February 28, 2013

12/12/12 on Mt. Sinai

On Monday morning December 10th, we were up before the crack of dawn to catch our flight to Sharm El Sheikh which is on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. We were to spend the next 4 days at a resort there, preparing for and integrating afterwards from our climb up Mt. Sinai for 12/12/12.

As we traveled from Cairo to Sinai, it became pretty clear to most of us that something different was going on energetically.  It felt much like being hit with pulses or waves of energy. I was feeling pretty goofy at that point.   That evening, I tuned in for some information.  We, and of course planet Earth, were being hit with the leading edge of a transformational wave.  These pulses or ripples would affect each person differently according to their contracts and existing patterns.  Some would shatter, some break up, and others would just get nudged.  Our guide Julie said that it felt to her like riding a wave up and down, and that our energetic “eggs” would start to crack.  I am assuming that what was happening was a prelude to the 12/12/12 event.  It was so nice to be at a fairly quiet resort with plenty of down time to prepare for the next evening’s activities.

During the day on the 11th, I relaxed and tuned in for information on our climb up Mt. Sinai. We would set out that evening so that we could be on the top by sunrise on the 12th.  This is what I got.  On the top of Mt. Sinai is a huge vortex or huaca.  It is a beam of energy that starts at the earth’s core, extends through the peak and up into the cosmos.  Energy flows up and down this corridor in both directions.  By standing there, one can feed their own energy system with both the energy coming from the 5th dimensional heart of our Earth Mother, and energy coming from our Sun, Milky Way, and points beyond that.  In addition, the veils are very thin at the top which can make communication with one’s higher aspects much easier. 

At the moment of sunrise on the 12th, a beam of energy would come from the sun and hit the vertical beam at Mt. Sinai at a 90° angle.  This would be the moment of highest potential, when everyone’s intent would manifest in the strongest way.  This beam of energy from the sun, our divine masculine, would merge with and ignite the energy coming up from our Earth Mother, our divine feminine, thus creating a divine union at that moment.  This would also feed, accentuate and accelerate the energy fields of all on that mountain, and actually most mountain tops in the world at that time.  A huge opening was possible!  Intent would mean everything at that moment.

On the evening of the 11th, our group left our hotel at around 9:30 PM for the 3 hour bus ride to St. Catherine’s Monastery, where the trail up the mountain starts.  We started the climb around 1:30 AM accompanied by Bedouins, camels, and guides.  The camel trail that we took is about 5 miles long, and our starting elevation at St. Catherine’s was about 5200’.  The top of Mt. Sinai is about 7500’ elevation, and it is the second highest peak in all of Egypt.  Nearby Mt. Saint Catherine is the highest. Even in the dark, we could see the undulating shapes of the red granite that makes up the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula.  Very eerie.  Above the crest of the nearby ridge could be seen Sirius, Orion, Jupiter, and the Pleiades going in that order from east to west.  Needless to say, the skies were crystal clear.  All along the way were tea houses selling drinks and snacks.  They lit up the route like a series of floating glowing oases! 

The air temperature got colder as we went up, and that feeling was accentuated by the fact that we were all pretty wet and sweaty by the time we got to the top.  At the top there is an abandoned church with many terraces.  Our group found a secluded terrace overlooking the mountains to the east while we waited for the sun to come up. It was then about 40°, and my toes and fingers were pretty cold.  I could feel the huaca’s energy very strongly, and took that opportunity to state my intent for the merging with my Higher Self, living my truth from the heart, and the ability to know my Eternal Essence intimately.  We were also blessed with another amazing planetary alignment that was visible just before sunrise.  Very low on the horizon was the thin crescent of the almost new Moon, then Mercury, Venus, and Saturn all lined up from bottom to top. 

As the sun was starting to show itself, Julie did a ceremony for the group.  Then as the sun seemed to pop up out of a layer of low clouds, I stood absorbing the powerful rays full force into my heart area.  What an explosion and expansion of warmth and energy!  My heart core opened like a giant chrysanthemum, multifaceted and multidimensional in nature, expanding past my body in all directions. 

We hung out up at the top for a bit before coming back down.  It was amazing to see where we had walked just hours before in the dark.  It was such a surreal landscape with the undulating and jagged shapes of the eroded red granite that had been pushed up eons ago, and very little vegetation.  After touring the monastery, walking through the main chapel with its Greek Orthodox icons and gold covered artifacts, and even taking a look at the burning bush of Moses, we drove the 3 hours back to our hotel.  To seal in our energetic changes, we took a dip in the Red Sea. What a night, and what a way to have an all-nighter.  We were all pretty tired, but in the moment, it didn’t seem to me like I had been awake for about 36 hours straight.  The trip was winding down, but the energetic impact of the 12/12/12 was just beginning. 

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