February 28, 2016


Earlier today our launching group met at my house for our February launch.  Since it had been a while, or seemed like it, since our last launch, we spent some time catching up.  Everyone had been noticing the kind of crazy background energy that I wrote about after my last Rise Multiversity workshop on the shadow.  It is a different kind of acceleration, more of a subconscious and unconscious energy effect than a busi-ness in the physical world as has been noticed in times past.  Of course, our individual launchings also reflected this chaotic background noise. 

I was the last one to get launched, and when I first sat down with the group, I thought my intent for the launching was to further investigate different ways to exit this universe, which was the theme of my last post.  This was not to be.  As I worked my way around the circle waiting for my turn, I kept seeing an image of planet earth with a huge bubble of glowing energy expanding towards it.  Wow.  Now what was this?  My intent then shifted to investigate this phenomenon. 

First of all, I have to mention that the launchings that took place before mine were full of lots of action, almost a "Wizard of Oz" kind of energy.  The launchees were all over the place having such a great time during their cosmic journeys.  There was a lot of spinning with stuff flying all around.  The energy of fun permeated the space, but also raised our vibrations at the same time. 

Once my turn came around and my consciousness was expanded and launched, I went searching for the cause of the expanding wave or bubble of energy that has been approaching our planet.  It was not originating from within our galaxy, but from far beyond in the cosmos, in other words, our section of the universe.  I then saw a brilliant core of light at the center of this huge bubble of energy.  I approached that light and entered a portal or stargate.  There was a brief scene of a council of beings who were orchestrating this operation within the opening, and then I zipped past them and entered the energy itself. 

It felt like this energy was being stored somewhere in another dimension and the portal that I just went through was actually a control valve with the council of beings doing the controlling.  As I connected with this energy, it felt like a nuclear bomb blast.  It was glowing hot and chaotic, and capable of dissolving anything in its path.  At that point, I also embodied and became that energy.  It is important to remember that since we are all a part of what we experience, we can do this with any energetic pattern that we encounter.  It is a great way to learn about any unknown. 

I then asked about the purpose of what I was experiencing.  Apparently not just our planet but the whole solar system and perhaps beyond it is going to be reset and erased of sentient life sometime in the near future so that a new consciousness can inhabit this part of the cosmos.   While I was out on my journey, one of our members got a message about starting with a clean slate.  She thinks that this will happen in 3 years time, but it could also be sooner.  During her journey, she wanted to check out a location in California that she might want to relocate to, and from above, she saw a huge wave wash over the western half of the country. We are overdue for a good cleansing for sure! 

My next step was to travel back to earth with this wave or bubble of energy and see what would happen.  I zipped back through the portal and past the council of beings.  I was still embodying this chaotic nuclear energy as I approached the earth.  What I saw was as all of the souls that were on the planet at the time of this event were released from their physical bodies en mass, they started to gather up into groups of glowing golden light.  Now, this tells me that they had attained at least 5th dimensional consciousness through the effects of being bombarded by this nuclear chaotic energy.  Perhaps this earthly experiment will come to a close in this manner and everyone will be released from the experience.  That makes sense to me, as I think that we have come to a point of no turning back here. 

Today, we were all tapping into something big coming down the pike in the near future.  Robert Monroe often spoke of “The Gathering” as a place where the various ET races were getting together to watch what would happen here when a certain future event occurs.  Could this be it?  It has been said that when this happens, it will be like nothing we have ever experienced before.  I am sure that many of you have heard the predictions of a worldwide financial collapse, pandemics killing off masses of humanity, the elite building their underground bunkers, and even Planet X swinging back around to wreak havoc.  Could these predictions be our limited conscious minds trying to explain the inklings of a future event?  If this is something that we have no database for, we may be grabbing at any explanation. 

I say, not to worry, as we are all in the same boat.  For my part, I can now call on this chaotic energy whenever I need to really blast through or dissolve some very heavy energy.  Perhaps the lesson here is to start each day as the clean slate.  Resolve issues as they come up.  Review your day before you go to bed for the night.  Drop all of the baggage that you possibly can before the big one hits!  On the other hand, perhaps what I am describing is not part of your individual plan.  Then, never mind!

February 23, 2016

Universal Connections

Earlier today, I had a long overdue massage.  I had been going routinely up until a few years ago when my regular practitioner moved and no longer has adequate space in her home for her practice. This was my second time trying out a new practitioner, so I was much more relaxed and at ease than the first time I went to her.

Shortly after the massage started and I got really relaxed, I noticed a very small but brightly glowing spot of light in my inner vision that seemed to be far off in the distance.  You know how these things go—at first you just think that your eyes are playing tricks on you, so you ignore the phenomenon and check back in a bit to see if it is still there.  In this case, it was.

So I decided to investigate.  As I drifted closer, I realized that the glowing light was actually an opening or portal with the bright light shining through.  Being the intrepid adventurer I am, I immediately proceeded to dive right into this portal.  After traveling inside of what I would describe as a wormhole, I popped out the other side into what my guidance told me was another universe.  Whoa!  That made sense since the atmosphere was very different, almost like taking in a big breath of fresh air, but not like any air that I have ever been exposed to.  It also had a very slightly greenish-yellow tinge to it, like the color of newly emerging leaves in the spring, but very pale and transparent at the same time. 

During the rest of the massage, I asked for more information about this.  Up until now I had been exiting our universe at the very top after going up the dimensional scale through the 12 dimensions and out into the multiverse.  When one exits out the top and then hovers above, it is possible to see many universes at the same time.  I have previously described this as if one is looking at a bunch of grapes.  Now I am seeing that there may be many exit points from our universe that take one directly into an adjacent universe.  In other words, this is where the skin or boundaries of the universes touch. 

When I did my shamanic training, we worked with the concept of an assemblage point.  This is a location on the surface of one’s Luminous Energy Field where information comes into the field from external sources.  In other words, it is your personal filter for information coming in, and its location is different for everyone according to their existing affinities, belief systems and cultural biases.  Just picture the swirl of water going down a drain and you have an idea of what this looks like from outside the LEF. 

Then it hit me.  Because we live in a system where structures are repeated and just the size is different, our universe is structured very similarly to way that our LEF is.  It is the tried and true concept of the macrocosm and the microcosm.  As above, so below.  So now I see that my exit point from this universe will lead me out and into the multiverse, whereas someone else’s exit point may lead them directly into another universe.  Each one’s exit point will be determined by their mission, purpose and ultimate goals. 

I am starting to formulate the teaching and journeys for my next Rise Multiversity workshop on March 12th, but right now it looks like I will lead the group on the journey that I have mapped that takes one out of our universe after exiting the 4th dimensional earthly matrix upon death.  There are lots of twists and turns to this journey, and this process may not go smoothly for everyone, but at least you will all have an idea of what to expect when the time comes.  What I experienced today during my massage has given me additional information on this whole process.  The mapping continues! 

February 21, 2016

Tools for Transition Part 5 Ready for Purchase

My latest workshop for Rise Multiversity is now ready for purchase in their store.  It is Part 5 and  entitled "Bringing Your Shadow to Light".  This is very important work for all of us looking to dig deep and unearth any and all hidden patterns that are stopping us from being the fully realized and conscious beings that we were meant to be when we exit this 4th dimensional earth arena for the last time.  To purchase this latest "Tools for Transition" workshop, please go here.
Since posting my last bit on shadow work, I have heard from several people about how squirrely the energies have been lately.  Our hidden shadow aspects are rising to the fore to be acknowledged and worked with, and that can be off putting for many.  I say, get used to it!  Better to have some of this stuff rise up in our faces to be seen instead of staying deeply hidden where it can cause all kinds of trouble.  To attain our state of unity consciousness and finally exit this arena, all must be dealt with.

So if you haven't already, go ahead and listen to this workshop.  It contains valuable teachings and several great tools on how to work with your hidden shadow aspects.  As they say, "You can't take it with you".  This saying normally refers to material possessions and money.  I say, "You do not want to take it with you", referring to the baggage of unresolved shadow aspects.

This is a segue to our next workshop on March 12th, which deals with the death process.   If there is baggage still left to be dropped at the time of leaving the body, it will certainly keep you here to have another go around on the earthly plane to clean things up.  No one wants to have to do that, so attending to your shadow is an absolute necessity. I encourage all of you to dig deep! 

February 16, 2016

Reflections on the Shadow

My latest workshop for Rise Multiversity was this past Saturday, and the theme was “Bringing Your Shadow to Light”.  Everything went very well, but the theme of our shadow nature has been “shadowing” me so to speak ever since.  Of course, I have known about the teachings around this for many years, but somehow talking about it again has enhanced my awareness that it exists. 

All of this actually started last week as I was preparing for the workshop.  As you all know, we live in the realms of polarity where everything has an opposite to serve as a balance.  Picture a ping pong game in progress, with the small white ball bouncing back and forth as the players hit it over the net.  The ping pong table represents any issue or theme, and that issue has a range from positive to negative, or pros and cons with the net representing the middle and neutral position of that issue.  Sometimes the ball bounces from end to end of the table, and sometimes it hits the table much closer to the net.  The stronger the issue, the wider the distance from end to end of the table. 

Last week I became acutely aware of the game of life involving this bouncing back and forth.  To evolve, both ends of the polarity must be dealt with.  Ideally, that middle neutral place should be achieved.  For some reason, and it could be our ongoing acceleration, I felt that I was that ping pong ball.  Life wasn’t any busier than usual, but it felt like some part of me was dealing with a lot of energy that was frantically bouncing back and forth trying to find that middle ground.  If I am feeling this, others may also be feeling it, too.    

For those of you who attended the workshop, you know that on the energetic spectrum of any issue, one end of it is always hidden in our shadow.  It’s as if one half of the ping pong table is invisible, and all you see is your ball going over the net after you have hit it, and then seeing it pop into physical view once it clears the net on its way back to you.  You do not know who hit it, how the ball was hit, and at what angle and speed it is coming back.  You just do your best to hit it back and then wait for the return shot.  Is this where the term “a shot in the dark” comes from?  ;-) 

As it is said that you can’t unring a bell after it is rung, and once you know about your shadow and really get the concept, it seems to be always there, lurking around.  So now, I feel like I am tethered to my shadow 24/7.  Not that it has suddenly appeared, as it was always been there, but my awareness levels seem to have gone up.  Since leading the group on Saturday through 2 shadow work exercises, it is more present than ever.   So now I am being pressed to look at both ends of any issue that comes up so as to come to the healed center point, whereas previously, I only dealt with the dysfunction.  

No wonder people tend to stuff their stuff so as not to have to deal with it!  This can be hard work and not for the faint of heart.  That familiar bone weary feeling has been coming up lately, too.  I am also sure that the very sensitive and empathic ones on this planet can have a really hard time of it, as they tend to take on more than their share of stuff.  Now, I don’t know if everything that I am writing about today is just me, or if it is a phenomenon happening to many people.  If it is the later, we may have entered a new phase of our evolution as humanity.  This could be another symptom of the acceleration.  It is do or die time, and everything from the conscious to the shadow needs to be cleaned up in a hurry.  We can't allow anything to hold us back. 

February 6, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 5

Our next “Tools for Transition” workshop is coming up on Saturday February 13th at the usual time, 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern time here in the US.  The topic for this workshop is “Bringing Your Shadow to Light”.  To register and purchase your ticket, please go here.  

I am particularly excited about presenting this information, because shadow work holds the biggest key to knowing who you are at your core and working with and healing the hidden and wounded aspects of yourself.  Unless the patterns that these wounds have created are recognized, unearthed, and owned, they will continue to create difficulties in your life. 

Since your shadow exists deep in your subconscious and unconsciousness, it can cause you to react negatively to any number of stimuli without really knowing what is pushing your buttons.  That can be very frustrating and counterproductive.  In addition to that, the shadow can only be known indirectly through projection and mirroring.  This is tricky business indeed!  By the end of this workshop, your unknowns will become more known to you so that you can start to respond instead of react. 

I will start this workshop with teachings on what your shadow is and where it can be found.  I will then lead several energetic exercises to help you easily recognize and work with your shadow aspects.  These exercises can be repeated by you at any time after the workshop.  Remember that our goal in this lifetime is to achieve total awareness so that we can become the creators and masters of our destiny.  Please join me in taking your next step in achieving this goal.