January 15, 2021

They Come in Threes

Maybe this is an old wife’s tale, but it was certainly true for me this week.  After the last post on the Shamanic Death Rites where I wrote about the requests for the rites for 2 deceased individuals, I got a request from a dear friend to do the same thing for her father who passed a few days ago.  Three is certainly a magic number!  I will be tracking him and sending him to the light if necessary today. 

I would like to give a suggestion here.  If you would like for me to do the Death Rites for you after you pass, assuming that I will outlive you, you will need to put my contact information and request in your will.  As I have no intent on moving again anytime soon, all of that information is current and on my web site, www.quantumstargate.com. 

Remember that where you end up after you leave your body for the last time has nothing to do with your religious beliefs and practices, or even your spiritual ones.  It is strictly a matter of your vibrational level at death.  To be in the best possible state at the end of your life, you should be dropping your baggage on a daily basis, processing and letting go of your issues, and raising your vibration by employing a practice that is suitable for you. 

It also helps to know where you are going after you leave your body.  In other words, you need a map!  I have created this map via a guided journey for Rise Multiversity called “#6 The Journey Through Death and Beyond”.  You can get that workshop here on page 2 of the workshops.

I am looking forward to completing the full Death Rites on these 3 individuals in the coming weeks. 

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