January 12, 2013

Core Essence

In order to be truly autonomous and self referencing beings, we need to routinely go within for direction and guidance instead of looking to external sources of information.  Establishing routine contact with our core essence is essential for this to happen. 

What is our core essence?  It is the deepest and innermost part of us, and at the same time the brightest, most expansive and purest.  It is who we are outside of time and space and has always existed.  It encompasses who we are, who we have always been and who we are becoming.

Since our core essence is infinite, it can sometimes be difficult to relate to from our focus of attention in the physicality of 3rd dimensional earth.  Here is a simple way to start the process of contacting and eventually embodying your core essence.  During the Quantum Sphere Healing class, we do this process at the start of every exercise.  I also highly recommend doing this before you do any journeying or healing work on another. 

This exercise can be done while sitting, lying down, standing or walking.  First, you will start the accessing of your core essence by targeting a spot on your chest right above the heart organ.  Quiet your body and mind and use a few fingers on one of your hands to tap this part of your body.  This will draw your focus of attention to this place. 

Next, close your eyes and allow your focus of attention to gently journey deeper and deeper into the body at that location until it makes contact with a small glowing golden globe of light.  You will either sense, perceive or see this globe.  You have just made contact with your 5th dimensional energy field.

As you hold your attention on this golden globe, start expanding it by using your breath.  Inhale through your nose to gather energy.  As you exhale through your mouth, use that energy to expand the golden globe.  Repeat this process to gradually expand the globe until it is as big as your chest, and then your body.  Finally, extend it out from your body several feet in all directions. 

You are now in the center of your own 5th dimensional energy field.  To your inner eye, it will look like you are floating in a sea of pale golden campaign!  This high energy space will tend to deflate.  If that starts to happen, simply use your breath to re-inflate it.  You can sit in this space to receive guidance, commune with nature, have a conversation with a loved one, or take a journey as described in the previous post, Take a Trip.  As you get used to sitting in this space, imagine, sense and feel that you are communing with your infinite core essence.  Enjoy. 

(Update on August 31, 2014)

It is amazing how quickly information gets outdated!  That is why I decided not to write another book and prefer to post the latest instead.  As I have worked with my core essence over time, it has revealed itself to be a rotating golden torus instead of a golden globe of higher dimensional energy.  The axis of the torus is parallel to the ground and the energy flow goes either in the front and out the back or in the back and out the front and around.  When you expand your core essence, you may be able to sense the direction of your own rotational flow. 


  1. Awesome post, I remember while doing standing qigong I would tune in and see a rotating field spinning clockwise most of the time. I can't see colors yet but just waves of energy sometimes. I think that spinning disc area was the front of my torus field...

  2. This is interesting as it sounds very similar to the Ranthia light body centre which is located in the same place. Saying that I am unsure of the validity of the light body practices that i trained in..as i am with pretty much anything from a channelled source.