July 28, 2014

Your Personal Stargate

Yesterday our launching group met for our monthly sojourn into the unknown.  It is becoming clear to everyone that the current state of acceleration is continuing and even getting faster.  In spite of the rapid deconstruction of the world around us, we can use this acceleration to our advantage in assisting our spiritual evolution.

The intent for my launch was to find my most effective personal internal stargates.  I was looking at 2 choices—the center of my core essence or the center of my atoms. 

As soon as my consciousness awareness was up and away from my body, I found myself looking at a vertically oriented pattern of multiple energy fields that resembled galaxies.  They were all identical and I was looking at the top side of them versus the edgewise orientation.  There was a lot of space in between them and I realized that these were the energy fields of atoms.  I asked “Which one is it?” and got “Pick one.  There’s no difference.”  OK.

So that is what I did.  I approached one of these energy fields and quickly saw that I was looking at a torus as described in the previous post.  The energy flow was rotating down and into the center and out the back side and around again.  As I got closer I could see that in the dead center of the torus there was a very small and brightly glowing opening.  This was the stargate. 

My next question was whether the energy rotating around in this pattern was actually entering the stargate.  It didn’t look like it was.  If we regard the flowing energy as 4th dimensional and the opening of the stargate to the 5th dimension and beyond as having a definite boundary or ring around it, then it looked like the 4D flow was just touching the edge of the ring and then moving on without entering.  Perhaps it was even maintaining that opening so that it did not collapse.  As long as the torus was rotating, the stargate would remain open. 

Now comes the interesting part.  My intent was to go through the stargate to the other side.  Not as easy as it seems!  As I got closer to the actual stargate, I heard “Are you willing to let go of everything to go through?  All attachments, all baggage, even your physical body?”  Sure.  Why not.  If I dematerialized right then and there that would give the launching group something to talk about for years to come!  After a few attempts, I eased my way into the stargate and probably got only partially through.  If I had gotten all the way through, I might not be here to talk about it today.  In that space it was very easy to let go of all thoughts, visions, goals and even the sensations of the body. It was effortless. 

An interesting thing happened that confirmed to me that I at least got partially through.  My body began to get really hot.  Really hot!  When I came back from that journey, I found out that everyone else around me got really hot, too.  Before we started, I had turned off the ceiling fan as it was making a bit of noise and was distracting.  One of the launchers jumped up and put it back on full speed after I came back.  Could this also be the cause of spontaneous human combustion?  Someone inadvertently entering one of their own internal stargates and burning up their body? 

On my second launch I repeated the process with the goal of retrieving energetic templates for humanity’s lost skills such as bi-location, time travel, accessing free energy, and even manifesting perfect health.  What about changing your eye or hair color any time you wish?  How about manifesting food?  I imagined creating a perfect bunch of grapes in my hands.  Each was about the size of a cherry tomato and they were a combination of a lime green and deep purple color.  They even had tiny droplets of water on them as if they had just been rinsed off.  Talk about creating heaven on earth! On the other hand, would we even need food when we reach this state? 

I plan on playing with this stargate process a lot, as this is the way that we can bypass the synthetic matrix domination of our current reality.  If you fight against it, you just give it power. We will rise above it instead. 

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