January 31, 2021

Return to Launching


This morning, Sunday, I met with a group of former students of mine to participate in a launching.  This is the same group that launched Christmas week when I was in Las Vegas with Sabrina and her husband Jason.  These are all former students from the same QSH class, and they have remained friends these past few years, so it is a very sweet group!  If you want to learn more about the launch process, you can type “launch” into the upper left hand search bar of this page, and additional posts should come up. 

So now we have decided to launch on a regular basis, the last Sunday of each month.  This feels like getting back to a normal spiritual practice for me.   When I lived in Colorado, we launched at least once a month, and I was missing that.  Now, at least we can get together via the internet.  One of our members sends out a link for a Google Meet, and that has worked out just fine for the most part.  There have been a few technical glitches, but that has not been a problem.  I have also had to adjust the process a bit to make things go along smoother.  Again, no problem.  Flexibility is the name of the game nowadays! 

It is so amazing that everyone had a fabulous journey alone in their own quiet space.  We all hold space via our expanded Core Essences, creating a huge group vessel for the launchee and also allowing us to tune into that person’s trip.  We are outside of time and space, so the location of each member does not make any difference.  Amongst the 5 of us, we have Washington, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.  If someone is traveling on the appointed day, we can still launch because everyone has a laptop, phone or tablet that they can use. 

After each person comes back from their launch, they give a report on their journey, and then the rest of us get to add our insights to that.  Since each journey involves a group vessel, we are also all traveling with the launchee, getting a version of what they are getting, in addition to personal insights.  It works well for everyone. 

I generally do not report on the launching of other participants, so here is my journey instead.  I started out inside of a huge clear glass dome.  I took this to represent the restrictions that are being imposed on us at this time.  As I shot upwards, I easily pierced the dome and continued on my way.  Upon moving upwards, I looked back to see that there were a lot of people following me.  Certainly the group of launchers were among those people, but there were many more than that.  The whole affair looked like a comet with a large tail! 

I then burst through various energetic layers.  This looked like the concentric rings that are caused by throwing a rock into a still pond, but above me instead.  These rings were also brightly colored.  At this point, I began to more consciously direct my journey, intending to access the original genetic patterning that was seeded into the human race on this planet.  This is the patterning for autonomy, perfect health, and natural and easy spiritual evolution, and came from some ancient off planet civilizations.  I thought I caught a glimpse of Gobekli Tepe as I whizzed by, too. 

Next, I reached a place where I felt my DNA being worked on.  My whole body was tingling and buzzing.  It felt like many unseen beings were working on me, too.  In fact, I can still feel them right now.  At the end of the journey, I found myself immersed in a shallow pool of what looked like watery and glowing green Jell-O.  What a trip!  More work was done on me at that point.  The journey ended shortly after that when the group called me back into my body.  The whole thing took 6 minutes.

There you have it.  I am still amazed that all of this can be done long distance.  With a dedicated and harmonious group, all of this is possible. I am certainly looking forward to getting back into my groove with this amazing group.


  1. Sweet. I have missed reading about your launches. So happy for you that you all can do this remotely.

  2. Thanks Stefanie! I am grateful to be able to be launching again, too.

  3. My dear Carla :)
    To make things clear, i would like to ask you a question!? those unseen beings witch had worked on your DNA did they had good or bad intentions?
    Thank you

  4. Only beings with good intent are allowed into my energy field.