October 2, 2021

Upper Antelope Canyon

Finally, our last day of the trip had arrived.  After checking out of our hotel, we drove into Page to get on vans that would take us east to the Upper Antelope Slot Canyon for a really fascinating experience.  A slot canyon is created by water action underground that has carved out a slot in the sandstone.  It is defined as a slot canyon if you can reach out your arms and touch both sides at the same time.   Upper and lower Antelope canyons are both on the Navajo reservation.  There are many slot canyons in southern Utah and northern Arizona, all in sandstone formations.

Our van took us quite a ways along a broad and sandy creek bed to the opening of the canyon.  Each group of about 10 people had their own guide.  We had a very interesting and helpful Hopi man named Earnest. Here he is before leading us into the canyon.

So here are some of the photos of the slot.

Earnest played his flute for us.  Just imagine the soft musical notes echoing in that underground space. 

More photos.

I did not get a photo of the entrance to the canyon, but this dark opening is where we came out the other side.  Then we took a newly constructed metal staircase and ramp up and over the hill on the top of the canyon back to our vehicle. 
The drive back to St George wasn’t overly long, but it was good to be back on home turf.  After a really nice farewell dinner, I drove back home instead of staying that last night. 

I want to thank everyone who participated in this journey.  This was a very nice group of people, which is more than I can say for some trips that I have been on!  Perhaps our paths will cross again, and I would be delighted.

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