of what was going on there.  I could see that the star gate, which was where the vortex came up out of the ground in the center, was taken over about 30 feet above by the Reptilians who were using it to harvest ascending souls into their synthetic reality.  There was a sensation of being grabbed by the throat as this would happen.  Unfortunately, many souls had been waylaid in this way.

The other dynamic, and the one we were there to address, was that a negative being had burrowed its way down underground into the vortex to feed on the energy and sabotage any high energy work that was being done there.  After our circle was in place and the clearing work was started, I realized that the people who were doing the work were having a bit of a hard time removing the negative being.  Shamans are well trained to deal with this sort of thing, so I jumped in to assist. 
It turned out that the being was a Draconian.  I had never seen one, but knew what it was right away.  Draconians are similar to the Reptilians, but they are shorter, stockier and have numerous horns or protrusions on their face and heads, much like a short horned lizard, or horny toad.  They are one of many extraterrestrial races that are here on earth to interfere with mankind’s re-membering and spiritual progress. They are very happy to sabotage the Earth Mother's ascension, too.

It took several attempts and a bit of digging for me to remove this being.  I told him that he had no right to be there and sent him on his way.  A human in their power always can best one of these ETs!  We completed the ceremony by making sure that the Stonehenge star gate was clear.  Coincidentally, about a month after coming back from the UK trip, I encountered a Draconian in my area while hiking at around 12,000’ to a pinnacle called Lizard Head.  Coincidence?  He was also buried deep underground no doubt feeding on the energy of a vortex.  I let him be, as I knew that as soon as the Earth Mother makes her transition, he will have to go anyway.  He was quite a sad creature, so I think that he was aware of that. It makes me wonder about how many other Draconians are buried around the planet for the same purpose?

January 25, 2013


I had intended to write about a few of the sacred sites in the UK, but got waylaid last night by a question from one of the Launchers.  She has been experiencing the flow of energy from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy through her body and into the center of the Earth Mother. She also asked about any changes to the grid patterns of the planet. 

I put on one of my favorite sound tracks and drifted into the gamma brain wave state.  I found myself hovering above the earth looking down at the grid that surrounds her.  This grid is far above the earth’s surface, and I have seen it many times before.  As opposed to the somewhat random arrangement of the ley lines, this grid does look like longitude and latitude but with many more lines in it.  It is not the etheric field of the planet, as that would be much closer to the surface.  Possibly, this is the border between the earth’s 4th and 5th dimensional energy fields.  Humans have this, too, and it is called the border of the Luminous Energy Field.

The grid was glowing more than normally, and also morphing, twisting, bunching up and then spreading back out. It was quite alive as it appeared to dissolve a bit before reconstituting itself.  I believe that this action is being driven by the energy that is coming from the sun, and may also be what is driving the more frequent volcanic activity, earthquakes, and odd weather patterns.  We have had some pretty dynamic CMEs lately. 

If this is happening to our Earth mother, it is happening to our bodies, too.  Keep to your positive intent, as when the energy around you shifts and then re-forms your intent will help create the new patterning.  Get plenty of rest and exercise, and drink lots of water.  Listen to your inner guidance as to what else your body might need.  Like some chocolate, perhaps? 

January 24, 2013

Sacred Sites

There are literally thousands of sacred sites located all over the world.  These are sites where worship and ceremony have been done for an untold number of generations.  I define a sacred site as a high energy location, or vortex that has had its location marked by a man made structure.  This structure can be anything from a standing stone, to a stone circle, a temple, chapel, pyramid or cathedral to name a few.  The veils are very thin in these places, which enabled ancient man to dialog directly with the spirits that resided there. Ceremonies were done, offerings left, and prayers were said year after year.  Some of these sacred sites have grown to be quite large, while other may be no more than a nook carved out of a basalt outcropping where offerings can be burnt. 

All of the sacred sites take advantage of the energy of the vortex coming up from the ground.  The gamma vibration enhances any spiritual activity undertaken in these places.  Altered states of consciousness are more easily achieved there if one can just sit in quiet contemplation while in the rarified energy.  Guidance is received, intents are put forth, and the energy field of the human body is accelerated.  Quite often, the energy of the site can be detected well before entering it, as that energy also flows outwards on the related ley lines.  If you have a firm intent and know how to open up and receive the energy of the site you happen to be in, you can literally work the site for your benefit.   

Unfortunately, there is and always has been an agenda to keep many of these sites restricted from the general public. Why do you think that religions throughout the ages have usurped these power places by building churches, mosques and temples right on top of them?  If there is a building in place, the organization in charge can just refuse admittance to all but the inner circle or those who are willing to pay more for the privilege.  We see this in Egypt all of the time.  On top of that, if another group comes to power, they simply build right on top of the structure that is already there, thus usurping the spiritual practices of the people they are conquering.  The Spanish did that throughout the Americas. 

Remember that because of our existence in the realms of polarity, the energy that is emitted from the sacred sites can be used to enhance positive intents or negative ones.  Everything that is intended there can be amplified.  If you are of ill intent, your curses, spells and hexes will gain extra power if you cast them at a sacred site.  In a future post, I will talk about my experience at the Glastonbury Tor in that regard. 

I do believe that there is an off planet agenda to prevent humanity from re-membering their true nature as eternal spiritual beings.  This is what runs all organized religions, as they are sourcing from the synthetic realities.  If you control the sacred sites, you can literally inject a controlling agenda into the earth at those places.  Then the programming of that agenda will flow throughout the associated ley lines and start to affect the chosen target, whether it is the earth, humanity, or a political agenda.  It is the same as hooking up an IV into a person’s vein.  From that one little spot, whatever is in the IV can flow throughout the body.  Of course, the programming will affect each according to their affinity for it, and the experiences that they need to learn. 

What you will find when visiting a sacred site shifts from day to day depending on your energy and evolutionary levels, your intents and purpose for being there, the agenda that may be running through that site on that particular day, the vitality of the Earth Mother in that place, any political unrest in the vicinity or even worldwide, planetary alignments, and even the sun spot cycle.  I have traveled to the same sacred sites several times, and never know what I will find when I get there.  In the next few posts, I will write about my experiences at a few of the sacred sites in the UK.

January 23, 2013


Our planet’s surface is crisscrossed all over by channels of energy called ley lines.  They are not uniformly placed like the latitude and longitude lines, but are in straight segments that connect point A to B to C, etc.  Where 2 or more of these lines intersect, the result is a high energy place called a vortex or a huaca according to the Peruvian people.  The resulting energy structure can be a sphere, tornado or vertical tube of higher dimensional energy. 

These natural high energy locations can be perceived by the human senses as you walk up to and through them.  There may be a change in air temperature, vibration or sound, or you may be able to feel a “wall” of sorts that indicates that you have encountered the boundary of the vortex where the energy shifts.  In September of 2011, I met a friend in Sedona, Arizona for a few days of R & R.  As we were hiking on a trail along Oak Creek near Cathedral Rock, we came upon one of these spots.  We could each feel the shift in energy as we entered the vortex.  More amazingly, at that spot, the narrow sandy trail widened into a circle of sand that was about 10 feet in diameter.  It was also totally devoid of vegetation.  What a treasure we had stumbled upon.  We sat on the ground in meditation, and also invited curious passersby to do the same. 

What is the quality of energy that causes such interesting effects?  Vortex energy vibrates at the gamma brain wave frequency, which is around 40 hertz or beats per second.  This is the same vibrational brain wave state that Tibetan monks achieve when they meditate.  When one enters a vortex, powerful changes can occur such as shifts in the DNA, healing of the physical body and all the ramifications of achieving an altered state of consciousness while there.  Intent is the most powerful tool that you can have in these places.  It creates a connection to your goal or outcome, and the energy of the vortex amplifies it. 

Crop circles also fall into the vortex category.  Whether they are man made or other worldly, they are considered structures of the natural world that also vibrate to the gamma brain wave state. It is no surprise that many people will get physically ill inside a crop circle if they are not used to working with higher vibrational states.   I had the pleasure of experiencing 2 of these circles while on a sacred site trip to the UK last June.  While lying down in the center of one of them, I experienced how it was made.  My impression was that a very large disc shaped ship from the Andromeda Galaxy swooped down and created it in a flash.  They didn’t stick around, and left our solar system immediately after that.  If you are interested in seeing that crop circle, it was created on June 2, 2012 at Manton Drove, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK.  

I encourage you to fully take advantage of any vortex or huaca that you may encounter.  If there is one in your area, visit it often, as you can build upon what you had experienced the last time you were there.  One of my favorite local ones is a saddle between 2 peaks at a bit short of 12,000 feet in elevation.  If you sit in that kind of space in meditation and apply your positive intent, you just might see magic happen!

January 21, 2013

Organic vs Synthetic

As our soul essence dropped down through the dimensions to our embodiment here, we passed through the Great Void that separates the 5th dimension from the 4th.  Once on the other side of the void, the timeless unity spherical consciousness that we experienced in the 5th dimension and above shattered into the 4th dimensional patterning of linear time, polarity and duality, black and white, and positive and negative.  Every action now has an equal and opposite reaction, every light has its shadow, and events move more or less on a linear time line. 

The return path is still available to us as I have previously described in the ascension post.  It is an internal, natural progression from our connection to our core essence all the way to our eventual merging with our eternal essence.  When one is following the organic path back home, no assistance is needed from an external source, as we are all born with the knowledge on how to do this in its proper timing as determined by our higher selves. 

Keep in mind that because we live in a world of polarity, there also exist many opposing paths that are called synthetic realities, or realms of the false light.  These are external paths that are self contained realities that exist entirely as structures within the 4th dimension.  Notice that I say that they are self contained, in other words, they do not take you anywhere.  These synthetic realities are structured like the energetic pyramids that I wrote about in the last post, Group Dynamics, but on a huge scale in comparison. 

The synthetic realities are the macrocosm to our earthly group’s microcosm.  Within each of these is what appears to be a complete universe including everything from physical embodiments, nonphysical embodiments, spirits, a religious structure, angels and archangels, etc., and all of the dimensions culminating with a “god” figure at the top.  The big difference is that this so called path to ascension and enlightenment dead ends at the apex of the energetic pyramid with the “god” figure. 

Who resides in these synthetic realities?  The list is quite a large and familiar one, and includes religious gods, deities and gurus from every tradition, the so called ascended masters, archangels, beings that have been channeled by people on earth, and representatives from many extraterrestrial races.  A living person can also be hooked into one of these realities and speak on behalf of that reality.  All of these beings are competing for your attention and energy with the promise of spiritual enlightenment, attainment of personal power and help with all kinds of issues.  What a major distraction and trap this has been for humankind for so many thousands of years. 

About 20 years ago, I was a member of a spiritual group that routinely called on the “ascended” masters and archangels for energetic assistance.  In spite of this, it was an extremely dysfunctional group, and I never did see that assistance arrive.  It was at that time that I realized that these beings actually resided in the upper levels of the 4th dimension, and were indeed not ascended at all.  I had no explanation for this until I came upon George Kavassilas’ work a few years ago, and his description of the synthetic realities.   He gave words to my observations. 

It seems that the commonly held theory that these beings are here to help us may be just a ploy to hook unaware humans into that being’s reality.  Yes, there might have been an actual Archangel Michael at some point in the far distant past, or he may have been an advanced extraterrestrial here for a visit.  I suspect that the being that goes by that name that so many are so fond of now is actually the group consciousness of that synthetic reality and is no longer an individual. 

In this time of infinite possibilities, can we afford to go down a dead end path?  I have been lucky in my life, as organized religion and the realities that I am writing about here never held much attraction for me.  That may not be the case for you.  The antidote is to keep referencing yourself from within.  You all have everything you need to follow the organic path.  Just trust. 

January 19, 2013

Group Dynamics

When we are talking about entanglements and attachments, the next level up from our one on one interactions is the participation in group dynamics.  A small sampling of groups that a person can be involved in includes your own family, various clubs or service organizations, educational institutions, religious groups, spiritual groups, financial institutions, corporations and governments.   Even “humanity” is a group.  The challenge is to maintain your autonomy and sovereignty within the group, which can be sometimes difficult at best. 

When you join a group, you fall under the umbrella of the patterning for the group energy.  It is an energetic map that dictates how the people in the group interact to share energetic resources, where these resources come from, where they go and also how everyone in the group entangles to facilitate this flow of energy.  These resources can be financial or physical or even vital life force.  The patterning for the group is always created by a person, whether it is through an official document like a charter or contract, or through the personal patterning of the group leader.

No matter the size or purpose of a group, including a family group, they all have some elements in common.  Keep in mind that each person in the group will fall into their designated role according to their unconscious patterning and the energetic map of the group.  There is always a black sheep or the “bad one” that is the recipient of the negativity of others in the group, and the “golden child” who can do no wrong.  We have caretakers, know-it-alls, worker bees, teacher’s pets, slackers and go to people who can be depended on to fix any mess to name a few.  Does this sound like your family, perhaps????

I would like to use spiritual groups as an example, as this is where I have had the most experience.  Every such organization has a leader who is the person at the apex of an energetic pyramid structure.  Energetic resources flow up to this person from those below him or her in the pyramid.  Heavy or negative energy flows downwards in this arrangement, and much ends up with the designated black sheep.  There is no way to keep a balance here, with no equality amongst group members. 

Why do people put up with this?  Most are unaware of the dynamics, as all of this takes place on the sub and unconscious levels.  We are hooked and hoodwinked according to the needs that we are looking to have met within the group.  Are we looking for a parental figure to make up for a mother or father who were not able to step up to the plate when we were young?  How about the warm fuzzy family we never had?  What about promises of financial prosperity, as is promoted by network marketing companies, whose business plans are also based on the energetic pyramid?   And unfortunately, what about the promise of attaining spiritual enlightenment if you just follow the leader. 

Even when we do wake up and realize what is going on, most of us are OK with that as long as we perceive that we are getting our needs met and that the bad things are happening to someone else and not to us.  I had that experience with a spiritual group I was briefly involved with in the late 1990’s.  In a nutshell and in retrospect, the group leader was siphoning energy, soul memories and genetic information from her followers in the guise of creating an energetic map for the ascension of humanity.  Just recently, on behalf of a client, I tracked where this information was going.  The final recipient was an extraterrestrial race living off planet.  The group leader was the middleman for this transaction. Whether she knew it or not, I do not know. 

To add insult to injury, when the follower was drained, the leader cooked up an excuse to throw them out of the group.  The remaining followers were instructed to dump all of their negativity, ill will, shame and blame on the ejected member.  In the short time that I was in this group, I saw this happen many times, and was unfortunately OK with it until it happened to me!  The result for me was that I became extremely ill and depleted, and took quite a long time to recover, in addition to loosing several close friends who were still in the group.  Sounds like a cult, doesn’t it?  The positive result is that I embarked on my shamans path shortly afterwards, which has led me to where I am right now.

Even though this is an extreme example, goofiness like this happens in all groups to some extent.  The solution is for you to keep your awareness levels sharp, and be willing to do some deep inner reflection as to why you are looking to a group to fill in your missing pieces or fulfill a need.  If you do engage with a group, do it with your eyes wide open. 

Fortunately, many people now know that to evolve spiritually, we do not need a spiritual leader or a guru to be the intermediary between our divine eternal essence and ourselves.  My hope is that we will soon see groups of spiritually self empowered people gathering together to work on behalf of our Earth Mother and humanity. 

January 17, 2013


All humans entangle with others to some extent.  It is a natural byproduct of our daily interactions, in addition to being a byproduct of life in physicality.  We have dropped down in vibration to be here for our learning experience, and are living under the illusion that we are damaged, incomplete and out of touch with our divine essence. 

So what do we do when we feel that we don’t have the complete package, so to speak?  We expect someone else to fill in our missing pieces.  I always say that neediness drives expectation, and expectation creates attachment.  Multiple attachments create entanglement, which looks much like a spider’s web that you are trapped in.  I have to say here that attachments can also be formed to physical objects, pets, property, money and even the deceased to name a few.  In this post, we will focus on the attachments and entanglements between living people. 

An attachment is a linear 4th dimensional structure that looks like a very thin tube.  Once it is put into place, it is a conduit that allows heavy and light energy to flow back and forth between 2 people.  Believe me, there is no equality in the arrangement, as someone always ends up with the short end of the stick.  Over the long run, and according to each person’s needs and patterns, one of them ends up with the goodies, and the other ends up drained, resentful, angry or sick.  The trick is to get good at determining when someone is starting  to attach to you, or you are starting to attach to another, and resolve the situation before it goes any further.  

In the book “The Nine Eyes of Light” by Padma Aon Prakasha there is a chapter discussing Ka body entanglement.  It was a real eye opener for me, as I hadn’t realized quite to what extent we can become entangled with one another.  The Ka body is the Egyptian name for our etheric body, or energetic double.  It holds all of the energetic patterning for our embodiment here and at the same time, connects us to our divine aspect. 

Unfortunately, we can loose, trade and deplete its energy through entanglements.  For example, in my healing practice I have seen this to the extreme with several very co-dependent married couples.  The entanglement can get so messy that the person I am working with does not know the difference between their issue and their partner’s. I can’t even sort it out.  Am I working on the client’s issue, or the partner’s issue that the client has taken on?  That is why it is vitally important for people in a partnership of ANY kind to keep their individuality and autonomy intact.  One cannot ascend as one half of an entangled couple. 

As ascending humans, it is imperative that we keep our entanglements to a bare minimum, whether it is with other people, groups, possessions, pets, property or money.  I do not mean to forgo these aspects of life, just don’t attach to them.  The Ka body should be kept clean, clear and shimmering.  Keep an eye on your interactions with others.  You will know when you have given a piece of yourself away, or if you have taken on some heavy energy from another.  That is your signal that an attachment or entanglement is at work, and that it is time to hunker down and do some personal work.  It also helps if you keep your power intact, and say “No” when you need to do so. 

In the 5th dimension, our spherical energy fields are attracted to interact with another because of harmonious vibrational signatures.  Our glowing energy fields interact with others by overlapping and even merging for a time.  When the 2 spirits separate, each still has all of their own energy patterning.  No entanglements occur.  These are interactions based on individual autonomy, integrity and honoring of the other.  What a heavenly way to live!

January 15, 2013


Ascension is a term that has been bandied about for longer than I can remember.  There are so many definitions for what the process of ascension actually is that it is understandable that there is much confusion around the concept.  I will explain what ascension means to me according to my experiences. 

My definition of ascension is simple and clear.  When one ascends, the process starts with a merging with one’s Higher Self.  What is our Higher Self?  Everyone has one, as it is an aspect of the continuous stream of consciousness that extends from the infinite All That Is right down to the consciousness that is anchored in our physical body.  The Higher Self resides in the low 5th dimension, just over the border from our 4th dimensional field. 

The Higher Self orchestrates and generates all of our incarnations.  In other words, we are living our life here in physicality according to what lessons and experiences our Higher Self determines are needed for our evolution.  My sense is that this higher aspect of ours will keep sending incarnation after incarnation into physicality until we build up enough high vibrational energy and clarity to ascend at the moment of our death.  Robert Monroe calls this “escape velocity”.  If we do not attain this state at death, we remain in the 4th dimension and start the process of preparing for our next incarnation all over again.  I myself would probably not relish the thought of coming back to planet earth for another round of trauma and drama! 

Do we need to die to ascend?  There have been many stories throughout the ages of holy men whose bodies have disappeared leaving nothing more than some toe nails.  Have they ascended while still living?  Perhaps.  We may also see this happening here on earth at some point in the future, especially considering the times of rapid energetic acceleration that we now live in. 

There is a definite barrier between the 4th and 5th dimensions.  To me, it feels like a skin or membrane that I have encountered many times.  George Kavassilas describes it as the Great Void.  Either way, by traversing the void or piercing the membrane, we merge with our Higher Selves. As one’s vibration, clarity, and sense of peace and well being increases, it is almost as if we are lifting through the 4th dimension and encountering the borderland that we eventually will pass through.  At the same time, the void/membrane also thins until one day we just pop through to merge with our beloved, our Higher Self. 

Our linear minds view this journey as one of “onwards and upwards”, but in reality, it is an internal process.  I sense that the body’s energy field will fold in upon itself and get sucked deep into the area where the core essence is located. The Higher Self merge will then happen there internally.  What will happen to the body at that moment is anyone’s guess.  Energetically and spiritually, we will become our own Milky Way Galaxy on the micro level, and pop out the other side into an existence beyond our wildest imagining.  As amazing as this seems, this is just the start of our journey back to our eternal essence. 

Ascension is the intended outcome for all of humanity, as we were never meant to ride the wheel of reincarnation forever.  On the other hand, when one ascends is entirely up to one’s Higher Self to determine.  No hurry, no worry.  Sit back and enjoy the ride! 

January 14, 2013

The Launchers

Every 4 to 6 weeks on a Sunday afternoon, a group of dedicated spiritual practitioners meet at my house to participate in a process we call launching.  The purpose of this get together is to share spiritual insights and information, and to launch ourselves out into the cosmos to expand our energetic horizons.

How does the launching work?  We sit in a circle on the floor with the “launchee” lying down in the center.  After she sets her intent for the journey, the person being launched expands her core essence as far as she can, and then the rest of the group sends her essence out into the cosmos as if we are launching a rocket.  We then sit quietly for a predetermined length of time, usually between 4 and 6 minutes, while she journeys and experiences.  At the end of her requested length of time, her essence is brought back into her body, and she shares what she has experienced.  This is also the method I used to make contact with Andros of the Andromeda Galaxy for the first time.

Let me describe my journey from this past Sunday.  My intent was to clear my energy field of any synthetic or matrix programming.  My rational mind thought I would have cords and threads of entanglement disconnected, that I would shatter barriers and punch through walls.  Instead, my higher self, which is a large globe of light, showed up and lifted me out of the entanglements of all of that programming. 

We journeyed to the stargate at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The being that sits on our side of the stargate told me that if I went in I might never come out again.  I thought what the heck.  If I didn’t come back, it would give the girls a lot to talk about, so I dove right in.

There is a lot going on in the stargate, as I have experienced on several other trips there.  This time, I found myself floating down a very small tunnel made up of plates of glowing electrified energy lining the top, bottom and sides of the tunnel.  As I made my way through, I could feel layers of “stuff” being pulled off of me, and felt myself becoming cleaner and clearer.  My physical body was also getting very warm.  When I popped though to the other side, I had the form of a sphere of energy and saw that I was surrounded by others who looked just like me.  It was all very uniform.  At the same time, a sphere of metallic gold energy was expanding from my body’s chest.  Had I made contact with my eternal essence?  It is possible, since the core essence expansion is the vehicle to reach higher aspects of ourselves. 

At that point, my 6 minutes was up and the group started calling me back.  I asked about the purpose for what I had experienced.  Aha!!!  I realized that I had gotten this teaching before.  It is that the best way to change a system or an issue is to rise above it and use new and different tools from external to the system.  If we try to change it from within using the tools of the system or issue, we will not be successful.  We will just be feeding into what we are trying to resolve. 

January 12, 2013

Core Essence

In order to be truly autonomous and self referencing beings, we need to routinely go within for direction and guidance instead of looking to external sources of information.  Establishing routine contact with our core essence is essential for this to happen. 

What is our core essence?  It is the deepest and innermost part of us, and at the same time the brightest, most expansive and purest.  It is who we are outside of time and space and has always existed.  It encompasses who we are, who we have always been and who we are becoming.

Since our core essence is infinite, it can sometimes be difficult to relate to from our focus of attention in the physicality of 3rd dimensional earth.  Here is a simple way to start the process of contacting and eventually embodying your core essence.  During the Quantum Sphere Healing class, we do this process at the start of every exercise.  I also highly recommend doing this before you do any journeying or healing work on another. 

This exercise can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or walking.  First, you will start the accessing of your core essence by targeting a spot on your chest right above the heart organ.  Quiet your body and mind and use a few fingers on one of your hands to tap this part of your body.  This will draw your focus of attention to this place. 

Next, close your eyes and allow your focus of attention to gently journey deeper and deeper into the body at that location until it makes contact with a small glowing golden globe of light.  You will either sense, perceive or see this globe.  You have just made contact with your 5th dimensional energy field.

As you hold your attention on this golden globe, start expanding it by using your breath.  Inhale through your nose to gather energy.  As you exhale through your mouth, use that energy to expand the golden globe.  Repeat this process to gradually expand the globe until it is as big as your chest, and then your body.  Finally, extend it out from your body several feet in all directions. 

You are now in the center of your own 5th dimensional energy field.  To your inner eye, it will look like you are floating in a sea of pale golden campaign!  This high energy space will tend to deflate.  If that starts to happen, simply use your breath to re-inflate it.  You can sit in this space to receive guidance, commune with nature, have a conversation with a loved one, or take a journey as described in the previous post, Take a Trip.  As you get used to sitting in this space, imagine, sense and feel that you are communing with your infinite core essence.  Enjoy. 

(Update on August 31, 2014)

It is amazing how quickly information gets outdated!  That is why I decided not to write another book and prefer to post the latest instead.  As I have worked with my core essence over time, it has revealed itself to be a rotating golden torus instead of a golden globe of higher dimensional energy.  The axis of the torus is parallel to the ground and the energy flow goes either in the front and out the back or in the back and out the front and around.  When you expand your core essence, you may be able to sense the direction of your own rotational flow. 

January 11, 2013

Take a Trip

In shamanic terms this is called journeying.  All shamanic practitioners know how to do this, as this is the way they receive guidance on behalf of an individual or group.  The aspect of the journeyer that travels out into the cosmic arena is the conscious awareness.  We all have the capacity to be our own shaman, to retrieve answers to our own questions and to travel the cosmos.

I am not necessarily advocating taking a hallucinogenic substance to do this, even though that is a personal choice and path for many.  After having taken ayahuasca several times in the jungles of Peru, I can say that it is definitely not the gateway to my higher consciousness.  It is said that if a person gets really sick taking this plant medicine, Mother Ayahuasca likes them.  She must have really liked me a lot!

Shamans use a drum or rattle to enter the trance state, which is the theta brain wave state, and is 4 to 7 beats per second.  There are also a variety of sound tracks that you can purchase and use with head phones if you are serious about doing a productive journey.  Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies has created several rattling and drumming CD’s, but I prefer the Hemi-Sync® Meditation CD from The Monroe Institute.  The benefit of using a sound track is that it locks your brain wave state into theta, which frees you up to go on your journey without overly struggling to keep your mind relaxed. 

Pick a time when you will not be disturbed, sit in a comfortable chair, let your body relax and put on your sound track.  As you listen to the rhythm or tones, allow body sensations drop away as you focus on your field of conscious awareness.  You will find that your focus of attention will literally be located right in front of your face.  It is so important to be in theta during your whole journey so that your rational mind does not interfere and start to manipulate the information coming in. 

 Always have an intent for your journey.  It can be a specific question about something going on in your life such as a relationship or health issue perhaps, or the need for advice on making a decision about something.  Then when you have formulated your question, send it out and wait for an answer.  I like the technique of putting the question or concern in a balloon, and sending the balloon skyward until it is no longer visible.  Again, wait for an answer.  You may want to keep a pen and paper handy to write down the insights you receive. 

If you would like to venture further out into the cosmos, a guide is a handy being to have around to show you the way.  The preferred guide is always an aspect of yourself.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, I give a guided meditation called “Meet your PG”, as in Personal Guide. The book is only available on my web site www.QuantumStargate.com .

If you run out of topics for your journeys, you can always ask your PG to show you something new, just for fun.  I’ll never forget one of the journeys that I took in this way.  After making this request, I was taken to an area of space that felt unfamiliar to me.  In front of me was what I took to be a brown dwarf star.  It was earth sized, dark brown all over and had orange streams and swirls of energy crawling over its surface.  To my amazement, floating next to me was a space ship also observing the star.  This was not a saucer shaped ship.  It was elongated with a distinct bulge on the leading end.  I was so surprised that I forgot to ask my PG for more information on what I was seeing. 

We all shift in and out of theta many times during the day and especially during dreamtime at night.  For example, if you take a walk outside at a nice steady pace with a regular rhythm, you will easily shift into theta.  This is a great opportunity to let issues drift into your consciousness that need to be recognized, processed and completed.  There have been times when I have been working on something, whether an issue or something I wanted to write about, and have taken a digital recorder on my walk so as not to miss any of the goodies that came my way. 

What about loosing track of your route while driving in your car?  Theta again.  It makes you realize that there is certainly a higher aspect of yourself keeping an eye on things in those situations so that you do not kill yourself accidentally.

The path to spiritual evolution, self realization and self empowerment means that we each must go within for guidance and direction.  If you learn to journey, many doors will be opened for you!

January 9, 2013

The Serpent Rope

There is a stream of energy that comes from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, to and through our Sun, and to the center of our Earth.  Some Mayans call this the Serpent Rope.  Apparently, they have been aware of this stream for many hundreds of years.  The source of this energy is beyond our galaxy and is a consciousness greater than what we can conceive of.  Clearly this consciousness has a plan.

What is the reason for the Serpent Rope’s existence?  It is to deliver the conscious energy that guides and directs our spiritual evolution and ascension.  Our planet is unique in that it condenses the macrocosm of life in this universe into a microcosm of space.  No wonder we humans have such trouble getting along.  The amount of diversity here does not exist any place else. 

One of the jobs of our Sun is to deliver this conscious energy in the form of coronal mass ejections, plasma bursts and electromagnetic storms.  The current sun spot cycle has been pretty active, and we haven’t even reached the peak of this solar cycle, which will be later in 2013.

The effect on our Earth is the warming of the planet.  As her molten core heats up, this heat is transferred to the surface creating weather anomalies of all sorts.  The other planets in our solar system have also experienced the effects of this.  Most people do not know that the polar ice caps on Mars have been melting for several years now.

If you look at the interaction occurring between our Father Sun and Mother Earth, we see the Sun passing on this cosmic energy to the core of the Earth to accelerate her transition and re-birthing into a higher form. 

This means that all of the nature kingdoms including humanity are being affected, too.  This is why we have all chosen to be here on Earth at this time.  We are here to experience the pressure cooker of over population, violent weather patterns, looming financial collapse, political unrest, electromagnetic overload, pollution of the planet, domination by big pharma, the banksters and the corpocracy to name a few.  This will push people to their breaking point, and there will be a great many that will choose to exit the earthly plain ahead of the transition.  The good news is that those who can ride out the changes ahead will reap the rewards of popping through into a new paradigm.  Big shifts always come from catastrophic events.

Remember that the human form is the microcosm to Mother Earth’s macrocosm.  What affects her energetically also affects us on a smaller scale.  The next time you are outside on a sunny day, turn to our Father Sun, thank him with appreciation and gratitude, and receive his gift of higher dimensional energy into every cell of your body.  The incoming energy may kick up some hidden issues that are ready to be released, but will also energize you and propel you to a higher state of being. 

January 8, 2013

The Milky Way Galaxy

 Just as all planets and stars are conscious beings, so too is our Milky Way Galaxy.  She is the mother who has overseen the birthing of all life that exists within her boundaries.  This has taken billions of years, and the life and death cycle of stars and planets continues to this day.  She was named for the milky look of the cosmic gasses and particles that can be seen at night, but I have also experienced the “mother’s milk” that she has to offer to all.

Her companion galaxy is Andromeda, which is the closest galaxy to ours.  Even though Andromeda is a female name, this galaxy is embodied by a male consciousness.  Out of curiosity a few months ago, I journeyed to meet this being, and encountered a very strong masculine energy who told me his name was Andros.  It was so nice to meet this pure manly spirit!

Andros showed me the energy flow that goes back and forth between himself and his feminine counterpart, the Milky Way.  Not only are these many streamers of connecting energy creating a link of energetic communication between the two great beings, they are very slowly drawing them together as well.  At some point billions of years into the future, they will consummate their relationship by merging into a completely new creation.  What a very long courtship this is, although from their perspective, it may not be that long at all. 

According to scientists, our Milky Way Galaxy has a super massive black hole at her center.  We have all seen the science fiction movies where the space ship gets too close to this black hole and gets sucked in.  The theory is that matter gets sucked in, and who knows where it ends up after that.  What we as cosmic voyagers are really interested in is the higher dimensional structure here.  Instead of a 3rd dimensional black hole, we have a stargate or portal in that location.  If you travel into this stargate, you will find yourself in a vast space that is a transition zone of sorts.  There is a lot going on here.  For example,  I have encountered large ethereal beings who call themselves the Time Lords.  Their job is to hold the structure of time in place.  Interestingly enough, the last few times I have encountered them, they seem to be dissolving from the bottom up.  Does this mean that we are moving into a time of no time? 

One more observation of note here.  I had always assumed that as we re-member, experience and create in the Earth arena, that we would be gathering all of these experiences and taking them back to source with us.  When my consciousness went through the stargate at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy just to see where I would end up, I found that I had been scrubbed clean of all of that information.  I did not take it with me, and was as light as a feather ready to start a new journey fresh.  So where did all of my valuable re-membering go?  My sense is that there is a conduit of sorts that is designed to send the information up line to a greater consciousness, but that we do not have to carry it there personally.  We are then free to embark on our next adventure.   

January 6, 2013

Earth and Sun

We owe our very existence to the planet we live on.  She has provided the human race with a platform for their evolution at this very important time in our history.  I say “she” because our planet is embodied by a female soul.  The Peruvians call her Pachamama, or Earth Mother.  She is our archetype for the divine feminine.  All shamanic groups around the world recognize her as their support and sustenance.  It is interesting that during one journey to the earth’s core to meet the Earth Mother, she said that she was the 5th soul to embody this planet.  Each time there was a major cataclysm, a different soul came in to take over.

The earth’s energetic structure is the same as ours on the micro level and the same as the Sun on the macro level.  The physical body of the earth is 3rd dimensional.  She is surrounded by an electromagnetic field which is 3rd and 4th dimensional, and which contains particles which rotate around the earth creating a protective barrier and the magnetic poles.  There is also a 4th dimensional field which surrounds and interpenetrates our planet.  Within this field live all of the patterning for the nature kingdoms in addition to the beings such as devas, fairies, elves and gnomes to name a few. 

At her core is a 5th dimensional portal, and this is also where her soul essence resides.  Some call her Pachamama, others call her Sophia or Gaia.  For the clearest communication with her, it is best to travel to the earth core.  From a 3rd dimensional perspective, the body of our planet has been damaged and polluted in many areas, but her soul is still cleat, pure and intact.  Aren’t we the same, with damaged, diseased and distressed bodies but with the pure spark of the divine within?

Our sun has the same energetic structure, with a 3D body that we can see, a 3rd and 4th dimensional field around and interpenetrating it, and also its own rotating electromagnetic field.  At its core is the same 5th dimensional field which is also an inter-dimensional portal.  The sun has a male soul embodying it, and the Peruvians call it Inti Tayta, or Father Sun.  It is our divine masculine archetype.  You can literally travel to the core of our earth, and then travel to the core of our sun or any other planet or star in the blink of an eye.  I have also journeyed to Arcturus and Sirius and encountered huge beings that live inside these stars. 

We humans have the same set-up.  We have our 3rd dimensional physical body, and a very complicated 4th dimensional field which interpenetrates the body and extends out about 1½ feet.  This very busy 4D field contains all of our emotions, traumas, thoughts, beliefs, patterns for disease, dream time experiences as well as the memories from all of the past lives we have led, and so much more.  Our 4D auric field is encased in an energetic bubble giving it the look of an egg surrounding the body. 

Humans also have a 5th dimensional core essence deep within us and this is where our Higher Self, the planner of this lifetime, exists.  In a future post, I will be giving an exercise on how to make contact with your 5D core essence. 

I am always amazed at how little attention is paid to the beings that embody our Earth and our Sun by spiritual and religious groups world wide.  Shamanic communities seem to be the exception.  Every planet, star and galaxy has a consciousness at its core.  Comets, meteors and asteroids, I am not sure.  A very major comet is heading our way, and when it becomes visible in November, we will have an excellent opportunity to make contact with its consciousness.