January 4, 2021

One Last Bit

So this is my last post, for now, on the COVID vaccine agenda.  If something else comes up, I will certainly post on that.  Feel free to forward these posts to everyone that you know who might not be well informed about this.  Not having enough information to make a choice to vaccinate or not is a major problem.  We are not sheeple, and should not be expected to just follow the party line.  

Here is a link that was sent to Misha Hendrickson.  It is a post written by David Bryan that features another twist to the agenda.  http://www.321gold.com/editorials/guest/bryan123120.html


  1. My dear Carla, There are really important questions that i would like to ask! I always have this buzz sound in my right ear especially when i have my earplugs on! So what's the origin of that sound? it's that implant some somewhere which i haven't found yet :) Or it's something coming from the matrix? And can i stop it some somehow? or at least i will now what is all about!
    Thank you


  2. This is impossible for me to know.


  3. How to say thank you for someone tried but could not help!?
    Of course it's the---
    KISS :0